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MotherhoodHQ is a site created by experienced moms supported by a growing community of moms that provide each other with real, first-hand user data on baby gear and other parenting topics. MotherhoodHQ’s writing team and review board rely on user experiences, unbiased product feedback and rigorous research to produce quality objective reviews.

Aside from baby gear reviews, MotherhoodHQ also has expert mom writers focussing on specific parenting topics such as pregnancy, baby safety, baby sleep, feeding, and much more.

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On December 9, 2021, we changed our domain name from to as part of our expansion and rebranding efforts. Expect a diverse set of  articles we publish at our new site address, MotherhoodHQ.

We also take this time to wish our readers a Happy New Year 2022! We are working to update our reviews and guides to reflect new baby products hitting the market in 2022.  


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