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In 2022, top baby gear brands are a mixed bag of emerging/small and established trusted companies. Based on the most recent 2022 market segmentation, some baby gear categories are dominated by a few established and top-rated brands while others have a good number of new companies bringing new innovations to the industry.

We are among the first reputable blogs by simple/regular (but experienced) moms that have written about smart home integration with baby nurseries. There are some great benefits to the advancement of baby gear technology and we are embracing it!

While I and the team here remain open to new innovations, including smart diaper brands, we remain extra cautious not to introduce any hazard to baby nursuries. We only recommend products that have received wide acceptable and have some certification that they are safe.  

So, which baby gear brands should you get?

Go for established top baby brands over smaller brands.

My advice on why I recommend bigger and more established baby gear brands has been quoted around the net but my reasons aren’t that unique.

I have always chosen old baby gear brands with 30+ years of manufacturing experience with the particular product I am looking to get for my baby. The extended period in the market enables the company and the baby product to get the necessary improvement making it safer than the proceeding models.

In addition, bigger brands have the reputation to keep and are less likely to have supply chain disruptions. You, therefore, don’t run the risk of missing replacement part(s) for your product because the brand accessories are not available.

I also prefer larger brands because they are more likely to have established US-based customer support that you can even call. My experience with baby monitors gives me strong conviction to keep relying on US companies with US-based support that are reachable and provide generous warranty support. Talking of warranty, please avoid any company that provides 3 months warranty or that requires you to provide original receipt or packaging in order to claim warranty.

I have shared more details on that on specific advisories/lists.

But, as an expectant mom myself, I am now faced with the reality of having to choose from a condensed list of trusted popular brands that parents have an established safety reputation. As I do when selecting products for my baby, I read reviews and only pick products that have at least 80% reviews giving the product a 5-star rating. Don’t settle for a 3.5 or 4 as when fake reviews are factored in, the 3.5/5 review rating would be as low as 2/5 which is on an unacceptable bar.

Problem with small baby gear brand names:

Most newborn and infant brands are constantly facing supply shortages, which means their products may not be available for purchase when you want them. For this reason, you’ll want to choose a brand that has a good reputation for reliability and customer service.

Their support may also be outsourced to 3rd parties, so getting help may be more difficult. Some of them do not have US-based support. I would not want to risk it, considering how often I will need to use customer support when dealing with a baby.

The other thing to consider with small brands is their overall sustainability. Can they withstand a big recession or global pandemic? Do they have the financial backing to stay afloat during tough times? Many small businesses don’t, which is why it’s important to choose a brand that is backed by a larger company or has been around for many years.


You Should Get Top Popular Baby Gear Brands

Large, global companies have the advantage of financial stability and staying power. They are also more likely to have better customer service since they can afford to staff a larger team. However, they may not be as innovative as the smaller brands and may not offer as many unique products.


What’s important to me is finding a brand that I can trust to be there for me when I need them. Whether that’s because their product is high quality and lasts a long time, or because their customer service is responsive and helpful, I want to know that I can count on them.


Choosing Between Different Baby Gear Brands:

In real user experiences, you’ll find a genuine picture of the product’s advantage and how it lives up to its advertising. I would say reading testing results and product operational specifications from a reliable third-party organization is more important than the brand name. If, after all that, you’re still stuck between two brands, go with the one that has been around longer or that offers better customer service.


Pay attention to your baby's needs

At the end of the day, you want to pick a product that will work for your baby’s specific needs.

  • Baby’s Allergies/special situations: If your child has sensitive skin, you’ll want to choose a hypoallergenic brand. If they have reflux, you’ll want to look for a brand that makes products specifically for infants with reflux.
  • Where you’ll use the product: The same goes for products like strollers and car seats. If you live in a city, you’ll want to choose a stroller that is easy to maneuver on sidewalks and public transportation. If you live in the suburbs, you might want a stroller with all-terrain wheels for walking on trails.
  • Baby’s age: If you have a preemie, you’ll want to look for brands that specialize in products for premature babies. And if you have a baby with special needs, there are a number of brands that specialize in products for children with disabilities.

Even with my background as a product testing specialist, I have often relied on videos from real moms on social media networks – mostly mommy Facebook groups, Pinterest, and Instagram. I have also relied on those boring unboxing videos with a crying baby in the background to give me a good understanding of product set up and what it comes with. Good basis to form an idea of what to expect in a product.


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Who reviews baby gear at Motherhood HQ?

Our founders including various moms in our network contribute to the reviews of various baby gear here at Motherhood HQ. Our reviews by moms are super helpful to other moms who want to learn the finer details of how products work and when deciding whether a particular product is ideal for them. Read more about our team here.

What are some upcoming resources?

As part of our effort to provide more comprehensive baby gear guides, specifically on how to assist you to pick the most ideal gear for your baby and family, we have worked on extensive buying guides.

The guides cover baby gear ranging from

  1. Baby safety buying guides: These guides have detailed advice on how to choose the best baby monitor, baby gate, home security systems, among others;
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  5. Baby Feeding buying guides covering essential gear such as baby bottle, breast pump, formula, baby food processor, among others. 

We have posted some but not all the guides. We will be posting them here over the next 2-3 weeks and encourage you to check back soon.

For easy access, we’ll include links of these guides on the footer navigation.