11 Best Baby Night Lights for Good Sleep (Updated Oct 2022)

11 Best Baby Night Lights for Good Sleep (Updated Oct 2022)

Should you DIY your baby nursery’s lights by switching a bright bulb with a dim, and colored one?

A total possibility but it probably won’t give you the best results.

The best lighting for your baby’s nursery is simple and can be remotely controlled such as dimming the lights using your phone app. I have also found that certain colors of light can actually help soothe my baby.

In this guide, I have put together the reviews of the best night lights for babies that I have found. I’ll also be sharing my top tips on nursery lighting and what to look for when choosing the right light for your baby’s room.

What is a night light?

A night light is simply a light that you use in the evening or at night. They are often used to help people see in the dark, but they can also be used for decoration or to provide a calming effect.

Night lights come in all shapes and sizes, from simple plug-in lights to more elaborate battery-operated models. You can even find night lights that double as sound machines or project stars onto the ceiling.

Light is a stimulant to your baby’s brain, while darkness helps your baby sleep. This implies light is ideal for awake time, but darkness is preferable for nighttime and nap periods.

As Cara from Taking Cara Babies points out, newborns don’t seem to be bothered by light. However, around 10-12 weeks old, things start to change: your baby will become much more aware of her surroundings and a bright room can become too stimulating for sleep.

What are the benefits of using a night light?

There are many benefits to using a night light, both for you and your baby. Here are some of the top reasons to consider using a night light in your baby’s nursery:

  • They help you see in the dark: This is probably the most obvious benefit of night lights. If you need to get up in the middle of the night to check on your baby, a night light can help you see without turning on a bright overhead light.
  • They provide a calming effect: Many parents find that certain colors of night lights can actually help soothe their baby. For example, some parents find that a pink or red light is calming, while others find blue or green to be more soothing.
  • They can help your baby sleep: As I mentioned above, light is a stimulant to your baby’s brain. This means that darkness is actually preferable for nighttime and nap periods. A night light can help your baby transition from awake time to sleep time by providing a low level of light in the room.
  • They can be used as a decoration: Night lights come in all shapes and sizes, from simple plug-in lights to more elaborate battery-operated models. You can even find night lights that double as sound machines or project stars onto the ceiling. This means that night lights can be both functional and decorative.

Does baby need night light?

The simple answer is no, your baby does not need a night light. However, there are many benefits to using one, as I mentioned above. If you decide to use a night light in your baby’s nursery, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the night light is dim enough that it won’t bother your baby. You don’t want the light to be so bright that it keeps your baby awake. Second, make sure that the night light is not in a direct line of sight from your baby’s crib. You don’t want the light to be so close that it shines directly in your baby’s eyes.

Finally, consider using a night light that can be remotely controlled such as dimming the lights using your phone app. I have also found that certain colors of light can actually help soothe my baby.

Can a baby sleep with night lights on?

Yes, your baby can sleep with a night light on. In fact, many parents find that their baby sleeps better with a night light in the room. As I mentioned above, light is a stimulant to your baby’s brain. This means that darkness is actually preferable for nighttime and nap periods. A night light can help your baby transition from awake time to sleep time by providing a low level of light in the room.

when should a baby have a night light?

At around the 4th month, your baby will start developing a fear of the dark when they wake up at night and you should consider getting a night light before they turn 4 months. The best time to start using a nightlight is generally around bedtime so your baby can get used to having it on during the night.

Night lights vs. blackout curtains

Some parents find that using blackout curtains in their baby’s nursery is just as effective as using a night light. Blackout curtains are thick, heavy curtains that block out all light. They are often used in bedrooms to help people sleep during the day.

If you decide to use blackout curtains, make sure that they are not in a direct line of sight from your baby’s crib. You don’t want the curtains to be so close that they shine directly in your baby’s eyes. I separately reviewed top-rated blackout curtains for baby nurseries here.

Most of the night light devices reviewed on this list have warm red color, the sleep-therapist-recommended optimum color for a soothing sleep. With the ideal night light, getting your baby to sleep gets easier. The warm red color is very ideal for any predawn activity in your baby’s nursery and comes in handy when changing diapers and/or feeding as it is gentle on the eyes. The best baby night lights I have reviewed below are essential for nighttime feeding and during sleep training.

Overall Best Baby Night Light in 2022:

Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

Considering night light functionalities, Hatch Baby Night Light Machine is the overall best baby night light that you can get on the market today. This Hatch Rest serves as a night light, a sound machine, and a wake-up reminder. You can also control it remotely via a phone app. For the baby light at night, your baby will enjoy the soft light this device provides, and to top it up, you can control the brightness right from your phone. I have reviewed it further below;

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Before we go through our selected 11 baby night lights that I featured on this 2022 list, let’s start with the basics:

11 Top Baby Night Light Brands in 2022

Reviews of 11 Best Night Lights for Babies in 2022

#1. Hatch baby night light machine

Hatch Nightlight is our top pick, coming top as our overall best baby night light with a multifunctional design making it ideal for infants as well as toddlers. It is not just your basic night light but a multifunctional machine that combines rest night light, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert functions. It is easy to use manually or remotely via your phone using the Hatch Baby Rest app.

You get to customize the color, brightness, sound, and volume, as well as set programs depending on your family’s sleep schedule. Hatch night lights adapt to your baby’s needs at every stage: soft lights and white noise for your newborn, comfort for your preschooler, and time-to rise for your older child.

We love the Hatch night light because it has a ton of useful features, and gives you complete control to make a program that fits your family needs. Also, you can operate it from your phone so you never have to disturb your sleeping baby. With such hi-tech features and convenience, Hatch Baby night is expensive.


  • Multifunctional design: night light, sound machine, and ok-to wake alert
  • Manual and smartphone control option
  • Nightlight grows with your baby’s needs
  • Customizable colors and sounds that create the ideal sleeping environment for your child
  • You set programs that establish healthy sleep routines for your child
  • Option to use all night and remain cool to the touch

#2. Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight: Excellent for Night Feeding

We understand some parents are looking for a basic functional light; hence we recommend the Munchkin Light My Way night light as our second best baby night light for nighttime feeding. It comes in the design of a cute owl shape that your child will adore.

It produces the perfect dim lights that will comfort your child to sleep but are bright enough to enable you to see when changing your baby’s diaper without waking them up. It also has a handle that is easy for little hands to grip when they need to use it to go to the bathroom or in the kitchen for a glass of water.

The Munchkin night light uses batteries, so it could drain off if you were to leave it on for long periods. It is designed to shut off automatically after twenty minutes to conserve power.

Consider Munchkin Light My Way, if you are looking for a fun, easy-to-use, functional and cheap night light. We have to warn you that since it uses batteries, you need to keep replacing them, and that’s an extra cost. Also, we did not like that it gives only one setting for brightness, which cannot be adjusted.


  • Cute animal design
  • Has a carrier handle
  • Uses 3AAA batteries
  • Switches off automatically after 20 minutes

#3. Vava Bedside Baby Night Light

Our third most favorite baby nightlight is the Vava Bedside Night Light by Vava. It features a superior modern design in ABS and PP safe materials. It produces multiple lights ranging from bright to dim, to cater to your every need. You are also assured that its Led light is filtered to remove the blue light, which could harm your baby’s gentle eyesight.

The adjustability of this night light is admirable; tapping the logo twice activates the sleep mode. Tapping the top for 1.5 seconds activates the night light mode you can use to breastfeed. Pressing the power button four times activates the SOS mode for emergencies.

You will also enjoy the multiple powering options you can use. It comes with a convenient charging base and micro-USB cable. The battery is long-lasting with the charge lasting all through the night. This amazing night light is also waterproof, making it convenient for outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

Consider Viva nightlight as a great choice to grow and travel with.


  • Made using baby-safe materials
  • Easy to use touch control
  • Includes a charging base and micro-USB charger cable
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Multiple and highly adjustable options

#4. ANTEQI Starry Sky Night Projector: The Best Projector

The fourth-best baby nightlight with a projector that you can pick in 2022 is this ANTEQI Starry Sky Night Projector. This is our best baby light projector in this 2022 list. Starry sky night projector is perhaps the best nightlight that is awe-striking when used for the first time by any child. You can use it as an ordinary light with just white light or remove the outer cover and watch the magic happen as it transforms your ceiling and walls into a breathtaking starry night sky. You get four colors to choose your starlight from (warm yellow, red, green, blue) as a single color or combination. Even better, you can decide to have the stars on your ceiling still or rotating by the push of a button.

This nightlight can last the whole night, but it has an adjustable timer for convenience so your baby can have some fun and then a time to sleep in the dark. Not to mention, it provides a means to help them enhance their imagination and creativity as well.

It comes with a USB cable to charge from a power bank or phone adapter or using 4 AAA batteries (not included).

The Stary Sky night projector night light might be the perfect incentive to get your transitioning child to agree to sleep in their room without a fight. Plus, it is ideal for outdoor use at night to create beautiful scenery, especially at Christmas. Lastly, it would be a lovely gift for any mom-to-be or child.


  • Starry night sky projection
  • Timing assisted shutdown
  • Made for indoor or outdoor use
  • AAA battery or USB powered
  • Perfect for a gift
  • Made from baby-safe materials

#5. CPLA Lighting Brightness Night Light

The idea behind this night light is to allow you to add a personalized touch. CPLA light uses 3D technology to create a vivid and accurate moon effect that is simply stunning.

It has two light options: warm and cool white. Using the lamp’s smart touch control, you can adjust the lights to create the most comfortable and relaxing sleep environment for your child.

Aside from being a night light, you can use CPLA lighting to set the mood for various occasions or pass a message. You just need to send the company a picture or text layout to be engraved in the moon when you place the order.

It is powered through batteries (included), and the charge lasts for 8 to 12 hours when used non-stop.

What better way than to use CPLA to keep your baby relaxed at night and pass a message to them every single night or as a gift to your loved ones for valentine’s, mother’s, or father’s day, or wedding or party and let them know how you feel.


  • A stunning 3D moonlight effect
  • Easy to use touch control
  • Made with PLA safe material
  • Includes a USB charger
  • Usable for multiple occasions besides night light

#6. Skip Hop Moonlight Nightlight Soother Owl

The night light is in the form of a smart cute owl. The owl has a glowing belly that can be dimmed to produce the perfect light in your baby’s nursery. It also casts a starry night sky, creating a stunning scene that your child will drift into dreams within minutes by just watching the sky. Additionally, it has four lullabies and white noise nature sounds that will soothe your baby to sleep all night long, every day. You can also decide to play them at set times of 15, 30, or 60 minutes using the auto-off timer.

This cute owl allows you to choose the perfect lighting, lullabies, and sound that will relax your baby as they drift to sleep. It is a creative way to give your child lots of childhood memories as well whenever you sit and sing or watch the stars with your baby before they sleep.


  • Fun owl shape
  • Glowing belly
  • Includes programmed lullabies, and nature white noise sounds
  • Adjustable volume and light
  • Auto-off timer for the sounds
  • Plug-in-electric charging system

#7. Multiple Projector stimulate imagination curiosity

The nightlight is a classy modern device with a glossy black shade to blend with any room décor as a decoration. You can use it on the shelf, windowsill, or bedside table. It also comes with a lanyard so you can hang it in your backyard, treehouse, or camping tent.

It has multiple warm lights that project a starry sky onto your walls and ceiling. The noiseless motor provides an ideal and quiet sleep environment for your baby to sleep in.

This nightlight is simple to use; removing the outer cover it turns into a star projector, removing the inner cover it becomes a nightlight. We also love that you have the option of running it all night (995 minutes max time) or setting the auto timer depending on your child’s needs. You can decide to keep the projection still or set it to rotate around the room.

Consider Multiple Stimulator night light to create the most vivid starry sky that will help your child relax at night and develop their imagination and creativity. Better still, it’s a night light you can use for many other occasions, as well as a gift and toy too.


  • Creates starry sky
  • Four color options white, green, red and blue
  • Soundless motor to provide a quiet sleeping environment
  • A great device to use as a room decoration
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can serve on multiple occasions, sleeping time, party time, romantic date, camping and more
  • Battery-powered
  • Includes a USB cable

#8. Soaiy Soother Projection Lighting Relaxing

Soaiy soother is the perfect nightlight not just for kids but for adults too. It is a modern design with a dome cover that can be taken down to project spectacular nebula lights on your ceiling or wall.

You will be amazed by the kinds of views you can get when you make different adjustments. The night light has multiple colors to choose from, and it can tilt at 45 degrees to let you project the light straight up, or a particular direction of your choice to get a wide panoramic effect.

Besides the beautiful view, the soother allows you to play your favorite audios. It has a side plug, inbuilt speakers, and audio cable so you can play lullabies, relaxing podcasts, or meditations from your iPhone, iPad, MP 3 players, or any media device, with the ability to adjust the volume.

If you are like me, you would love to enjoy this view all night, but the timer is set to turn off automatically after one hour, which is enough time for you or your child to fall asleep.

Consider Soaiy Soother lighting if you want a projector type with an audio player and many customizable options.


  • Removable dome cover, dual use as an aurora projector or a colorful night light
  • 8 kinds of lighting patterns
  • Built-in speaker, 35 mm audio jack and adjustable volume
  • Automated turn-off after one hour
  • Tilt to a 45-degree angle
  • Made from ABS + PC safe material
  • Includes USB cable
  • Plug-in electric powered

#9. Projector auto shut colorful rotating DCAUT

Projector nightlight is also a cool-looking device in a plastic wood finish that will look great whether in your bedroom, nursery, or your living room. It will transform your ceiling and walls into a starry sky with a crescent moon that is simply breathtaking for your child to watch.

You can use it as an ordinary night lamp when the cover is on or select from the four light settings to transform it into a starry sky. Plus, you have the option of rotating the stars or keeping them still from the push of one button.

As for powering options, the lamp uses AAA batteries that you buy separately or through a power bank or phone adapter via the provided USB cable.

We also love that it gives you the possibility of running the whole night, as well as applying set durations according to your baby’s needs. By design, the timer ranges from 5 to 995 minutes.

Consider the Projector as your family’s choice of night lamp or an impressive gift for a kid or friend.


  • Star and moon projector
  • Multiple colors (red, green, blue and warm light)
  • Timer (5-995 min)
  • Battery-powered

#10. Tecboss Baby Night Light

Tecboss night light has the best functions to suit any nursery. First, it is made using soft silicone material and a cute chick design that your baby’s little hands will enjoy playing with. It uses food-grade silicone material, so you don’t worry even if your child decided to chew on it.

To use, simply touch the top of the light and adjust the brightness and this cute chick will produce a warm light that will drive the darkness away and help to create the best atmosphere for your child to fall into a deep sleep quickly. Plus, you can use it for birthday party decoration, breastfeeding, or diaper changes at night without waking the baby.

You will be amazed how long it can run though it is battery powered. At the brightest light, it can run for 8 hours, and up to 300 hours at the lowest light.

Consider Tecboss nightlight as the safest to use in your nursery. It is safe, has no wires, and the baby can play with it without damaging it.


  • Smart light chicken design
  • Made from soft-touch silicone and ABS construction
  • An adjustable warm light for child sleep and breastfeeding
  • Long-lasting battery charge lasting 8 to 300 hours

#11. Kistra Night Light  

Kistra night light is perhaps the best when it comes to selling child fantasy. The projector lamp beautifully creates a starry sky, zodiac, meteor, dinosaur, planet, sea world, happy birthday, and Christmas effects on your walls and ceiling. You can adjust the color and brightness and rotate 360-degree, to your child’s desired view.

It is designed to grow with your child. Soft warm light is great for your newborn eyes, safe eye protection for your preschooler, and white led light that can be used to read, learn and do homework by your older child.

Additionally, it comes with remote control and has a set timer too, which are very useful features any parent will appreciate.

The best thing is that the company offers a one-year quality guarantee and a 100% refund within 24 hours if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

Consider Kistra if you want an exquisite and practical night lamp that has more to offer and guaranteed quality.


  • 6 cartoon film projections (Zodiac, Meteor, Nebula, Sea World, Birthday, and Dinosaur)
  • Adjustable light (100%, 50%, 10 %)
  • 360 degrees rotating
  • An automatic timer at 1 hour & 2 hours

Baby Nightlight Buying Guide 2022

What is a baby night light?

A baby’s night light is a dim light that is usually left on throughout the night in the baby’s room. When placed properly, night lights can reduce the fumbling usually associated with middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings. Essentially, a dim night light is better than a completely dark nursery. Your baby will feel safe and not scared of being left alone. Some of the recent night lights can be controlled remotely using a mobile app and can play music or pre-recorded lullabies. Here is a picture of a typical night light:

baby night light

When to give baby night light

Newborns and young babies normally do not need a nightlight. Their dim eyesight will be overstimulated by even the smallest of light and make it harder for them to fall asleep.

Night lights are only comforting to babies older than two or three years old because these have more imagination, and may fear buggies and monsters they imagine are lurking in the darkness. But even then, you should only give them a dim light and switch it off once they fall asleep to promote quality sleep.

Does baby need a night light

Newborns are not scared of the darkness since they are used to it in the womb. What they are concerned about more is feeling you around for comfort and feeding. As they get older, they become accustomed to the light, their imagination develops, and that’s when they begin to feel afraid to be in darkness, even more, scared to sleep in their room alone. Night lights provide the reassurance they need in the dark, prevent them from having fussy arousals to enable them to sleep the whole night, and help avoid very early morning rising.

Now that you know how baby nightlights can benefit your child, you can explore the reviews of our 11 best nightlights, and hopefully, you will find one that suits your family. After the reviews, you can also read through the factors we considered, to arrive at our top choices.

Tips for Buying the Best Nightlight for Nursery

  1. Child safety

The light should use safe materials, remain cool to the touch even after being used for long, and should not have small parts that could risk choking.

  1. Brightness

You want a night light that has warm dim lights that are not overstimulating and hindering your child from sleeping but visible enough to allow you to see around.

  1. Battery vs. AC plug in

Battery lamps are safe for your child to use or carry because they have no cords, but you will need to keep replacing them from time to time. On the other hand, plugins are more convenient since they can be charged at any time. Look for a night light that has multiple options.

  1. Multiple light settings

Consider a lamp with many light settings, the more, the better. You can choose the setting depending on the occasion, mood, and need of the hour.

  1. Design

A cute animal or doll designs are suitable if you want a night light specifically for your baby’s nursery. Other designs can also be used for other rooms.

  1. Extra functions

Some lamps offer functions like sound-machine, or music, alarm, and more. What better purchase than buying a multiple functioning device for the price of one?

Types of nightlights

Long gone are the days that we had just the basic bedside lamp. Today night lights have more and more innovative features. They range from simple to hi-tech ones, which can be operated from your phone with Bluetooth and WiFi. They also have more functions, like music, alarm and sound machine and more. Most nightlight falls into the following categories:


They are the most basic, and most have a single design like a fun animation. These nightlights are operated using an on/off switch, and a motion detector activated light or both functions.


These are mostly suitable for young children and babies. They are made from soft squishy material like a stuffed animal that lights up when squeezed. They serve as play toys too.


These are modern and incredibly cool. They cast projected images of stars, moon, and other themes right on the walls and ceiling of your home. They are great for a child’s education and relaxation.


These night lights are also newly designed and include USB chargers in addition to batteries so you can use them from anywhere.

Things to consider

Does this nightlight operate on batteries, a USB charger, or a wall outlet?

Consider which powering mode is convenient for you, depending on your unique situation. Those two ways are more convenient, in my opinion.

What extra features or benefits do this particular nightlight have to offer? 

Nowadays, night lights have extra features and capabilities like connectivity to phones by WiFi or Bluetooth, projections, music player, alarm clocks, and more. Before you settle on one, ensure you have explored all the new features and functionalities so you can buy the nightlight that meets more of your needs.

What sort of material is this nightlight made out of and is it safe for my child?

Your child’s health is critical. Choose a nightlight made from certified safe materials such as food grade silicon, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or Polypropylene. You will relax knowing your baby is not being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Which is the best nightlight for feeding?

Munchkin Light My Way– Lights up the room with dim-to-bright light ideal for use when breastfeeding.

Which is the baby night light for the car?

Vava night light is the best baby night light for a car.

Which night light stars on the ceiling?

Star Projector Night Light Kids Projector with Timer

Baby night light with music

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother Owl

Baby nightlight with temperature

Baby night light app

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time to Rise