Talkback with these Top 2-Way Baby Monitors Brands

Two/2-way baby monitors are great if you want to be able to talk through to your baby and not just listen to them when they cry or need your attention. If the baby is too young, you can use this feature to talk to your spouse or nanny when they are in your baby’s nursery.

For a long time, an analog baby monitor used the Simplex mode which enabled communication only one-way in every instance. However, the innovation and R&D in the 80s and 90s paved the way for 2-way baby monitors.

Here is a video explaining the basics of 2-way talk radio communication:

Unlike walkie-talkies, baby monitors have a set channel and you won’t have to switch from one to another like the old analog baby monitors. For everyone speaking on one end of a walkie-talkie, they have to push a button and indicate to the other party that they can now start talking. This is called the half-duplex.

In Full-Duplex transmission, which is common with digital baby monitors and cellphones, both parties can talk simultaneously. See the table comparison below of half-duplex and full-duplex:

Half vs Full Duplex in Baby Monitor Dual Communication

Half DuplexFull Duplex
2-directional but one person talks at a time2-directional and the two people can talk simultaneously
Data can be transmitted and received, but one a timeData can be sent and be received simultaneously
Better than the simplex transmissionThe best mode of transmission
Example: Walkie talkieExample: Cellphone and digital baby monitors

We’ve compared over 22 baby monitors and have come up with the 10 best 2-way talk baby monitors of 2022 as seen in the table below.

A comparison table for our 11 best 2-way talk baby monitors

Baby Monitor BrandRangeBattery LifeWarrantyRating on AmazonPrice
#1. Infant Optics DXR-8Up to 700 ft6 to 10 hours1 year4.4/5 stars in 47,000+ reviewsCheck here
#2. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor Up to 1000 ft9 to 16 hours 1 year 4.7/5 stars in 15,000+ reviews Check here
#3. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor Up to 960 ft8 to 12 hours24-month 4.5/5 stars in 16,000+ reviews Check here
#4. GoodBaby SM35PTZ Up to 960 ft12 hoursLifetime 4.6/5 stars in 6,000+ reviews Check here
#5. VTech VM3252-2 Up to 1000 ft9 hours 1 year 4.7/5 stars in 2,700+ reviews Check here
#6. Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro Up to 1000 ft8 hours 1 year 4.8/5 stars in 2,600+ reviews Check here
#7. BabySense Video Baby Monitor Up to 960 ft6 to 8 hours 1 year 4.3/5 stars in 2,000+ reviews Check here
#8. VTech VM901 Smart Up to 1000 ft4 hours 1 year 4.3/5 stars in 1,900+ reviews Check here
#9. Motorola Comfort75 Up to 1000 ft3 hoursVague Policy 4.3/5 stars in 900+ reviews Check here
#10. VTech VM919 Up to 1000 ft6 hours 1 year 4.6/5 stars in 500+ reviews Check here
#11. Eufy SpaceView Pro Up to 1000 ft12 to 30 hours12-month 4.4/5 stars in 300+ reviews Check here

Reviews of top-rated Two-way Talk’ Baby Monitors(4.5/5+)

1. Infant Optics DXR 8: Overall Best 2-way Talk Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR 8

The two Infant Optics brands, Infant Optics DXR 8 and Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro come first in this list of video baby monitors with two-way talk that uses full-duplex transmission mode to allow simultaneous data exchange. Like a 2-way road, Infant Optics DXR 8 allows you to hear the baby when your baby cries and also enables you to talk to your baby, perhaps soothe them to sleep if you want to. Infant Optics DXR 8 is our best 2-way baby monitor with a camera.

To talk to your baby, you hold the talk-mode button and follow the instructions in the snapshot below;

how to use talk-mode feature on Infant Optics

Infant Optics DXR 8 is a digital non-wifi video baby monitor that has a camera with an inbuilt microphone to capture the baby’s audio signals. The camera also has an inbuilt speaker

On the other hand, Infant Optics DXR 8’s parent unit is a screen with a 3.5-inch diagonal with an inbuilt microphone and speaker. The sound quality is great and you can be confident to hear any noise that your baby makes without the need for other notification features such as light or vibration which are common for deaf or hearing-impaired parents.

Below are other features of Infant Optics DXR 8:

  • Excellent audio quality and non-HD video
  • Does not rely on the internet
  • 3.5-inch screen display
  • Supports up to 4 cameras but does not support split-screen viewing
  • Infant Optics has a replacement monitor/screen
  • 8 infrared LED lights and automatic night vision switch

In 2020, Infant Optics released an upgrade to this monitor and I recommend you check out our full review here.

2. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

At number 2 of the best 2-way talk audio baby monitor is this top-ranking product in the best audio monitors review in the list which also happens to be among the top baby monitors for deaf parents in 2022. The DM221 audio baby monitor offers everything you need in a two-way talk baby monitor. It features DECT 6.0 tech that offers clear audio transmission that removes background noises for a crystal clear transmission. I love the in-built intercom with adjustable microphone sensitivity on the baby unit that lets you talk to your baby without interaction for a clearer and better audio transmission.

I love the 5-level sound indicator that detects and shows the sound level in your little one’s room so you can attend to him when he needs you plus a nursery soothing light for luring sleep. It offers a generous range of up to 1000-ft. At the time of this review, this baby monitor was #2 in Amazon’s Audio Baby Monitors with over 15,000 reviews.

VTech DM221

3. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor from ANMEATE ranks pretty well in our non-Wi-Fi baby monitors review, especially due to its simplicity. It comes in two models including the 2.4” and 3.5” screen display, both of which have a two-way talk-back feature that allows you to communicate with your little one remotely. Your communication is protected using the 2.4GHz wireless transmission. I love the generous range that covers up to 960-ft and the useful features that make it simple to use unlike its close competitors like Infant Optics or BabySense.

If you are looking for a baby monitor that offers the best value for your money, ANMEATE got your needs covered! From easy installation to long battery life and excellent extra handy features, we highly recommend this baby monitor. As of this review, it ranked at #1 in Video Baby Monitors on Amazon with more than 16,000 customer reviews.

ANMEATE baby monitor

Buy on Amazon here

4. GoodBaby SM35PTZ Baby Monitor

The reason why we chose this video baby monitor from GoodBaby to be in our review today is because of its hi-tech microphone and speaker that allows for a clear 2-way talk convo. As such, you can keep in touch with your baby or use the in-built lullabies to lure them to sleep. I love the ability to pan the camera at 355° and tilt at 90° as well as the reminder and temperature monitoring functions. Like most baby monitors in this review, GoodBaby offers a generous 960-ft range so you can communicate with your baby while in a different room undertaking your chores.

This video baby monitor comes with a 3.5-inch screen plus 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission that keeps the conversations between you and your baby protected and safe from hacks. Buyers seem to love the battery life and the clear night vision mode of this product. As of this review, this baby monitor ranked #7 on Amazon’s Video Baby Monitors with over 6,600 reviews.


Buy on Amazon here

5. VTech VM3252-2: Video Baby Monitor with 2-way Talk

You can create an intercom system with your VTech DM3252-2 baby monitor, one of the VTech baby monitors with 2 cameras. This video baby monitor comes with two cameras and allows you to talk to your babies (if you are using it to monitor your twins or two babies).

You can check the price of VTech VM3252 on Amazon here

6. Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro Baby Monitor

If you are looking for the best 2-way talk video baby monitor, you will love the DXR-8 Pro from Infant Optics. Although both the DXR 8 and DXR-8 Pro are non-Wi-Fi, use FHSS transmission tech, have volume & brightness control as well as a sound-activated LED bar, the DXR-8 Pro version has the upper hand. I love the cutting-edge digital signal processing abilities, with the 1000mW speakers of this baby monitor. The features provide you with a clearer sound and better reception when you are talking to your baby or during playback.

One of the buyers said:

“We are happy with the DXR-8 pro so far. It has a better range than other monitors we’ve used and has a more stable connection throughout the entire house, including the basement.”

Another one said:

“Not sure of the actual amount. We live in a 3300 sq ft house and haven’t had any issues with connectivity”

What makes the DXR-8 Pro amazing compared to its predecessor is the patented Active Noise Reduction (ANR) feature that filters background noises to help you hear your baby clearly. Add that to the 5-inch display with 720p resolution, up to 1000ft. range, and improved tilt & zoom features and you have yourself perfect value for your money.

DXR-8 Pro

Buy on Amazon here

Read more about Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro review Vs DXR 8

7. BabySense Video Baby Monitor

Are you looking for an affordable baby monitor with all the basic functionalities you expect from a baby monitor without Wi-Fi? This video baby monitor from BabySense is your go-to product. In fact, it ranks very highly in the best split-screen baby monitors reviews. This baby monitor uses the most advanced 2-way talk-back communication tech that helps you talk to your little angel or sing to her for comfort. In addition, you can use the feature to play him calming lullabies while in a different room via the generous 960-ft long of this baby monitor.

I love the two cameras that allow you to monitor your kids from two different rooms at the same time using the split-screen tech (4.3” screen) with pans 360° and tilts 90° for a full room view. On top of this classic design, the baby monitor uses the latest 2.4GHz FHSS tech for connection stability and security. BabySense was established in 1991 by 2 stranger engineers with the aim of making the most reliable baby monitoring devices.


Buy on Amazon here

8. VTech VM901 Upgraded Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Yet another product from VTech, this upgraded VM901 smart baby monitor uses Wi-Fi and is among the top baby monitors with screen and app in the market today. It supports both local and remote 2-way talk so your kiddo can hear you from a distance via your smartphone from the free MyVTech 1080p app on your iOS or Android device. The advertised range is 1000-ft, but most parents have said it connects well indoors without outages for up to 150-ft. To keep the communication between you and your little one secure, make sure that your router’s wireless signal is encrypted and that your devices are up to date.

You will love the 5-inch 720p display with advanced FHD 1080p CMOS visual sensor for the best possible video feed, 120° wide-angle lens, and fully motorized tilt and zoom functions. When you can’t talk to your baby, you can use the system’s melodies and ambient sounds to lull him to sleep if you are too busy.

VTech VM901

Buy on Amazon here

9. Motorola Comfort75 Video Baby Monitor

If you are looking for the best Motorola 2 way talk baby monitor, Comfort75 is a fantastic pick that offers usability and quality in the same basket. Available in a 1 count pack of 1 and 2 models, this baby monitor features in-built 2-way intercom speakers and high-sensitivity microphones that capture even the slightest sounds which are good for communicating with your little one. In addition, this is pretty good for alerting you when he or she needs your attention. Most parents say that the baby monitor works excellently with a range of up to 165 feet indoors. Pretty good, right?

You will also love this baby monitor for its 5-inch display with infrared tech that allows for clear low-light or night visibility. And did I tell you about the 2x digital zoom and the Hubble Baby Smart Sleep Assistant? It is non-Wi-Fi, so security is surely guaranteed.

Motorola Comfort75

Buy on Amazon here

10. VTech VM919 Video Baby Monitor

Since 1976, VTech has been dedicating resources to making high-tech baby products and their VM919 video baby monitor is a good example. This baby monitor comes with a two-way talk feature and a range of up to 1000 ft. so you can stay in touch with your baby even from your yard. According to client reviews, the speaker audio is excellent on both monitor and camera which enhances intercom via a microphone that parents say functions well. It uses a secure transmission that encrypts the signal to prevent your intercom from being hacked.

In addition, the VM919 comes with a 7-inch display with 720p HD plus a wide-angle lens (110°) for sharp and crisp images as well as a full remote pan (270°) and tilt (100°). You can zoom up to 4x using the parent unit to get a closer look at your little one while talking to her. And did I tell you about the soothing sounds and lullabies like white noise and a trickling stream?

VTech VM919

You can read our full review of the VTech VM919 here

Buy on Amazon here

11. Eufy SpaceView Pro Baby Monitor

If you are concerned about your baby’s privacy and security, we recommend the SpaceView Pro baby monitor from Eufy. It is one of the products in the market today that is competing with brands such as Infant Optics DXR-8 in terms of security and in the non-Wi-Fi baby monitors category. Like most baby monitors here, it utilizes the FHSS transmission tech where the signal hops from one sub-frequency to another which makes it difficult to hack. I love its 1000-ft range and push-to-talk ability that helps you communicate with your baby from anywhere in your home.

You will enjoy viewing your little baby from the SpaceView Pro’s 5-inch 720p display with a continuous monitoring battery life of up to 12 hours. Even better, you can pan the camera at 330° or tilt at 110° for the entire coverage of your baby’s room. Most buyers also say that the night vision is amazing. Are you a new parent? This is particularly recommended for you.

Eufy SpaceView Pro

Buy on Amazon here

You can read more about Eufy SpaceView Pro and its comparison here

The baby monitors below made excellent choices but were currently unavailable on Amazon at the time of this review

1. XCSOURCE Video Baby Monitor with 2-Way Talk

XCSOURCE 2-way talk Baby Monitor
XCSOURCE Baby Monitor (Link to Amazon)

XCSOURCE video baby monitor is a decent 2-way talk baby monitor with a camera and audio which can be used for baby monitoring and for pet surveillance.

This video baby monitor by XCSOURCE is currently ranking on Amazon for ‘2-way baby monitor with camera and audio’ and it made it to MotherhoodHQ’s lists for the first time (we haven’t reviewed this product before).

XCSOURCE has an inbuilt microphone and speaker on the camera and this facilitates communication to and from your baby.

Below are other features that make this video baby monitor great for 2-way talk:

  • The 2-inch LCD screen with inbuilt speakers and microphone
  • This 2-way baby monitor does not rely on wifi and therefore has a limited transmission range of up to 850 ft. outdoors and 160ft. indoors.
  • The infrared night vision turns on automatically, similar to Infant Optics DXR 8.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes such as monitoring babies, elderly or pets.

2. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor with 2 way Talk

Panasonic video baby monitor with two-way talk is a good baby monitor with a 2-way talk feature using the full-duplex transmission mode. We previously featured Panasonic as the second-best long-range baby monitor and we neglected to emphasize Panasonic’s advanced DECT technology that powered telecommunications for decades before other companies such as Motorola caught up. Panasonic is similar to XCSOURCE video baby monitor and Infant Optics DXR 8 in that it does not rely on the internet to transmit its signals.

panasonic video baby monitor with 2 way talk
Panasonic video baby monitor with 2 way talk 

Panasonic has the longest proven range of up to 1500 ft. outdoors and the only other competitor that rivals it is the Graco Secure audio baby monitor which claims to transmit up to 2000 ft. outdoors. Panasonic uses DECT technology which has been specifically designed to power long-distance telecommunication and this is one of the best features of this 2-way talk video baby monitor by Panasonic. Pros

Buy on Amazon here

3. Bonoch Video Baby Monitor

Bonoch seems like a start-up brand that has limited to no info about them online, but this is their first product and was introduced in the market in May 2022. It is included in our list since most buyers are fascinated by its features which are evident in client reviews. This video baby monitor comes with two-way talk with a sensitive and clear mic that allows for a smooth bonding time with your little bunny. The clarity also makes baby alerts very clear. Add that to the 1000-ft range and the long battery life and you have an ideal present for a baby shower. The monitor’s 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connection ensures a secure and private live stream that is only for you.

Like most baby monitors in our review today, Bonoch offers a 5-inch display with 720p HD resolution with a lens that pan 355° and tilt 120° for a clear and full view of your baby’s room. And did I mention the 2x to 4x zoom abilities and a remote-in temperature display? Oh, you will love this gadget. As of this review, Bonoch baby monitor is at #16 in Amazon’s Video Baby Monitors with 4.5 stars in 300+ reviews.

Buy on Amazon here

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4. Nanit Plus 2-way Talk Baby Monitor (Discontinued by the manufacturer)

Nanit Plus is an excellent 2-way talk baby monitor that also uses full-duplex transmission mode to enable simultaneous data transfer. Nanit Plus is 10BabyGear’s overall best wifi baby monitor and part of what made it top on this list is its quality audio signals. In addition to quality audio transfers, Nanit Plus’ signals are encrypted that ensures only those intended to listen to the baby or to listen to you are listening.

Nanit-Plus-2-way-talk baby monitor

Nanit Plus is among the few baby monitors that use the most advanced encryption standard, the AES-256 bit encryption. While Wifi baby monitors are prone to hacking, baby monitors with the most advanced form of encryption such as Miku baby monitors, Safety 1st HD wifi baby monitor, and Motorola Halo Plus guarantee 100% privacy as you talk or as the baby’s signals are transmitted to the parent unit.

Nanit Plus streams audio from the camera located at your baby’s nursery to your smartphone app. Unlike Infant Optics DXR 8, Nanit Plus uses your smartphone’s microphone and speaker to facilitate 2-way talk.

Steps to follow when you want to talk using Nanit App:

  1. Open the Android or iOS App of Nanit Plus
  2. Click on the microphone icon on the app dashboard. Once you’ve tapped the icon, it will connect to the camera which has built-in speakers
  3. Once the connection with the speaker in the camera is successful, a bigger button will appear and you need to press it down and hold it as long as your talk will last. You’ll see green flashing to indicate that the audio signal is being transmitted successfully.
  4. Release your button once you finish talking to your baby

Since you may not want to talk to the baby most of the time, especially if they are below one year old, you can turn off the 2-way talk feature by navigating to settings. Navigate to sound settings on your Nanit App and turn the toggle next to the microphone to ‘off’. You’ll now see the 2-way audio disabled. You can read more from Nanit’s support page about how to operate the 2-way talk video baby monitor.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the best 2-way talk baby monitors from your local baby products store or on Amazon using this link. They are also available in other online stores such as Buy Buy Baby, Target, Walmart among others.

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