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If you are looking to get the best gift to give to a 2-year old for her birthday, we’ve done the research with our insight into what 2-year old girls like and would appreciate receiving it as a gift.

In our research which covered 20+ brands, we uncovered that the best gifts for a 2-year-old should have some flashy element to them but should also be simple to use for a 2-year-old girl. If a gift is is too complex or too simple, they will lose interest in it fast. We also found gifts with educational aspects to be the best.

After comparing several in our initial list, we settled on VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk as the best gift for 2-year for her birthday. This interactive desk comes with LED display lights that illustrate letters and numbers and provide basic shapes a 2-year old will find easy to draw.

At the two years mark, your toddler needs to develop their language and communication skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, and personal and social skills and that’s why we picked this as the overall best 2-year-old gift for birthday. We have reviewed other toys and gifts best for a 2-year old marking her birth that equally promotes the development of learning and motor skills.

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In this review, we have sorted through hundreds of toys in the market to get the best toys that will offer the most benefits to two-year-olds girls.

Reviews of the Best 2-Year-Olds Birthday Gift for Girls 2022

1. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

This beautiful activity desk is our overall best gift for a 2-year old as it packs tons of educational activities that will keep your little girls busy for hours. It features five activity pages of engaging content, including numbers, letters, music, and colors.

When the desktop is lifted, it converts into a chalkboard and an easel where your girl can practice drawing or painting. It comes with a small stool for your girl to sit on while she is working. There is also an under-storage where your girl can keep her art supplies.

This desk also includes a music player and toy telephone, so your girl can play pretend games to call her friends or family, and she can listen to music as well.

If you would like to add more content to stretch her knowledge base, you can get her expansion packs. One of them has a curriculum that teaches how to draw various letters, numbers, and shapes using LED display illustrations. There are up to eight packs, each sold separately and focusing on a specific curriculum, including math, language, arts, science, etc.

This is our overall best teaching toy for two-year-old girls because of the wide variety of activities with numbers, letters, art, music, and more, helping keep up their interest. We also love that you can add more challenging activities with extension packs as she continues gaining knowledge. It is like having preschool classes at home.


  • Sturdy desk
  • Features different educational activities
  • Has art Easel with storage
  • Eight additional expansion packs for more learning opportunities
  • Has volume control
  • Comes with a stool


  • It requires batteries (4AA) and drains them fast
  • It takes a lot of space
  • The keys are super sensitive and make unintended selections
  • Easel doesn’t lock in place, so it could fall back and hurt their hands

2. Banana bike LT

The Banana Bike LT is our second best choice because it provides excellent value for money and provides life-long skills. It will train your little girl how to ride, a skill every child needs to learn. She will learn to balance, steer, brake, and exercise caution when riding. This way, your girl can spend more quality time outdoors doing a fun activity and even join you as you ride around your neighborhood and parks.

This bike is designed super comfortable for toddlers’ use. It has wide cushioned bar grips and an adjustable seat. The lowest seat setting of 12 inches is great for 2-year-olds, and you can also adjust to 15 inches for a bigger sibling or as your child grows older.

The other thing you will love is that the frame is made of metal and the wheels are solid plastic, so this bike should hold up nicely with everyday use without damages. Despite being sturdy, it is lightweight (just 6.4 lbs) and easy for small toddlers to lift and maneuver. And the fact that it has several color options is also a plus, so your girl can choose whatever color they fancy.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and comfortable for toddlers to use
  • Designed to grow with your child
  • The seat is easily adjustable down to 12 inches and as high as 15 inches
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Help improve balance and gross motor skills
  • Helps boost self confidence
  • Encourages outdoor play


  • Some parents would prefer if the wheels were rubber

3. Little Cosmetic Pretend Makeup Signature Set

Is your girl always fascinated by your makeup? Get her this makeup set so she can have her own makeup to ‘apply’. This kit looks so real you will hardly think it’s fake. But, it is mess-free and does not rub or apply on the skin.

It comprises blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, cosmetic bag, real makeup brushes and a shatterproof mirror. Though it is not real makeup that will be going to her skin, it is still a fun way to enhance imagination and creativity, and your toddler and all her friends will love this kit.

If you are concerned about safety, this makeup is made from foam, which is firm, so it remains intact inside the containers when scratched or if your child tries to bite on it.


  • Perfect for imaginary play
  • Realistic design
  • Impressive for older toddlers too
  • Mess-free


  • It is a bit overpriced considering is fake
  • Some parts are hard to open

4. Playz Princess Castle Play Tent

All girls love princess and castle stories. Buying her this beautiful play tent will have her fantasies fulfilled; she can have her own castle to play princess. Better still, once it’s all set up, it is spacious enough to allow up to five friends inside, which only adds to the fun. We bet it will be such a hit among her friends!

When it is dark, the tent walls are designed with stars that glow, which is such a breathtaking view for your girl to watch and help develop her imagination.

The tent comes along with stabilizing poles and is very easy to set up. These poles help keep the tent sturdy, and it can be set up to create fun in the bedroom, playroom, living area, or basement. Once set up, it provides just the perfect place for your girl to play naps, tea parties, peek-a-boo, and any other imaginative play she can come up with.

As a bonus, it comes with accessories for princess and castle play, including a tiara, tutu, wings, and fairy wand. And it folds down into a carrying case for easy transport.

This gift toy helps develop role-playing skills, social skills, and communication skills.


  • Has stars that glow in the dark
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Portable with carrying case
  • Spacious enough to accommodate 3 to 5 children
  • Comes with dress up accessories
  • Great pricing


  • It takes a large space when set up
  • May not be able to withstand frequent outdoor use

5. Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack

This colorful train is great for imaginative play and will teach your girl about the environment and how things move and improve their fine motor skills through hand and eye coordination. She will enjoy driving the train over or under the rainbow-colored suspension bridge while checking different layouts.

This beginner pack is suitable for toddlers over 18 months and includes a colorful train, rainbow-colored bridge, guiding ramp tracks for on and off rail play, and wooden railway tracks.

Brio is a high-quality railway toy made from beech wood and designed to withstand years of heavy use without damage. They also sell more accessories to integrate into this beginner pack to make an even bigger and complex train system with more layouts, to make things even more fun for your girl.


  • Super high quality ensuring durability
  • Colorful and appealing
  • Magnets allow the car and train engine to connect in any orientation
  • Has the option to add more pieces for more challenge and fun


  • It is expensive

6. Step 2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

Kids learn to do things from watching their parents and other people. With Step 2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen, your little girl will be the starring chef in her own kitchen. It is a very attractive toy kitchen set up with nice color schemes that your girl will love.

The set is very realistic and provides an oven, refrigerator, counter space, and a pass-through kitchen window. With over 25 kitchen pieces, your girl will be engaged for hours, making pretend meals for friends and family. She can invite friends to ‘cook’ with her, or you can be present to assist.

This toy kitchen provides a very educational environment to hone her language skills, social and interactive skills, and fine motor skills.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is sturdy and of good quality
  • Realistic and attractive appearance
  • Great multiple features to learn to use


  • Does not have accessories to add more fun

7. LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

The Scoop and Learn Ice Cream cart is such a great learning tool. Your girl will have great fun as she learns to prepare and sell a variety of yummy ice cream combinations with four different flavors and three toppings. The cart is real and is just the perfect height for toddlers to push easily as they move around “serving” ice cream and looking for new customers. And while on the move, there is a music feature to sing along to different songs or listen to educational phrases. This will help develop gross motor skills and enhance memory.

She can choose from six animal cards to place their orders and then listen to the instructions for completing the order. This will help her learn to follow instructions as well as memorize and count. And when the orders are complete, she can ring the bell to let customers know.

Overall, this is a fun way to learn about colors, flavors, counting, sequencing, stacking, and much more.


  • Helps promote gross motor skills, memory and sequencing, and following instructions
  • Many educational phrases and songs
  • Cart really rolls
  • Great height for toddlers to push


  • Ice cream toppings do not have a magnetic feature to keep them from falling off after being stacked up
  • It is not stable, and when it falls over, all the pieces get scattered

8. HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game

Haba Rainbow features a wooden board with pegs for plug-in and brightly colored rings to stack up. It looks simple, but the whole set uses vibrant colors that are eye-catching for toddlers and will keep them engaged for hours.

Your girl will use her creativity to figure out what to do with the pegs and how to stack up the rings. She can color match or mix them up to create different random designs or arrange them vertically into blocks – even piling into blocks and knocking it all down to start over is great fun!

This game is educative for color naming, matching and sorting, and building different designs. It is also a fun activity for playtime with parents. You can both challenge each other with copying designs that one has made, and there is nothing that your child will love more than you joining them on the floor playing this game.

This beautiful set is sanded down into smooth pieces, with shiny finishing, and uses Beechwood from Germany. The pieces are also big enough to prevent choking, and the paint is safe and doesn’t chip.


  • Solid wood and durable
  • Safe; uses non-toxic finishing and big sized pieces.
  • Enhances creativity to create different designs
  • Easy and exciting for toddlers to play
  • Has great replay-ability to keep kids engaged for hours


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Wish it had different colors instead of having variations of the same colors
  • Does not have the option of buying more pieces for more creative designs

9. Little Tikes First Slide

Little Tikes first slide is a best seller on Amazon and thousands of kids love to slide on it. It is just the perfect size for toddlers, and its compact size allows it to be used indoors and outdoors on a soft surface.

This slide will help your girl improve balance, coordination, and fitness. You will also love that it does not require much assembly since the handrails simply snap into place. It is also foldable, making it convenient if you are short on storage space or for easy packing when traveling.


  • It is sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple and easy for small kids to climb
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors play


  • It is not as exciting as sliding on a large slide

10. Kidoozie My First Purse

This adorable purse would make a lovely gift for your little girl. It is just the perfect size to wear on her arm and comes along with small-sized pretend accessories that she sees you using every day.

It includes a fake wallet, debit card, lipstick, mirror, keys, and cell phone. From wearing makeup, calling friends and family, paying for stuff, and unlocking doors, this set gives her all she needs to play mommy and will keep her busy for hours. This helps her develop her creative skills as she learns to do grown-up tasks. Plus, she will have her own purse to carry when going outdoors, where she can keep treasures she collects along the way. It can also combine well with other dress-up accessories for pretend plays, such as princess plays.

As a parent, you will love that it does not require assembly, batteries, or make noise, and is easy to open and clean. It is also excellently made to handle constant dragging around and accidental drops.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Uses realistic accessories just like mommy’s
  • All parts are made using safe non-toxic materials
  • Small-sized pieces that ideal for small hands
  • Easy to clean


  • Kids may prefer if the phone made some sound
  • Accessories could be improved, like the buttons to be pressable or lipstick to move up and down.

11. Step2Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car

Take a walk around your neighborhood with your little girl riding on this, and she will never let you leave her behind ever! This beautiful pink car seat is small enough for small children to climb in and climb out on their own and come with a comfy seat with safety belts to secure her in place.

Your girl sits in the seat taking ‘control’ with the steering while you push the car from behind. The car has a horn, and she will love honking. You will also find the car very easy to push because the wheels are high quality and designed to glide smoothly along pavements.

The car has two cup holders to keep your refreshment drinks to be refreshed as you enjoy taking walks on a sunny day. If you also want to take along other essentials, there is additional storage under the car’s hood.

With this cute car, you will introduce your child to the art of driving, which will improve her gross and fine motor skills. She will also learn to use visual and memory skills to avoid obstacles and encourage creativity through role-playing as a driver.


  • Cute and realistic design
  • The wheels are quiet and glide smoothly
  • Includes a handle that folds down for easy transportation
  • It has a safety belt to keep your child secure in the seat
  • Includes cup holders and storage space


  • It does not have a canopy
  • Children can’t ride on their own you have to push from behind

12. Disney Moana Adventure Doll

Is your girl a fan of Moana from the movie? Get her this beautiful doll and see her eyes light up with excitement. It is high quality and looks just like Moana.

This 14-inch doll wears Moana’s iconic outfit, matching accessories, a necklace, and a high quality flower hair clip that your girl can borrow. Your girl will love going for oceanic adventures with her hero Moana, which helps develop creativity.

12. Disney Moana Adventure Doll
Disney Moana Adventure Doll


  • Well-made and realistic Moana doll
  • Very sturdy
  • The doll’s legs can be moved into a sitting position


  • It is not cuddly, although kids still love her
  • The joints are very stiff, making it hard to move the legs

13. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

LeapFrog toys are great for teaching kids essential real-life skills. This musical Rainbow Tea set features two teacups, six colorful cake pieces, a cake plate, and a musical teapot.

When your little girl tips the teapot, it lights up, and the ‘tea’ moves while making a real pouring sound. The teapot lights up to six different colors so your girl can match the tea’s color to the cake piece. Also, lifting the tea pot’s lid reveals a shiny mirror, which inspires a peek-a-boo game.

This set teaches skills like color recognition and matching, counting, social skills like greeting, sharing, good manners, and taking turns. It also includes songs and educational phrases.


  • Realistic tea pouring sound
  • Teaches colors, matching, counting, and social skills
  • Includes easy-to-learn tea-time songs and phrases
  • The volume is adjustable


  • Cups are open at the bottom so they can’t hold real liquid
  • Volume is loud even on the lowest setting and is annoying for some parent

14. B. Toys Hooty-Hoo Shape Sorter

Toys Hooty-Hoo Shape Sorter is a fun puzzle toy that features three hooting owls and three colorful bead mazes. This game’s concept is to match each owl to their respective hole on the puzzle (the owls have different shapes that only fit in corresponding holes). The fun happens when your girl drops the owls, she can watch them slide down the clear tubes and listen to their fun hoot sound. Then, she can start the game all over again by dumping the owls out.

Once the girls have had enough of the game, they can roll the toy across the floor for a new game.

This game teaches colors matching, shapes, and of course, the fun of listening to silly sounds. It promotes fine motor skills as kids reach for the rolling toy and hand and eye coordination skills when matching shapes.


  • Simple and fun game for little kids
  • Teaches problem solving and logic


  • Sometimes, the owls get stuck requiring an adult to remove

15. Moluk Bilibo Blue

This beautiful iconic shell-shaped toy provides a rocking seat that your girl will love to rock. It is great for indoor and outdoor play, and there are a lot of fun ways to play with this toy that inspires creativity. Some great ideas for imaginary play with Bilibo include a helmet, sit and spin water basin, and more.

This toy seat is sturdy, uses non-toxic polyethylene, and comes in vibrant color that is appealing to kids.

It helps promote balance, coordination, core strength, and motor skills.


  • Very durable construction
  • Offers endless play options
  • Helps promote balance and coordination


  • It is a bit expensive
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