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Are you an expecting parent? Are you considering creating an Amazon baby registry? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Amazon offers a generous return policy for items purchased on your registry. This means that if you change your mind about something after it’s been registered, or if it’s received as a gift and you don’t need it, you can easily return it. Let’s take a closer look at Amazon’s baby registry return policy.

What is Amazon’s Baby Registry Return Policy?

Items purchased on your Amazon baby registry will get new parents 20% off their order at checkout. This means that the buyer of an item on your list is eligible for a refund for up to $200 of the price of the purchase, as long as they have not yet purchased more than $1000 worth of items. This is perfect if you realize after a few days that you already have enough burp cloths or that mom can do without another stuffed elephant.

So then what? Does that mean amazon gifts are returned for cash?

Unfortunately not. Amazon gifts can be returned for an gift card balance. If you used amazon payments to register, the person who bought your registry item will receive an email notifying them of its return and asking if they would like to exchange the item or issue a refund in the form of Amazon store credit.

When do amazon baby registry items need to be returned?

You should return amazon registry items within 365 days of the date they were purchased. Amazon has a generous 30-day grace period for returns, so you have two months and ten days after your due date before anything needs to be returned. If you’re registering from overseas where Amazon gift cards aren’t available, you can opt to have amazon gift cards sent to a family member or friend in the States who will then purchase the amazon registry items for you.

Unlike Target which allows a 90-day period to return, Amazon’s 365 days is very generous.

What amazon baby registry items are not returnable?

Amazon’s generous return policy applies to most amazon registry purchases, but there are a few exceptions. It does not apply to amazon sale items, gift cards, or amazon digital downloads. If amazon registry items are damaged or missing a piece, they may also not be returnable.

In addition to amazon’s general returns policy, each individual amazon store has its own policies too. For example, Amazon Canada will only allow the return of amazon registry items where the price of the item being returned is greater than $50 CAD. T

he amazon store selling a gift registry item has the final say about whether a return will be honored, so if you buy from amazon Japan and amazon the US tells you that they won’t accept your return request, unfortunately, there’s not much to do other than accept amazon’s decision and then try to sell the item on Amazon Marketplace.

How do I return amazon baby registry items?

Return amazon baby items just like you would other amazon purchases, by following these 9 steps:

  1. Sign into your amazon account and click “Your Account” or go straight to the the Return center
  2. On your account, click “Your Baby Registry”
  3. Click “View Order History” and select the amazon registry order you wish to return. You will then see a list of amazon registry items associated with that order, along with their amazon product ID numbers (these start with either 0 or B) and quantities. Some amazon stores do not use amazon product ID numbers , but amazon will show you the amazon registry item name instead.
  4. Click “Return Items”
  5. Check the box next to each amazon product ID that you wish to return, then click “Continue”. If your amazon purchase qualifies for amazon’s no-questions-asked return policy, amazon will issue amazon gift card balance to your amazon account for the individual amazon registry item price. If amazon doesn’t allow the return, amazon will let you know.
  6. What happens if someone else returns an amazon baby registry item?
  7. If another amazon customer returns an amazon registry item that you also purchased, amazon will credit amazon gift card balance to your amazon account for the individual amazon registry item price.
  8. What happens if I want to return amazon baby registry items after 90 days?
  9. If amazon allows you to return amazon registry items past their 90-day return period, amazon will issue store credit in an amount equal to the amazon registry item price. Redeemable amazon gift card balances will be used first, followed by amazon store credit.