Barely 4 months ago, the recall of Bobby loungers re-ignited the conversation and raised questions with parents asking whether baby loungers are safe. CDC, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the FDA warned that unless your baby is sleeping on a firm mattress in an empty crib, they’re not safe.

If are considering getting one, you’ll want to read this blog post! We’re going to be discussing whether or not baby loungers are safe, and if they’re worth the purchase. Keep reading to learn more!

fda recalls loungers for safety

What is a baby lounger?

A baby lounger is a cushion similar to a pillow or nest that supports your baby in a flat lying position. Some of them, hug the baby and some can be used for more than just lounging. Some are ideal for nursing, playtime and some are great for tummy time.

Are baby loungers safe?

According to Alisa Baer, MD of Verywell Family, baby loungers are safe as long as you actively supervise your baby to make sure they are awake. The safety of the lounger can also be determined by where you place the lounger. You should place the lounger on the floor – NOT any elevated surface.

Are they safe for babies to sleep at night time?

No. They are not safe for any use at night time. A baby lounger is designed to help babies feel supported when they are sitting upright, but it should never be used to provide any type of sleep environment for your baby.

Are they good for tummy time? Yes!

Though you shouldn’t allow infants to sleep in them, baby loungers are good for keeping babies supported during tummy time. Tummy time is crucial to your baby’s development. It helps strengthen their muscles and develop motor skills.

What if the pillow isn’t firm enough? Baby loungers can pose a suffocation risk because they often come with soft, plush pillows that can suffocate an infant. If the pillow feels too flimsy, you should choose another lounger.

What if my baby can stand? Are they safe for older babies?

Yes! As long as you’re still actively engaging with your baby by talking to them or gently playing with them during this time, they should be completely safe to use. Are baby loungers worth the purchase?  

Though many babies can benefit from spending time in a baby lounger, it’s not always the right choice for your family. Baby loungers are generally more expensive than other types of floor seating for infants. You may also find that your baby gets bored and restless when they can’t move as much.

Are baby loungers worth it?

Baby loungers are totally worth it and I have used them with all my kids, especially in the first year. Though we recommend that you do not use a baby lounger for sleeping, it is completely safe to use one for active playtime! In fact, many parents love using them to keep their babies entertained during the day. If you are able to get it, they are totally worth the purchase. They make moving around and placing the baby anywhere in the house easier -enabling you to be close to them at all times.

As long as you are actively monitoring your baby while they are in their infant lounger, you shouldn’t have any issues!

How to use a baby lounger safely

If you’re going to use a baby lounger, make sure you never leave your baby unattended. Wherever you are make sure you can see the baby on the lounger

To ensure safety, always place the lounger on a hard floor –never on any elevated surface.

I hope this article was informative to you as you consider getting a baby lounger. If you are still looking for the best loungers, check out these reviews.

DockATot Deaths

In the past, many parents have been warned about infant loungers and their suffocation risks. In June 2017, the DockATot recalled all of its products after 10 infant deaths were reported from overheating due to lack of airflow. Consumer Reports has also tied DockATot and other loungers, such as Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, to at least 12 fatalities

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