Arlo Google Home Hub

Does Arlo work with Google Home?

6 Arlo cameras and one Arlo baby monitor are now compatible with Google Home Hub and you can integrate the Arlo cameras to leverage Google’s smart home ecosystem and apps such as Google Assistant and Smart Speakers. Google Home hub consists of Google’s voice-activated speakers and a 7-inch touchscreen display. By integrating Google Home Hub with your Arlo cameras or with your Arlo baby monitor, you can check the baby in your room or even check the traffic outside your home using Google Maps.

Below are some of the great advantages of Arlo cameras integration with Google Home hub:

  • Easy voice controls using Google Assistant
  • Easy assistance as you can stream live on the screen
  • Very clear sound
  • It can integrate with several other smart devices such as thermostat, lighting, smart plugs, among others. It is compatible with brands such as JBL, D-Link, Nest, Philips Hue and August
  • Can stream videos to your iOS or Android App
  • Enables you to easily control your smart home.

Arlo cameras such as Arlo Pro 2 can be used as a baby monitor but Arlo baby monitor, the grey brand has a dimmer night vision mode and is more suited for monitoring infants. If you plan on using your Arlo camera in your smart home, consider Arlo baby monitor.

Below are the Arlo cameras compatible with Google Home Hub.

NameCompatible With
Google Home Hub
Check Price
Arlo baby monitorYesCheck Price
Arlo Pro Yes Check Price
Arlo Pro 2 Yes Check Price
Arlo Go Yes Check Price
Arlo Q Yes Check Price
Arlo Q Plus Yes Check Price
Arlo 4K Yes Check Price

Below is a video showing Arlo Pro functioning by taking voice commands once integrated with Google Home Hub:

Google Home Hub Specs with Arlo

Google Home Hub currently costs $129 and with this, you get the following features that come with the 7-inch display and smart speaker that powers the Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant. Google Assistant is equivalent to Amazon’s Alexa.

Dimensions 2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65 in
Weight16.9 oz
ConnectivityWiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 5.0
Power supply Mains-powered (16.5V, 2A)
Display 7″ LCD touch screen
Resolution 1024 x 600
Power 15W
Inputs(w) DC power jack, Micro-USB port
Drivers 2″ Driver
Amplifiers 2 x 2″ passive radiators

How to Connect Arlo to Google Home Hub

Follow the following 6 steps to connect your Arlo camera to Google Home Hub.

If it may be helpful, listen to the video below to connect your Arlo camera:

To get the Arlo camera to stream videos on the Google Home Hub, follow the steps below:

  • Mount the camera and set it up with the Arlo app
  • Download Google Home App and open it
  • Click on the Plus icon on the App
  • Click “set up” device
  • Click on “Works with Google Home” button
  • Choose Arlo camera from the list
  • It will take you to Arlo camera app where you need to login
  • Once you choose the Arlo device, you can start streaming live
  • You can use “Ok Google” followed by Arlo Google command. You can also swipe downwards on Google Home Hub screen and from the control panel that shows up, choose the camera you’d like to stream.

The video below is also very helpful

Arlo Baby Monitor Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo is one of my favorite wifi baby monitors as it is compatible with Google Home Hub and others such as Homekit and Alexa.

Arlo Baby is a premium baby monitoring camera, whose design is aimed at giving you and your baby the most ideal conditions and quality. The Arlo baby monitor features a 1080p HD camera, a lullaby player, and night light, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and air sensors. 

You can now get a good night sleep and some peace of mind certain to be a part of every moment of your baby’s life. Arlo Baby offers you live monitoring with smart alerts installed on your device; smartphone, tablet, or computer, at any time and any place. It is the best alternative to actually being there with them.

What are some of the features Included?

  • High definition video
  • Grey bunny character
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Smart Music Player 
  • Smart Multi-Colored Night Light 
  • Air Sensors 
  • Baby Crying Alert
  • Motion and Sound Alert
  •  Days of cloud recording storage for up to 5 camera

At first site, it is the lovely green bunny ears that make the 1080p HD Arlo baby monitor stand out from a majority of its competitors. What’s more, you can buy associated accessories and dress it up as a puppy or kitten. However, its baby-friendly appearance hides a horde of much more remarkable high-tech features.

You have the option to set its app to initiate video recording or take snapshots once the camera detects any motion or audio. You can get alerts and notifications via push notifications or through your email address. The Arlo Baby monitor app can also be tuned to suit your unique situations, from the settings such as video resolution, ranging from a low resolution of 360p to a high-resolution 1080p. You can also configure the field of view of your cameras, which offers angle ranges from 90 to 130-degrees. The baby monitor also provides options for you to freeze the live streaming, take snapshots and record audios and videos on demand.

Ease of setting up the Arlo baby monitor on its app was smoother and more straightforward compared to the other devices; in a few clicks and a relatively straightforward pairing process with the QR code and you will be good to go. From your smartphone, you can then easily monitor your baby getting push notifications for movements and/or crying. You can also view the camera’s feed through Echo Show or Echo Spot, and second-generation Fire TV. There is also easy integration in the tunnel for Google Home as well as Chromecast support. 

When purchasing the Arlo Baby Monitor, you can choose between three user tires, including the free plan we tried in our test, which offers you a maximum of seven days of video memory in the Cloud.  It records a maximum of 1GB footage when prompted by motion. You can link up to five cameras on the free plan. You could, therefore, have a different camera for each room in your house. 

If your baby is already used to falling asleep to the sweet sounds of your larynx, the baby monitor allows you to record your own lullabies and set them to play whenever the camera detects the baby crying or just to get them to sleep. 


  • Smooth integration with Google Home Hub and Alexa
  • Two-way audio
  • Temperature and humidity sensors


  • Expensive plans
  • Slight delay in video streaming
  • Among the higher-priced baby monitors

Arlo Pro 2 Works With Google Home Hub

Aside from the seamless integration with Google Home Hub, Arlo Pro 2 provides exceptional 1080p video capture, which is a significant step up from the Arlo Pro. Moreover, the Arlo Pro 2 offers a two-way audio. However, its field of view is not as wide as in the Arlo Ultra and its night vision is only available in black and white. Nevertheless, it will offer you excellent motion or audio detection throughout its life span. Standard features on the Arlo Pro 2 include:

  • Camera: 1080p, 130 degrees, night vision
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Motion alerts
  • Smart music player

You can also use the Arlo Pro to record video 24/7 and set trigger zones for indoor use when it is on a permanent power connection. Otherwise, it also has rechargeable batteries in case you want to go untethered. For obvious reasons, that is not recommended for 24/7 video recording.

Arlo Pro 2 works with Google Home Hub and below is a video of Arlo Pro 2 when integrated:

Arlo Pro 2 typically offers similar features to the Arlo Pro, with the big variances being in quality as well as the option to detect zones available in the Arlo Pro. If you prefer not to have detection zones, you might need to subscribe to the Arlo Smart plan, which offers AI features, but comes with a monthly cost.

The Arlo Pro 2 is a tad more expensive than the Arlo Pro because of the few additional features it offers. Though the former offers a few additional features, most of their standard features are similar. Nevertheless, the Pro is not that cheap either. You will also have to subscribe for the paid cloud storage plan for continuous use of the recording feature. 

I find it essential to make it known that after subscribing for continuous video recording on the Arlo Pro 2, you might end up with tons of video that might take you days to comb through when looking for a specific recording. The Arlo Pro 2 lacks facial recognition software and, therefore, sorting through videos for faces might be a pickle.

The Arlo Pro 2 has a siren in Google Hub just as in the Arlo Pro. Moreover, the camera offers sufficient local storage for your recorded video files. Mounting the camera is also pretty straightforward with the magnets snapping firmly to the base. In fact, you can set up the whole mechanism in a matter of minutes. 


  • An impressive 1080p HD resolution makes images very clear
  • It can be easily recharged 
  • Two-way audio
  • Great night vision
  • Triggers at very slight motion
  • You can set the camera to alert you with activity on specific areas


  • It could get quite expensive to add continuous video recording on the Arlo Pro 2. You will also be required to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to access the service and more of it goes via cloud plans.
  • The batteries need to be replaced a little more often

Arlo 4K Works with Google Home Hub

The Arlo 4K Ultra, as its name suggests, offers 4K footage, some of the best from any camera on the market. It is so unfortunate that Ultra HD recording mode is not enabled in this camera and it costs extra to store your video files on the cloud. The camera has a fantastic synchronization with not only Google Home Hub, but also IFTTT, and Amazon Alex. The flow is super smooth on the Arlo app offering the user excellent control. The Arlo Smart Cloud Activity Zones available on the camera app will significantly cut down on the number of alerts. 

Some of the highlight features of the Arlo 4K Ultra include: 

  • A 180-degree field of view
  • High definition video
  • 4K sensor
  • Activity Zones (requires subscription)
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Smart detection of people, animals, and vehicles

The Arlo 4K Ultra is the first camera I have reviewed that is able to offer 4K footage. It delivers some of the most detailed and clear images I have seen in a camera. However, to preserve the Arlo 4K’s battery life, you will need to give limitations to use by placing the camera somewhere with less traffic, particularly outside. Fortunately, the Arlo 4K is fully wireless. Meaning you can easily attach it high on your house’s wall using a single screw or its magnetic base. 

One of the most deterring factors about the Arlo 4K, according to reviews on online stores, is its inability to view or save footage in 4K. To get the best footage quality from the Arlo 4K, you will have to adjust the recording and streaming settings. Allowing local 4K streaming on the streaming option allows you to save and share full-quality video on your local network. However, that will turn off the Auto Zoom and tracking feature. That means you will not be able to zoom into the video and track objects that trigger the camera.

You can also insert your micro SD card into the slot on the base station and switch on 4K video recording. While this keeps a full-quality copy of your footage on the storage, it is still frustrating that there is no way to access the footage from the convenience of the Arlo app. Instead, to transfer the footage, you have to pull the SD card out and insert it into another device, which is pretty tedious and risky for your footage. 

To cut down on the amount of alerts you get from the camera, the Arlo 4K Ultra comes with a one-year subscription for the Arlo Smart premier, which offers support for up to ten cameras simultaneously. After the subscription runs out, the standard Smart Premier subscription will cost you about $11 per month. It will prove necessary to get the Arlo Smart subscription with the sheer volume of alerts that you will not want to receive, particularly if your camera is positioned outside. 

New to Arlo is the Package Detection on the Arlo 4K, which is designed to notify you is someone is making a delivery to your home. For the best results, the camera should be set facing straight down the path to your house. The camera can also be set to listen out for loud noises to trigger recording. The feature works much better indoors since the general traffic noise outside often sets off the camera and ends up recording unwanted footage. 


  • High resolution video quality
  • Easy to set up, install, and synchronize with smart home devices
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Free one-year subscription to Arlo Smart premier


  • It is expensive
  • Limits 4K and 1080p video recording and streaming

Arlo Pro Works with Google Home Hub

We found the Arlo Pro to be quite a step down from the Arlo Pro 2, offering a 720p video resolution, which is typically the standard we are used to in home security cameras. There is, however, no reason to complain here with images as well as video being pretty clear at this resolution. It does also offer motion and audio detection, as well as having night vision.

Some of the highlight features of the Arlo Pro include:

  • Camera: 720p, 110 degrees, 
  • Night vision
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Weather resistance
  • Motion detection

The Arlo Pro uses rechargeable batteries, which is a big advantage over the standard Arlo cameras that use disposable batteries which add to the ongoing costs. The Arlo Pro can also be connected to the power. The Arlo Pro 2 features an impressive battery life of up to six months since it has been designed to run on existing charge alone and conserve battery power when power is not required.

One of the major demerits of the Arlo Pro 2 as pointed out by users on Amazon and other major online stores is its passive infrared sensor. With its infrared lens covering the camera’s entire front face, it is impossible to zoom into the PIR focus area. However, you can zoom onto a specific area. It is a particularly useful feature since it makes the camera more focused and smarter. The motion sensor on the Arlo pro 2 is powerful enough to monitor a range of about 15 feet. You also have the option to readjust the device to focus on a smaller area if you feel the sensor is too sensitive for your space. 

The Arlo Pro, like its counterpart the Arlo Pro 2, is water and weatherproof. That means you won’t have to worry about the rains, wind, sunshine, or the snow. It features IP65 weather-resistant technology, which is the industry standard protection to ensure the camera works efficiently in all weather conditions. Again, it uses the same hub as the Arlo Pro 2, offering a siren and local video storage. 

The biggest flaw in the Arlo Pro according to most verified customers on Amazon is its failure to provide audio. 


  • One of the most sensitive motion detection technology
  • Highly portable
  • Simple and straightforward installation and set up process
  • IP65 standard waterproofing rating
  • Easy integration with Google Home Hub and Samsung’s SmartThings.


  • It does not offer audio
  • It only begins recording after a 2 or 3 seconds lapse which almost certainly means you will miss the cause of the trigger
  • Has a maximum video record period of 8 minutes and does not support continuous recording
  • Does not use an AC adapter to charge

Arlo Go Works with Google Home Hub

The Arlo Go is a standalone device that runs over 4G through an in-built SIM card. It is battery powered with its own LTE connection, and it can connect to the mobile phone network remotely. The Arlo Go is made for times when you have to keep an eye on your out-building, tent, caravan, or car. The flexible design of this camera is such that you can set up the Argo Go camera just about anywhere you want to monitor.

  • Camera: 720p, 110 degrees 
  • Night vision
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Cloud and microSD card recording

Like all other Arlo cameras, the Arlo Go integrates seamlessly with Google Home Hub and can be configured to use the Arlo app in a line-up of other Arlo cameras, including the Arlo Ultra. However, this model does not feature Wi-Fi, so you have to have a data SIM installed on the camera to get hooked up. This is among the chief concern among customers on Amazon and other online stores

It also features a two-way audio, so that you can get motion as well as audio notifications from the camera. You can store recordings locally on a micro SD, with the slot conveniently placed on the base of the camera. You will also get the standard seven day free cloud storage from Arlo. 

The camera also works with the same Arlo app as other Arlo cameras, with the option to go out of range. It could make an ideal monitor camera for your gate or kitchen garden. While it is flexible and can be placed anywhere, you might want to consider powering the camera permanently. Thanks to its flexible stand, placing the camera anywhere you want will it be that hard a task. 

When it comes to the Arlo Go, placement is essential as you would get a ton of notifications if you placed it on a high traffic area. That could drain the battery faster than is efficient for the security of your out-building or car. With this in mind, Arlo provides you with an outdoor power cable with purchase of the Arlo Go. 

Resolution aside, the Arlo go’s night vision is also very impressive. It offers an astounding 20 foot IR range if well mounted on a wall well away from the floor. If the camera is set close to the surface, you will receive less coverage. All the subjects in its range are clearly visible and well lit even during pitch dark hours. 


  • Fast responsiveness
  • Features micro SD local recording capability
  • Great night vision
  • Weather and water resistant


  • 720p video resolution is not impressive
  • It can rack up data costs
  • Problems with charging port reported by users on Amazon

Arlo Q Works with Google Home Hub

There are two versions of this indoor camera; the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus. Arlo Q is a detached indoor camera, which doesn’t need other Arlo devices to provide the feed as it will connect to your Wi-Fi network directly, eliminating the need for a hub. The camera is mains powered, which means you cannot use it untethered; it has to remain connected to the power to function. It is powered by a 120 volt power adapter and has no batteries. While this is a great concern for most users on online stores, the camera does offer exceptional video and audio clarity, among a multitude of other features including:

  • Camera: 1080p, 130 degrees, night vision
  • No battery, mains powered
  • Instant alerts
  • Free 7-day cloud storage
  • Enhanced motion and sound detection
  • Night vision

It offers an impressive 1080p resolution video, featuring a wide-angle 130 degree lens. What’s more, it offers excellent audio and motion detection so you never miss any movements. The camera is also designed with a quality speaker so you can easily talk to the person in view if necessary. The motion sensor on the Arlo Q is powerful enough to monitor a range of about 15 feet. You also have the option to readjust the device to focus on a smaller area if you feel the sensor is too sensitive for your space.

Another factor that makes the Arlo Q and Q Plus stand out is the 7-day free cloud storage. If you think the storage space will not be enough for you, you will have to consider subscribing to Arlo’s paid plans to get better offers. The Arlo Q additionally offers a built-in SD card slot that can hold up to 128 GB. This option allows you to record your video files without having to get any paid subscriptions. 

Even though the Arlo Q is a standalone camera, it does work on the same app as all of the other Arlo devices. It is, therefore, easy to integrate the camera into a broader Arlo camera system as well as receive commands from Google Hub right from your smartphone. Unfortunately, the camera lacks tracking software that enables the camera’s lens to automatically follow a moving object along its line of motion. However, the Arlo Q, like the Arlo Q Plus, features a digital plan, zoom and tilt features all which are available from the app. 


  • Live Video 24/7
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Enhanced motion and sound detection
  • Advanced night vision


  • No Ethernet
  • Difficult set up for custom zones

Arlo Q Plus Works with Google Home Hub

Whether it is the seamless integration with Google Home Hub, or improving the security of your home that worries you, the Arlo Q Plus provides the quality and features to keep you on the loop about your home’s security. The Arlo Q Plus boasts a horde of great features and an affordable pricing, making it nearly irresistible to homeowners. Some of the features on the Arlo Q Plus include;

  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • A Wi-Fi range of about 300 feet without any obstructions
  • A 130-degree field of view coverage
  • Night vision
  • PoE, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi options for wired and wireless transmission
  • Two-way audio
  • Free 7-day cloud storage

Thanks to the 1080p high resolution, you can watch crystal clear images of what is happening around your home. What’s more, the Arlo Q Plus features night vision so you do not have to worry about poor light conditions affecting video quality to extremes. 

You can also view live video feeds right from the convenience of your smartphone so that you do not miss any important events when on vacation or busy at work. You can also use the Arlo Q Plus smartphone app to turn the camera on or off remotely. Even more, you get an 8x zoom option which you can use to view finer details such as car number plates or see someone’s face more clearly. 

The Arlo Q Plus can sense movement from up to 15 feet using its advanced motion sensor. However, if you have pets and do not want to be constantly alerted if they move in front of your camera, you can adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Moreover, you get a custom zones feature that allows you to set alerts for movements in specific regions in the camera’s view. That will certainly help resolve the false alerts problem with your pets and kids at home. 

The Arlo Q Plus offers three modes to monitor your home more effectively; armed, disarmed, and Geofencing modes. If you choose to activate the armed mode, the camera will instantly take a 5-second video clip and send it to your smartphone. In disarmed mode, you stop receiving alerts from the camera. This is convenient when you are at home and feel no need to get alerts from your camera. 

Though, like with the Arlo Q, you get a free 7-day cloud storage, it might not be sufficient for some users. You do not need to worry about that since the Arlo Q Plus comes with a built-in SD card slot to store your recorded videos locally. 

To top it all off, the Arlo Q Plus is pretty easy to install. You can place the camera on a metallic surface, since it features a magnet base. However, if you do not have metallic structures in your target area, the camera comes with four screws that you can use to easily fix the device on almost any surface that is convenient to monitor your target area.


  • High 1080p video resolution
  • Advanced night vision mode
  • You can share or download recorded footage
  • Free 7-day cloud storage
  • Built in SD card storage


  • Slower audio transfer speed