Arlo Local Storage Hack

The video below explains one Arlo local storage hack that will allow you to save and access the video footage of your Arlo camera without having to pay the Arlo subscription fees. Netgear now allows you to choose between paid cloud storage and free local storage on an SD card or flash drive.

Arlo Camera Not Connecting

As described in the last video on this guide, Arlo does not require a subscription to access video footage anymore unlike Nest Aware which cost up to $30/month.

As shown in the snapshot below, Arlo storage fees range from $2.99 to $9.99 but unfortunately, you may not fully avoid this cost as the local storage hack does not allow you to avoid these costs.

Arlo Subcription Fees High Making Users Choose Local Storage
Arlo Subscription Fees

Netgear made an announcement in 2017 that customers that were using Arlo baby monitor and any of Arlo cameras (Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Ultra 4K) could choose between cloud storage and local storage.

Many users were surprised that you cannot entirely choose to use local storage and forego cloud storage. In other words, if you bought your Arlo Pro 2, you’ll need to get a subscription to unlock cloud storage. Read reviews of our top-rated baby monitors with local storage here.

Video footage has to be saved in the Cloud and if there is no internet access, the video footage will not be saved. Once your Arlo camera has saved your video footage on the cloud, you can access it later and save it to a flash drive.

Video Describing the Arlo Pro Hack For Local Storage

Steps to Save Videos From Arlo Camera on Local Storage

You’d need an external USB hard drive. You’ll be attaching this to the USB port of the Arlo camera. On the device section of the app, make sure the USB external drive is being recognized. If it requires to format the USB device you can allow it and once it’s done, you’ll see a ‘ready’ by the USB local storage icon.

Go to saved video snapshots and navigate to settings. Navigate to local storage as the get your recorded videos from the local storage. Choose eject option to get your USB drive and you’ll have moved the videos to local storage.

Arlo, Cloud Storage Not Necessary

Arlo Pro 3 and 4 Local Storage Hack: Direct Storage Access

Arlo Pro 3 and 4 devices allow you to store camera footage either in the cloud by subscribing to their paid plans or locally on a computer or on a USB device. The most convenient way to store Arlo footage locally is by using their Direct Storage Access.

Instead of taking the time to remove a USB or MicroSD card every time to inspect the videos, direct storage access views the file in its entirety using the Arlo App.

Below are the steps to set up direct storage access:

To set up Direct Storage local Access to store your Arlo camera footage locally, you need to have the Arlo app downloaded on your device. With the app downloaded, access the Arlo SmartHub, and a USB or MicroSD device. Insert the microSD card or the USB device into your Arlo SmartHub. 

Steps to enable Direct Storage Access:

There are a few simple steps that you need to take in order to store Arlo camera footage locally instead of using paid cloud storage.

  • First, open the Arlo app on your IOS or Android smartphone.
  • Then, go to Settings > My Devices.
  • Next, choose SmartHub.
  • Finally, tap Storage Settings.
  • Under Record Locally, tap the switch to turn it on.
  • Now you have activated the Arlo local storage on your device.
  • To enable Direct Storage Access, tap Direct Storage Access.

Once the Direct Storage Access option has been enabled, you can access the recording on your smartphone whenever it is connected to the same LAN connection. If you want to access files stored locally from outside of your network, set up a VPN on your router. On the SmartHub, VPN will allow you to establish a secure connection.

All of your previously recorded files will be saved to your local storage device now. You may access them on your smartphone. Keep in mind that you must be connected to the same WIFI network in order to view the file.

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