Similar to Nanit and other great baby monitors with Wifi that we’ve recommended to parents in our 2019 lists, Arlo Support team are very responsive. They provide adequate support for all its range of cameras, doorbells and baby monitor. You can count on them to troubleshoot any issue with your Homekit, Google Home or Alexa Home integration of your Arlo device. Arlo was the first Apple Homekit baby monitor and as of September 2019, Arlo integrates with most smart homes.

To provide its growing list of customers who utilize Netgear’s products, Arlo has a robust support website that will enable you to:

  1. Browse over 200 articles on various options you can take to troubleshoot your Arlo device
  2. Submit a support ticket
  3. Start a chat
  4. Obtain contact information such as phone number and email
  5. Register and join the Arlo community to read and engage with other customers

Important: You should, however, note that Arlo phone support is only free for the first 90 days. If you do not subscribe to Arlo plans, you will not be able to get phone support in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and any other country after the 90 days. On their website, they indicate that they have a lot of resources on their troubleshooting support site as well as in the forum that you can access for free.

If you are eligible for Arlo’s support either because you are within the 90-days window or you have Arlo subscription, the next section has all the phone numbers you can use to call Arlo support in different countries.

Arlo Support Number USA: 1 (408) 638 3750

If you are based in any state within the US, you can reach Arlo support using the telephone number: 1 (408) 638 3750

Arlo Support Number UK: 0800 970 3054

If you are based in the United Kingdom (UK), you can reach Arlo support using the telephone number: 0800 970 3054.

Arlo Support Number Canada:1 833 290 9488

If you are based in the United Kingdom (UK), you can reach Arlo support using the telephone number: 1 833 290 9488

Arlo Support Number Australia: 1 800 549 680

If you are based in the United Kingdom (UK), you can reach Arlo support using the telephone number: 1 800 549 680

Arlo Support Number NZ: 0 800 442 302

If you are based in the United Kingdom (UK), you can reach Arlo support using the telephone number: 0 800 442 302

Arlo Support Chat

On Arlo’s support website, you can contact start a chat with any of their customer care reps by filling in this form that pops up when you click the start chat button. To access Arlo support chat, you don’t have to have the Arlo subscription like the phone support.

Arlo support chat interface

Arlo Support Hours

Arlo support hours are from Monday to Friday from 6 am and 6 pm PST. They are not available during the weekends like other brands such as Nanit’s support

Arlo Warranty

Arlo devices have a one year warranty and if you believe your device is faulty, you can claim the warranty by contacting Arlo on their website. You can read more about Arlo warranty here.

Arlo Community Site

Arlo community site and forum are very helpful. Several users have found the engagements in the support forum to be very helpful. All you need to do is register here and you will get access to a very helpful community of Arlo device users.

Below is a snapshot of Arlo community’s site.

Arlo Support Email Address

You may have tried looking around for Arlo support email address with no luck. You are not alone. Arlo discourages contacts via email and requires you to contact them using their website. You can use their support website as an alternative to Arlo support email and expect an equally fast response.

How many cameras can Arlo Support

Arlo cameras can support several cameras depending on the model you have. For example, Arlo Ultra 4 K can support a different number of cameras and Arlo Pro supports a different number of cameras. You should note that both Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus and Arlo baby monitors are indoor security cameras by Netgear that can be turned into a baby monitor. All the other Netgear brands are more suited as home security cameras.

Below is a table with the number of cameras each Arlo camera brand supports:

Arlo cameraNumber of cameras it supportsCheck Price
Arlo Baby Monitor1Check Price
Arlo HD, Outdoor 6Check Price
Arlo Pro, OutdoorCameras (VMS4630)Check Price
Arlo Pro 2, OutdoorCameras (VMS4630P)Check Price
Arlo Q, Indoor Camera1Check Price

Arlo Support FAQs

How do I contact Arlo support/ how to contact Arlo support

You can contact Arlo support using the website link above and the phone number listed on this article above. Take note of the office hours and the limitations it has on when you qualify to contact them if you do not have Arlo subscription.

how many cameras can Arlo pro support

Arlo Pro can support 6 cameras.

How many phones can Arlo support

You can stream Arlo camera footage on unlimited number of phones. You need to navigate to settings on Arlo App and click the ‘Grant Access’ tab then ‘Add person’ tab. You will be prompted to enter the email and phone number of the person. You can also read this article on how to view Arlo on multiple devices

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