The Best Audio Baby Monitors in 2024

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Are you in the market for the best audio baby monitor and wondering which one to go for from several brands of VTech, Philips Avent, Motorola, and more?

A simple audio baby monitor can be sufficient to check on your baby and may not necessarily need unsafe wifi or smart monitors that have been documented to have emotional and health impacts on caregivers. In this article, I review my top picks and give a helpful guide on the best audio baby monitors available in the market today.

But why audio baby monitors in the first place?

NY Times and WebMD have covered the topic of baby monitors giving parents more anxiety than relief after reading the article, I have grown stronger as an advocate of audio-only monitors.

In my family, we have used both audio and video baby monitors and it’s possible to use them simultaneously or in different situations such as when your baby is older and you are only concerned about them waking up in the middle of the night.

I remember when my sister had her first baby, I bought her an audio monitor because it was more affordable than a video one, and also, in my opinion, they are less intrusive.

First, what is an audio baby monitor?

An audio monitor is a device that you can use to hear your baby while they are in their crib or room. You can usually adjust the volume and even put it on mute so you don’t have to listen to every little sound. Some of the monitors also come with a nightlight or soothing music.

There are two main types of audio baby monitors:

1. Analog

2. Digital

Analog models are the original type of monitor and they use radio waves to transmit the sound from the baby’s room to the parent unit. These monitors are simple to use, but there are a few disadvantages. One is that they do not encrypt the audio signal in transit and anyone with a radio can pick up the signal, so it’s not as secure as digital monitors. There can also be interference from things like microwaves and cordless phones.

Because of safety concerns issues with signals getting hijacked, we have not included any analog monitor in this article.

Digital monitors use DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology to transmit the sound and guarantee 100% privacy of the signals. This is a more secure connection because it’s encrypted and less likely to have interference.

Why get an audio baby monitor vs a video baby monitor?

There are a few reasons you might choose an audio monitor over a video one. Audio monitors are usually less expensive than video monitors. They also use less battery power, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out quickly. And if your baby is older and able to sleep through the night, you probably won’t need to hear every little sound they make.

Factors to consider when picking the best audio baby monitor;

  1. Battery life: Look for a monitor with long battery life. Some can last up to 18 hours on standby mode, which is great if you have a baby who takes long naps during the day.
  2. Range: The range is how far away from the baby’s crib you can be and still hear them. Most monitors have a range of about 700 feet, but if you have a large house, you’ll want to make sure the monitor you choose can reach all the way to the other side.
  3. Sound quality: This is important because you want to be able to hear your baby clearly. Most monitors will have some background noise, but it shouldn’t be so loud that it drowns out your baby’s cries.
  4. Portability: If you travel often or have a second home, you’ll want to make sure the monitor you choose is portable so you can take it with you.
  5. Belt-clip: A belt-clip is a handy feature that allows you to clip the monitor to your waist so you can have your hands free.
  6. Volume control: You’ll want to be able to adjust the volume on the monitor so you can hear your baby, but not so loud that it’s annoying.
  7. Mute button: A mute button is also a nice feature to have so you can turn off the sound if you need to.
  8. Low battery indicator: A low battery indicator is helpful so you know when it’s time to charge the monitor.
  9. Price: Audio monitors are generally less expensive than video monitors, but there are still a wide range of prices. You’ll want to find one that fits your budget.
  10. Number of baby and/or parent units: Some monitors come with multiple units so you can have one in the baby’s room and one for each parent. This can be helpful if you have more than one child, or if you want to be able to hear your baby from anywhere in the house.
  11. Temperature and time display: Some monitors also come with a temperature and time display. This can be helpful in keeping track of the temperature in the baby’s room, as well as knowing what time it is.
  12. Nightlight or projector: A nightlight or projector can be soothing for your baby, and some models even project stars onto the ceiling.
  13. Lullabies: Some monitors come with lullabies that you can play for your baby. This can be a nice way to soothe them to sleep.
  14. 2-way talk: This is a handy feature that allows you to talk to your baby through the monitor. This can be helpful if you need to soothe them without going into the room.

In 2022, I highly recommend a slightly advanced baby monitor with a few add-on features that will get you to appreciate the evolving monitoring technologies. A few years back, I would have been quick to recommend the basic VTech brands that go for $20 to $35 but as they say, you get what you pay for. Inexpensive baby monitor units usually come with very poor battery life, an ultra-short warranty period of just 3 months, limited features, and poor audio quality, among others.

So, what is the best sound-only baby monitor?

The best audio baby monitor that is safe and with quality battery life and super useful features such as temperature monitoring and night projector is the Philips Avent SCD720/86.

When it comes to safety, the Philips Avent SCD720/86 uses DECT technology that is free of interference from any other household devices like microwaves and cordless phones. The sound quality is also clear with no white noise hisses that can interfere with hearing your baby’s sounds. You can even hear your baby from another room with the monitor unit placed up to 164 ft/50m away from the transmitter.

The battery life is great too, lasting up to 18 hours on eco mode so you’re not constantly running to plug it in or worry about overnight usage, although I would recommend plugging it in at bedtime. The battery takes about 5 hours to charge using the included power adapter.

The range is also a handy feature, allowing you to carry the monitor unit with you around the house while your baby is sleeping in their nursery. You can even take it outside!

If you are looking for an inexpensive audio baby monitor, the range of connectivity between the parent unit and the baby unit should be your top consideration.

How audio baby monitors work:

Audio baby monitor transmits sound signals that the baby is making in the nursery to the parent unit. Essentially, it gives a parent an opportunity to hear the sound signals of the baby without having to be in the room. In fact, the Lindberg kidnapping in the 1930s inspired the invention of an audio baby monitor in 1937. The baby monitors then relied on the electric circuit to transmit signals but current wireless audio baby monitors rely on different technologies such as DECT, FHSS, and Wifi to transmit the signals from the baby unit to the parent unit.

Our Top 5 Picks;

Reviews of Best Audio Baby Monitors

1. Philips AVENT SCD720/86

In this update, our overall best audio baby monitor is the Philips AVENT SCD720/86 which is packed with super useful features such as a temperature sensor and has a super long battery life of up to 18 hours! No other monitor on this list comes close to having such long battery life.

SCD720/86 uses DECT technology for an interference-free connection. It has a long range of up to 1000 ft/300m, which you can rely on to stay connected to your baby as you move around the house or yard. You can even take it outside!

The sound quality is clear, with no white noise static hisses. The monitor also has a vibration alert feature that will notify you if the monitor unit is moved or falls.

The temperature sensor is handy for keeping track of the indoor temperature in your baby’s nursery and even comes with a built-in nightlight.  The monitor includes a temperature sensor and room-to-room two-way audio so you can hear and can talk to your baby, even when you’re outside of the nursery.

2. VTech DM221: Best Audio Baby Monitor with Two Parent Units

If you want an inexpensive baby monitor with two parent units, VTech DM221 is the best option because of its quality crisp audio output.

While this is not the cheapest (or less than $20), you get great features that you’d want in a basic audio baby monitor and most importantly, super clear sounds. The features are below. It uses digital encrypted DECT 6.0 transmission technology that utilizes a 1.9 GHz, frequency band. As of March 2020, VTech DM221 is the 4th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon. The picture below shows the silver image of VTech DM221 which weighs 376 grams.

Why it emerged as the best audio monitor: 

This is the third year of being on our best-audio monitor list and I personally believe it has won the hearts of thousands of parents because of the following: 

  1. Very High-Quality Loud Sounds and Vibrating Alerts: VTech DM221 has deep and loud sound compared to all its peers in this list. It has 5 levels that give you the flexibility to choose on a sound level you’re comfortable with. If you have any hearing impairment or just a heavy sleeper, rest assured that the sound will be clear enough to wake you up in your deep sleep. On top of that, you can set it so it vibrates and you never miss a notification. 
  2. Long-range: The range that is advertised by the retailer and manufacturer, VTech is 1000 ft. but tests done by various labs have shown its range to be extra long with a range of up to 1350 ft. making it one of the best audio baby monitors with long-range and comparable to VTech Enhanced DM1211 and DM1111.
  3. Portable because of a belt clip: VTech DM221 is very portable and it allows you to move around the house, thanks to its belt clip that you can attach to your belt. 
  4. Sound level indicator: Unable to hear? VTech DM221 has 5-level sound indicators that allow you to view the sound level if you’d rather see the level and mute the sound. This multi-notification feature gives you flexibility. 
  5. Night Light: The loop of the baby unit emits night light making the baby’s nursery as soothing to your baby as possible. While it does not have lullabies like other baby monitors with lullabies, this soothing night light goes a long way for the price you get this baby monitor
    Backlit display and volume control on the parent unit

The only downside is that it has fewer features compared to a few others on this list. We however really liked the quality sound. 


VTech DM112 made to this list of best audio baby monitors as it comes with excellent and useful features at a price tag of under $20. This VTech model comes with one baby unit while our overall best above comes with 2 parent units. The upgraded rechargeable battery gives you a whopping 8 hours of service when charged fully. Add that to the belt clip for portability as well as adjustable volume and you have yourself a perfect baby monitor.

Below are the features:


  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 1000 ft’
  • Other: Belt clip

VTech DM112 is the cheapest sound-only baby monitor with long-range and 5-level sound indicators. VTech DM112 uses DECT 6.0 technology which is secure and has less interference. VTech DM111 is similar to VTech DM112, only that DM112 has an option for purchasing it with two parent units. 

4. VTech DM1111, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM111 made it to this list of the best audio baby monitor in this updated list.

VTech DM1111, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor is an improved version of VTech DM111 and was released in April 2019.

It is significantly cheaper, weighing only 386grams and its range has been enhanced to 1500 ft. from its initial 1000 ft which was VTech DM111’s range. The VTech DM1111’s parent unit indicates the sound levels making it hearing-friendly. It also comes with a belt clip and is one of the few top belt clip audio monitors available in the market.  The VTech DM1111 uses either batteries or AC/electricity.

  • Sound Levels: N/A
  • Range: 1500 ft.
  • Notification: LED lights and sound
  • Technology: DECT 6.0

VTech DM1111 replaced VTech DM111 and for some time in Q4 2019, it was not available on Amazon. For over a year, VTech DM111 was the third best-selling baby monitor on Amazon and according to data from Helium10, VTech shipped 12,000 units of VTech DM111 every month until July 2019.

It is one of the best and cheapest baby monitors. It is a simple, easy-to-use baby monitor that is ideal for parents looking for a monitor to relay only sound from the baby with no other functionalities. When compared to other baby monitors, it is one of the loudest in the group and has a 5-level sound indicator. 

  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 1000 ft’
  • Other: Belt clip


PHILIPS AVENT DECT SCD501​ is the best audio baby monitor by Philips Avent and it made it to this list despite costing more than others on this list. It specifically made it to this list as the 5th best baby monitor in 2022 because of its LED lights that show sound level and very comfortable nightlight.


  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Uses DECT technology
  • LED lights to show the sound level and quite ideal for deaf parents who need visual communication
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 900 ft’
  • DECT Transmission Frequency: (1880MHz-1900MHz)

The only disadvantage that this Philips baby monitor is that it does not have the capability to support 2 baby units or 2 parent units. Also, this Philips Avent SCD501/10 has a shorter range compared to other Philips Avent brands such as SCD720/86 and SCD730/86 which have a range of 1000 ft. Also, unlike SCD720/86, SCD630/37, and SCD730/86 brands, Philips Avent SCD501 does not have a room temperature sensor or lullabies.

philips avent scd501 vs scd730 vs scd630

6. VTech DM1211 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM1211, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor is an improved version of VTech DM112 and was released in February 2020. It is an excellent sound-only monitor and is among the best-selling baby monitor brands on Amazon. It is significantly lighter, weighing only 363 grams and its range has been enhanced to 1500 ft. from its initial 1000 ft which was VTech DM112’s range.

The VTech DM1121’s parent unit indicates the sound levels making it hearing-friendly. VTech DM1121 comes with a night light but does not come with a belt clip as VTech DM1111.  The VTech DM1111 uses either batteries or AC/electricity. This is one of the few audio baby monitors with night vision. You can see our entire review of VTech DM1211 and its comparison to VTech DM112

  • Sound Levels: N/A
  • Range: 1500 ft.
  • Notification: Vibration and sound
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Technology: DECT 6.0

7. VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM223 is another great sound-only baby monitor that made to this list of quality audio baby monitors.

If you are looking for a reliable audio baby monitor that can allow you to talk to your baby, mostly to soothe them to sleep, VTech DM223 is the best monitor for you.

The difference between VTech DM223 and VTech DM221 is the strength of their signals. VTech DM223 has a better connection and rarely disconnects.

It was designed specifically as an improvement to the older VTech DM221.


  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 900 ft. outdoor and 150 ft. indoor

8. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is the 7th best audio baby monitor on the list. This monitor has a sensor to monitor the baby’s breathing.

  • Technology : FHSS, 100% secure
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range:820 ft. outdoor and 328 ft. indoor
  • Batteries: Parent unit uses rechargeable
  • Belt clip: Yes!

Check Price

If you are looking for a reliable audio baby monitor with advanced motion-sensing technology, Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is a leader in that space. The under-the-mattress movement sensor pad senses the baby’s movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 15  seconds. A strong and continuous beeping will start if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. Angelcare Movement and sound monitor sense any movements above the mattress, muscle tremors, breathing, twitching, playing, coughing, etc. As long as the baby lying on the mattress has activity/movement, the alert will not go off. This baby monitor does not prevent SIDs but does a good job at monitoring breath. In addition to movement, Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor also detect room temperature. May be wondering how this works. 

You can view the manufacturer’s video here

Angelcare is leading the way in audio baby monitors with movement sensing technology and its other products are Angelcare AC403 and Angelcare AC017.

Others include:

9. Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Baby Monitor is our eighth-best audio baby monitor with a temperature sensor.

Summer Infant Wave Deluxe is ideal for deaf parents as it has sound-activated LED lights like the VTech DM221, our overall top audio baby monitor.

Its outdoor range is also decent, with 650 feet coverage. Summer Infant audio baby monitor also monitors the temperature in the baby’s room and displays it on the parent unit in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also has a night light and two-way communication.  

It is fairly portable as it comes with a belt clip and has two alerts, of range alert and a low battery alert.

Its battery life is 6 hours and uses 3 AAA batteries which are included when you purchase this audio monitor on Amazon. This audio monitor is also ideal for deaf or hearing-impaired parents as it has Sound activated LED lights that indicate the level of noise coming from the baby’s room. It is very portable with a built-in belt clip.

10. HelloBaby HB180

HelloBaby HB180 made it to this list of our audio baby monitors for reliability. HelloBaby HB180 is most ideal for parents with hearing impairment as it has a parent unit that indicates the level of sound in your baby’s room enabling you can visually monitor the noise level with the unit muted. HelloBaby HB180 and HB178 are unique in that they have a circular design


  • It has a long-range of up to 1000 ft.
  • Uses DECT technology
  • A rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours
HelloBaby HB178HelloBaby HB80
1000 ft. range 1000 ft. range
DECT 6.0 technology DECT 6.0 technology
No night lightHas a night light on the baby unit
No temperature display on the parent unit Has a temperature display on the screen
Cheaper than HB180 by about $5Cheaper than HB178 by about $5
Check Price Check Price

11. DBPower Audio Baby Monitor

DBPower made it to this list of best-rated audio baby monitors and has an excellent 2-way talk feature.

Below are the features of this audio baby monitor.

  • 2-way talk: No other audio baby monitor has a quality 2-way talk feature as this DBpower brand audio baby monitor.
  • It has lullabies. YOu can choose the lullaby and change the volume on the single parent unit of DBPower audio baby monitor
  • It uses FHSS encrypted transmission for a range fo up to 1000 ft. which is less than the long range audio baby monitors by VTech such as VTech DM1111.
  • It is wireless and operates on a battery that is rechargeable
DBPower Audio Baby Monitor

Like other audio monitors on this list, DBPower is not wifi enabled and does not stream audio signals to your phone as it does not have an app like video baby monitors.

12. Neonate BC-6500D digital baby monitor

Neonate BC-6500D is the 13th best audio baby monitor that made it to his list as the best option for monitoring twins.



  • Range: 800 ft. outdoor
  • Batteries: Parent unit uses rechargeable
  • Check Price

It’s very rare to find an audio baby monitor for twins but our research uncovered one that is sold outside North America. 

Ideal if: 

If you are looking for an audio-only baby monitor for your twins, you don’t have a lot of options in North America. After some research, we found one audio baby monitor for twins that are sold in the Scandinavian region, Neonate BC-6500D. The product has been in the market since 2013 but a few customers can attest to its functionalities. The unit boasts of talk-back features, the lowest radiation possible, long-range transmission, and long-life batteries. 

There are a few options of audio baby monitors for twins but there are great video baby monitors for twins, specifically the VTech 321-2, Babysense video baby monitor, and AXVUE E632 baby monitor.  

13. Motorola Audio Baby Monitor with Room Temperature and MBP161, 160, Comfort 10

Motorola Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Monitoring and LCD Display is the best Motorola audio baby monitor brand that made to this list of 16 best audio baby monitors. No other audio baby monitor has a temperature sensor and displays as this monitor.

For less than $50, you can get yourself this Motorola brand of baby monitor that is better than MBP161, MBP160, and Comfort 10. Below are details of the other Motorola audio baby monitor brands;

Motorola MBP160

Below are the features of Motorola MBP160:

  • Audio brand: Motorola
  • Technology: DECT
  • Range: 900 ft.
  • Alerts for: Out of range and low battery
  • Voice control and sound level indicator in the parent unit

Motorola MBP161 TIMER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Baby Care Timer

Below are the features of Motorola MBP161:

  • Audio brand: Motorola
  • Technology: DECT
  • Very sensitive microphone
  • Range: 990 ft.
  • Alerts for: Out of range and low battery
  • Voice control and sound level indicator in the parent unit

Motorola Comfort 10 is a DECT audio baby monitor that uses lithium-ion batteries to power. It has a decent range of 990 ft., almost 1000 ft., and this monitor gives you an out-of-range alert.

You can rely on DECT for reliable quality audio transmission from the baby unit to the parent unit. The high ratings indicate how Motorola Comfort 10 has a great audio feature with great volume settings with limited or no static noise at all. You get all the clarity you wish for.

I also analyzed the low ratings and realized that most parents have not liked the battery capacity of this monitor. First, it doesn’t hold the charge and they’ve been complaints about the charging cord.


Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 is our 8th best audio baby monitor with temperature sensing technology. Audio baby monitors with temperature sensing technology are very essential for parents with insulated baby cribs. It is also essential for any parent who is concerned with the room’s temperature as it could be too high or too low for the baby. The room sensors in the baby unit of the baby monitor transmit the senses the temperature and alert the parents if the reading is out of the expected range. 

This is ideal for you:

If you are looking for an excellent audio baby monitor with temperature sensing technology and alerts, Philips Avent Dect SCD570/10 is the best for you. Aside from the convenient alerts whenever the temperature is out of range, the temperature reading is displayed clearly for you to view. In addition, you can rely on the Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 to transmit the audio over a long distance. It actually made it to our 2022 list of top 9 long-range baby monitors

  • Sound Levels: N/A
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 900 ft’
  • Temperature metric: Celsius or Fahrenheit

Buyers Guide to Top Audio Baby Monitors

Analog Audio and Digital Audio Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors have been around for close to 90 years now, but many models and innovations have really happened over the last three years. If you are looking for an audio baby monitor, you’ll be spoiled with choices as the array of baby monitors has increased significantly since the 1980s.


About Audio Baby Monitor

Audio baby monitors have been around for close to 90 years now, but many models and innovations have really happened over the last three years. If you are looking for an audio baby monitor, you’ll be spoiled for choices as the array of baby monitors has increased significantly since the 1980s.

vtech dm221 baby monitor for deaf

Audio Baby Monitor Categories

Audio baby monitors can be classified by functionalities it has and below are the six categories of baby monitors we developed to assist parents as they narrow down on what’s best for them and their babies. 

  1. Audio Only Baby Monitors
  2. Audio Baby Monitors for Multiple Rooms/Multiple Receivers 
  3. Audio Baby Monitors with Movement and Sound Sensors 
  4. Audio Baby Monitors with Temperature Sensors
  5. Audio Baby Monitors with Two Baby Units (ideal for monitoring in two rooms or for monitoring more than one kid – multiple kids)
  6. Audio Baby Monitors with 2-way Communication

Audio Only Baby Monitors

Similar to the original analog baby monitors developed in the 1930s, audio-only baby monitors transmit the sound/voice made by the baby. The original baby monitors were analog and had a lot of interference. The digital baby monitors use improved technology, mostly DECT 6.0, which is more secure and free from interference. Out top two audio, only baby monitors are relatively priced low as they do not have other functionalities such as the sensors. 

Types of audio baby monitors

The original Zenith Radio Nurse (original baby monitors of 1937), was an audio baby monitor that allowed parents and caregivers to hear the voice from the baby’s nursery. Technology has made it possible for parents to now listen and track other baby activities such as breathing, temperature, and/or noise levels.

Modes of audio baby monitors

There are four modes in audio baby monitors which are:

  • Sound only notification baby monitors
  • Sound, Vibration and Light Notifications monitors
  • Light only Alert Baby Monitors
  • Vibration alert baby monitors

How We Reviewed the Best Audio Baby Monitors

1. Sound clarity – Clarity of sound took the biggest weight among all the factors we considered. The technology influenced sound clarity and we noted that all baby monitors that use DECT technology have better sound clarity. 

2. Ease of use – Audio monitors are supposed to be the most basic of all baby monitors and we considered ease of use when reviewing each of the audio baby monitors. 

3. Signal coverage – Several audio baby monitors are known to have a very strong signal and we compared all of them in the field and in a house with walls. Our best baby monitor gave us a long range of 1350 ft in the open field and the worst range we got was 700 ft. Please note that we did not do the test in an enclosed space. 

4. Battery life – This is the period it takes the baby unit or the parent unit to run of out battery. From all the tested audio baby monitors, the range is 9 hours to 46 hours. Again, our consideration only took the time it actually took the battery to die from our testing and not the claim by the audio baby monitor manufacturer. 

5. Price – Our review of the 13 baby monitors considered their current price on Amazon. The price ranges from $18 to $129. Our review has carefully considered and weighted other factors more than the price as we emphasize on the audio features of the baby monitors. There are other baby monitor options if you wanted additional features.

6. Baby safety – We measured each audio baby monitors’ EMF at 6 ft and noted a range of 0.5 v/m to 3.11v/m

History of Audio Baby Monitors and Comparison Table:

Some 82 years ago (in 1937), the first audio baby monitor was invented yet it is still difficult to get your hands on the best audio baby monitor today. Despite the sound-only monitors being available and actually being very affordable, the biggest problem seems to be finding the best and perhaps knowing what or which is the best audio baby monitor among the 28 sets of audio monitors in the market in 2022 (Amazon sellers). You can also check our internet and local network monitors.

This article has an exhaustive list of top-rated audio monitors which has been updated twice to reflect new audio baby monitors, specifically Willcare and enhanced VTech audio monitors that were released in Q2.

Before we go to the recommendations, let’s start with the basics to give you an idea of the history and how we rated our best audio baby monitors in the market.

As mentioned above, the first audio baby monitor, the Zenith Radio Nurse relied on an electric circuit to transfer audio signals from the baby unit to the receiver. There were no other features such as the features you find in some digital baby monitors such as two-way audio, temperature sensors, and extra long-distance transmission.

The innovations led to the emergence of analog audio baby monitors that relied on radio frequency instead of an electric circuit. Analog baby monitors had several problems with interference as they could pick up random sounds and relay them to the receiver. As an analog signal is being transmitted, it progressively and irreversibly degrades the signal-to-noise ratio resulting in poor quality audio in the parent unit. 

In 2022, the best audio baby monitors are digital baby monitors. Digital baby monitors have better audio quality and do not lose the signal quality as gets transmitted from the baby unit to the parent unit. Some of the best digital baby monitors that I like and some of the team here at BMC have used have some of all of the following features:

  • Voice Activation feature (VOX) monitor
  • Long battery life – up to 20 hours,
  • Two-way talk feature,
  • Lullabies,
  • Temperature and humidity sensors,
  • Belt clip,
  • And of course, digital signal transmission,

Digital audio monitors are non-video baby monitors that encrypt sound signals in transit guaranteeing you 100% privacy. All of our best baby monitors in 2022 using digital transmission technology, both the wifi and non-wifi baby monitors.

Now that we know ‘digital’ is good in audio monitors, let’s explore what you look out for when buying an audio baby monitor:

  • Battery life: The battery life of your audio baby monitor is key. The earlier VTech audio baby monitors such as VTech DM111 which is currently the top best-selling audio baby monitor in 2022 is notorious for having a very short battery life. Some argue that you get what you pay for (it is the cheapest audio baby monitor).
  • Range/Connectivity: If you live in a large house or work in a farm/yard, you should consider the range of the audio monitor you are purchasing. The longest range currently available is 1500 ft. Most DECT audio baby monitors have an extra-long distance range. You may have read about a 2000 ft. range as the best audio baby monitors that appeared in many review lists in 2017 and 2018 but that monitor is no longer available and tests actually disclosed that it didn’t stand the test. 
  • The Number of Transmitters and Receivers: If you plan on using your audio baby monitor to monitor your twins, go for units that have two transmitters or baby units. In addition, if two users will be monitoring the baby/babies, you should go for an audio baby monitor that comes with two parent units.

VTech brand is winning big-time…

VTech, a Hong-Kong based manufacturer of baby products including learning materials, toys, and baby monitors dominate the audio baby monitors segment. They sell the most basic audio monitors but has an array of video baby monitors as well.

Out the ten best-selling baby monitors on Amazon (in March 2020) VTech brand is represented by three audio baby monitors, specifically the following:

VTech baby monitor Logo
  1. VTech DM221: This is the third best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020
  2. VTech DM111: This is the second best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020
  3. VTech DM221-2: This is the eighth best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020

VTech audio baby monitors dominate the top baby monitors on Amazon. Only one baby monitor has consistently been the top best-selling brand and considered the most demanded video baby monitor is the Infant Optics DXR 8.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s just right into our list of best audio baby monitors in 2020.

I have described the features of each listed audio monitor in the list and you should be able to which one is the best audio baby monitor among the 20 listed top audio baby monitors.

Audio vs video baby monitor

Audio baby monitors transmit sound that the baby makes to the parent unit while a video baby monitor transmits videos of your baby to a screen you can watch as a parent. The table below explores the differences between audio vs video baby monitor

Audio Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor
Transmits audio signals from the babyTransmits both audio and visual signals of your baby
Lower price compared to video baby monitors with the lowest going for less than $20Comparatively higher priced compared to audio baby monitors costing over $100.
Most are non-wifi and can only be used locally with a range of up to 1500 ft.Video baby monitors can work with wifi or without wifi
Uses several technologies from transmission specifically, DECT or FHSS Uses several technologies from transmission FHSS, WIFI or DECT

How We Ranked the Best Audio Baby Monitors

After analyzing 53 audio baby monitors available on the market in 2022, we came up with some key ranking factors that enabled us to narrow down on the best 15 audio baby monitors in the market. Below are what we used to rank them:

  1. Range: The range of connectivity for non-wifi audio baby monitors and for audio baby monitors that use wifi and app
  2. Number of parent units the audio baby monitor supports: Baby monitors with two parent units did better than those that only support one parent unit
  3. The number of baby units: Baby monitors that support 2 baby units essentially make them ideal for monitoring twins in two separate rooms and those with this capability scored better.
  4. Quality of sound: Audio baby monitors with high definition sound quality as well as good sound control level scored better than those with poor sound quality and poor sound control levels.
  5. 2-way Talk: sound-only baby monitors with reliable 2-way talk feature scored better than those that were not very reliable.

In addition to using the above-ranking factors, we also aggregated and analyzed more than 12,000 reviews from several parents (on several websites) and put in more than 50 working hours to rank all of them. We also engaged two experts that have worked directly with top audio baby monitor manufacturer, VTech.


List of Top Baby MonitorsEditors' Choice
Overall Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro
Best Dual-Camera Split Screen baby MonitorBabysense HD S2
Best Baby With the Longest RangePanasonic Long-Range Video Baby Monitor
Best Monitor Powered by Batteries VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor (19 hours on a single charge)
The Best Voice-activated(VOX) Baby Monitor Anmeate Baby Monitor
The Best Breathing Baby MonitorOwlet Smart Sock 3
Best Large-Screen Video Baby MonitorVTech VM919HD Video Monitor
The Best Audio/Sound-only Baby MonitorPhilips AVENT SCD720/86
The Best 5 GHz Wifi Baby MonitoriBaby M8 Video Baby Monitor
The Best Baby Car Camera/MonitorYada Portable Baby Monitor

Updated Aug 2022