No Drill Baby Gates, No Tools Needed – 2023 Reviews

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If you are looking for a baby gate for stairs that doesn’t require drilling, you have come to the right place. These types of gates can be hard to find because most stair gates are usually designed to be hardware mounted and require you to drill into your banisters and walls to install. And on the other hand, pressure-mounted gates that do not require drilling are also not very firm, kids can easily knock them down.

After realizing that many parents are looking for baby gates for stairs that do not need drilling, we took up the challenge and spent countless hours searching, and we are glad to let you know we managed to come up with a few great options that you can use for your home.

We found the Regalo-2-in-1 to be the best baby gate that can work in any stairs without requiring you to drill on your banisters or walls. It is made with a durable steel frame and is expandable to fit most stairs up to 43 inches wide. Unlike other baby gates that require you to buy adapters separately, the Regalo 2-in-1 comes conveniently with both round and square adapters to fit different types of stair banister designs. It’s also reasonably priced and has great safety features.

To find out what other great choices there are, read the rest of the reviews to help you decide which one would be best suitable for your needs.

Benefits of stair gate no screws

One of the advantages of installing a baby gate that doesn’t need screwing is to avoid damaging your walls and banisters. With such a gate you don’t incur extra costs to repair holes and marks that would otherwise be left on your stairs or walls once you remove the gate after your child is grown and no longer needs it.

Quick Comparison Table of Our Top No-Drill Gates for Kids

Below is a quick comparison table for the best stair gates in the market that don’t need drilling.

Baby Gate Name Maximum widthHeight 
Regalo-2-In-1 Stairway and Hallway Mounted Baby Gate29 – 43 inches30 inches
Retract-A-GateUp to 72 inches34 inches
Summer Banister and Stair Gate32-48 inches33 inches
Summer Infant 27903Z31-46 inches35 inches

Reviews of Our Top-rated Baby Gates for Stairs No Drilling

Regalo 2in 1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate

Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate no drilling

The Regalo 2 in 1 Stairway and Hallway baby gate is the best baby gate for stairs because it comes with everything you need for a hassle-free, drill-free, and damage-free installation. It includes square railing adapters, round adapters, corner protectors, spacers, and other mounting hardware at no extra cost. This enables you to set it up within no time and protects your banisters and stair railing.

It is a multifunctional gate that is ideal for the top or bottom of the stairs, doorways, and hallways, becoming a valuable addition to your home. Plus, it expands to fit openings from 29 to 43 inches.

This gate is solid as a rock thanks to the steel frame, so you can be sure it will handle the impact that comes with top of stair usage, like kids kicking it or hanging from it.

As far as safety goes, this gate has put every necessary measure to keep your child safe. For example, it doesn’t have a threshold bar that could cause a trip hazard and has vertical bars to prevent your child from climbing. In addition, it has a safety lock that is impossible for toddlers to open and escape.


  • Can be used for top or bottom of stairs and other areas of your home
  • Includes adapters at no additional cost
  • Durable construction
  • No tools are needed to set it up
  • Great pricing


  • The locking mechanism is hard to operate on one hand


Retract-A-Gate, second best gate that doesn't require drilling, screws or any hardware.

Retract-A-Gate is one of the best gates and the only retractable option that doesn’t require drilling into your banisters to mount. It is very popular among parents because it looks really nice with neutral colors white, black, and brown, which blend seamlessly with the décor in most homes.

Apart from the aesthetics, parents love just how easy the Retract-A-gate is to use. It’s a mesh baby gate that lets you see your child on the other side when it’s up and easily rolls back into a very small roll when you don’t need it, like when your child is asleep.

It’s also easy to open and close on one hand, which is especially handy when carrying a baby on one hand or groceries. We found that most other retractable gates tend to bunch up or not roll back smoothly, and others have locking mechanisms that require the use of both hands, which is not convenient.

We also liked the Retract-A-Gate because its mesh is strong and not saggy, so your child will not be able to go through it like some other retractable baby gates. Also, kids can hang on it, and it still holds up well.

Because it locks nicely and doesn’t have a threshold bar, Retract-A-Gate is safe for mounting at the top or bottom of stairs and between rooms. And the best thing is you can install it without needing to drill your banisters using the Retract-A-Gate Stair Banister Adapter Kit (sold separately).

This retractable mesh baby gate measures 34 inches high and stretches to fit openings up to 72 inches, making it an excellent option for extra wide staircases and openings.


  • High quality, strong mesh material
  • Suitable for top and bottom of stairs
  • Rolls back up out of the way when not needed
  • Easy to open and close on one hand


  • Lengthy installation
  • It’s expensive, almost double the price of our top choice
  • Banister adapter kit is sold separately, raising the cost

Summer Banister and Stair Gate

Summer Banister and Stair Gate without drilling walls

The Summer Banister and Stair Gate is an excellent choice for stairs because it’s relatively easy to install and remove without damaging your beautiful banisters. It comes with a dual installation kit that allows banister to banister installation and wall to banister installation without drilling, making the entire process quick and frustration-free.

The wood and honey oak finish gives the gate a classic design that blends well with the décor in most homes. It has a height of 33 inches and will fit stairs cases between 32 to 48 inches wide.

The other reason you will love this gate is how easy it is to operate. You will be able to open the gate with just one hand. The quick-release mechanism also allows you to bring it down quickly whenever you need to so that you can transfer the gate from one place to the other easily.

When you buy this gate, you will be guaranteed your child’s safety because it’s sturdy, extra tall, and doesn’t have a threshold bar.


  • Very sturdy
  • Stylish
  • Includes hardware kit to install on banister, walls or both
  • Easy installation
  • One-handed operation


  • The opening and closing mechanism is not easy for some

Summer Infant 27903Z Banister & Stair Safety Gate

Summer Infant 27903Z Banister & Stair Safety Gate with no drills

The Summer Infant 27903Z is another great option to keep your stairs looking as good as new. It comes with its own special and secure mounting system that fastens around your banisters, so you don’t need to drill into the wood.

It works for any type of stairway, whether you are doing banister to banister or banister to wall installation, and will block even extra-wide staircases up to 46 inches wide. If the walls are uneven, check out these other gates designed for uneven walls

The gate features an extra-wide door that is easy to open and close and has a support foot for extra support. Also, there is no threshold bar that could cause tripping.


  • Great for banisters and extra wide stairs
  • Attractive design and finishes


  • Complicated and lengthy installation due to unclear instruction
  • The banister straps can get loose, causing the gate to be misaligned and not lock when closed

How to install baby gate without drilling

If you want to protect your stairs but don’t want to buy adapters, you can easily make a protective covering that will still ensure secure installation and, at the same time, prevent any damage to your banisters.

What you need

(2) 2 x 8-inch nonpressure treated wood blocks for each banister

(1) 2 x 4-inch wood blocks for each banister


Place the woodblocks around the banister to form a casing like shown in the picture below.

Drill into the wood casing and use screws to fix the wood pieces together.

Mount the gate into the wood casing as you would on the banister, following the manufacturer’s recommendation.


You can use 2×10 inch wood pieces around the banister and attach them together using bolts instead of screws.

Proceed to install the gate into the casing as recommended by the manufacturer. Check out these wooden baby gates as well.

Once more, below is a list of our best picks of no drilling baby gates in the market today;

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