Baby Monitor Companies/Manufacturers & Suppliers

Baby Monitor Companies/Manufacturers & Suppliers

A spot check online revealed that there are over 30 baby monitor manufacturers in 2021. There is a relatively smaller number of manufacturers that actually design and manufacture baby monitors from scratch. Several retailers source the products from third-party manufacturers on Alibaba and sell them in retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more. Most of the companies appearing on this article actually manufacture the baby monitors that they sell.

This article is part of our guides on baby gear manufacturers and I have also posted a piece on stroller companies.

Baby Monitor Suppliers on Alibaba

If you looking to start a baby monitor business where you source from Alibaba and sell in the US market, you need to do careful research to find a reliable supplier with a brand that you can confidently invest your money with the hope that you’ll make a return and not suffer from customer backlash. There is plenty of video and audio baby monitor manufacturers and suppliers you can pick from on Alibaba.

There are 27,850 baby monitor suppliers on Alibaba that can sell you baby monitors in bulk from as low as $10 or less. You can then sell this for 5 or 10 times more in the US market. The image below shows a snapshot of the Alibaba showroom of baby monitors sold wholesale. If you are starting out your baby-monitor retail business and want us to feature your product, feel free to reach out.

baby monitors suppliers on Alibaba

Below are some of the leading baby monitor manufacturers. While some are established electronics companies, some are emerging brands with less than 5 varieties of baby monitors.

1. Philips Avent


Philips Avent was formed after Philips purchased the UK based Avent from a private equity firm, Charterhouse Capital Partners in 2006. Avent was originally known for making baby feeding products and it now deals in a range of baby products including an array of baby monitors which are not doing very well in the market, despite great reviews. Below are some of Philips Avent’s leading baby monitor brands. 

  • Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD560/10 (Discontinued), $71, 4.2/5, 
  • Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86, $95, 4.5/5
  • Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor with Starry Night Projector SCD730/86, $130, 4.6/5
  • Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor, $39, 4.1/5
  • Philips Avent SCD570/10 Dect Baby Monitor, White, $94, 4.3/5
  • Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS, $156, 3.5/5

Philips bought Avent in 2006 to form Philips Avent

  • Philips founded in 1891 and Philips Avent founded in 2007
  • Number of Baby Monitors: 9
  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Audio & Video
  • Average Product Rating: 4/5
  • Known For: Philips SCD Series

2. Samsung and Wisenet

In 2017, Hanwha Group acquired Samsung Techwin, a subsidiary of the Korean conglomerate. Since 2018, Hanwha Group has been making changes and transitioning from Samsung Security baby monitors to Wisenet baby monitors. Wisenet is the new brand name for all Samsung Security cameras. You may however still find that the listing in some websites, including Amazon, still has Samsung name. 


Below are all the baby monitor brands of Samsung, Wisenet. 

1.Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW SEW-3043W-MRF , $160

2. Samsung Wisenet SEW-3053WN BabyView, 2.3/5, $230

3. Wisenet SEW-3048WN BabyView, 4/5, $130

4. Samsung Wisenet SEW-3057WN BabyView, 3.2/5,$420

5. Samsung SEW-3042W RealVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System, 3/5 (touchscreen), $150

3. Eufy

Eufy is a baby monitor manufacturing brand that is owned by Anker Electronics. It is a Chinese electronics brand based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Eufy recently introduced baby monitors to its list of electronics products and the two brands are Eufy Spaceview and Eufy Spaceview S – both non-wifi baby monitors.

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Number of Baby Monitors: 2
  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Video

Eufy is a subsidiary of Anker Electronics, a Chinese based electronics manufacturer of security cameras. Eufy develops some of the best-known brands of security cameras such as the eufycam which it fundraised through a Kickstarter campaign. Eufy’s leading baby monitor brand is Eufy Spaceview which has been in the market for less than a year. 

4. Motorola/Binatone Global

Motorola baby monitors are sourced from China and retailed by Binatone Global which acquired the Motorola brand in September 2015.


Since then, there has been a change in the quality of Motorola branded baby monitors and I highly encourage you to read the reviews of each individual brand as some are great (such as Motorola Halo, our top wifi baby monitor with screen and app). However, some of Motorola baby monitor brands are terrible and notorious with draining batteries and poor night light features. 

  • Binatone Global was founded in 1956 but acquired the Motorola brand in 2015
  • The number of Baby Monitors: Over 50
  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Audio & Video
  • Average Product Rating: Less than 3/5 (Binatone baby monitors)





Motorola Brands of Baby Monitors:

  1. Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Baby Monitor- 5-inch display baby monitor that comes with two cameras. It goes for $130 and currently reviewed, 3.3/5. 
  2. Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib Baby Monitor – It is one of the latest brands of Motorola baby monitors. It is going for $295 and has temperature and humidity sensors. It also has a sleep tracking algorithm and is rated 4.2/5. It comes with a dedicated display and a smartphone app. 
  3. Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor, 3.1/5, $138. Comes with a large LCD display that is 5 inches in diagonal. You can also add more cameras if you want and can be able to view videos of more than 1 camera using its split-screen feature. It is one of the longest range baby monitors of Motorola with an outdoor range of 1000 ft. 
  4. Motorola MBP33XL 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor, 2.6/5, $88 – This Wifi baby monitor from Motorola has all the features you’d expect from a very portable baby monitor. Its screen is 3.5 inches diagonal and is expandable, just like MBP36XL and comes loaded with pre-recorded lullabies. 
  5. Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor, 3.4/5, $179 – MBP50-G2 comes with two cameras and a large 5 inch display. In addition to having a long range of up to 1000 ft. this Motorola brand has pan/tilt/zoom functionality.  
  6. Motorola MBP36S, 2.6/5, $122 – This Motorola branded baby monitor comes with an average screen size display of 3.5 inches but is preferred by many parents because it is hack-proof. It uses FHSS wireless technology to transmits its signals and does not use the internet. 
  7. Motorola MBP854CONNECT, 2.3/5, $159
  8. Motorola MBP845CONNECT 5″ , 2.7/5, $100
  9. Motorola MBP25-2
  10. Motorola MBP855CONNECT
  11. Motorola MBP843CONNECT
  12. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP41S
  13. Motorola MBP621 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola has developed brands ranging from one with a 1.8-inch screen to a large 5-inch screen. 

5. VTech

VTech is a very well known brand dealing in baby products such as baby toys and baby monitors. In the early 2000s, VTech obtained various patents, mostly for audio baby monitors. VTech is well known for its affordable brands of audio baby monitors. It also has an array of video baby monitors that have received a good reception in the market.

VTech baby monitor Logo

Below are some of its brands. 

VTech Brands of Baby Monitors:

  1. VTech VM350 5” Digital Video Baby Monitor, 3.5/5, $100 – This large screen baby monitor has two-way communication and is sound activated.
  2. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor
  3. VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor
  4. VTech VM5271-2 Video Baby Monitor
  5. VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor
  6. VTech VM5271-2 Video Baby Monitor
  7. VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor
  8. VTech Baby Monitor VM341-216
  9. VTech VM350 5” Digital Video Baby Monitor
  10. VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor
  11. VTech VM344 Owl Video Baby Monitor
  12. VTech BA72212BL Blue Audio Baby Monitor
  13. VTech VM342-2 Video Baby Monitor
  14. VTech VM3252 2.8” Digital Video Baby Monitor
  15. VTech VC9312-245 Wi-Fi IP Camera
  16. VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor
  17. VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor
  18. VTech VM312-2 Video Baby Monitor
  19. VTech BV73121BL Digital Video Baby Monitor
  20. VTech BA72211GY Gray Audio Baby Monitor

6. Infant Optics

Infant Optics is currently the best-performing brand in the market and has been regarded as the best baby monitor brand in the market in 2019. Infant Optics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genexus LLC. Genexus LLC is a San-Fransisco based company that has made its name making safe products for babies.

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Number of Baby Monitors: 3
  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Video
  • Average Product Rating:
  • Known For: Infant Optics DXR 8

Since 2010, Infant Optics has released three brands of baby monitors with the latest one being the best-seller for three years in a row. It still stands as the best-seller now in May 2019.

Infant Optics Brands of Baby Monitors:

  1. Infant Optics DXR 5
  2. Infant Optics DXR 6
  3. Infant Optics DXR 8

6. Nanit

  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Video
  • Known For: Nanit baby monitor and Nanit Plus

Nanit is an Israeli start-up with offices in New York. It has established itself as a reliable and most-respected brand with sleep tracking technology. It’s patented technology (granted in 2016) enabled Nanit to roll out two brands below:

Nanit Brands of Baby Monitors:

  1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor
  2. Nanit Plus

7. Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is one of the oldest baby products brand and was started in 1930 in a small town in East of New York called East Aurora. This baby monitor brand is also known for other baby products such as baby car seats and baby toys. In 2017, it had revenues of $1.7 B and is publicly traded as a subsidiary of Mattel Inc which acquired it in 1993.

According to Wikipedia, Fisher-Price has created over 500,000 toys and is currently one of the world’s leaders in toy manufacturing. Fisher-Price was founded before the first baby monitor was invented in 1937 and it began as a toy manufacturer. Below is a picture of their logo:


Fisher-Price was the leading baby monitor brand in the 80s and early 90s. Its main competitor was Safety 1st. We have reviewed on their analog baby monitors on a separate post.

As of August 2019, Fisher-Price has a few baby monitor brands in the market including:

  1. Fisher-Price Time for Sleep Monitor with Dual receivers – Keeps track of the baby’s sleep and naps
  2. Fisher-Price Musical Digital Color Video Baby Monitor with Remote Control, 2.4 GHz – Very poorly rated on Amazon. As per Helium data, this baby monitor brand hasn’t sold any baby monitor unit since May 2019 (3 months ago).

8. Graco

Graco is an American company founded in 1953. It currently sells an array of baby monitors, including one that is praised as having the longest range, the Graco Secure baby monitor which offer 2000 ft. range.

  • Year Founded :
  • Number of Baby Monitors: 3
  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Audio & Video
  • Average Product Rating:
  • Known For:

See It’s Best Brand

9. Safety First

Since the 80s, Safety First has been manufacturing products for babies. It saw a lot of growth in the early 90s as baby monitors market gained traction. They are now known for child safety products. Parents who prefer Safety 1st baby monitors do so because of their low EMF radiation.

  • Year Founded :
  • Number of Baby Monitors: 3
  • Type Of Baby Monitors: Audio & Video
  • Average Product Rating:
  • Known For:

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