The Best Night Vision Baby Monitors that Actually Work

Among the key features, we must evaluate when reviewing top brands of baby monitors here at Motherhood HQ is the functionality of the night vision feature. Without this feature, your monitor will be useless during the nighttime hours. Today, we’ll be looking at the best night vision baby camera models that I have picked based on key criteria that I used to rate them.

What is night vision in cameras?

In simple terms, night vision is the ability of a camera to see in low-light conditions. This is made possible by using infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye.

Infrared light is emitted by all objects, but we cannot see it because our eyes are not sensitive to this wavelength of light. Night vision cameras are equipped with an infrared sensor that can detect this light.

The sensor converts the invisible light into visible images that we can see on the monitor. This process is known as image intensification. Visible light has a wavelength of between 700nm to 900nm, and infrared light has a wavelength of 940nm. With a larger wavelength, infrared light can penetrate through the fog, smoke, and other obstacles that would otherwise block visible light.

As we mentioned, all objects emit infrared light. However, the human body emits more infrared light than other objects because our bodies are warmer than the surrounding environment. This is why night vision cameras can pick up human movement even in complete darkness.

What is a night vision baby monitor?

A night vision baby monitor is a device that uses an infrared sensor to detect low-light conditions and illuminate the baby with invisible or near-visible infrared for the camera to capture images – the way they would normally take pics in normal lighting conditions.

Benefits of night vision monitors:

The main benefit of having a night vision monitor is that you can see your baby in the dark. This is especially useful if your baby sleeps in a room that’s not well-lit, or if you want to keep an eye on them while they’re asleep without disturbing them with a light.

Some models enable you to see your baby in color, while others only show black-and-white images. Black and white images are usually better for night vision since they don’t produce as much glare.

The fact that there are automatic sensors that activate the night vision when needed is also a great perk, as you don’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to find the right button.

Types of monitors with night vision:

  • Automatic-sensing monitors: These are the most common type of night vision monitors. They have an infrared sensor that automatically activates the night vision when it detects low-light conditions.
  • Manual-sensing monitors: With these monitors, you have to manually activate the night vision feature when you need it. This can be done with a button or switch on the monitor itself, or on the remote control that comes with some models.
  • Infrared monitors: These monitors use infrared LEDs to illuminate the baby, and they usually have a range of up to 25 feet.
  • Thermal-imaging monitors: These are the most expensive type of night vision monitor, but they’re also the most advanced. They use a thermal sensor to detect heat, so they can see in complete darkness.

How does night vision baby monitor work?

Most night vision monitors work by using an infrared sensor to detect low-light conditions and illuminate the baby with invisible or near-visible infrared for the camera to capture images – the way they would normally take pics in normal lighting conditions.

Infrared light is invisible to the eye, but it is visible to the camera. This is what you see when the camera uses night vision. Monitors leverage different types of technologies to make this happen.

Some models use traditional CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor arrays and others use CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensor arrays. Newer models are starting to use 3D image processing for even better night vision quality.

Visible light vs Invisible Infrared Light:

There is a spectrum of light that humans cannot see. This part of the spectrum is called visible light, and it ranges from around 380 to 700 nanometers.

Image showing night vision comparison vs non night vision images

However, night vision comes into play when utilizing the near-infrared light spectrum (about 750-2500 nanometers). With the near-infrared light spectrum, people can see things in a room that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to with their naked eye. The monitors take in the small amount of light and creates a picture for whoever is using it–a process that makes everything visible to them.

Are night-vision baby monitors safe?

Yes, night vision baby monitors are considered safe. The infrared light used to illuminate the baby is very low-powered and won’t harm the baby in any way. In fact, you’re probably exposed to more infrared light from your TV remote control than you are from a night vision baby monitor.

Night vision is not any more harmful to your infant than other devices, such as cell phones but do note that the LED light used to provide illuminate the baby nursery can be disruptive for your child while they are trying to sleep.

Do all baby monitors have night vision mode?

Yes, most baby monitor brands come with some form of night vision these days. Even budget-friendly monitors have this feature.

However, not all monitors are created equal. Some have better night vision than others. If you’re looking for a monitor with great night vision, you’ll want to look for one with an infrared sensor and LED lighting.

You might also want to consider a thermal-imaging monitor, but these are usually more expensive.

In the next section, I provide a guide to help you pick the most ideal brand for your family and baby;

How to choose the best night vision baby monitor – 13 Features to consider:

  1. Visibility of infrared light: Some baby monitor models (and especially security cams modified as baby cams) have very visible Infrared LED light that will disrupt your baby’s sleep. Avoid these models. Go for brands that have totally invisible or near-visible IR LEDs.
  2. Sensors: Another key factor to consider is the type of night-vision mode sensor. I personally think those models that automatically turn on when it detects nighttime/evening without requiring you to manually go to your baby’s room to manually turn on the night vision mode. To save yourself the hassle of having to keep switching in the evening and in the morning, get yourself an auto-turning model.
  3. LEDs: A good LED will help illuminate the room in low visibility conditions and create a clear image for you to see your baby. Look for models that have adjustable LEDs (you can control how bright they are). Also, avoid models with too many or too few LEDs – too much light might bother your baby while too little will make it difficult to see your baby clearly.
  4. Range: The range is the distance the baby monitor can be from the nursery and still provide a clear image. If you have a large home, you’ll want to make sure the monitor you choose has a long range.
  5. Tech (wifi or non-wifi): Most monitors these days come with WiFi capabilities. If you want to be able to view your baby’s monitor from anywhere in the world, make sure to get a Wi-Fi-enabled model. If you are worried about the security of the signals getting hijacked, go for a non-wifi brand that uses secure FHSS transmission technology which guarantees you a secure and private connection. Note that wifi models may allow you to control the camera and even the night vision setting using Android or iOS devices.
  6. Screen size: Most monitors come with a 2.4-inch screen, but some have larger screens (up to 5 inches). If you want to be able to see your baby clearly, go for a model with a larger screen.
  7. Image sensor: The image sensor is the heart of any night vision device, and it’s especially important in a baby monitor. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors are older but they’re still used in some models. CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensors are newer and they offer better image quality. If you can, go for a model with a CMOS sensor.
  8. Frame rate: The frame rate is the number of frames per second that the camera captures. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the image will be. For night-vision baby monitors, I recommend going for at least 20 frames per second.
  9. Infrared Range: The infrared range is the distance that the IR LEDs can illuminate. The longer the range, the better. I recommend those that have a range of at least 15 ft. These models will allow you to position/mount your baby camera at the most suitable locations in the nursery without worrying that the IR range will not reach.
  10. Storage: The ability of a baby camera to record and store the footage to be played back later is important in case you want to review what happened while you were away. Look for models that can store footage on an external SD card or even in the cloud. Avoid brands that want you to sign up for continuous subscription plans that end up being expensive.
  11. Brand reliability: Some night vision cameras are designed with cheap materials and they don’t last long. To save yourself the trouble of having to constantly replace your baby monitor, go for a reliable brand that offers good customer support in case you run into any problems.
  12. The number of IR Lights: The number of IR lights affects the quality of the night vision. The more IR lights, the better the quality. Some models even have adjustable IR light intensity so you can fine-tune the image quality to your preference.
  13. Clarity of Images: The clarity of the images is important so you can see your baby clearly. Look for models that have high-resolution cameras (at least 640×480 pixels). The higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

Night vision mode enables a camera to use infrared to illuminate your baby. Without this illumination, regular cameras cannot take pictures of your baby. I have compared different baby monitors with night vision and ranked them. Babysense is the overall best baby monitor with a night vision feature.

This article details all you need to know about night vision, and infrared LED light as well as a list of best-rated crystal clear night-vision baby monitors of 2022. 

Our overall Best Night Vision Baby Monitor Brand:

LeapFrog LF920HD Baby Monitor with COLOR Night VISION

LeapFrog LF920HD is our overall best baby monitor with great night vision displayed in COLOR, compared to all other monitors that display BLACK and WHITE night vision images. It wasn’t difficult to pick this brand once we came across and tried more of the features that make it the ideal night vision camera with a large 7-inch display that every parent needs. The way Infant Optics DXR 8 pioneered interchangeable lenses in baby monitors, LF920HD is the pioneer of color night vision technology.

This monitor features a 7″ High-Definition 720p display so you can see your baby clearly, even in low light. The 360-degrees pan and tilt feature lets you get a full view of the nursery, and the built-in, wide-angle lens gives you a clear view from anywhere in the room. With this monitor, you’ll always know what your baby is up to.

LeapFrog LF920HD Color Night Vision Video Monitor features an adaptive, dimmable night light that automatically adjusts to the surrounding brightness. With one-touch control on the baby unit, you can easily adjust the light intensity to create a perfect sleep environment for your little one. The built-in thermometer and humidity sensor accurately measure your baby’s environmental conditions and will instantly alert you on the parent unit when the room temperature is outside the comfortable range.

The LeapFrog LF920HD Color Night Vision Video Monitor is the perfect way to keep an eye on your little ones from anywhere in your home. With a range of up to 1,000 feet, a two-way talkback intercom, and sound and motion detection alerts, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be alerted if anything happens. The 5000mAh battery provides up to 15 hours of video streaming or 22 hours of audio monitoring, so you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to keep an eye on things. And with a simple Plug&Play set up, it’s easy to start monitoring right away.

List of 10 Top Baby Monitors with Night Vision

Below is a table with the best baby monitors with night vision that you can find in the market in 2022.

Baby MonitorImageRangeScreen SizeAuto Night Vision?Rating on AmazonPrice
#1. BabySense HD S2No products found.Up to 960 ft5-inchYes4.1/5 stars in 500+ reviewsCheck here
#2. Infant Optics DXR-8 ProNo products found.Up to 1000 ft 5-inch Yes 4.8/5 stars in 2,600+ reviews Check here
#3. Kidsneed SM935ANo products found. Up to 960 ft 3.5-inch Yes 4.8/5 by 100+Check price
#4. HelloBaby HB65No products found.Up to 960 ft3.2-inch Yes 4.5/5 stars in 15,000+ reviews Check here
#5. GoodBaby DY720No products found. Up to 960 ft5-inch Yes 4.4/5 stars in 11,500+ reviews Check here
#6. Cubo Ai Pro SmartNo products found. Unlimited Relays on phone screen Yes 4.4/5 stars in 100+ reviews Check here
#7. iBaby M8 2KNo products found. Unlimited Relays on phone screen Yes 4.2/5 stars in 60+ reviews Check here
#8. Nanit Pro SmartNo products found.UnlimitedRelays on phone screen No 4.2/5 stars in 300+ reviews Check here
#9. ANMEATE SM935ENo products found.Up to 960 ft3.5-inchYes 4.6/5 stars in 2,500+ reviews Check here
#10. Project NurseryNo products found.Unlimited Relays on phone screen Yes 3.2/5 stars in 100+ reviews Check here

Reviews of Top-rated Baby Monitors with Night Vision Modes

1. BabySense HD S2 5-inch With Night Vision

At the top of our review of the best baby monitors with night vision is this product from BabySense. Founded in 1991, the brand was the first to develop a non-touch breathing movement monitor for the detection of apnea (respiratory cessation) in infants globally. Their HD S2 is our overall best night vision video baby monitor of 2022.

Most users say that the night vision feature in the HD S2 is excellent because it senses as dusk approaches and turns itself on automatically. It is a highly regarded baby monitor that also comes with a dimmable nightlight feature that does not interrupt your baby’s sleep. Like the V65 baby monitor, the S2 comes with 2 cameras, a 5-inch HD display, two-way talk, white noise, and pre-installed lullabies, among other useful features.

What makes the features split-screen tech that allows you to view your babies concurrently. BabySense video baby monitors are among the top monitors without Wi-Fi, a feature that most of us parents love for security reasons. It has a decent range of up to 960 ft.

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

Founded in 2011, Infant Optics is yet another recognized trailblazer in the development and manufacture of high-quality baby monitors in the industry. Its DXR-8 line is a top seller online which is why the Pro version features in our night vision best baby monitors’ list. Most parents like the baby monitor’s night vision saying it delivers clear and great pictures. There are 8 LED lights that provide sufficient lighting for the camera.

The DXR-8 Pro’s night vision mode turns on automatically. It has a low-light sensor that activates its infrared LED lights as night kicks in. Other notable features in the DXR-8 Pro include amplified audio with a 1000mW speaker that enhances sound clarity and a better (1000-ft) range.

Unlike its sister, the DXR-8, the DXR-8 Pro comes with a 5-inch LCD screen as well as a patent-pending Active Noise Reduction (ANR) feature. It helps reduce or remove unwanted noise from machines.

3. Kidsneed SM935A Baby Monitor

Most parents who use the Kidsneed baby monitor love it. They say it has an automatic night vision mode with clear greyscale infrared images. As such, you can easily check on your baby’s life situation from the comfort of your bed at night. Being a non-wi-fi baby monitor, you can rest assured that your live streams and audio are private since it uses 2.4G FHSS signal transmission tech.

 out of stock
as of September 21, 2023 5:58 am

The SM935A baby monitor comes with a 3.5-inch high-resolution TFT-LCD screen and intuitive buttons for ease of control with shortcuts on both sides. On top of the night vision mode, you will love the crisp clear two-way talk, VOX mode, 4 in-built lullabies, temperature display, and more. It offers a generous 960-ft range, alarm/timer setting, and camera with tabletop or wall mounting options.

4. HelloBaby HB65 Baby Monitor

This HB65 video baby monitor from HelloBaby is yet another fantastic choice for baby monitors with night vision. A relatively new brand, HelloBaby was established in 2017 with a current focus on video monitors and compatible replacement monitors. Like most in the list, it has an infrared night vision function that activates automatically when night or dark kicks in.

Most parents who use HB65 are happy with the night vision which they say allows them to see their kiddos at night clearly. However, there are a few complaints about the camera getting stuck on the mode even when morning comes. Like the night vision, the audio is said to be very sensitive which is a plus on the two-way talk function. Parents are also thrilled by the range and battery life of this baby monitor.

Read more about other HelloBaby video baby monitors

5. GoodBaby DY720 Baby Monitor

GoodBaby video baby monitor is a good choice if you are on the hunt for a baby monitor with night vision. This baby monitor comes with a 5-inch large screen with HD outstanding resolution that allows for clear images day and night. Like most baby monitors in our review, it comes with an automatic night vision mode. And while most parents appreciate the clarity of images, there is a significant number of complaints that it does not always work.

The DY720 also comes with other handy features that parents love including a temperature sensor, in-built lullabies, a 960-ft range, and remote camera pan, tilt, and zoom. In addition, it is equipped with an advanced speaker and mic for sound clarity when using the 2-way talk feature.

6. ANMEATE 3.5 Baby Monitor

ANMEATE video baby monitor is a terrific choice that most parents love. Like most users, we particularly love its infrared night vision tech which it uses to take clear video recording even in dim conditions. Most buyers say that the two-way mic and night vision mode is very audible and crystal clear. Add that to excellent battery life and you have good value for your money. The night vision mode in the SM935E turns on automatically when darkness hits your kid’s room.

Other features that parent love about this baby monitor include soothing lullabies, 960-ft range connectivity, and the ability to expand to more than 4 cameras. The 3.5-inch LCD monitor also gives you a clear view of images both day and night. It also has a room temperature sensor.

7. Cubo Ai Plus Baby Monitor

Are you on the hunt for a baby with night vision that you can view on your phone? You can never go wrong with the Plus Smart from Cubo Ai. All the buyers who review this baby monitor show a lot of satisfaction with the night vision. They talk about its clarity and brightness. The HD video provides high-quality images in both day and night vision modes. And although it comes with a night light feature, the brightness is not enough to freak out your little angel.

The Plus Smart delivers the view of your baby using a 1080p HD video stream camera to your smartphone via an Android or iOS downloadable app. This baby monitor is CTIA cybersecurity certified for connection security. In addition, it features 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication for fortified security.

You can check our review on Cubo Ai Plus vs others

8. iBaby M8 2K Baby Monitor

An upgrade of the M7 model, the M8 2K baby monitor uses advanced tech for night vision to provide you with the clearest pictures. Most parents say that the camera’s night vision has better depth/contrast as well as a 360-degree pan for easy navigation around your kiddo’s room. The camera turns to night vision mode automatically after detecting low lighting in your baby’s room.

For extra comfort and lulling your little one to sleep, the M8 2K has a soothing moonlight feature and more than 1k lullabies. It is also among our best baby monitors with white noise.

What I love most about iBaby M7 and M8 baby monitors is that they are considered the best iOS baby monitors in the industry. Other features that parents love include crisp 2-way FHD audio, humidity and temperature alerts, plus compatibility with both 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands.

You can also read our iBaby M8 and M7 review

9. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

The Plus Smart Baby Monitor from Nanit ranks among the top Wi-Fi baby monitors in the market today. Most parents who have purchased this baby monitor are pleased, especially with the video/picture quality and night vision. To turn on night vision mode on the Nanit baby monitor, go to the Live Tab, tap the 3 dot icon (top right corner), and toggle the mode ON.

In addition, Nanit Pro comes with a stronger night light feature that provides your baby’s room with a warmer glow. You can customize the intensity of the night light via the Nanit App. To turn on the night light, go to the Live tab and tap Turn Nigh Light ON/OFF. The app is downloadable on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show devices.

You will love the small breathing band for monitoring your baby’s temperature, recording and playback, as well as the 256-bit encryption to secure your data and connection.

Read more about Cubo Ai vs Nanit Plus

10. Smart Baby Monitor by Project Nursery

Yet another top wi-fi baby monitor on the market today, you will love this product from Project Nursery. Founded in 2008, this US-based brand makes many products including baby products. Most parents who use this baby monitor say that the camera is super responsive and has in-built sensors that turn on night vision automatically when it gets dark. This smart baby monitor by Project Nursery is another favorite night vision baby monitor in our 2022 list.

This smart HD wi-fi baby monitor has an event recorder that runs for 20 to 90 seconds, and you can playback the events. The free Project Nursery app is downloadable on your iOS, Android, tablet, or any other smartphone device. It lets you record your voice and have it play over the camera as well as record and save pictures and video without extra charges.

We previously reviewed the smart baby monitor as one of the 7th best baby monitors compatible with Google Home Hub and Amazon’s Alexa Echo Show. Instead of the invisible or near-visible infrared light that is great for not disturbing the baby (the infrared light is not visible in the human eye), Project Nursery emits a blue glow to illuminate the baby. This, in turn, enables the camera to capture images of the baby. Some parents have complained that the light is making their baby uncomfortable but others say that the blue light doesn’t bother babies at all. Below is a picture of Smart Baby Monitor by Project Nursery

Below are the features of the Smart baby monitor by Project Nursery

  • Low-light detector: Yes
  • Automatic activation of night vision
  • Infrared Light: No
  • Glowing light from the camera

Read our review about the best video baby monitors with playback and recording

11. Arlo Night Vision Baby Monitor

Arlo baby is a WiFi camera with night vision. The camera allows you to view your baby remotely using an app you can download on Google Play or on Apple Store.

The camera has excellent night vision and many parents can’t stop talking about how great the images at night are. It uses infrared light (almost visible) that illuminates up to 15 ft. It also comes with multi-colored night lights that make the nursery look great for your baby. Moreover, Arlo baby connects to the phone allowing you to view crystal clear images on your phone app. 

  • Low-light detector: Yes
  • Near Visible Infrared Light: Yes
  • Infrared Range: 15 ft.

You can read our comprehensive review of Arlo baby

12. Eufy Spaceview Night Vision

Eufy Spaceview S video baby monitor with night vision
Eufy Spaceview S (Link to Amazon)

Eufy Spaceview S is among the best night vision video baby monitors on this list with a 5-inch display. Eufy Spaceview S was released in March 2019 as an improvement to Eufy Spaceview which was released in September 2018 and in September 2019, it was one of the top 100 best-selling baby monitors on Amazon.

Below are some features of Eufy Spaceview S

  • No low light detector. Turned on manually.
  • 13 to 16 ft range
  • Night vision is in black and white
  • It can also support up to 4 cameras. 

You can read our full review of Eufy Spaceview S, our overall third best non-wifi baby monitor in 2022.

You can also consider the baby monitor below

Motorola Baby Monitor Night Vision

Motorola baby monitors such as Motorola MBP33, Motorola MB36S, and several others have night vision features. One of the several complaints by customers is that vision would stop working or customers have had problems turning on the night vision mode. Motorola has released different versions of their baby monitors with some improvements in the latest ones. For example, Motorola MBP36S has a clearer night vision compared to Motorola MBP36. 


Why Motorola Night Vision Stops Working

Sometime in 2014 or 2015, Binatone Global, a company that bought rights to manufacture and sell Motorola branded baby monitors started producing the ‘Motorola Baby Monitors’. Since then, the quality of Motorola cameras and baby monitors has seen a considerable increase in product failure rate. Some customers have approximated that a Motorola baby monitor only lasts 3 to 4 months. While there are several cases of Motorola baby monitors malfunctioning or not meeting the advertised standards, I’ll dwell on how I can assist you to fix the night vision in your Motorola baby monitor. 

If you’d rather read the reviews on Amazon, I advise that you differentiate those ‘great 5-star reviews’ which were posted prior to 2016. Motorola products have since changed and the quality of Motorola night vision is now below the 2014 (or earlier) standards. 

Motorola baby monitor night vision is advertised as ‘using 8 IR LED lights’ but this claim is currently being disputed as this was true only for the cameras and baby monitors before 2015. It is possible that Motorola is using less than 8 IR LED lights making the images and videos dark and very low quality. As you can see from the diagram of Motorola MBP33 above, the LED mini-bulbs are supposed to adequately illuminate your baby and ensure that the quality of images or videos being captured are of high quality. However, several parents have complained of the following:

  1. Unless the camera is very close to the baby, the Motorola night vision shows a very unclear picture of the baby.
  2.  The video output is either very dark or some part is too illuminated. 
  3. Motorola night vision stopped working 

Some of the night vision issues above can be fixed by adjustments in the camera such as adjusting the zoom lens to a close to normal lens’ focus. In case your Motorola night vision is not turning on, disconnect the battery and unplug the connection. That has been mentioned as one of the major fix for baby monitor night vision not turning on. Some Motorola baby monitors have night vision that is showing dark images or videos. To fix this, you may need to consider adding more light in the room (perhaps a glowing light?). I personally won’t recommend this but parents have found that adding more light (even additional dim light) can assist to brighten the dark images. Naturally, night vision images in Motorola are black and white but with additional light, it can start to display some color. 

Additional Guide on Top Baby Cameras Brands with Night Vision

What Is Night Vision In Baby Monitors?

Night vision is a very important feature as it allows parents to be able to use the baby monitor at night, despite the darkness in the baby’s nursery. During conditions of low light or at night, when it’s dark, visible light cannot illuminate the baby for the images or videos to be captured by regular cameras. Night vision capabilities in a baby monitor, therefore, allow parents to view the baby by illuminating a different kind of light on the baby. It’s called infrared light. The best infrared LED illumination is supposed to be invisible or near-visible to ensure that blight light does not interrupt your baby’s sleep at night.  

Why night vision is important in baby monitors

Without the night vision feature, it is impossible the see the videos of your baby at night. The option of illuminating the baby using visible light you be too much bother to your baby as light would keep your baby up at night. Night vision feature in baby monitors enables them to illuminate invisible infrared LED light on the baby enabling the camera to capture the images or videos of your baby. When trying to find a baby monitor, look for a video baby monitor with night vision. 

Most parents purchase their baby monitors in order to keep an eye or ear on the baby when they are away from the house or when they are doing other chores. One of the times parents would like to keep an eye or ear on the baby is at night and night vision functionality enables parents to still view the baby at night. 

Is the infrared light from the baby monitor safe?

There are health risks associated with infrared light that illuminates the baby. While the LED lights that illuminate the baby at night enable the camera to record visible images or videos of the baby, the infrared light emits a burst of EMF radiations that may be harmful to the baby when exposed for a long period of time. There is a growing body of research that explains the dangers of infrared radiations, as well as microwave radiations emitted by baby monitors. We’ve detailed these risks in our 10BabyGear Guide To Baby Monitor EMF Radiations

In summary, infrared radiations have a possibility of impacting the DNA sequence of a young baby and several other complications that are detailed in the report above. 

How night vision works in baby monitors

Some baby monitors have automatic activation of infrared light while others need to be manually turned on. Once the infrared light has been activated because of low light conditions (such as at night), the camera is now able to ‘view’ and record visible images and videos of the baby. 

Infant Optics DRX 8, one of the best-rated non-wifi baby monitors has 8 infrared LED lights and a low-light sensor. From the diagram alongside, the 8 LED lights are four LED mini-bulbs on each side of the camera. The top LED light, directly opposite the green light is the low-light sensor. Once it senses low light condition, it activates the LED light to illuminate the baby with infrared LEDs that would make the baby visible. 


How Infrared Works To Facilitate Night Vision

Babies, like most living objects, emit heat that is detected by the infrared light from the camera of the baby monitor. The infrared camera not only detects the heat but also converts the infrared data into an image by mapping it. Advanced IR technologies can map the colors of each pixel to give a colored image while others just give black and white pictures. 


Video showing night vision in a Motorola baby monitor

The video alongside shows a video baby monitor with night vision. As shown, the Motorola baby monitor shows deep blue images when recording videos at night using the night vision feature. 

Our Top Picks for Baby Monitors with Night Vision

I have personally reached out to several parents via Pinterest to hear their opinions of different video baby monitors with night vision. While some parents do not consider this feature as important, several parents said that they mainly bought the baby monitor because of the night vision feature. 

There are several classes of baby monitors with night vision, some that use wifi and connect to the phone and others that do not use wifi. Below is a list of a few baby monitors that parents are generally happy about. Some of them still have glitches here and there but overall, night-vision baby monitors with a camera should be considered by every parent who wants to see clear pictures of the baby at night. 

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