Baby Monitors With Lullabies 2022

In this article, I review baby monitors with lullabies that you can play to brighten the day or night of your baby.

As you consider buying a baby monitor, one of the considerations is the additional features a baby monitor comes with. There are several features but most of the best baby monitors come with lullabies and night light to soothe the baby to sleep.

We’ve compiled a list of baby monitors that can play lullabies to your baby at night or at any time as some give you the ability to remotely control the lullabies that are played.

There are three classes of baby monitors with lullabies:

  1. Baby monitors with pre-recorded lullabies
  2. Baby monitors that can play lullabies from a connected smartphone app
  3. Baby monitors that allow you to record and play lullabies to your baby.

In our list of top baby monitors with lullabies, we’ve combined all three categories of baby monitors. Depending on what might work best for you and your baby, you can choose baby monitors from either of the three categories.

In addition to the lullabies, some of the 2022 best baby monitors such as Motorola Halo Plus have 7 different night lights. Some baby monitors have up to 8 to 12 pre-recorded lullabies. What we recommend are low EMF-emission baby monitors such as Babymoov Premium Care Baby monitor with lullabies. Babymoov is great because it emits considerably less EMF radiations and still has lullabies to entertain your baby.

Excellent multi-color night light and a variety of lullabies are what make a great baby monitor.

We strongly believe and would encourage you to only consider choosing a baby monitor with a night light lullaby.

Below are our top baby monitors with lullabies:

Name Number of Songs/
Check Price
on Amazon
1. Project Nursery
Baby Monitor
6 pre-programmed and several through integration with Rockabye baby.Check Price
2. iBaby M7 Monitor 10 Check Price
3. HelloBaby8Check Price
4. Arlo baby 10 pre-loaded but can access unlimited onlineCheck Price
5. Motorola MBP36XL5 Check Price

1. Project Nursery Baby Monitor

Project Nursery Baby Monitor with lullabies
Project Nursery Baby Monitor

Project Nursery Baby Monitor is my favorite baby monitor with 6 lullabies (pre-programmed lullabies) which are in the video below. They are heartbeat lullaby, waves lullaby, white noise lullaby, Brahm’s lullaby, and twinkle little star. The baby monitor has decent reviews about the lullabies available.

In addition to the above, project nursery partnered with Rockabye baby in 2016 to offer first and only monitor preloaded with renditions of baby’s favorite rock songs. Rockabye is a company that makes award-winning lullaby renditions.

2. iBaby Monitor M7

iBaby M7 is another wifi baby monitor with lullabies. It comes with ten pre-recorded lullabies. In addition, it allows you to use the app on your smartphone and play any music to soothe your baby to sleep. IBaby also comes with bedtime stories that you can play with your baby. What a great add-on feature to the 360 degrees view camera that allows you to view the entire nursery!

iBaby monitor also allows you to record and play lullabies to your baby, a feature that’s not very common with other baby monitors with lullabies.

One critical review that tends to recur among users who have used iBaby monitors is the volume settings of the lullabies. Customers complain of loud sounds that do not soothe the baby to sleep.

Below are other features of iBaby M7 Baby Monitor:

  • Records videos in 1080p HD resolution
  • Built-in moonlight soother
  • Environment sensors: iBaby M7 has an air quality sensor like Arlo baby monitor, another wifi baby monitor that has inbuilt sensors for temperature, humidity, air quality, and Carbon Dioxide.
  • iBaby M7 is a dual-band baby monitor that works with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. This feature is great and makes iBaby M7 stand out because while the 2.4GHz band may work well, it can at times be interfered by devices such as wifi router. The fact that you can switch from the easily-interfered 2.4GHz band to interference-free band, 5GHz band, makes it a great baby monitor.
  • Compatible with iPhone 5S or newer.

The video below describes all the features of all iBaby M7 features:

3. Babysense Video Monitor

Babysense video baby monitor is a product of Hisense Ltd, a company renowned for manufacturing baby monitors since 1991. The Babysense video baby monitor comes with lullabies that are pre-programmed – polyphonic lullabies which enables you to lull your baby to sleep. You can operate remotely from the parent unit. This baby monitor is pocket-friendly.

Babysense baby monitor supports up to four cameras and you can use the parent unit to play different lullabies in each of the four cameras. 

Some critical reviews express displeasure with the kind of music. It is, however, important to note that the reviews may be subjective.

4. HelloBaby Video Monitor

HelloBaby video monitor was one of the best-selling baby monitors in 2018. Among its add-on features are 8 soft lullabies that appease your baby and set him/her to sleep. Using the buttons on the side of the 3.2-inch display, you can select from the 8 lullabies to play for your baby.

In addition to the lullabies, you can also sing a song as HelloBaby video monitor allows you to speak to the baby without getting out of your bed! You can read our detailed post on Hellobaby’s latest release, the HB32 model, and how it compares to other top non-wifi baby monitors such as Babysense and Infant Optics DXR 8

5. Arlo Baby Monitor Lullabies

Arlo baby monitor comes with night light, lullabies, nature sounds, and white noise all pre-loaded or can be downloaded for free. Unlike other baby monitors that have a limited number of lullabies and no option to add more, Arlo baby monitor allows you to add as many songs as you want from its online library.

Except for a few other wifi baby monitors, Arlo baby has the best app-controlled features of a baby monitor and specifically the night light lullabies. See the couple in the video below control the night light and lullabies on the Arlo baby App and how it makes the baby stop crying. The perfect baby monitor night light lullaby:

Below are some of the Arlo baby lullabies you can play from the cloud library:

  • Brahm’s lullaby
  • Hush little baby
  • Rock-a-Bye baby
  • Twinkle Twinkle little star
  • Wind up lullaby
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • Rainforest
  • White noise

6. Motorola MPB36XL

Motorola MPB36XL is a Motorola product. Motorola is renowned for electronics and in 2017, it sold the highest number of baby monitors in the US market. Motorola MPB36XL comes with five lullabies that enable you to play any of the lullabies to your baby to sleep. The lullabies play heartbeat noises, rain, ocean, and wind chimes. The music plays in xylophone rhythms which is considered non-soothing to the child as it is prone to echoes. Aside from the lullabies, the monitor has a large 5-inch display and split-screen capabilities as the monitor support up to 4 cameras.

Below are some of the common baby lullabies on baby monitors

1. Brahms Lullaby with Lyrics

2. Hush Little Baby

3. Rock-a-bye Baby

4. Twinkle Little Star

5. Baa Baa Black Sheep

6. Rainforest Lullaby

7. White Noise Lullaby For Babies

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