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In this post, I have reviewed the 5 best baby swings with Bluetooth for better connection. If you are in a hurry, Munchkin and 4moms mamaRoo are two of our favorite options Bluetooth-enabled baby swings you can buy today.

If you own a baby swing, you probably have this wish-that you didn’t have to keep bending over for every single adjustment. By design, baby swings sit low to the ground. It may be uncomfortable, especially for tall or older folks with a bad back, but it is for your baby’s safety. Even if the baby were to slide off by chance, there would be minimal impact with a shorter distance to the floor. To have a better experience, we recommend that you consider getting a baby swing with Bluetooth connectivity, and we will be explaining to you how it works next.

How baby swings with Bluetooth works

To start with, Bluetooth is a wireless technology where devices connect using radio waves over short distances. We use this technology to listen to music using headsets or portable speakers and when transferring files between computers and smartphones. Today we also have innovative baby swings that are also using this technology to connect to your smartphone.

The purpose of Bluetooth in a baby swing is to make it more user-friendly. For example, these types of baby swings normally have an app that you install into your phone, and from the app, you can control some or all the features of the baby swing right from your phone at a distance. This means you don’t have to come over to the swing, bend down to make adjustments-you can just do whatever you need at the touch of a button.

With Bluetooth, you can turn the baby swing on or off from your phone. You can also control different features of the swing, including sound, swing motions, speed, vibrations, play music from your phone, etc. Plus, you make all these adjustments without disturbing your baby in the swing. It saves you time and energy.

Reviews of Baby Swing with Bluetooth

1. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

This is currently the most advanced baby swing in the market, and it is Bluetooth-enabled. According to the manufacturer, you only need to download the 4moms app on your iOS or Android phone from Playstore or App store, and you will be able to control the swing motions, sound, swing speed, and volume from your devices.

4moms mamaRoo offers five unique motions that mimic motions that babies love, including car rides, gentle bouncing, rocking, soft waves, and light swings. It also includes four inbuilt nature sounds to soothe your baby. But, if you would want to play more songs, you can also plug in your Mp3 player and play.

It has a deep seat that cradles babies nicely and reclines in multiple positions for comfort. There is also an overhead mobile with a crinkle ball and reflective mirror ball for play and development.

The seat cover can be removed and easily cleaned in the washer and has an Ac plug-in option, which is convenient. This swing is also compact and easy to set up and move around the house.

One thing to note here is that this is one of the most expensive baby swings in the market and some feel it is overpriced because it doesn’t have as many features in comparison. Also, some parents find the gentle swing motions too subtle even at the highest speed setting, so this may probably work best for infants who need only very gentle movements and not fussy toddlers

2. Fisher-Price Starlight Revolve Swing

This is also one of the best baby swings with Bluetooth. It has very nice features to entertain your baby, including mobile with a starlight show, an overhead mirror, and 16 soothing songs. It also rotates, which is a nice change from the standard head to toe or side to side motion.

The seat has soft fabrics and a newborn support pillow which is machine washable and can recline in two positions. It also doesn’t occupy much floor space; hence it is an excellent option for families with limited space.

With the SmartConnect app, you can control a whole lot including the lights projector, swing speed, select music, and sounds, and adjust volume right from your smart device! You can even set the timer for these features as well as save the combinations that work best for your little one to save you the hassle next time. It uses Ac plug-in powering mode only. You can read about my reviews of baby swings with AC plug-ins.

One of the main complaints is that since it’s a plug-in-only option, it is quite limiting in terms of where you can place it. The adapter cable is not long, and the manufacturer advises against using it with extension or plugging it anywhere else apart from the wall. You might need to evaluate to see if the swing will work with your home arrangement.

3. Fisher-price Owl Love You Deluxe Cradle n Swing with Smart Connect

This is another Fisher-Price version that is Bluetooth enabled. It is not as popular as the sister above, but it provides a variety of soothing features more than any other on this list. It offers two swing motions (side to side or front to back), 6 swing speeds, 16 melodies and white noise, and vibrations. It also has a mobile with a mirror and cute owl toys that your baby will be excited to play with.

You can easily control this swing while having your meal or chilling on your sofa from the SmartConnect app on your phone. This app will let you make adjustments to the soothing features and even save your baby’s favorite combination so you can use it next time without spending too much time doing trial and error.

Apart from being feature-rich and having Bluetooth connectivity, we also love how versatile this swing is. You can recline the seat in two positions for the comfort of newborns, and when you disconnect it from the base, it instantly transforms into a rocker! Not just that, even the legs fold up for easy storage or when you need to move it room to room. Did we mention it is also featherweight? It weighs just slightly over one pound, so it’s super easy to carry.

It is powered by plugging into the wall or batteries for convenience and portability, and fabrics and seat pads come off for easy cleaning by machine.

With so many benefits, you can understand why it is one of the most expensive. It is in the same price range as the 4momRoo. There were also a few complaints of failure of some functions after only a few uses.

4. Dream On Me, Zazu Cradling Swing Grey and Pink

The Zazu baby swing has many benefits to help with parenting, the first one being that it is Bluetooth enabled. But unlike the previous three, it doesn’t have an app. Instead, it has Bluetooth speakers that link directly to your phone to play your baby’s favorite nursery rhymes and soothing sounds from your phone. This way, you can make music selections to create a soothing environment to enable your baby to fall asleep easily, or you can play upbeat music for fun.

It is designed with a deep and cozy seat and a five-point harness to keep the baby secure. It gently rocks your baby from side to side and provides a slight incline. The seat pad is removable and can be thrown in the washer for a quick wash after a mess. You can easily carry this swing with one hand as it is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for tight spaces. And the fact that it can be plugged in or battery operated makes it easily portable.

This swing has an easy-to-use touch screen, but since you have to bend quite low, it would be better to use the remote control, which is included. There are two cute bunny toys overhead to keep your baby engaged and happy.

We also love that it comes with a removable canopy and mosquito net, making it suitable to use outdoors also. That way, your baby will be protected from the scorching sun and prying eyes of passersby, and bugs won’t be able to get in. There are not many baby swings that come with a canopy, so we really appreciate this feature.

Even though this swing has five-speed settings, many reviewers feel that there is not much difference. We also wish it had more recline options, seeing that it only has one which is fixed.

5. Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Baby Swing

Munchkin have a whole range of baby products, but recently they have also added their first baby swing, and it is sleek, smart, and Bluetooth enabled.

The swing is lightweight, compact, and comes apart into two pieces for easy storage-even under the crib. It provides gentle side-to-side motions just like parents do and plays eight soothing nature sounds and four songs.

The smart swing has an intuitive digital touch display to control the swing speed, sounds, and timer. Or you can use remote control, which is also included. We mentioned that it is Bluetooth-connected, but this is only to allow you to play sounds or music from your phone through the internal speakers in the swing. Also, just like the Zazu baby swing we saw earlier, it doesn’t have an app, so you can’t control other functions of the swing.

This baby swing is a plug-in-only option, and it comes with an AC adapter and USB cord. The seat pads are also removable and machine washable.

We wish that it had a five-point harness and that the speed variations could be significant enough that one would be able to tell the difference. Otherwise, this is a really great baby swing.

5/5 (1 Review)
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