Baby Tula Review vs Boba vs Lillebaby vs Toddler

What is Baby Tula?

Baby Tula is a Poland manufacturer of handcrafted baby carriers, mini toy carriers, blankets, infant inserts, Torba handbags, and kid’s backpacks. Below is their website’s homepage:

About baby Tula/where are Tula baby carriers made/why are Tula baby carriers so expensive?

Baby Tula was founded by Ula Tuszewicka in 2009, and its factories are based in Poland and Mexico, where they make unique and trendy carriers. Tula came about from the name Ula and the “T” from the initial of her last name. It started selling on-demand bases in Poland from small mommy groups and later expanded to stores in Poland than the US, and now their market has grown to 85 countries around the world.

If you have been shopping around for some carriers, you have probably noticed that the Tula carriers have a steep price tag compared to other brands and there are several reasons for that.

First, the carriers are made from top-quality 100% cotton textile and canvas, and they are then handcrafted, according to the company, by one person from start to finish. Talk about being artistic! You will also notice that they come in exquisite print patterns and designs you will not find anywhere else. Because of customers’ need for unique designs, some people have been reselling the Tula carriers four to five times their retail price. The rarer the print and design, the higher the pricier it is.

The other reason is these carriers are luxuriously soft and well-padded to be comfortable for the baby and parent. Additionally, they are designed to grow with your child from infancy until they are toddlers and preschoolers (at least 4-5 years). Some of their carriers also provide 6-in-1 carrying positions so you can wear the baby from the back and front-facing in and out.

In terms of safety, the carriers feature a wide seat, which gives an ergonomic position, and the design hugs around the baby’s back for spinal support. The wide belt is designed to reduce weight from the shoulders and distribute it around the parent’s hip area. 

Also, all their carriers allow breastfeeding and include a hood to nurse your little one discretely-no need to sit.

A lot of Tula lovers attest that it is easier to wear the baby in these carriers than in wraps and slings and it offers the same skin-to-skin contact for bonding.

Based on those factors, you can expect the price to be really pricey.

Baby Tula Standard

The Baby Tula carrier has two sizes; one for babies, and the other for toddlers. The former has a weight limit of 15 to 45 pounds while the latter is 25 to 60 pounds. That said, both models can be used to carry newborns and smaller babies weighing from 7 pounds with a Tula infant insert, which is sold separately. All other aspects are similar for both models.

The Tula Standard offers two ergonomic carrying positions; front and back, to allow your baby’s healthy hip and spine development.

The shoulder straps are well-padded and wide for comfort and, they can be adjusted to fit the wearer.

The waist belt is wide to help distribute weight evenly around the hips and keep it off your shoulders. On the front, there is a Velcro pocket for your storage needs. The belt is a one-size-fits-all for people with a waist of 28 to 61 inches.

If you prefer a breathable material suitable for hot weather, you can get the Baby Tula Coast Mesh Standard carrier. And all Tula models have the Coast Mesh version.

If you would like pictures and detailed descriptions to guide you on how to wear your Baby Tula Standard, you can do so here and can check the selections on Amazon here.

Baby Tula Explore

The Tula Explore features an innovative body panel with an adjustable design so you can find the perfect fit for your newborn, baby or toddler. It offers 6-in-1 carrying positions as follows:

Front carry infant, front carry baby, front carry toddler, forward-facing, back carry baby, back carry a toddler.

How to wear Baby Tula:

Infant positioning

Tula recommends preparing the carrier for your infant beforehand by doing the following:

  • Adjusting the width of the carrier to the narrowest setting
  • Securing the neck support pillow inside the carrier by tucking the end into the interior flaps.

NB: Infants should only be worn in the front and facing in only

Tula also recommends that the thigh support for babies 0-2 months be buttoned on to the top most outer panel button in this carrying mode.

Front carry facing in 

  • Place the waist belt with the panel at the center in the front of your body.
  • Hold the baby facing you with their legs in an “M” shaped position.
  • Use on hand to support the baby and the other to smooth the panel up the baby’s back.
  • While supporting the baby with one arm, slip the free arm through the strap and over your shoulders. Switch hands until you have worn the straps on both shoulders.
  • Reach behind your neck, and clip shut the buckle of the shoulder strap connector.
  • You can tighten or loosen your shoulder strap connector webbing to your comfort.
  • Adjust both shoulder straps by pulling forward on the webbing under the arms, tightening the straps for a snug fit, and it is comfortable for you and your baby.
  • The panel should be snugly around your baby, and support their torso.
  • Ensure that the baby is seated in the “M” position by having their bottom seating deeply in the panel above the waist belt and gently pushing up on their calves to assume this position.

Front carry facing out

  • Place the waist belt so that the panel is centered in front of your body.
  • Hold your baby against your chest, so they are facing outwards and support their thighs on one hand.
  • Using the free hand, smooth the panel up their front
  • Remember always to have the neck support below the baby’s chin whenever they are facing out.
  • With one arm supporting the baby, slip the other arm into the strap and then switch hands until you have worn the straps over your shoulders.
  • Reach behind your neck and clip the buckle.
  • Tightening or loosening the shoulder strap connector webbing to your comfort
  • Adjust shoulder straps by pulling on the webbing under the arms and tightening the straps for a comfortable fit for you and your baby.
  • Your baby’s arms should be between the under-arm webbing and shoulder straps and can move freely.
  • To ensure that the baby is comfortably seated, pivot their pelvis forward and pull the seat under their thighs.

Back Carry

NB: do not use this position if your baby has not yet gained full head, neck, and torso control.

  • Position the waist belt so that the panel is at the center on your back.
  • Slip one of the straps over one of your arms.
  • Place your child on the opposite hip.
  • Use the arm that is not inside the strap to move your child from your hip into the carrier and the other arm secures the baby. You will need to lean forward slightly to position the baby and have their weight resting on your back.
  • While maintaining your forward-leaning position, smooth the panel up your child’s back, and slip your free arm through the second strap.
  • Stand upright and clip the shoulder strap connectors together in front of your chest, and adjust to your comfort.
  • Ensure that your child’s bottom is seated deeply in the panel by pulling the shoulder straps upwards while you gently bounce the baby into the carrier, so the panel is reaching higher up your child’s back.
  • Adjust the carrier by pulling back on the adjustable straps under your arms for a snug fit around the leg openings and to support your child’s torso.
  • Gently push up on their calves so that the legs remain in the “M” position.

Baby Tula Free To Grow

You can use Tula Free-to-grow for your newborn (7 pounds) until they are toddlers weighing 45 pounds. And just like the Tula Explore, FTG has an adjustable panel that allows you to get the most comfortable fit for your baby.

It is a 3-in-1 carrier allowing you to carry your baby in the infant position, front facing in and back.

Also, like all the Tula models, it has plush shoulders and a wide waist belt for your comfort. The waist belt can be used by people of different body types from 27 to 57 inches waist.

It allows discrete breast feeding and has a front waist Velcro pocket where you can keep a few of your must-haves.

How to adjust Baby Tula

Baby Tula allows you to adjust the shoulder straps and width of the waistband using straps that you pull to loosen or tighten to your comfort, and then clip the buckles shut.

Baby Tula weight limit

  • 7 to 45 pounds for the Free-to-grow and Explore models
  • 15-45 pounds for the Standard Baby model
  • 25-60 pounds for the Standard Toddler model

How to wash Baby Tula

Tula recommends machine wash cold and air drying. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean. Also, do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine or optical brightener.

Can baby face outward in Tula/can baby face forward in Tula free to grow?

In both standard Tula and Tula free-to-grow, the baby can be carried from the front-facing in but not out.

Where to buy Tula baby carriers

Baby Tula carriers are available from Amazon, Baby Tula, eBay, and more stores around the world.

Tula Carrier Review


  • They come in very stylish designs and unique prints to match every lifestyle
  • They are lightweight and made from high quality materials
  • Even though they are handcrafted, you cannot see the stitching which makes them look great
  • Designed to grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood (7 to 60 pounds)
  • Very easy to use
  • Provide a comfortable and ergonomic seating position
  • They have a pouch where you can keep your essentials like keys and phone
  • They are very versatile, with an adjustable waistband that can fit slim to large body types comfortably
  • Easy to clean


  • It takes a bit of learning curve to master wearing and to take off the carrier
  • They do not include lumbar support
  • It is a bit challenging to adjust the straps on the back
  • The seat feels a bit too deep than other carriers, so you need to keep infant insert longer
  • Some moms feel self-conscious when carrying the baby on the back because the waistband creates a tummy bulge above it
  • It has limited carrying positions.

Baby Tula Canada

If you are in Canada, you can get Baby Tula carriers online from stores like Amazon, Lil Monkey Cheeks, Westcoast Kids, Fluffy Bottom Babies, Yellow Birch, Caterpillar Baby, and more stores.

Tula baby carrier for newborn

Tula Baby can be used for a newborn with an infant insert until they are 15 pounds. The insert provides the head and neck support they need and also gives them a cozy carrying position.

Explore and Free-to-grow models, on the other hand, are designed to carry a newborn without an insert, provided your infant is above 7 pounds.

Baby Tula Blankets

Tula Blankets are made from 100% viscose from bamboo, making them soft to the touch, light and breathable.

They are in three types:

  • Baby blanket- measuring 47 x 47 inches and perfect for swaddling, play space, etc. they can be bought in 3 packs also.
  • Cuddle me- measuring 59 x 79 inches, also made from 100% viscose from bamboo
  • Heirloom (minky) – made using exquisite woven material and soft minky fabric. They are great for cuddling and stroller rides.

Baby Tula backpack

Baby Tula backpacks allow kids to continue enjoying the same limited and trend setting prints they enjoyed as babies. The bags have the following features:

  • Unique and beautiful prints
  • Measures 4″ deep, 9″ high and 12″ wide with adjustable chest and arm straps suitable toddlers and bigger kids
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort
  • Easy to clean water resistant 100% polyester material
  • Plenty of storage with two large pockets on the front, and an interior pocket to help organize
  • Easy-to-use magnetic closures
  • A cute, retro looking name tag to mark your child’s backpack that includes Baby Tula’s motto, “Keep doing what you love”.
  • A quick-grab handle on the top panel of the bag.

Baby Tula Wrap

The Tula wrap is mostly referred to as a Tula Wrap Conversion. It is similar in structure to their carriers, but instead of the printed cotton material, the entire Wrap Conversion or parts of its panels are made from woven materials. These are the most expensive of the Tula collections and price varies depending on the wrap material used, length, and how intricate and rare the print is.

Baby Tula Coast Explore

Coastal Explore is the breathable version of the Baby Tula Explore. Every other aspect is similar to the Explore model. It is made from 100% cotton with a large mesh panel at the center of the front panel for ventilation. It offers 6-in-1 ergonomic carrying positions with baby front facing out, facing in and back. It carries newborns and babies weighing from 7 to 45 pounds.

Like other Tula carriers, it generously padded on the shoulders, waistband, leg opening, and has a neck support pillow.

It also has convenient features like a hood for privacy and protection, and a pouch on the waist band to keep a few essentials.

Baby Tula discount code

If you visit the Tula online store, they are giving a 25% off when you use the code NEWBORN at checkout.

Baby Tula vs Ergobaby vs Ergo 360

Baby TulaErgobabyErgobaby 360
Place of manufacture PolandChina, Vietnam, India China, Vietnam, India
Amazon Rating4.8/5 by 552 customers3.9/ 5 by 292 customers4.6/ 5 by 1583 customers
Material100% cotton100% cotton100% cotton
Weight capacity15-45 pounds and from 7 pounds with an insert (bought separately)12 to 45 pounds and from 7 pounds with an insert(bought separately)12 to 45 pounds and from 7 pounds with an insert(bought separately)
Carrying positionsFront inward Back carryFront inward facing
Hip carryBack carry
Front inward facingFront outward facing
Hip carry Back carry
Protection hood Yes, detachableYes, tuck awayYes, tuck away
Pockets Yes, a small Velcro pocketYes, zipperedNo pocket
Can breastfeed in carrieryesyesyes
Machine washableYes Yes Yes 
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Baby Tula vs Lillebaby

Baby TulaLillebaby
Place of manufacturePolandChina
Amazon rating4.8/5 by 552 customers4.5/5 by 2556 customers
Material 100% cottonVarious 
Weight capacity 15-45 pounds and from 7 pounds with an insert (bought separately)7 to 45 pounds (no insert needed)
Carrying positionsFront carry facing inBack carryFetal position Infant positionFront facing outToddler facing inHip carryBack carry
Protection hoodYes detachableYes, detachable
Lumbar supportNo Yes 
Pockets 1, small Velcro pocket2, one large zipped and a pouch
Straps X or H styleH style strapsBoth X and H style
Machine washableYes Yes 
Check PriceCheck Price

Tula baby vs Toddler

Tula babyToddler
Recommended ageNewborn (with a Tula insert)Baby ToddlerToddlerpreschooler
Weight limit15 to 45 pounds and from 7 pounds with an infant insert25 to 60 pounds
Carrying positionsFront carry facing inBack carryFront carry facing inBack carry
Can breastfeed Yes Yes 
Waist size28-61 inches28-61 inches
Price $121.18$143.65
Check PriceCheck Price

Baby Tula vs Boba

Baby TulaBoba 4G
Place of manufacturePolandChina 
Price $121.18$159.99
Amazon Rating4.8/5 by 552 customers4.5/5 by 703 customers
Material 100% cotton100% cotton
Weight capacity15 to 45 pounds and from 7 pounds with an insert(bought separately)7 to 45 pounds (comes with an integrated insert)
Carrying positionsFront facing inBack carryFront facing inBack carry
Waist belt capacity28-61 inches25-58 inches
Pockets 1 waist Velcro  pocketMultiple pockets, one on waist has a zipper
Breastfeeding abilityYes Yes 
Machine washableYes Yes 
Protection hoodDetachable hoodDetachable hood
Strap holders No Yes 
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