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Babymoov is a UK company that was established in 1998 and is known for a number of baby products including the low emission Babymoov baby monitor and the Babymoov Touchscreen baby monitor which we’ve reviewed here at BMC. In 2014, Babymoov launched in the US.

Babymoov claims that baby monitor brands emit 95% lower electromagnetic emission compared to traditional baby monitors. Not sure whether this is part of the reason their baby monitor brands are relatively more expensive compared to traditional baby monitors such as Eufy or Infant Optics (or at least those brands in Amazon). Babymoov baby monitor brands are sold by BabyMonitorDirect, a retailer in the UK and a few brands are also available on Amazon.

BabyMoov Baby Monitor Review

Babymoov baby monitor is one of the baby monitors with the lowest EMF emission levels. The table below is a snapshot for the SAR Report submitted to FCC following an independent EMF testing by TA Technology Company in March 2015. Babymoov baby monitors are voice-activated and that limits the amount of radiation it emits. It limits its EMF emissions to only when a signal is actually being relayed from the camera to the parent unit of Babymoov.

snapshot showing BabyMoov EMF Level among the lowest

As per the EMF reading, Babymoov emits EMF levels of 0.122 W/kg to 0.45W/kg which are significantly lower than the FCC’s maximum emission limit of 1.6W/kg. It has been regarded as one of the lowest emission baby monitors in the market in 2019 but unfortunately, as of this publication, the BabyMoov baby monitor is not available on Amazon. Other variations are however available. You can read more on baby monitor radiations and how you can be safe.

You can download the full FCC report here.

The video below highlights the risk that comes with high RF radiation devices:

Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor

Babymoov Yoo-Travel Long Life Battery Video Baby Monitor

Babymoov video baby monitor Yoo-Feel is Babymoov’s travel baby monitor that is sold on BabyMonitorsDirect and on Amazon. It has been available on Amazon since August 2018 but it appears that there is a huge price difference between Amazon prices and the BabyMonitorDirect prices. Amazon price is more than double the Babymonitordirect cost. You can check its current price on Amazon here.

babymoov video baby monitor yoo travel review

Here are the features:

  • Very long battery life for a video baby monitor in the market boasting of over 24 hours. This makes it very ideal for travel.
  • A small color screen of 2.4 inches with 180 degrees field of view.
  • It has infrared night vision and digital zoom of up to 2x.
  • Limited sound interference
  • On-screen temperature display
  • Sound and visual alarms making it very ideal for parents with hearing impairments.
  • 2-way talk enabling you to talk to your baby
  • In three different color selections, black, blue and white
  • Supports English and Italian languages

BabyMoov Visio Care Video Baby Monitor

  • 2.4-inch color screen with a digital zoom of up to 2x
  • Touch buttons to control volume, brightness
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Temperature sensors.
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