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Babysense video baby monitor made it to Motherhood HQ’s List of top reliable FHSS non-wifi baby monitors of 2022. In fact, Babysense was in the top 5 behind other best-selling brands such as Eufy Spaceview and Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro. Babysense has performed well as a simple, low-cost baby monitor that has all the basic functionalities that you’d expect from a baby monitor that does not depend on the internet.

Babysense best baby monitor with night vision
Babysense video baby monitor

This review will give you a detailed overview of the Babysense video baby monitor with a 3.5-inch screen and 2.4-inch screens. This article also has helpful guidelines, comparative tables, troubleshooting guidelines, add-on features and Babysense user manuals (downloadable).

In addition, Babysense video baby monitor has been rated as the best non-wifi baby monitor with 2 parent units. With a Babysense video monitor, you can purchase an additional parent unit or additional camera unit.

Babysense has released a number of brands over the years and in 2020, it released its two split-screen monitors that have received great reviews in the market. It is also top in our list of best split-screen baby monitors in the market today.

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Babysense Company

Babysense is manufactured by Hisense Ltd, a company specializing in baby monitoring products since 1991 with operations in 35 countries. Hisense is ISO certified and takes pride with the fact that it has been in operations for over 30 years supporting families to monitor the little ones. Babysense is retailed by BabyMonitorDirect, a subsidiary of Hisense and the only authorized dealer of Babysense in USA. You can read more about Hisense on their website here.

Below is a Snapshot from Babysense’s website:

About Hisense Snapshot from Hisense Website

Babysense Brands (V24US vs. V35US Models)

Hisense released three brands of Babysense video baby monitors, one with one digital camera, another with two digital cameras and another with a 3.5 inch LCD screen. The first two brands have 2.4 inch LCD screens. The 2.4-inch screen Babysense video baby monitors were released in 2017 while the Babysense video baby monitor with the 3.5-inch screen was released in January 2019. Babysense is currently among the top-selling baby monitors in the market and has been lauded for a few things among them being baby security and safety. Babysense uses 2.4 GHz FHSS transmission technology that guarantees 100% privacy as it does not rely on the internet.

Hisense manufacturers video baby monitors and movement movements. The Babysense video baby monitor brands are listed on the table below:

 Babysense V24 ModelBabysense V35 Model
Release DateMarch 2017Jan 2019
Comes with:1 Camera1 Camera
Screen Size2.4 Inches3.5 Inches
Comes with (lenses)NoWide-angle lens
Manual Pan & Tilt360 degrees pan
and 60 degrees tilt
360 degrees pan,
90 degrees tilt
Range900 ft.960 ft.
Zoom2 X2X

Videos Reviewing Babysense

The video below has detailed unboxing process of Babysense baby monitor with 2.4 inch screen and one camera.

Features of Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense has been praised for the following features:

  1. Temperature monitoring – Babysense gives you an alert when the room temperature in the baby nursery goes beyond a certain range.
  2. Automatic night vision – Babysense has a number of infrared LED lights that automatically detects low light environments and activate the infrared vision.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

For additional $20, you can purchase the babysense video baby monitor with two cameras. This is ideal if you are looking to monitor twins or kids in two rooms and want to be able to view them using one parent display unit. It comes with 2.4 inch screen which allows you to toggle between the feed from the two cameras.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras (Video Review)

Babysense Video Baby Monitor With 3.5′ Screen

In early 2019, Hisense released Babysense video baby monitor with a larger screen compared to the earlier versions which had 2.4 inch screens.

babysense video baby monitor 3.5 inch screen

Video Review of BabySense Video Baby Monitor with 3.5′ Screen

You may be wondering whether Babysense Video baby monitor is comparable to other baby monitors with Apps such as Arlo baby or Miku and I am sad to disappoint. Babysense video baby monitor does not have an app. Just like other non-wifi monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8, Babysense uses FHSS transmission technology which enables the transfer of signals from the camera unit to the display unit of the dedicated parent unit. Although FHSS uses 2.4 GHz frequency band, it does not support unlimited-range signal transfer as the DSSS technology used by wifi baby monitors.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor Manuals

The steps of installing and pairing your Babysense V24US model and V35US models are outlined in the manuals that come with the packaging box. In case you don’t have access to it, we have a downloadable PDF version of the Babysense video baby monitor user manuals below. Click on the right user manual you’re interested in the two options:

Babysense Camera – The Additional Babysense Video Camera

The Babysense add-on cameras are among the cheapest of all additional cameras of non-wifi baby monitors that BMC has reviewed. Some of the competitors of Babysense such as Infant Optics DXR 8 and Eufy Spaceview sell their add-on camera for more than double Babysense’s prices. Here is a link to V24US add-on camera and a link to V35US add-on camera on Amazon. A quick comparison indicated that the V35US model has a cheaper add-on camera as of July 2019.

Babysense Camera unit V35US Model
Babysense Camera of V35US Model

The additional Babysense camera allows you to monitor multiple rooms or perhaps your twins in separate rooms at a relatively lower cost. In addition, the Babysense display units in both the V24US and the V35US models allows you to avoid multiple baby monitors or multiple screens when monitoring twins. That is why Babysense was among out top-rated baby monitors for twins, coming behind Axvue E632 and VTech 321-2, other dual-camera baby monitors that have split-screen viewing. It is important to note that Babysense does not have split-screen viewing feature and you need to manually switch from one camera to another. This is the only disadvantage of Babysense as a twins monitor.

You should also note that it is possible to purchase and use two parents units in with your Babysense. Both models allow you to purchase an additional parent unit making it easy for two parents to each have a parent unit if you sleep in separate rooms. Here is a link to the add-on parent unit on Amazon.

Babysense Vs Infant Optics DXR 8:

The table below shows the fine difference between the two best non-wifi baby monitors, the Babysense and Infant Optics DXR 8:

 Babysense Video Baby MonitorInfant Optics DXR 8
Screen Size2.4 Inch and 3.5 Inch screens3.5 Inch
Wide Angle lens includedYes in V35US modelNo
Range960 ft.700 ft.
Add-on CamerasYesYes
Add-on Parent UnitYesNo
Cameras it supports44
Automatic Night VisionYesYes
Number of Cameras it comes with:21
Pan & TiltManualRemote
Pan360 degrees170 degrees
Tilt90 degrees for V35US model and 60 degrees for V24US model110 degrees
Video Resolution640 x 480(VGA)640 x 480(VGA)
Two-way talkYesYes

From the above comparative table, we can see that Babysense is better than Infant Optics DXR 8 in some features and Infant Optics DXR 8 is also great with some features. For example, if you intend to monitor twins, it is clear that Babysense takes a clear lead as it comes with 2 cameras and is significantly cheaper than Infant Optics. With Infant Optics, you can buy an add-on camera but it is relatively expensive.

Babysense Night Vision

Babysense video baby monitor with infrared night vision have received acclaim for night vision because of its infrared LED lights that enable Babysense cameras to capture clear images of your baby. It has automatic night vision feature with a range of 15 ft, comparable to Eufy and Infant Optics which have 13 to 16 ft. ranges.

Infant Optics DXR 8 is lacking in a few features such as:

  • No lullabies
  • Limited pan
  • Limited range of 700 compared to 900 ft. (for V24US) and 960ft.(for V35US) of Babysense.
  • Does not come with a wide-angle lens

Both non-wifi monitors have equal screen size and resolution but Babysense in lacking in the following feature:

  • Manual pan and tilt. You have to manually adjust the Babysense camera to focus on the position you intend. Infant Optics’ cameras can be controlled and adjusted remotely to fit the required pan and tilt

In conclusion, I am very impressed with the performance and the reliability of Babysense as a non-connected baby monitor that does not rely on the internet. Although other baby monitors such as Infant Optics and Hellobaby may have a few features that make them better with some aspects of monitoring, Babysense is equally great and is cheaper.

You can read more about all our top non-wifi baby monitors here to learn how Babysense does in comparison with our hack-proof FHSS monitors such as Hellobaby, Eufy, Motorola MBP36XL, Campark, and Infant Optics.

Babysense video baby monitor amazon

Babysense 3.5 Inch Screen
Babysense 3.5 Inch Screen (link to Amazon)
Babysense 2 Digital Cameras
Babysense 2 Digital Cameras (link to Amazon)
Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch Screen with 2 Cameras
Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch Screen with 2 Cameras (link to Amazon)
Babysense Video Baby Monitor with one camera (link to Amazon)

Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen Baby Monitor

Babysense’s split-screen model is one of the latest addition to Babysense’s catalog of baby monitors. This split-screen brand has a large 4.3-inch LCD screen and as of this update, it is the 16th best-selling baby monitor brand on Amazon and is relatively inexpensive compared to other split-screen monitors and non-wifi monitors we’ve reviewed. It costs less than $100 with occasional sales/discounts that can get you saving up to 15%. You can track all baby gear deals here.

Babysense 4.3-inch split screen discount

You can also go with the model that comes with 2 cameras and supports split-screen viewing as shown below:


  • Has a vivid 4.3” LCD color video screen that provides you with a clear view of what your baby is doing
  • Uses a 2.4GHz FHSS Technology and a wide range transmission of 960ft  that provides 24/7 undisrupted connection with very clear audio and video
  • Has a superior 2-way talkback technology that allows you to sing a lullaby to your child for a calm sleeps session
  • Has a 2* digital zoom with an integrated and fully motorized  Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) function, which enables you to watch the baby from any angle of her room. The baby monitor has a manual pan of up to 360 degrees and a Tilt of up to 90 degrees.
  • Has an Auto Infrared Night Vision that allows you to watch your baby even in darkness
  • Has a long battery life that ensures you long recordings of your baby
  • It has a split-screen on the Parent Unit, which enables you to monitor different angles of the baby’s room at the same time.


  • The baby monitor alerts you when the batteries are low or when you are out of range
  • The baby monitor is easy to use
  • You can sue the monitors away from the baby’s room upto 960ft
  • You can watch two angles of the baby’s room simultaneously on the parent unit because of its split-screen function
  • It is more affordable compared to similar baby monitors


  • The zoom feature is very grainy, especially at night, which makes it hard for you to check the breathing patterns of the baby.
Does babysense video baby monitor have an app

No, there is no babysense video baby monitor app as it is not a wifi-connected baby monitor.

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