7 Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding 2022

In my today’s review of the best baby carriers and slings for breastfeeding, CuddleBug Baby Sling and Carrier stand out as the top choice. When you slip it on like a t-shirt, it leaves extra fabric that gives you privacy when nursing your baby, making it comfy to do it even in public. Most moms have said that the carrier’s newborn and breastfeeding ties were most useful for them during nursing. In addition, this slip-on design keeps your hands free which also makes it one of the best carriers for nursing and walking at the same time option in the list.

With most baby sling carriers, all you need to do is reposition your baby so his or her head can reach your breasts. You can do this by adjusting the wrap tie but make sure that your baby’s head is comfy to prevent the risk of suffocation. All in all, proper breastfeeding while carrying your baby depends on how good your carrier’s or sling’s neck support is and how tall your baby is. If the carrier has good neck support and has good length, it would be fine.

7 Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding and Nursing Moms

7 Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding and Nursing Moms – Reviews

#1. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling – by CuddleBug (Overall best)

Our overall best baby carrier for breastfeeding is the Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling. It is a wrap-style baby carrier for breastfeeding that allows you to carry a baby that is up to 30 lbs heavy. It does take some practice to tie this baby carrier to your body, but its stretchy fabric allows you to wear the baby carrier for both inward and outward-facing babies (older babies). 

The extra fabric available with the Baby Wrap Ergo has no buckles, which means that it is perfect for nursing mothers who require a bit of privacy when nursing in the public. What’s more, the fabric is machine washable and, therefore, won’t be requiring extra effort in cleaning it for its next use.

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
One size fits all
95% cotton 5% spandex
Easy wearing

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#2. Bable Baby Carrier Hip Seat, 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

My second-best baby carrier for nursing is the Bable Baby Carrier Hip Seat 360. Bable carrier is a structured convertible baby carrier for breastfeeding with so many features for the modern nursing mom. This carrier has won a CBMC (Canada Business Model Competition) award. It features a Swiss-army design with a phone pocket, cotton bib, a breastfeeding cover, and a bottle holder. 

This is among the most ergonomic carriers with a waist belt that is designed to alleviate back and stomach pain. To top it all off, this baby carrier for breastfeeding also features a special hood to offer nursing moms their much-needed privacy when breastfeeding in public areas. 

Breathable mesh for all seasons use
Widened shoulder pads & multiple force points to reduce pressure
30-day risk-free money back guarantee
24-month warranty

#3. Black Baby Sling Carrier Wrap by Cozitot

The Black Baby Sling Carrier by Cozitot is another splendid wrap-style baby carrier for breastfeeding. The manufacturer of this baby carrier promises a baby carrier that does not stretch out or sag and offers a 100% money back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied with the quality of the carrier. 

This carrier offers more length and width in fabric, which means that all a nursing mom needs to do is pull the front of the carrier up for privacy when breastfeeding her baby. The carrier is available in a range of sizes from XS to XXL and can, therefore wrap up babies up to the weight of 35 lbs. That is more than sufficient for most mothers. What’s more, its fabric can be washed in a dry cleaning machine, which allows you to pay maximum attention to the development of your baby.

Privacy during breastfeeding
7.5 to 35 lbs. weight limit
Works for Preemies

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#4. 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling by Kids N’ Such

The 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling is a ring sling carrier with a postpartum belly belt. It is one of the most structurally versatile baby carriers for breastfeeding allowing your baby full access to your breast when nursing. This baby carrier for breastfeeding is perfect for nursing on demand, whether in public or in the privacy of your home. 

This baby carrier features a soft and stretchy fabric that is machine washable and will, therefore, not need much of your precious time to clean. What’s more, this baby carrier offers a long wrap fabric that can easily accommodate even the tiniest of newborns. 

4 carrying positions
Fully adjustable ring slings
Ideal for breastfeeding
Hassle-free return policy & lifetime guarante

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#5. Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

With a fabric structure that supports your baby’s head and neck, the Baby K’tan offers a truly hands-free experience when handling your newborn. Its double loop design evenly distributes the baby’s weight across your back and shoulders allowing you to carry your baby for as long as possible. 

This award-winning baby carrier for breastfeeding is available in a variety of sizes, which means mothers of all sizes are accommodated by the carrier’s fabric. It is designed to promote and enhance breastfeeding in each of its features including the sling, wrap, and position (Hug, hip, etc.)

5 babywearing positions
Available in XXS to XL carrier sizes
100% lightweight cotton fabric
Patented double-loop design for baby safety

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#6. Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

This Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier from Tula is a great hands free nursing carrier option. Perfect for babies with at least 7 lb. weight, this baby carrier does not require an infant booster. Instead, it comes with two height settings that you adjust as your baby grows. These adjustable heights also come in handy when you are nursing your little one.

Baby Tula brand has become very popular for giving the best baby carriers that are user-friendly and beautiful. Many mothers who have nursed their babies using this carrier say that adjusting the height gives your baby easy access to your breasts for easy breastfeeding. The removable hood with snaps also come in handy in providing maximum safety when nursing.

Two adjustable heights & three width settings
Machine washable fabric
Recommended for 7 to 45 lbs. weight

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#7. LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

With 6 different ergonomic carrying positions, this Complete All Seasons baby carrier from LILLEbaby is an excellent breastfeeding carrier. Most parents that have used this carrier says it is the perfect choice for any breastfeeding mom. To nurse your little angel, all you need to do is undo the clip in the back of the shoulders and let shoulder strap on the side you are going to feed on loose. When Complete the waist belt is lowered slightly, it positions your baby at a more optimal height that is comfy for breastfeeding.

On top of that, this baby carrier’s front features a zip that reveals a breathable mesh to help control your baby’s temperature when breastfeeding or walking or shopping. You will also love the removable hood and extended torso that maintains privacy and protection while sleeping or breastfeeding.

6 carrying positions
Unique lumbar support headrest
Two adjustable straps for hassle-free breastfeeding

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Other excellent baby carriers for breastfeeding that I did not include in my review include FRUITEAM 6-in-1 Baby Carrier and honeyroo Baby Carrier.

Guide to Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding

What are Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding?

Baby carriers are very helpful for holding your baby to your body without straining your back or hands. Unlike the other baby carriers, baby carriers for breastfeeding feature support structures that enable your baby to access your breasts for nursing. Baby carriers for breastfeeding tend to be softer and more flexible to allow more positional adjustments that the former pack-style carriers do not.

It is essential for every mother looking to invest in a baby carrier for breastfeeding to know that babies nurse differently at their different stages of development. For instance, newborns nurse best in a reclined position. In this instance, a sling-type carrier would be best to give the baby sufficient support when accessing his food. Once he gets older and his neck is able to support his head, you can adjust the carrier to encourage him to feed in an upright position and allow his legs to dangle freely below the carrier. 

What do You Look for in the Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding?

Most carriers will enable you to breastfeed your baby. The biggest concern is finding the right baby carrier for breastfeeding is comfort; for you as well as your baby. There are a couple of factors you should put in perspective before investing your hard-earned money in a baby carrier. 

Baby Positioning
Regardless of your preferred carrier, newborn babies prefer a frog-style seating position. It is, therefore, essential to consider which position your baby will be at when nursing and if the carrier will allow him to comfortably switch positions. The baby carrier should also be able to comfortably support his back and torso. When he gets older, you could adjust your baby carrier to allow him to freely hang his legs below.
It is also essential that your baby carrier for breastfeeding allows air passage while nursing. You should be able to see your baby’s head, whichever position or style you prefer. Also, make sure to check him periodically to ensure his nose is not obstructed while breastfeeding.
Type of Carrier
You must also consider whether or not you will be carrying or breastfeeding your baby for long stretches of time. If so, you will want to invest your money in a more structured carrier. Since it hangs across one shoulder, a sling carrier may cause back pains when used for long stretches of time. Structured baby carriers are the best for extended carriage and breastfeeding.

How do you wrap a sling for breastfeeding?

Wrapping a sling for nursing your baby depends on the type and the length of the fabric as some are more versatile than others. Most slings offer one safe way to nurse your baby which is the cradle position. You can hold your breasts in either the C-hold or scissors hold positions to bring your breasts closer to your baby’s head. With the U-hold, it might be harder to breastfeed in a sling without affecting your baby’s comfort.

Video showing how to breastfeed in a sling

How do you breastfeed in a wrap carrier?

When breastfeeding your baby in an ergonomic baby carrier, it gives you an option between an upright and cradle position. The most suitable position with wraps is the upright one.

With the upright latching position, you will need to raise your breast nearer to your baby’s mouth while supporting the breast with one hand. There are three ways to hold your breast when breastfeeding in the upright position, including C-hold, (thumb on the top & other fingers beneath the breasts) scissors hold (forefinger & thumb on top and others beneath), and U-hold (all fingers underneath your breast). The third one, however, is a little fussy when nursing in your baby carrier.

When breastfeeding your small baby in a wrap carrier, ensure that keeps his or her head or body in a proper position. Practice doing this with a lot of patience before moving around. For extra privacy when nursing your little one, you can use the shoulder fabric piece to cover your breasts.

What are the Different Types of Baby Carriers for Nursing Moms?

We all want what’s best for our children, and when they are little, there are few better things to invest in than in a baby carrier for breastfeeding. Some baby carriers are better equipped to facilitate breastfeeding than others. That necessitates reading the product descriptions carefully before investing your money in one. 

While all front-facing baby carriers should be able to offer your baby access to your breast, you still want to make sure you are purchasing the best carrier for your baby’s size, age, and weight. These factors go a long in affecting your comfort while wearing it and determine whether your baby will get the most out of the baby carrier.

Widely referred to as a “ring sling”, sling carriers are an exceptional way to introduce yourself and your baby to baby carriers. They are completely adjustable and allow the baby to suckle in recline, and can then be adjusted to the upright position for better digestion. 
Wrap carriers, as the name suggests, offer a long piece of fabric to wrap around yourself and your baby. Wrap carriers are great if you want to cover your baby’s head while he is nursing, and offer you more privacy than other types of baby carriers for breastfeeding. 
Soft Structured Carriers
Structured carriers feature buckles, and fasteners/ ties. Unlike the baby carrier types featured above, structured baby carriers feature a comfortable top that you could wear and allow the baby to access you. We all know how hectic it is to unharness or untie a baby carrier while you bunch up your shirt. Structured carriers offer an exceptional solution to this problem. 

What Makes Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding Different from Other Baby Carriers?

According to our research, there is not much difference between baby carriers for breastfeeding and other front-facing baby carriers. Nursing while carrying your baby is not only a matter of comfort but also a necessity in today’s busy world.  Finding a baby carrier that allows you to breastfeed your baby and also adjust feeding positions based on the baby’s size, age, and weight is every mother’s dream. 

Coverage and privacy are two of the top concerns of mothers all over the globe. How and where you breastfeed your baby is determined by your baby carrier’s coverage. When nursing in public, most mothers prefer baby carriers with nursing covers to alleviate the baby’s discomfort and offer you privacy. However, you should be aware that not all babies like being covered up when breastfeeding. 
Babies must be able to switch sides, lie down while nursing, and re-adjust to a reclined position for digestion, especially newborns or infants. Baby carriers for breastfeeding should be able to allow all the above movements without causing harm or discomfort to the mother or the baby. Therefore, they have to be softer and feature a less rigid structure to allow the baby to feed in multiple positions. 
Hard fabrics such as nylon or canvas can irritate the baby’s skin when switching feeding positions. No mother would want this for their baby. It is best to purchase a baby carrier for breastfeeding that is mostly made out of cotton. Spandex for stretch is the most appropriate when using a sling or wrap baby carrier. 

How do Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding Work?

The best carrier for breastfeeding should feel comfortable on you as well as your baby. It should also allow your baby to access your breast without a fuss. Some baby carriers will hold your baby in full recline while others are structured to hold your baby in an upright position. Your choice will be determined mostly by the age, size, and weight of your baby. The baby carrier should also be soft and flexible to hold your baby without putting stress on your back or on the baby.

Breastfeeding your young one is top among the most essential things you can do for your son or daughter. It is also one of the closest bonding moments you can have with your baby. It is, therefore, in your best interests to find the right baby carrier for breastfeeding your baby. 

All mothers want to carry their young ones in a baby carrier that allows them to nurse without putting themselves or the baby in an uncomfortable position. The right nursing will not only nourish your baby’s immune system, but also lessen postpartum distress, and increase your milk supply. To top all that off, it will also encourage the healthy development of your baby and develop a strong bond between mother and child. What more would you want in a baby carrier? All the featured carriers above will offer your baby effortless access to your breast for nursing and help you build the bond between you and your baby.