It is never too early to start exposing your child to the wonderful world of dolls. Baby dolls are your baby’s first best friend and can provide hours of entertainment and educational value.

Dolls provide a way for children to learn about relationships, as well as practice caring for someone else. They can also be a tool for exploring new emotions and situations.

When it comes to choosing the best baby dolls for a one-year-old, there are a few things to consider. The most important factor is ensuring that the doll is safe for your child to play with. Look for dolls made from soft materials, without any small parts that could come loose and be swallowed.

If you are looking for a baby doll that your child can care for, the best option is one with a removable outfit. This will give your child the opportunity to change the doll’s diaper and dress it in different clothes. It can also help teach them basic hygiene skills.

If you are looking for a more interactive play experience, consider choosing a baby doll that talks or sings. These dolls can help foster imagination and storytelling skills.

Ultimately, the best baby doll for a one-year-old is the one that your child is most interested in playing with. Let them choose the doll they want to take home, and be sure to provide plenty of opportunities for them to interact with it.

Reviews of the Best Baby Dolls For A One-Year-Old

1. Classic So-Soft Baby Doll

Classic’s So Soft Baby Doll is the best baby doll for one-year-old girls. The pink color of this classic baby doll makes it stand out from other dolls in the market. This doll has a satin belly that your little girl can peek into, adding to its allure. The soft body and sturdy head make this doll perfect for hugging and cuddling by your little girl. This Classic So Soft Baby Doll is machine washable making it easy to clean after your child uses it.

  • Wonderful plush toy that many kids may never outgrow
  • Completely safe for babies with no items that can be pulled off
  • Sturdy, soft & huggable
  • Perfect vintage style
  • Complaints about quality
  • Different colors in what is marketed & what is delivered

2. Gloveleya Baby Girl Gifts Soft

Looking for a soft and colorful baby doll toy set? Look no further than Gloveleya’s Plush Baby Doll toys set. Made of super-soft polyester fibers and plush, this doll is sure to be a favorite with your little one. The high-quality materials used guarantee extra durability, and the doll can even be machine washed. A wonderful gift for children’s birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions, this Plush Baby Doll is perfect for girls of all ages.

This is a very cute and soft doll for girls. It is so soft and realistic, the baby girl will love it! This plush doll can be used as a real baby to hug or play with like her own baby. The size of the plush baby doll for a girl is 16 Inches in standing. The doll is wearing a green dress with embroidered flowers, brown hair decored with flowers. It is the dream doll of every little girl.

  • Many buyers say they are giftable
  • Extremely soft, cute, cuddly & well-made
  • Good value for money
  • Perfect for small babies to toddlers
  • Reported imperfections in sewing
  • Quality control needs improvement

3. HABA Snug-up Dolly Luisa 8″ My First Baby Doll

The HABA Snug-Up Dolly Luisa is an ultra-soft 8-inch baby doll that makes an ideal companion for any kiddo. Snuggly Sweet Luisa comes dressed in her beautiful pink pajamas and a hat which is made from fleece plush. This soft fabric is ideal for soothing any baby.

This baby doll is designed for ages birth and up and has printed on charming blue eyes, mouth, and nose. As such, it is safe if your little one decides to chew. Luisa can also sit on your baby’s nursery shelf. As your little one plays with dolls, they are likely to get dirty. Luisa is machine washable, so you do not have to worry about maintaining proper hygiene.

If you are looking for a doll that helps promote your little one’s emotional development while enhancing a feeling of comfort and security, this is it! HABA also has a boys version, Snug-Up Doll Luis 8” First Boy Baby Doll. HABA has more than 72 years of experience in this field.

  • Perfect size for little hands to hold
  • Soft fabric & machine washable
  • Well-made with safe & chewable material
  • Adorable design for baby girls
  • Some parents are concerned since the doll is made in China
  • Quality control needs rework

4. ADORA Playtime Little Prince 13 inch Baby Boy Doll

Are you on the hunt for the most ideal baby doll for 1 year old boy? ADORA got your needs covered with their Playtime Little Prince baby doll. This 13-inch doll comes in the right size for your baby boy’s hands and is crafted using a proprietary GentleTouch vinyl. Your kiddo will love the soft feel, fresh baby powder scent, and silky body.

To help encourage nurturing, the Playtime Little Prince comes with a baby bottle for feeding time. The removable on-trend outfit is perfect for your little boy’s pretend play fun. This baby doll looks very real and imitates what kids do at a young age. The Little Prince opens and closes his eyes, and he can even suck his thumb! Your boy will love him as his sleep companion. He also has a weighted bean bottom that allows him to sit comfortably.

This doll is machine washable, so you do not have to worry even he is caught up in your baby’s messes while eating or playing.

  • Most parents say it is durable & does not fall apart quickly
  • Adorable, soft cuddly doll with sleeping eyes
  • Great size even for toddlers
  • Excellent choice for baby boys
  • Complaints about a strong smell
  • Quality control needs improvement

5. Madame Alexander 12″ My First Powder Pink

Madame Alexander is yet another great choice for the first baby doll for 1 year old that you will find on the market today. These little cute baby dolls come in 3 styles, including the Dark Skin, Medium Skin, and Light Skin Tones in lavender, mint, and powder pink colors. My First Powder Pink is our favorite.

This 12-inch baby doll comes dressed in a comfy outfit with a soft fabric body that your newborn can cuddle at any time. We liked the light skin tone and blue eyes that make this doll super cute, as well as the soft vinyl head and build that makes it perfect for your baby’s little hands to grasp. The doll is made with non-toxic materials and does not come apart easily which makes it safe for your little one.

If you are looking for a lovely gift for your little one or an addition to their nursery’s or room doll collection, Madame Alexander has approx. 100 years of experience and offers what you need.

  • The doll is super cute, soft & cuddly
  • Very easy & comfy for baby to hold
  • Good quality with affordable pricing
  • Perfect size for newborns & toddlers alike
  • Complaints with shipment & deliveries on Amazon
  • Parents dislike the thin material which they say sheds so much fuzz

6. Playtime by Eimmie Soft Rag Doll 

This Soft Rag Doll from Playtime by Eimmie makes an excellent first doll for baby girl choice. Designed and marketed as safe for all ages, this baby doll comes in 8 different colors ideal for both boys and girls at varying price tags. The brand is one of the well-known names in the doll furniture and clothing space.

The Playtime by Eimmie rag dolls is crafted using incredibly soft plush material making them ideal cuddle friends for your kiddo. The nose, eyes, and mouth of these rag dolls are embroidered, and they feature removable clothing that allows for outfit changes. These rag dolls are well-made for durability and strength.

The dolls can be used anywhere and come in a convenient size that allows your little one to bring them on trips in a car or plane.

  • Safe for all kids ages
  • Dolls are soft, cuddly & cute
  • Kids love the cheerful, friendly doll expression
  • Good value for money
  • Complaints about the hair pulling out easily

7. Kidoozie Snug and Hug Baby Doll

The Snug & Hug Baby Doll from Kidoozie made it our review today as one of the safe baby dolls for 1 year old that your young girl will love. This adorable doll comes with lifelike features such as blue sleep eyes and a removable jumper and headband in a soft and cuddly build that she will love.

This baby doll comes in a set that is perfect for broadening your toddler or preschooler’s mental abilities through creative play. It teaches skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and complex reasoning that encourage your kiddo’s healthy development. For instance, this doll set includes a removable diaper and bottle that helps improve your little girl’s hand-eye coordination.

The cutie baby doll measures 12 inches which is a perfect size for their little hands. Most parents rank it highly for features such as value for money, durability, and being giftable.

  • Small enough for girls to carry around
  • Cute, soft & cuddly for kids
  • Provides engaging activities without being overwhelming
  • Parents are happy with the look & feel of the dolls
  • The bottle lid comes off easily which causes a choking hazard
  • A few complaints about the stuffing coming out which questions quality

8. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Doll

This Brilliant Basics Baby’s 1st Doll from Fisher-Price is among the best first baby doll for 6 month old that is worth the value for your money. This huggable baby doll comes in a beautiful pink color and is ready to delight your little one with every jiggle.

The baby doll provides a wonderful way to foster nurturing early role play in your kiddo and is very easy to hold and hug. This cuddling gives your little angel a sense of comfort and security which is engaging if you want to work on other tasks. Your little one will love how the funny rattle sounds this doll makes every time they shake it during play.

  • Nice size & adorable toy for little girl
  • Kids enjoy giggling the people around them
  • Super soft, huggable & giftable
  • Great value for money
  • Some parents say the doll is very small
  • Complaints about color limitations
  • Overpriced

9. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Soft First Baby Doll

This Baby Stella Soft First Baby Doll from Manhattan Toy concludes our review of the best baby dolls for one-year-old. The dolls come in 6 fabric skin tones and hairstyles with cloth dolls for both boys and girls. They vary slightly in price and are ranked well in terms of thickness, softness, toughness, and value for money. Baby Stella is our favorite.

This doll features a soft clump of fleece hair with a pink hair ribbon as well as a pink striped onesie that has a fabric hook and loop closure for easy doll outfit changes. It also comes with a magnetic pacifier that many kids find super fun to stick in and out of the doll’s mouth. Your kiddo will love the warm smile and the open arms embrace that tells them the doll is ready to be hugged. It has many life-like features and embroidered facial features that make it adorable and safe to chew.

If you are looking for a giftable baby doll that inspires your baby to role-play, nurture, and care, Baby Stella is a terrific choice. Manhattan Toys offer high-quality dolls for all ages at a fair price.

  • Gorgeous high-quality doll
  • Soft & ideal for kids with separation anxiety
  • Fun features & babies enjoy cuddling them
  • Affordable pricing
  • Complaints about inconsistent quality
  • Could be sturdier

How do I choose a baby doll?

Safety is the first thing you should consider when picking a doll for babies of any age. Go for baby dolls that are made using non-toxic materials since your kiddo will hug and kiss their doll. In addition, avoid dolls with accessories for infants and toddlers. If you have a family with children of different ages, keep your playroom organized.

We also recommend that you consider your child’s preferences by picking a doll with features that they love. Whether it is special features or accessories for creating a doll world that your little one will enjoy.

Where to buy

Do you live in Canada, NZ, and the US and are looking for the best baby dolls for a one-year old? You can purchase them on Amazon using the links we provided above or on other online stores such as Target, Walmart, among others.


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