Best Nursery Gliders and Rockers 2022

Best Nursery Gliders and Rockers 2022

With all the work that comes with being a parent, getting the best baby glider and recliner at your baby’s nursery wouldn’t be too bad. Would it?

17 parents in our Facebook group mentioned that baby gliders rank among their essential nursery items to get and I couldn’t agree more. However, there is one problem.

In 2022, picking the best baby glider and recliner for your baby nursery requires that you understand the key considerations we’ve highlighted in this post. We’ve put together this article to assist parents who had requested us to have a list of top nursery gliders and rockers. We have reached out to 32 parents who volunteered to tell us what they like most about their gliders and have analyzed 3,470 verified reviews of actual parents to come up with our refined list of the top 10 baby gliders and rockers of 2022.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is a Nursery Glider?

Nursery glider is a seat with a stationary frame base that allows you to move back and forth with ease and more comfort compared to traditional rockers.

Nursery gliders vs rockers: Rocking chairs have two curved bands at the base while gliders have a stationary frame base.

Below is an image of a nursery glider. Take note of the flat base:

Glider vs Rocker

Are gliders necessary?

If you are wondering whether you need a glider, you should note that a glider is a nicety and not necessarily a necessity that you need. They have some benefits but are also expensive and take a lot of space. Parents that have found a great use for a glider make the case that they are great when you want to cuddle, soothe, or read to your baby.

Are baby gliders and rockers safe?

When used correctly and as advised by pediatricians, baby gliders are safe and can actually bring a lot of comfort and smiles to your baby. Baby gliders have been in the market for over 5 decades with brands such as Fisher-Price and Graco dominating the market since the 80s. These brands have led the way in developing safe baby gliders that are comfortable and in 2022, you can get yourself a safe glider at a fairly good price.

The history of baby gliders dates back to 1939, 2 years after the first baby monitor came out.

What you should consider when buying a glider:

  1. Sturdiness: A well-designed stable and sturdy gliders are durable can last longer than cheaper, less sturdy gliders.
  2. Ease of cleaning: Consider going for gliders with machine-washable covers
  3. Comfort: Choose gliders that have your back fully supported when you sit. Make sure the glider you are picking also has enough armrest and a high enough head resting position to support your entire head.
  4. Size: Consider gliders that will fit your nursery space. If you have a small nursery and have gone for smaller furniture such as a small crib, consider getting a smaller glider as well.
  5. Safety: Make sure your glider does not pose any risk to your baby’s safety.

Using the above five factors, Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman emerged as our overall best nursery glider in 2022.

Types of Baby Gliders and Rockers:

You can choose from the following four categories of baby gliders available in the market in 2022:

  1. Baby Gliders and Ottoman
  2. Baby Gliders and Recliners
  3. Baby Gliders and Swings
  4. Baby Gliders and Rockers (Baby Glider Rocker Chair)

Reviews of Best Baby Gliders in 2022

1. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman is our overall best baby glider you can find in the market in 2022. Over 4,000 verified users on Amazon have given this baby glider high ratings and is currently the best-selling baby glider with ottoman as of March 2022.

Unlike some other gliders that made it to this list of top 10 baby gliders today, Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider has been in the market since May 18, 2014. One seller on Amazon has seen general growth in sales of this glider as shown in the graph below:

Now that we’ve determined parents are truly satisfied and consider this glider among the best, let’s explore why we ranked it highly.

On the table below I have summarized all the features of this baby glider with ottoman. I have also listed why it made it to the top of this list and a few reasons why I don’t like it as much:

NameStorkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
RatingOver 4,800 reviewers on Amazon gave this baby glider high reviews (close to 4/5) as of August 2019
Great FeatureGuarantees comfort with its gentle rocking for relaxation. Also has convenient storage pockets. Third, it also comes in several colors which you can choose from. Fourth, Easy to clean. Fifth, proven reliability with over 70 years of use
Why We don't like it much Requires a lot of space compared to simple recliners and does not come assembled. You'll need to assemble this glider.
ManufacturerStorkcraft, a company dealing in gliders since 1945.
Current Ranking#12 of top 100 gliders on Amazon.
Shipping weight50 pounds
Materials UsedWood Frame, the base is made of solid hardwood.

You can check its price on Amazon.

Stork Craft Glider With Ottoman is another nursery glider by Stork Craft that is most ideal for tall parents. If you are a tall mum or a tall dad with over 5 inches in height, this stock craft glider with ottoman

The seat width of this glider for tall parents is 18 inches and has a seat depth of 20 inches making it great and comfortable regardless of your tall height.


  • It is very sturdy and made of high-quality product
  • It comes with nearly 20 different colors you can choose from
  • It has coated ball bearings that ensure a very smooth rocking ability
  • Easy to spot-clean
  • Comes with an ottoman for extra comfort


  • Some customers said the glider did not last as long as they expected
  • No protective cover

2. Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Windsor Glider and Ottoman
Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Windsor Glider and Ottoman is our second top baby glider today. Like Storkcraft premium, it has an ottoman and has been rated by over 2,000 parents that have found the grey and white cushioned glider great for their baby nurseries. It is currently the best-selling baby glider on Amazon out of the 100 in its category. You can check its price on Amazon here.

Here is a video review of Windsor Glider and Ottoman

3. Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion
Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion, Grey & Dark Grey by Angeline is our third best baby glider today. This gliding rocking chair comes with an ottoman and costs a bit less than the Windsor glider and the Storkcraft premium.

You can check its price today on Amazon here.

4. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman.

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman Grey with Cream Piping by DaVinci is our fourth best baby glider that we consider a luxurious baby glider in our list. It is the most expensive but is currently the 5th best-selling baby glider on Amazon as of August 2019. Below is a video review of the DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider.

Over 500 parents have reviewed this glider and much has been said about its 360 degrees swivel motion and both forward and backward gliding features. The DaVinci brand has been around for over 25 years as a trusted brand in the baby gear space and for the second year in a row, this DaVinci baby glider made it to our list of top 10 baby gliders. You can check its current price on Amazon here.

5. Emerson Upholstered Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Emerson Upholstered Glider Swivel Rocker Chair, Dove Grey with Soft Grey Welt by Delta Children is our fifth baby glider that has stellar reviews. It was also featured by the Bump on its 2019 list of top baby gliders. You can check its price on Amazon here.

6. Nursery Works Ami Bassinet and Rocker

Nursery Works Ami Bassinet and Rocker with Double Seat Cushion Set Light Grey Weave is our sixth-best baby glider today that is great for twins. Though pricey, Ami bassinet is great for twins as it is extra spacious and comes with 3 cushions, a seat, back, and an armrest.

Below is a video with an overview of this rocker:

Here are some of the features of this glider:

  1. Its material is made of 55% Polyester and 45% Polyfiber.
  2. When you purchase it, it includes a 1.5″ non-toxic polyester fiber pad for the bassinet.
  3. You can choose from two options; light grey weave or oatmeal linen
  4. The glider set includes 3 cushions, seat, back and armrest.

You can check its price today on Amazon here.

7. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner Gray Microfiber by the Baby Relax brand is our 8th best baby glider. You can check its price here. This is the comfiest baby glider you can find for its price.

Below is a table summarizing all the features we liked about Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding recliner:

NameBaby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner,
RatingOver 600 reviewers on Amazon gave it 4.2/5 as of August 15, 2019
ManufacturerBaby Relax
FeaturesSquare silhouette with track arm design, 3 functional recliner positions(Swivel, glide, recline) great for relaxing, linen-look fabric.
Sale Ranking#4 of top 100 kid's recliners
Dimensions29.25” W x 37” D x 41.5” H
Shipping weight89 Pounds

Below is a video review of Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

8. Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman with Nursery Chair and ottoman is our 8th best baby glider in our 2022 list. You can check its price on Amazon here

Below is a video showing pictures and features of Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman:

9. Delta Children Nursery

Delta Children Nursery baby glider is our 9th best baby glider and is most convenient is you have a small space. You can check its price here.

10. Naomi Home Odelia

Naomi Home Odelia made it to this list of best baby gliders as the 10th baby glider. This baby glider is not new to the market in 2021 as it was released on July 4th, 2017 but has remained on the best-seller list for more than half the time it’s been on the market.

It made it to this list primarily because of two reasons. First, it can smoothly swivel for up to 360 degrees and recline for up 135 degrees making it the ideal nursery chair to relax. And trust me, no parent doesn’t enjoy relaxing. Second, Naomi Home Odelia is exceptionally easy to assemble from all the 10 baby gliders we reviewed here at 10BabyGear. In September 2019, this baby glider was the 2nd best-selling baby glider on Amazon and 336 parents have rated it 3.9/5.

Being a color freak, I prefer black lounger. Not sure if its because I am scared of getting the bring-colored loungers dirty but you can choose from four color options namely:

  1. Black micro-fiber costs $249
  2. Gray micro-fiber costs $279
  3. Mocha micro-fiber costs $269
  4. Navy micro-fiber costs $249

According to data from Helium, Naomi Odelia ships about 700 units of this baby glider every month from Amazon, making it one of the most preferred and comfy brands in the market. The chart below shows its rising sales from January 2017 to September 2019:

rising sales of Naomi Odelia baby lounger best for parents looking for comfort and safety
Naomi Odelia Sales Since 2017

While this baby glider does not ship internationally and may not be available to customers in the UK or Australia, Naomi Home Odelia has 360 degrees swivel just like some of the DaVinci Olive. The table below summarizes the features of Naomi Home Odelia baby glider:

NameNaomi Home Odelia
RankingCurrently #2 in the Glider Chairs category on Amazon and 4/5 rating as of 8/18/2019
Features360 degrees swivel, 135 degrees reclining,
Dimension37" D x 30" W x 41.80 H
Weight102.8 Pounds
Why We Like ItSquare silhouette design.
PricePrice on Amazon

You can check its price today here.

Below is a bonus, or the 11th bet baby glider that parents can enjoy its comfort in 2021:

11. Baby Glider Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is one of the oldest brands that designs, manufactures and retails baby products including baby gliders and baby monitors. While the recent baby monitor recalls impacted Fisher-Price, Fisher-Price’s baby gliders have great reviews. Fisher-Price has a wide range of baby gliders that you can choose from and below is my favorite:

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing with Smart Swing Technology 

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle
Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle

This baby glider called the Snugabunny is my favorite stationary baby glider produced by Fisher-Price. It is currently the 3rd best-selling baby glider in its category on Amazon. This baby glider rivals Graco’s top baby glider such as the Graco simple sway which cost a bit cheaper than Fisher Price’s models

You can check its current price here.

12. Baby Glider Graco

Graco is another known brand and has been trusted by parents for over 2 generations to develop some of the best baby gears including the Graco Secure baby monitor that has over 2000 ft. and a wide array of baby gliders. Graco develops baby swings and baby gliders that have stellar reviews. While baby glider Graco is not on our top 10 baby gliders list, we’ve listed the top baby glider swings by Graco.

13. Evolur Raleigh Glider, Recliner and Rocker 

The Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner and Rocker provide unlimited relaxation and comfort for you and your family. With ergonomic backrest support, multiple reclining positions, comfortable side rests, 360° swivel and smooth gliding and rocking motions, the Raleigh is designed to provide full comfort to your body. The easy-to-reach lever allows for easy footrest control, while the tool-free assembly makes setup a breeze.

The Raleigh Glider Recliner and Rocker is a great addition to your nursery, bedroom or study. This glider recliner features a solid metal base that easily supports 360-degree swivel rotation and gliding capabilities. It is covered with an easy-to-clean durable polyester fabric with foam filling and has convenient side pockets for storage of magazines or remote controls.

glider,recliner,rocker,evolur glider,nursery glider,comfortable glider,stylish glider, swivel chair

It comes in sophisticated colors from a calm Fawn, a sophisticated Grey, a pleasing Light Blue, to charming Lilac. Finishes that will blend seamlessly into your nursery, bedroom or home décor.

The Evolur Raleigh is also a rocker, providing full comfort and support for you to rock your little one to sleep. The metal base allows for a smooth and gentle rocking motion, while the backrest can be locked in place so you can sit comfortably and read or watch TV.


  1. -Ergonomic backrest support
  2. -Multiple reclining positions
  3. -Comfortable side rests
  4. -360° swivel-Smooth gliding and rocking motions
  5. -Easy-to-reach lever for footrest control
  6. -Tool-free assembly
  7. -Durable polyester fabric with foam filling
  8. -Convenient side pockets
  9. -Available in four colors


  1. -May be too big for smaller nurseries

If you’re looking for a recliner that will provide you with unlimited comfort and support, the Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner and Rocker is the perfect choice for you. With its ergonomic backrest support, multiple reclining positions, comfortable side rests, 360° swivel and smooth gliding and rocking motions, the Raleigh is designed to provide full body support and relaxation. The easy-to-reach lever also allows for easy footrest control, while the tool-free assembly makes setup a breeze. The Raleigh is also available in four sophisticated colors that will blend seamlessly into your nursery, bedroom or home décor.

14. Antetek Modern Accent Rocking Chair

This baby rocking chair adopts excellent radian design, and there are non-slip foot pads under the base, making it rock gently and smoothly. Such thoughtful design is very suitable for relaxing or babies nursery, relieving your fatigue of the day effectively. 

The ergonomic backrest and smooth armrests can provide good support to your body, allowing you to sit comfortably even when sitting for a long time. Both the backrest and seat cushion of our nursery glider are filled with high-density sponge, which is more resilient and will not deform easily.

The Antetek Modern Accent Rocking Chair is a stylish and chic kids rocking chair. The smooth lines and decorated buttons make this kids rocking chair very stylish and chic. What’s more, there is a large pocket on the side of the armrest, which is convenient for you to put magazines or TV controller. Leisurely flapping a page or taking a sip of coffee would be a nice choice!

This Antetek Modern Accent Rocking Chair is perfect for any living room, bedroom or nursery. The chair is covered with quality polyester fabric, which is breathable and easy to maintain. The frame is made of solid plywood and thickened rubber wood base, which is very solid and durable. In addition, an extra wooden strip between the two legs better improves the stability, so the weight capacity can be up to 300 LBS.

Antetek Modern Accent Rocking Chair is an ideal choice for your bedroom, living room, patio and other indoor and outdoor places. It comes with a high-quality design that allows you to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of sitting in it.

The chair has a sturdy construction that will last for years to come. The seat is made from high-density foam that provides maximum comfort when sitting on it. Its wooden legs are made from solid wood which makes them strong enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight without any problems or wobbling issues.


  1. -Ergonomic backrest and smooth armrests
  2. -High-density foam seat-Sturdy construction
  3. -Weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  4. -Can be used indoors and outdoors
  5. -Easy to assemble


  1. -May not be suitable for very tall people

3 things to consider when purchasing baby gliders

There are several considerations when purchasing a baby glider and some of the considerations will really depend on the available space you have in your house. There are baby gliders for small spaces and there are some that fit both small and large spaces.

In the video above, Venessa gives some essential tips to have when choosing the best baby glider. When I first got my baby glider, I got one with ottoman allowing me the flexibility when feeding and just spending time with the baby in the nursery. Here are the top considerations highlighted in the video above:

  1. Ease of use: You need to consider and make sure the baby glider you get enables you to easily get up without disrupting the baby. As Venessa mentions in the video, try to get up after using the glider and ask yourself whether the baby or the doll you’re using to test the glider is significantly disrupted as you get up.
  2. Size of the baby room/nursery: The space of the room you’re going to place the recliner or the glider can dictate the type of glider to get. When I first had my twins, I was living in an apartment in New York City and barely had enough space to position the glider. When we initially thought of getting it, we seriously considered placing it in our balcony but it defeated the purpose of getting it. Because of the small space we had, we went for a recliner which of course meant that we didn’t have to get the ottoman. However, remember that you need space at the back to recline the chair and this may be the space the ottoman would have taken. When I got my second baby glider, I actually used measuring tape to get the exact measurement of the space we had available and compared it with the different small and large baby gliders and rockers.
  3. The comfort of your baby glider: Regardless of whether you go with a glider that comes with ottoman or recliner, you need to make sure that the baby glider brand you’re getting has satisfactory comfort.

Baby Gliders and Ottoman

Baby gliders and ottoman give the most comfort and require a significantly higher space than other baby gliders without ottoman.

baby glider with ottoman

Ottoman is essentially the footstool with no back arms. The ottoman is the resting position of your feet as you sit and hold your baby on the baby glider.

Baby gliders and ottoman comes in several colors. You can choose to purchase a whole set of a baby glider and ottoman or you can get them separately. You need to be aware of the colors. I have always like baby gliders and ottoman that have matching colors. Baby glider prices vary depending on the type of wood used and the material used to put together the cushions that make the comfy baby recliners.

Baby Gliders and Recliners

Some of the best baby gliders on our list of top baby gliders and recliners are the most comfortable. Majority of parents that go for baby gliders with recliners may be concerned with space but still, require comfort.

baby glider with recliner

With recliners, you don’t necessarily need the ottoman but some parents actually still go for the ottoman.

While baby gliders with recliners are great with small space nurseries, my husband really preferred it because he can stretch his long legs without trying to deal with the ottoman that was smaller than the recliner.

Baby Gliders and Swings

baby glider with swing

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Graco Swings as the known market leader in baby gliders and swings and couldn’t add more. Baby gliders and swings just make it easy to soothe the baby especially if they’ve been crying. A comfy baby glider with swings can mean a lot to a baby who constantly cries.

Baby Glider Vs Swing

The table below shows the difference between baby glider and swing.

Baby GliderSwing
Moves gently from head to toeMoves front to back or side to side
Designed to be used by parents when holding the babyCan be designed as gliding giving a feel of being in mom’s arm to the baby
Mostly indoorsBoth indoors and outdoors
HeavyLightweight and can be carried or folded easily
Usually no sounds and toy barsA number of them come with lullabies and toy bars

Baby Glider Rocker Chair/Rocking Chair

Baby glider rocking chairs are among the most popular in all the gliders we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear. Below is a picture of one popular baby glider rocking chair in the market that has been regarded as the most-recommended for both tall and short parents.

baby glider rocking chair

Baby Glider Cushions

You can purchase separate baby glider cushions or extra soft layers that you can use to make the baby glider more comfortable. You can get them on Amazon.

Where to buy baby gliders

You can buy your new baby glider on Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart and any other store near you. Most major retail outlets including Target, Walmart and any store near you. In most markets including the UK, Australia and in Europe, you can order recliners and get fast shipping from Amazon. You can also get used ones on eBay. Here are the links to the different Amazon stores you can order your baby glider with ottoman, swings or with recliners.

Amazon US – You use this store to purchase your baby gliders in the US

Amazon Canada – You can order these baby gliders in Canada using the Amazon store in Canada. A refined list of gliders in Amazon Canada.

Amazon UK – You can order from this store if you are in the UK

Amazon EU – You can order from this Amazon store if you’re in the EU

Amazon Australia – You can order from this store if you live in Australia

Baby Gliders Sale

You can read about the baby gliders sale and all offers (including discounts and coupons) in our 10babygear deals. You can read about baby gliders sale in various parts of the US (Colorado, Fl, NY, SC, California, Utah) and other countries including South Africa (Pretoria, Capetown, Joburg), the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Bonus helpful video on top baby gliders of 2021: