Best Baby Hair Brush

Every mom wants the best for her baby, and that includes taking care of their hair. A good baby hairbrush is a must-have for every mom’s toolkit. But with so many options out there, which one should you choose? We’ve done the research and picked out the three best baby hair brushes on the market. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a baby hairbrush?

A baby hairbrush is a brush designed especially for the needs of babies. They are made to be gentle on your child’s scalp, and they’re built small enough that you can use them on even the tiniest infants.

Who should buy this?

Anyone with a young child or infant will benefit from owning one of these brushes. If you like to do your baby’s hair, these brushes will save you a lot of time. They’re also great for gently removing tangles from any infant with sensitive skin.

How much does it cost?

Most baby hairbrushes are affordable and typically range from $5-$25 USD. If you have a child who is constantly drooling, you may want to consider buying a more expensive model that is made from higher-quality materials and has antimicrobial properties.

What are the extra costs?

You’ll need additional items such as shampoo, conditioner, or detangler for use with your brush. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s good to be aware of so that you’re not surprised by the extra purchases.

Things to consider when Picking the best hairbrush for baby

A few extra features can make even the most basic baby hairbrush more versatile and useful. Consider these things when looking at different models:

  1. Bristles : Soft bristles are best for babies with sensitive scalps, while stiffer bristles are better for older kids or people with unruly hair.
  2. Cushioning : A soft, cushioned grip makes a baby hairbrush easier to hold. The brushed material also helps prevent slippage when in use, so it’s almost like getting two for the price of one!
  3. Design : A folding design can make storage and traveling extra convenient, while an ergonomic shape is great if you have arthritis or other hand problems.
  4. Handle : A longer handle is especially useful if you have a toddler who is learning to use their own brush. It gives them plenty of room for maneuverability and greater control.
  5. Material : Baby hairbrushes come in almost every material imaginable, from plastic and rubber to wood and bamboo. Be sure to pick one that matches your style preferences and matches the needs of your little one.
  6. Cleaning : If you want to go really green, look for a baby hairbrush that’s machine washable and can be thrown in with the rest of your laundry. Only choose this option if you don’t mind taking the time to remove any bristles first!
  7. Price: This is probably the most important factor of all, as a low-quality brush means wasted money. In general, you get what you pay for when it comes to baby hairbrushes.

Should you get a baby hairbrush and comb set?

Yes! Using a baby hairbrush with a comb is an excellent way to make sure every strand of hair gets the attention it deserves. Comb and brush set not only allow you to get out stubborn tangles, but they also help distribute natural oils evenly throughout your child’s head for handsome, healthy results.

How we came up with our Baby hairbrush reviews

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a baby hairbrush should be soft and comfortable. It works best if it’s lightweight and has smooth bristles that won’t irritate your child’s scalp and skin. It also helps if it can be used by children of all ages. Some additional features we looked at include the handle length, the materials used in construction, and whether or not it’s easy to clean.

We also looked at how well each baby brush worked for its intended purpose of detangling hair while minimizing discomfort. We took into account the durability of each product as this is an essential aspect of any baby hairbrush.

To determine which products are the best, we researched the most popular baby hairbrush brands and spoke with a number of dermatologists. We then looked at what real parents had to say about a given product in order to determine if it was worth buying or not.

In addition, we considered how easy each brush is to use when deciding which ones are superior models. In particular, whether or not it’s suitable for children of different ages was an important consideration. Additionally, we looked at things like weight distribution and the usability of the handle.

How to use baby brush and comb:

– Brush your baby’s hair before a bath or swimming to remove any tangles.

– Comb your baby’s hair gently after brushing it.

– Wash your baby’s hair with shampoo just once a week to avoid drying out their skin and hair.

– Use gentle, tearless shampoo when you wash your baby’s hair. Carefully rinse their hair with tepid water for at least five minutes.

– Use a gentle baby conditioner sparingly after you rinse the shampoo out of your baby’s hair. Conditioners help to increase shine and reduce frizziness.

– Brush your baby’s hair while it is still damp to smooth out any tangles that remain.

– Only use a baby hairbrush with very soft bristles at least one inch wide.

– Start brushing your baby’s hair from the back of their head and work your way to the front. You’ll likely have to separate their hair into sections as you do this, but it will make for neater results overall.

– Be sure to brush your baby’s hair every day.

– Comb their hair with a gentle, wide-toothed comb whenever you notice any tangles developing. Start from the ends of their hair and work your way upward to avoid tearing or damaging their scalp.

– Brush your baby’s hair after a bath since it will be more pliable and easier to manage at this time.

– Only brush your baby’s hair with a baby hairbrush when it is dry. Wet or damp hair can damage or pull out strands of hair, so avoid brushing until it has completely dried.

– Try using a warm blow dryer on low heat if you’re in a rush and need to get the job done quickly.

– If your baby has very curly hair, gently comb it out while it’s drying to help prevent tangles from forming later.

The best baby hairbrush combines gentle bristles with the perfect handle length for easy use by both parents and children. It should have a wide enough head so that you can brush through large sections of your child’s hair at once without struggling too much.

Comparison table for the best baby hair brush

Review of the best baby hair brush

1. Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Brush

Are you looking for the best baby hair brush for edges? This double-sided Gentle Edges Brush from Camryn’s BFF is a great choice. It is currently in the top 20 list in the Amazon’s Hair Brushes category and has excellent reception with more than 65,000 customer reviews.

This baby brush has two sides which include a brush and comb and is made from pure boar soft bristles that keeps your baby’s edges laid and smooth. The comb side grooms your little one’s soft hair while the smooth edge helps give your baby’s hair an elegant finish. These boar bristles do an excellent job of promoting healthy hair growth and retention.

The Gentle Edges Brush is ideal for all types of hair, especially the soft edges of your little one. If your baby has kinky curly hair, this brush is a good buy. You can get this baby brush at less than $2.

2. Scalp Scrubbie Cradle Cap Brush

If you are on the hunt for the most ideal baby hair brush for cradle cap, look no further than this cradle brush from Scalp Scrubbie. This versatile baby brush is designed with two sides, one with a brush and a sponge on the other. It has a price tag of under $10 on Amazon.

This baby brush is soft and sterilized and you can use it to help treat infantile cradle cap which is a common skin condition with infants. The gentle bristle brush or soft foam sponge side is designed to help massage your little one’s head softly. This, in turn, helps create a healthy scalp. It is marketed as safe for all types of skins and ages. It is as good as the sponge provided in the hospital.

This baby hair brush set includes 3 independently wrapped and sterilized scrub brushes making it a great gift for your angel. Even better, you can also use it as an infant bath brush or fingernail scrubber. Parents say this brush is great for applying cradle cap shampoo or ointments.

3. Wet Brush Hair Original Detangler Baby Print

This baby brush from Wet Brush made it to our review and list today for being one of the top baby hair detangler brush on the market. The baby brush features an ergonomic design that allows it to fit into your palms comfortably. This brush from the Wet Brush brand won the Beauty Awards by Hollywood Life in June 2018.

We liked the exclusive Intelliflex bristles helps separate your little one’s knotted hair when you brush their head. The bristles are flexible and glide through tangles with ease which minimizes pain, split ends, as well as hair breakage. The baby brush has been designed for all hair types including curly, straight, wavy, thick, and textured.

The brush allows you flaunt to your tresses with hair styles and comes in 12 different cute colors making it ideal for both baby boys and girls. It is priced at under $10 on Amazon.

4. Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush for Newborns & Toddlers

The Natemia quality wooden baby hair brush is yet another excellent brush for babies that you will find on the market today. Natemia was founded in 2016 and its baby brush is among the top 30 on Amazon’s Baby Grooming & Health Kids category. You can add this baby brush to your baby registry with a price tag of below $15.

This wonderful baby brush is made with the finest bristles from all natural goat hair that provides a safe, easy grooming experience for your kiddo. Using it to massage your baby’s scalp help them relax and redistribute natural oils throughout the hair strands. The soft bristles are also gentle on your little one’s soft spot. We loved the reddish-brown color of the handle and bristle holder made from natural beech wood. It is good quality, wears well, and ideal for newborns until they are toddlers.

If you are looking for a perfect baby shower gift that you give your friends, this super soft and gentle wooden hair brush from Natemia is a perfect choice.

5. FridaBaby DermaFrida 3-Step Cradle Cap System

FridaBaby is a renowned brand in the baby products industry and is much cherished for all the features, especially user-friendliness, scent, and softness. Parents say it is giftable, good value for money, and easy to clean. The DermaFrida Cradle Cap System baby hair brush is #1 in the Baby Grooming & Health Kids category on Amazon.

This FlakeFixer baby hair brush is highly versatile and offers a 3-step routine with the hard tools you need to keep your baby’s head healthy. Recommended for newborns and above, it comes with a soft foam sponge that lathers quickly to help get rid of cradle cap on your baby’s head. The brush has gentle bristles, and the sponge is super soft which is good for your baby’s sensitive baby skin.

You can also try the brand’s DermaFrida the SkinSoother Baby Bath Silicone Brush.

6. Punada Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborn

Do you need the perfect scalp grooming massage for baby registry gift? This Baby Hair Brush and Combo Set for newborns from punada is an ideal buy. Like Natemia above, this hair brush is made using natural beech wood and all natural goat hair bristles making it gentle and durable.

This baby hair brush set is a decent definition of a perfect value for your money. It consists of a soft goat brush, wooden brush with solid bristles, wooden comb for stubborn tangles, a silicone brush, plus a baby nail kit. Goat hair bristles are ultra-soft thus does not irritate your baby’s skin and speeds scalp circulation by massaging it gently. It also promotes redistribution of natural oils which keeps your little one’s hair lustrous.

It is ideal for all types of hairs and features an ergonomic design offers you a great grip when using it on your baby’s head. It has the highest price tag in the list that is slightly above $20.

7. OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush

Yet another wooden baby hair brush, the OCCObaby Natural Baby Brush set makes a brilliant and handy baby shower present for you or your friends. It comes as a set of three items that you need for grooming your baby’s hair from the infant stage to toddlerhood.

The first brush is made with natural goat hair bristles that are soft and gentle on your little one’s soft spot. This brush is ideal for preventing cradle cap, conditioning your baby’s hair, and spreading natural oils down the shaft. The second brush features wooden bristles that helps detangle your baby’s hair and massages the head to help them relax. You also have a bonus wooden comb that handles tiny knots and tangles and is ideal for hair sectioning and cradle cap.

You can get this baby hair brush at under $20 on Amazon. The brush is safe to clean and does not crack after washing.

8. Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

Our review would be incomplete without mentioning the Easy Grip Brush and Comb by Safety 1st, a reputable brand in the baby products world. The brushes are ideal for babies and toddlers alike with ergonomic handles that are perfect for you and your little one to hold.

This hair brush for babies has extra-soft bristles that are gentle on your little one’s sensitive scalp. The comb comes with dual density teeth that allows you to adjust for the dampness and thickness of your baby’s hair. As such, you can use it to detangle thin, dry, or wet hair easy and without pain. If you are looking for a baby hair brush that your baby will use even after they grow into a curious toddler, Safety 1st got your needs covered.

It is priced under $10 on Amazon and ranks at #2 in the Baby Grooming & Health Kids and top 100 in the Baby & Child Care Products categories on Amazon.

Where to buy

Do you live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, the UK, or the US among other regions, and are looking for the best baby hair brush? You can buy on Amazon using the links we provided above. These brushes are available on some physical baby products stores near you. You can also get them on other online stores such as Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, among others.