In this post, I have reviewed the 10 best baby monitors with white noise available in the market today.

In our research which covered over 20 brands, we uncovered that the best baby monitor with white noise should also have a library of several white noise options you can choose from and should enable you to talk to your baby with a 2-way talk feature.

The Best Baby Monitor with White Noise: Hatch Rest

The overall best baby monitor with white noise is the Hatch Rest Sound Machine which comes with a library of snooze-inducing white noise, a 2-way talk feature, and doubles as a night-light and an audio monitor. It is also wifi-enabled and you can control the white noise using a phone app.

What is white noise on a baby monitor?

The white noise on your baby monitor refers to a type of sound that imitates the resonances your baby heard while inside your womb. It is generated by mixing sounds of all various frequencies that a human can hear together. Once this white noise identifies your little one’s cries, it helps create a calm and comfortable environment for them.

Are you are wondering how to enable the white noise on your monitor? Just start playing a sound and use the Timer function to set the duration then tap Strat Timer.

Benefits of white noise in the baby monitor

As we mentioned above, white noise mimics the heartbeat, breathing, and blood rush they heard constantly while inside the womb. These noises comfort them by creating a calm environment. In addition, the silence of soothing and rhythmic white noise makes your little one feel isolated and peaceful and induces sleep as suggested by this research. Your baby tends to sleep for longer and better compared to when there are disturbing noises around them. We also have a variety of sleep guides here.

And did I mention that it helps you sleep better too? As a parent, you hardly catch up with your sleep deprivation. Personally, I could not until my daughters turned approx. 9 to 12 months old and it’s the case for many parents I speak to out there. But when your baby sleeps longer, so do you. Besides, well-known pediatrics like Dr. Harvey Karp recommends it.

With that in mind, you must be asking where to get this handy gadget. Continue reading our review.

Comparison of the Best Baby Monitors with White Noise 2022

Baby Monitor BrandImageRangeCamerasRating on AmazonPrice
#1. Hatch Rest+ Sound MachineHatch Rest+ Baby...Unlimitedn/a – audio only4.5/5 stars in 4,600+ reviewsCheck here
#2. Eufy SpaceView Video Baby Monitor,...460 ft – 1000 ft1 4.4/5 stars in 4,000+ reviews Check here
#3. VTech VM3252 VTech Video Baby...Up to 1000 ft1 4.6/5 stars in 2,500+ reviews Check here
#4. BabySense Baby Monitor,...Up to 960 ft2 4.2/5 stars in 2000+ reviews Check here
#5. VTech VM3261 VTech 2.8” Digital... Up to 1000 ft1 4.3/5 stars in 600+ reviews Check here
#6. Panasonic KX-HN4101W Panasonic Baby... Up to 1500 ft1 4.2/5 stars in 500+ reviews Check here
#7. Nanit Pro Smart Nanit Pro Smart Baby...Unlimited1 4.5/5 stars in 300+ reviews Check here
#8. BabySense V24R_2 New Babysense Video...Up to 960 ft2 4.2/5 stars in 200+ reviews Check here
#9. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Cubo Ai Plus Smart...Unlimited1 4.4/5 stars in 100+ reviews Check here
#10. iBaby M8 2K iBaby M8 2K Smart...Unlimited1 4.2/5 stars in 50+ reviews Check here

Reviews of the 10 Best Baby Bonitors with White Noise in 2022

1. Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine

If you are on the hunt for the best audio baby monitor with white noise, Hatch Baby got your needs covered. This sound machine comes with a library of sounds that includes lullabies and white noise. Many parents who have bought and used this sound machine say they love how it makes their babies fall asleep easily and instantly when they turn on the white noise.

From night forest to rain, wind, flowing river, birds chirping, and ocean, Rest+ has a plethora of sounds to entertain and soothe your baby. In addition, this sound machine comes with a night light feature with a rainbow of colors and a two-way talk function for interacting. You can also use the alarm clock to set programs like diaper changing and feeding.

Rest+ is wi-fi enabled and has a downloadable app for Android (Marshmallow & higher) and iOS (14 & above) to help you control sounds and lights remotely.

  • Buyers love the white noise function
  • Customizable sound, volume, brightness & colors
  • Backup battery included
  • Physical buttons can be disabled to lock toddlers out
  • Battery & clock are decent additions
  • Ineffective when sound machine and monitor functions are used concurrently
  • Most buyers prefer the older version
  • Quality control needs improvement

2. Eufy SpaceView Video Baby Monitor

This non-Wi-Fi video baby monitor from Eufy Security is our overall best baby monitor with white noise on the list. Eufy SpaceView monitor comes with five white noise options, including one to cycle through. What makes it exceptional is that the white noise turns off after 30 minutes. You will love the monitor’s sound-activated alerts (SOX) feature that sends you audible alerts. Most parents say they sleep easily without turning the white noise off.

Eufy SpaceView also features a 5-inch large screen display that shows sharp images, a camera with remote pan and tilt, and an admirable range of 460ft to 1000ft. And did I tell you about the crisp two-way audio with a powerful and highly sensitive mic?

  • Up to 5 white noise options
  • Extremely long range
  • White noise lets most parents sleep peacefully
  • Adjustable alert feature
  • Packed with loads of useful features
  • Excellent battery life
  • Quality audio & video
  • VOX & SOX features don’t work when white noise is on
  • Alerting system requires an upgrade

3. VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor

VTech is a cherished brand in the baby products industry and their VM3252 is among the best baby monitors on sale. It features 4 ambient sounds including a trickling stream and white noise, as well as 5 lullabies that help soothe your kiddo to sleep. The monitor ensures that your kiddo enjoys a peaceful nap by sending alerts when they cry or move using a 6-level sound indicator.

Most buyers love the two-way talk function with a highly sensitive mic which they say amplifies the white noise. You will love the temperature sensor which tells you when time is right to adjust the thermostat as well as the 1000-feet long range. This video baby monitor has a 2.8-inch LCD display plus sound activation mode that turns on after detecting your kiddo’s voice. You just need to adjust VOX sensitivity to your most preferred level.

  • Audible & soothing white noise
  • Visual & audio indicator alert
  • Good price for a video option
  • Decent range & secure transmission
  • 6-level sound indicator
  • Wall-mountable
  • Could be better with a muting option
  • Complaints that the white noise doesn’t stay on

VTech is also among the best brands of baby monitors with screen and app.

4. BabySense Baby Monitor

This baby monitor from BabySense made it to our list as the best video baby monitor with white noise. Unlike other video baby monitors here, it comes with a 4.3-inch high-quality split screen and two cameras. As such, you can zoom, pan, or tilt to view your kids simultaneously. It has in-built lullabies with white noise sounds that turn off after approx. 15 minutes. And before you say that it plays for long, the brand says that was decided by customers’ requests and feedback.

BabySense has been in the industry since 1991 and their baby monitor comes with a 2-way talk feature that allows you to talk to your baby via a hack-free connection. In addition, there is infrared night vision, up to a 960-ft transmission range, room temperature alerts, and a hassle-free 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • White noise plays for 15 minutes
  • Amazing customer service
  • Split-screen tech
  • In-built night light
  • Decent range
  • Most buyers say the white noise put their kiddos to sleep
  • Some buyers wish there was an option for changing how long the white noise plays
  • Most people believe music (lullabies) could be better
  • Buttons set-up needs upgrade

5. VTech VM3261 Baby Monitor

Yet another product from VTech, the VM3261 baby monitor made it to the list as it comes with 4 ambient sound that includes white noise and a trickling stream. In addition, there are 5 soothing melodies that help your little one calm down and sleep when played with white noise. You will love the VOX feature that wakes up the parent unit screen after detecting your child’s voice. All you need is to pick between the 5 sound sensitivity levels (highest, high, medium, low, lowest).

In addition, the VM3261 features a 2-way talk-back intercom for talking to your baby, good night vision mode, and up to 1000-ft transmission range. The camera has a fully motorized pan, zoom, and tilt so you can see your kiddo well from the 2.8-inch digital screen.

  • Most users love the cool white noise that plays from camera
  • Remote camera pan, tilt & zoom
  • Good battery life
  • Great quality for the price
  • Adjustable volume & sound levels
  • Clear images day & night
  • Fairly accurate temperature sensor
  • Easy installation
  • Some buyers complain parent unit is noisy when white noise is on
  • No option for muting the volume

6. Panasonic Baby Monitor

Our review of the best baby monitor with camera and white noise would be incomplete without talking about the KX-HN4101W baby monitor from Panasonic. This monitor comes with 5 types of white noise and a variety of lullabies that you can play for your baby. Soothing your little one and lulling them to sleep has never been easier like with this baby monitor. In addition, the two-way audio uses DECT tech for sound clarity when you talk to your baby.

Unlike all the other baby monitors in our review today, this one has a 1500-ft long range. It allows for remote camera pan, zoom, and tilt functions for a clear view on the 3.5-inch LCD screen. The KX-HN4101W also sends alerts for room temperature, crying, and has a clear monochrome night vision.

  • 5 types of white noise
  • DECT tech for sound clarity
  • Great picture quality night & day
  • Adjustable sound, sensitivity levels & temperature alert
  • Admirable battery life
  • Good value for the quality
  • Excellent transmission range
  • Would be better with in-built night light
  • Complaints about quality control
  • High price tag

7. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Monitor

Nanit has been in the industry of baby products since its founding in 2016. Its Pro is among the most popular Wi-Fi baby monitor that you can see on your phone. It features in our list today for having white noise which most parents say their kids love. Beach waves and birds are some of the sounds that babies like hearing. Like most baby monitors on the list, this one also has a night light feature.

Pro baby monitor camera mounts to the wall easily and has a 1080p FHD resolution display that enables you to see clear images of your baby. There is a two-way talk with crystal clear audio. The connection and data are secured using 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. Other features include sleep tracking and guidance plus breathing and movement monitoring.

The Nanit app is compatible with iOS, Android, Echo Show, and Kindle Fire devices. It is also one of the best baby monitors with playback and recording.

  • Most kids love the sounds of white noise
  • No network connection issues
  • Wall-mounted camera with great resolution & picture quality
  • Adjustable noise & movement alert levels
  • Easy set-up & installation
  • Complaints about difficulties in white noise control
  • White noise timer needs upgrading
  • Reported poor customer service

8. BabySense V24R_2 Baby Monitor

Are you in the hunt for another best baby monitor to use with white noise? This New BabySense baby monitor is a fantastic choice. This baby monitor comes with white noise and pre-installed lullabies that help soothe your baby or lull them to sleep directly on the camera. Besides, there is a two-way talk feature that you and your little angel can use to communicate and calm him down. If you are worried about security, there is advanced 2.4GHz closed-loop tech that makes it hack-proof.

You will love the Eco mode and the sound-activated LEDs that notify you when your little one needs your attention. The V24R comes with two cameras and a 2.4-inch LCD display screen that lets you see your baby from up to 900-ft range. At under $100, it is good value for money.

  • Eco mode allows you to control sound level & activate sound remotely
  • Great picture & sound monitoring
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Sensitive sound picking
  • Good value for someone on a budget
  • Secure connection
  • Decent battery life
  • Low quality video in night vision
  • No wide angle lenses

9. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

This Plus Smart baby monitor features in our review as it comes with a variety of in-built white noise, children’s songs, and lullabies. Playing these functions has an option for selecting the playtime through the Cubo Ai App. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as tablets. I love the two-way audio feature that helps you and your kid to keep in touch with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication for hack-proof security.

You will admire other useful features such as cry detection, auto photo capture, temperature & humidity alerts plus sleep analytics. To ensure you get crisp images, the camera offers a 1080p HD display. This smart home-enabled baby monitor also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Its wall mounting capability makes it suitable for newborns up to 5+ years.

  • Playtime selection for white noise, songs & lullabies
  • Reasonably priced for the features it offers
  • 3 sensitivity levels for cry detection
  • Very good picture quality
  • Extremely comprehensive smartphone app
  • Secure connections
  • Reported connection problems
  • Bad customer service
  • Not portable & most babies can outgrow it quickly

10. iBaby M8 2K Smart Baby Monitor

Founded in 2011, iBaby labs stands out as the pioneer for the kind of baby monitors that use the iOS mobile platform in combination with cloud tech for a seamless connection. Their M8 2K Smart comes with in-built white noises as well as a wide range of lullabies, music, and nature sounds. In addition, you have access to bedtime stories. Parents who have bought this baby monitor say their kids find the white noise, songs, and sounds very impressive. This smart baby monitor also has an in-built Moonlight soother with a unique star and moon for calming your baby.

One of the best baby monitors, the 2K uses 1080p HD for crisper images and video and 2-way FHD audio that brings your baby’s presence closer to you. Just grab yourself this baby monitor and witness. It might be on the higher end of the price spectrum (about $170), but it is a worthy investment.

  • Impressive white noises & 1000+ songs & more
  • Controls for music, white noise & lights
  • Crystal clear images
  • Better upgrade from the M7
  • Ability to switch between cameras
  • Easy & fast set-up
  • No night vision mode
  • Some buyers dislike back of light
  • Reported App problems

KAWA baby monitor is a good choice if you are looking for a baby monitor that plays white noise on the parent unit for you. It has 6 white noise sounds while your kiddo enjoys 6 lullabies.

Where to buy

Do you live here in the US, in Australia, NZ, or the UK and need the best baby monitor with white noise? You can purchase from the store near you or on Amazon using the links shared above. They are also available on other online stores such as Walmart, Target, and more.


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