8 Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding Reviews 2022

8 Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding Reviews 2022

If you are breastfeeding, a baby scale is a must-have baby item in your household. In this post, I have reviewed the best baby scales for breastfeeding with clear comparison to enable you to pick the very best scale for your newborn. A baby scale is a lovely addition to have in your home, especially if your baby is a preemie, sickly, or is not feeding well. This way, you can keep track of weight changes between check-ups with your pediatrician. Even if your baby is healthy and progressing fine, checking their weight now and then helps you know everything is on track, giving you total peace of mind.

Why record a baby’s weight?

Weight is a critical measurement that gives insight into the baby’s growth and development. That is why a baby is weighed within a few hours of being born. The weight records can tell if the baby is progressing well, as indicated by normal weight gain.

Reviews of the Best Baby Scale for Breastfeeding 2022

1. MomMed Multi-Function Baby To Toddler Scale

When it comes to tracking your baby’s growth, you want an accurate and reliable scale. MomMed baby scale is equipped with high precision sensors to provide accurate and stable readings with a 0.02 pounds precision. And, it allows you to track both your baby’s weight and height, which is highly convenient.

This scale is thoughtfully made with a concave tray, so you don’t have to worry about your little one slipping off. The tray is securely held onto the scale with a swivel lock for stability and increased safety. We also appreciate the large LCD, which is easily visible even when there is low lighting.

The scale has a zero function which enables you to measure your baby’s weight without including diapers, clothes, toys, etc., while the hold function allows you to get an average reading even if your baby can keep still. You can easily switch between kilograms, ounces, and pounds.

The multifunctional scale counts for a valuable purchase that the whole family can use. With a high weight capacity of up to 200 pounds, the scale can be used for infants, toddlers, adults, and pets. Removing the tray provides a firm place for big kids and adults to stand on. There is also a height measurement inside the tray to read the baby’s height.

To power this machine, 2 AAA batteries are included.


  • Can be used for whole family and pets with a capacity of up to 200 pounds
  • Tray includes a ruler to measure the baby’s height
  • Has both zero and hold function to ensure accuracy
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to use


  • Must be placed on a hard surface for accurate measuring, not on fluffy carpets, etc.

2. HOME IMAGE Digital Baby Weight Scale

This is one of the best scales for breastfeeding. It comes loaded with features at affordable pricing.

The HOME IMAGE Digital scale is made of lightweight and durable plastic and has smooth surfaces that can easily be wiped clean.

It is designed with a high precision strain gauge sensor system to ensure consistent, accurate measurement. An extra-large display ensures that the measurement readings can easily be seen even at a distance. You can have the readings in pounds, kilograms, or ounces- whichever is easy for you. All you do is hold down the on/off button.

This baby scale has tare, hold function, and auto-off function. So if your baby has a hard time staying still, you can press the hold button, and the scale will calculate an average weight as your baby moves around. There is also music that you can play to help your baby relax for the weighing process.

The scale also includes bonus accessories like a free measuring tape to measure your baby’s head circumference, a hygiene cloth, and 4xAA batteries.


  • Can weigh up to 44 pounds/20 kgs
  • Has special function buttons like tare and hold for accurate measurement
  • Auto-off function
  • Bonus measuring tape and hygiene cloth
  • Affordable pricing


  • Some babies are upset by the music
  • It might give inconsistent readings

3. Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale

A popular scale with pediatricians, the Tanita baby scale is easy to use and very accurate. We love the deep tray making it very safe for tiny babies. The scale has a capacity of 44 pounds, so it can be used with toddlers as well.

Its standard features include zero and weight lock-in buttons for accurate readings. The backlit display enables you to see the readings even when the room is dark. You can also switch from pound, kilograms, or ounces.

This scale is light and durable. The tray can easily be removed for easy cleaning. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are included.


  • Good quality and durable
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate
  • Switches automatically off after use to conserve power

4. Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale

The Unicherry Baby Scale is quite simple yet highly versatile. It comes with a concave-shaped tray that prevents your baby from slipping out. The tray is also quite long, hence being one of the few trays that will comfortably accommodate bigger toddlers-like those with special needs who can’t sit up. There is also a ruler and a tape measure, providing you with all you need to track your baby’s growth.

This scale is a 2-in-1. You can use it with the tray for your newborn and later remove the tray to convert to a regular scale for the whole family, seeing that the maximum weight limit is a whopping 220 pounds! The readings can easily be switched from pounds, kilograms, or ounces and are easily visible on the backlit LCD screen. It also includes a ruler and bonus tape measure to measure the height.

Unicherry Baby Scale also has a free app with Bluetooth connectivity, which you can use to record your baby’s stats, making it easier to track your baby’s weight and height. It uses 2AAA batteries which are included.


  • Gives precise readings
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Free app to help track your baby’s growth
  • Affordable pricing


  • Some parents have a hard time using the app

5. Ozeri All-in-One Baby & Toddler Scale

This three-in-one scale measures your baby’s weight and height and includes a head circumference measuring tape. With the three measurements, you can track your baby’s growth.

The Ozeri Scale has the best in class precision, seeing that it can measure weight within 0.1 ounces. It is also equipped with tare and hold functions to ensure an accurate reading.

One of its most shining features is the ability to remember the weight records of up to 8 children. It also calculates the weight and height difference between the last measurement and the most recent. Altogether, it can store 15 weight and height measurements of each child.

If you are a mom of multiples, or work in foster care, or are a nurse or lactation consultant, this is the best scale for the job.


  • High accuracy within 0.1 ounces
  • Allows you to measure your baby’s weight, height, and head circumference
  • Keeps up 15 weight and height records for up to 8 children
  • Bonus instructional booklet with average height and weight for boys and girls up to 5 years


  • Hard surface may not be comfortable for a baby

6. Health-O-Meter Grow With Me Scale

This scale has a unique design that allows it to convert from a tray scale into a regular scale with a cute teddy bear shape which your kids will love using. Its maximum weight capacity is 60 pounds.

The scale provides accurate measurements within 0.5 ounces and displays the readings on a large LCD screen which is easy to read. If your baby is especially wiggly, the scale is equipped with a hold function, so you will be able to get their average weight while they are moving around. There is also a Zero function that subtracts extra weight from diapers, clothing, toys, and the likes enabling you to get accurate measurements.

The scale includes a bonus booklet for tracking your baby’s weight and height, with a tooth tracker and toddler shoe size chart.

The scale is really well made and has a ten-year warranty, so you will get some very good use out of it, especially if you are a family with multiple kids.


  • Kid friendly design
  • Easily coverts from tray scale to regular scale
  • Accurate measurement with tare and hold functions
  • Budget friendly pricing


  • May not give accurate readings if your child is very jumpy

7. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad & Scale

The Hatch Baby changing pad is a brilliant product that combines a changing pad with a built-in wireless smart scale. This makes it easier for moms to care for their little ones. What’s more, it has an app for iOS and Android devices so that you can record things like weight readings, amount of breast milk your baby fed, when your baby sleeps, how much milk you pumped, and more. The weight readings are in ounces or grams.

The app even compiles the data in easy-to-read graphs that you can study to track your baby’s well-being and your own milk production.

The scale is made using ABS plastic overlaid with foam for comfort. It has a weight limit of 44 pounds.


  • Easy to use
  • Digital scale can measure a quarter of an ounce
  • App allows you to record much more besides weight, including sleep and feeding
  • Can be wiped down easily


  • Weighing almost 8 pounds, it’s not very portable
  • There are complaints of inaccurate readings
  • Expensive

8. Aquascale Bathtub Digital Scale

What better way to take your baby’s weight than during bath time? This is what this smart bathtub affords you. You don’t need to worry about accuracy because the scale is designed to work even when your baby is happily kicking its legs and splashing.

One thing parents would be concerned about more than accuracy is the baby’s safety in this tub. You will be glad to know that the tub is designed to keep your baby in a comfortable semi inclined position, and there are anti-slip grips under their bottom to prevent them from sliding down into the water. Besides, you can also use the scale without water when you need to do a quick measurement.

This scale measures your baby’s weight and displays the readings in kilograms, pounds, and ounces. It even has the ability to retain the previous readings, so you can compare easily.

The Aquascale bathtub is also equipped with a built-in thermometer, with an LED digital display either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This way, you will always know if the water is too hot or cold for the baby.

When your baby is a little older, you can remove the side guards for the legs to convert into a toddler tub.


  • Scale works with and without water
  • Monitors water temperature for the baby’s safety and comfort
  • Easily converts from infant to toddler tub
  • Makes for a lovely gift


  • Very bulky, not easily portable

Baby Scales for Breastfeeding User and Buying Guide

Types of baby scales 

Basically, all scales fall into two categories: mechanical and digital scales, which are further classified into:

Sling/cloth scale

With these types of scales, you place your baby in a weighing cloth, and then you hang the cloth on the scale. You hold the scale handle in your hand. These scales can be mechanical or digital. They are mostly used by midwives because they are easy to stow and convenient to take for home visits. They are also the cheapest. Most parents might not be willing to have their babies hanging freely in the air, which can lead to accidental falls.

Pan scale

The pan scale is the most common baby scale design, where the baby is placed directly on the stationary scale. Although most of these scales are digital, some may be mechanical. The advantages are that the scale is very stable, it’s also easy to place the baby inside, and no electricity or batteries are needed. The downside is that these scales are heavy and take a lot of space, hence not easily portable.

Folding scale

A folding scale is a pan scale that folds up. In addition to offering the safety and stability of a pan scale, it is also easy to move about. This scale was designed by Sohnle and is the only brand available. The disadvantage is that the scales are even larger and heavier than the standard pan scale.

Combination scale

A combination scale provides a valuable investment. You use it from infancy through toddlerhood. What you do is remove the pan, so you can weigh your toddler while seated or standing. The only cons are that these scales are expensive and require a lot of space.

How to pick the best baby scale for breastfeeding – Buying Guide

Weight allowance range

Scales can be used from infancy to toddlerhood and some into adulthood. This way, you can easily track your baby’s growth. Compare different brands and choose the one you can use for the longest period depending on your baby’s age or weight.

Measurement accuracy

Weight changes can make a huge difference when it comes to a baby compared to an adult. That’s why you need to get a scale with high precision that can measure between 0.1 and 0.2 pounds.

Infant tray

Infant trays provide body support for newborns to keep them from falling out. Some are curved, while others are padded for extra comfort when the baby is laying in them.

Hold button

The hold button helps you get a steady, average weight if your baby is moving or twitchy during the weighing process.

Tare function

The tare button in a scale takes off the weight of objects that you don’t want to be factored in, such as diapers, clothes, or a toy that your baby is grabbing. This enables you to get an accurate reading of your baby’s weight.

Easy to read display

Whatever scale you choose, make sure the readings are large enough to read quickly and easily. Keep in mind that if your baby keeps moving, you may need to keep them controlled, and the display can change or time out.

Also, choose a scale that displays measurement units that you are familiar with, whether in pounds, grams, or ounces.

Non-slip grips

Since most baby scales are designed to be placed on tables and counters, you want to get one that has good grips underneath to keep the scale from slipping around with a baby in it.

Battery operated

Battery-powered scales are easy to use and can be moved around the house. Plus, you want to avoid having electric cords around small children since they are a hazard if the kids grab at them. 

Ease of cleaning

With a baby, you should always be ready for accidental milk spills, diaper blowouts, spit-ups, etc. Do yourself a favor and get a scale with smooth surfaces that can be easily wiped down. Avoid those with comfort pads that you can’t easily wash.

How to increase baby weight by breastfeeding

If your baby needs to add weight, you can add more feedings from your breast milk. Moms have also been advised to give the baby more hindmilk as opposed to foremilk. The way to do this is by first pumping your breast milk for a couple of minutes before you nurse your baby. The biology behind this is that hindmilk is richer in calories and fat, so it will help your baby gain weight faster.

How to tell if a baby is full when breastfeeding

Here are some signs your baby is satisfied and happy when nursing:

  • Baby turns their head away from the breast and continues to push the nipple out with the tongue. 
  • Baby is busy looking around and playing instead of sucking
  • Baby slows down sucking, with slower and lighter suckling and longer pauses.
  • Baby starts to cry soon after feeding
  • Baby appears relaxed and starts to snooze
  • Baby’s has their hands open during breastfeeding
  • Baby spits up a little milk after feeding
  • Baby has hiccups after feeding

How often to weigh the baby

According to the NHS, the baby should be weighed immediately after birth and frequently during the first two weeks of life. After that, a baby should be weighed:

  • Not more than once a month until 6 month of age
  • Not more than once every two months from 6 to 12months of age
  • Not more than once every 3 months after the first year.

But, you may need to weigh your baby more often than this if they are sick or have issues with their growth.

How to weigh a baby

You will need a scale, preferably one with a tray if your baby is small. Toddlers can stand on the scale for measurement.

  • Place the scale on a firm hard surface, like the counter or floor. You might not get accurate results if the surface is uneven.
  • Ensure that the scale is reading zero before placing the baby inside. That means, if your baby is in diapers or swaddled in a blanket, you need to place the items in the scale first and then press the tare or zero button. Doing this will cause the scale to void this weight.
  • Place the baby on the scale, keeping one of your hands hovering over, but not on your baby. This may help keep the baby calm, but mostly you will be ready to catch them in case they slip off.
  • When the baby is lying still, read their weight and record in a notebook. This way, you can keep track of any gain or loss.
  • Pick up your baby and switch off the scale. And, remember, you should never leave the baby unattended.

Can I rent a baby scale?

If you don’t want to buy a baby scale, you can rent one from other moms or healthcare professionals such as midwives or lactation consultants.

How to calibrate a baby scale

Every scale will usually have its own calibration instructions as to how to go about it. Calibration usually involves using specific weights that are placed on the scale when it’s set on calibration mode. The scale is determined to be accurate if repeated readings of the special weights are consistent and within the allowed range.

If you are not sure about how to calibrate your scale, you can contact the scale’s manufacturer for assistance.