Best Baby Shoes For All Feet (Fat & Narrow) That 30,000+ Approve in 2022

About Best Baby Shoes and Suitable Sizing in 2022

When we decided to come up with a list of good baby shoes in 2022 we set off to analyze over 30,000 reviews and have reached out to several parents and experts to come up with a credible best baby monitor list. We took into consideration the length, width, and rate of growth with a full understanding that these variables vary from one child to another.

We also have a helpful baby shoe sizing guide (printable PDF). The guide will allow you to measure the child’s foot based on US sizing and these baby shoe size conversion tables can also assist you to arrive at a suitable size for your baby.

Regardless of your baby’s age, the best baby shoes have the following few features and I advise that you consider when choosing a pair of shoes for your baby girl or boy. Great shoes for a baby need to be comfortable while still fitting the feet well. The shoes should also be wide to allow the feet and toes to have a nice grip not to fall off. We have hand-picked other 5 qualities as we looked to come up with the following sub-lists:

  • Best baby shoes for crawlers
  • Best baby shoes for babies trying to walk
  • Best baby shoes for summer/hot weather

Four Key Ranking Factors

To come up with the list of each of the categories mentioned above, we used the following ranking factors:

  1. Comfort and grip intensity
  2. The softness of the sole
  3. Support: Foam inserts
  4. Ease of wearing
  5. The material the shoe is made of and the weight.

Before reading further, I highly recommend you watch the video below about baby footwear that basically lays out what you need to look out for as you choose among the best baby shoes lists below:

Getting the right size of your baby’s feet

Getting a regular shoe is not the same as getting a high-quality soft shoe that will not cause blisters on your baby’s foot. While adults may appreciate hard shoes with perhaps leather material, baby shoes ought to be as soft as possible but you have to start by knowing the exact width of your baby’s feet.

You can use this kid’s foot measuring device called Squatchi which will cost you about $20 but you’ll appreciate its value especially if your toddler has wide feet.

Babies and toddlers with wide feet need to get the right measurement to avoid blisters and you can use this device to measure the width. It can also be a good gift for any baby for up to 12 years. This baby-shoe measuring device is also great for parents who like shopping for baby shoes online and wouldn’t have the baby with them to try the shoes on.

Best Baby Shoes for Crawling Babies

We found the best baby shoes that are perfect for crawling babies under one year. Between month 6 to month 11, crawling babies use their hands and feet to move around the house, sometimes just following whoever is in the house.

Crawling baby wearing shoes

At this age, protective baby shoes are essential to keep them safe from any random items on the floor. This may even be more important if you are planning to be in a public park or in daycare where it may be dirtier.

Pediatricians advise that you get your baby shoes with SUPER SOFT SOLES, as they are the best for pre-walkers as they are very comfortable and roomy allowing your baby not to feel any grip and healthy feet development. At this age, your baby shouldn’t even be feeling a grip. Soft shoes that are wide and not too tight to the baby’s feet are great as they allow the feet to develop without restraining or gripping the feet too hard to be uncomfortable.

Freshly Picked, shown below, is our overall best shoes for a crawling baby girl. It has been rated 4.4/5 by customers on Amazon and parents have had great things to say about its comfortable soft sole.

After analyzing over 18 brands of infant shoes, here is a list of 4 top baby shoes for crawling babies in 2022:

Below are the top 4 shoes for crawling babies:

1. Pediped Shoes for boys and girls Check priceCheck Price
2. Stride Rite Infant ShoesCheck price Check Price
3. Robeez Infant Slip-on Baby ShoesCheck Price Check Price
4. BirdRock Baby MoccasinsCheck Price Check Price

In 2004, Pediped set out to find the best shoe for crawling babies that are less than one year and they got is perfectly well. Pediped is based in Nevada and distributes its baby girl and baby boy shoes across several markets including US, Europe, UK, Australia, and India. If your baby is perhaps 6 months old or less than one year, Pediped is the best shoe for your crawling baby and over 3,200 parents that have left reviews agree with us. Pediped is one of the most highly rated baby shoes ideal for babies that are yet to start walking.

Pediped won in comfort.

Below is a video review of Pediped:

Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet

When your baby grows from infancy to toddlerhood at around the 12th to 15th month, your baby’s feet can grow to be extra wide and you may be wondering if your toddler can fit in regular baby shoes. No need to worry. Like several other human variations such as hair color or even skin color, wide feet are no exception. My neighbors’ kid had extra narrow feet and Evans, my second-born who is now 5 years old had fat feet by the time he was 2. He was often made fun of by other kids even before he knew that his feet were wider than other kids’ feet.

Picture of a wide-feet toddler on fat shoes

Guide to Picking the Best Baby Shoes for A Wide Feet

Having gone through the experience of finding the best baby shoes for Evans who has wide feet, I spoke to several other women from my church to inquire what they thought about wide-feet shoes and how any parent can go about picking the best. A general theme and what most other parents recommend is paying attention to the WIDTH of your child’s feet. Below are a summary of tips and expert guidance to get the top baby shoes for your toddler with wide feet:

  1. The softness of the sole: Toddlers with wide feet are a bit different from those with narrow feet. They can easily get blisters if they use regular normal-feet-size shoes. Soft-sole shoes are the perfect toddler shoes for wide feet and this should be your number one consideration as you pick shoes for your baby.
  2. Ease of Wearing: Your second consideration when picking baby shoes for your toddler with wide feet should be how easy the shoes can be worn. Unlike narrow feet, chubby feet do not easily slip into shoes and you wouldn’t want to be struggling with your kid for up to 5 minutes trying to have them put on the shoes. Pick the shoes that open easily giving a wide opening for your baby’s chubby feet to slide in easily. This can make shoes wearing a 30-seconds task instead of 5 minutes.
  3. Good grip but no excess pressure: Shoes that have a grip allow your baby’s feet to have some traction or friction making sure your toddler does not easily fall. The best shoes for toddlers with wide feet have traction but do not exert excess pressure to the point that the baby’s feet get blisters.
  4. Supportive: Shoes with supportive foam insert make the best baby shoes for babies with wide feet. Remember your baby will have gotten used to socks and shoes that can go well with socks will provide the support your toddler needs from around age 12 to 36 when the feet grow fast.

Does your baby have fat feet? There are a variety of baby shoes that you can select for your baby. You can watch the video below showing baby shoes for wide feet.

Below are the best baby shoes for fat feet that you can choose from.

Stride Rite Shoes: Overall Best for Wide Feet

Stride Rite Shoes are our overall best selection of Wide, Extra Wide and Somewhat-extra-wide shoe ideal for toddlers with wide feet.

Below are our four categories of Stride Rite shoes for your toddler:

  1. Wide: Stride Rite Kids Parker
  2. Wide: Stride Rite Kids Soft Motion
  3. Extra Wide: Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker (Infant/Toddler)
  4. Wider than Regular: Stride Rite Kids Rosie

Stride Ride is the leading baby shoe brand that gathers for wide-feet babies and I actually remember my younger brother using Stride Rite kicks back in the 90s. Most parents in the East Coast region towns, specifically New York, Boston, and Chicago recommended the shoes for Evans. Whether your toddler is a boy or a girl, any choice of Stride Rite brands above will get you a suitable shoe for your baby’s wide feet.

Another reason I prefer this even for my other kids with somewhat wide feet is that they are perfect for first-time walkers as they have the best balance that toddlers need as they learn to walk, thanks to their rounded toes. Your baby will also appreciate the plush memory foam inserts that provide great comfort and flexibility.

Crocs: Light and Roomy Shoes for Wide Feet

If your baby is like Evans, my second-born with the widest feet in our family, Crocs are the best option. Crocs are also our second best recommendation for any baby with fat feet and over 10,000 parents have rated Crocs 4.6/5 on Amazon. With Crocs, you get to select from 29 color selections and among the reasons these Crocs came second are:

  1. They are super light.
  2. Very roomy and ideal for both girls and boys with wide feet.
  3. They have a soft and synthetic sole.
Crocs - Second Best Baby shoe for wide feet
Crocs – Second Best Baby shoe for wide feet

They offer a lot of space and just perfect for chunky feet. In addition, you won’t struggle to get your baby to wear them. In less than 10 seconds, these roomy shoes will be on the feet of any chubby feet. The traditional-size crocs are the only selection you have as they don’t have wide-size crocs. The traditional sizes are however good enough. If it’s raining and muddy, these shoes are easy to clean and because they are made of plastic, they don’t tear easily when exposed to water or any liquid making them perhaps the best baby shoes for wide feet and ideal for your baby to play with regardless of the weather.


Native is our third best baby shoe brand for wide feet that you can find in the market. This baby shoe brand came third despite having a better design that the crocs. While Native has a variety of shoe selections that can fit any chubby feet, this Miller brand is the best and parents have rated it 4.5/5 on Amazon with most reviews saying wide-feet babies have a blast with them. They are ideal for your wide-feet baby with any age from one to 4 years.

Below are its features that make it great for wide feet:

  • Made of 100% Synthetic material
  • It is made of a soft rubber sole
  • It is waterproof and odor resistant
  • It is super lightweight and easy slip-on.
  • Wear tested by over 15000 babies

Baby Shoes For Small/Narrow Feet: Ikiki Shoes

iKiki shoes are made specifically for those babies with small or narrow feet. In the video below, you get to see images of the actual ikiki baby shoes:

You can get Ikiki shoes on Amazon here.

Baby Shoes For Walking – Learning to Walk

If you are wondering what baby shoes are best when learning to walk this section will give you what to look out for and how to select the best. The video below describes some of the key things you should look out for as you choose the best baby shoes for a first-time walker:

The table below shows the three best baby shoes for learning to walk

Name/Image of Baby ShoesFeaturesCheck Price
Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Check Price
Stride Rite Soft Motion Amos Sneaker
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Rounded edges to decrease stumbles and falls
Deep flex grooves enables baby’s natural movement
Check Price
Baby Deer High Top Leather First Walker
00% Leather
Crepe sole
Shaft measures approximately 3" from arch
Check Price
Puma Shoes for First Time Walkers
100% Leather/Textile
Rubber sole
Check Price

Where to buy baby shoes

You can buy baby shoes at the nearest store to you which depends on the country you live in. If you are in the US, you can get it on Walmart, Target, Macy’s, or Amazon. Most prices of online baby shoes are standard and whether you’re buying for a newborn or a toddler, the pricing differences are purely based on the brand you choose.

Baby Shoe Brands

The best baby shoe brands in August 2022 are many but a few stood out as we researched and put together this list of top baby shoes. Pediped and other brands dominate the market.

Below are the most popular brands that were voted highest by the parents who we analyzed their reviews:

  1. Robeez – This brand has been around since 1994 and is based in Oklahoma City, USA. It has a wide range of baby products including socks and apparel sold online and in select stores.
  2. Momo Baby – Momo baby shoes are made by Momo, a company established in 2006 in Pennsylvania by Jessie, a mother of two.
  3. Stride Rite – Stride Rite is the oldest baby shoe brand established in 1919 in Lexington Massachusetts and is focussed on children’s footwear.
  4. New Balance – New Balance has been around since 1906 and is actually older than the Stride Rite brand. It is known for its athletic gear and its baby shoe brands are ideal for walking.
  5. Pediped

Best Baby Shoes for Summer

In the summer you want to choose flip flops for your baby and the video below shows you the best DIY baby flip flops ideal for the summer or for the beach. You child may only be able to use this after he/she knows how to walk and is not learning how to start walking

How to measure Child’s foot and Size Recommendations

Below are the shoe size recommendations for your baby at different ages:

  • 0-3 months: Size 1
  • 3-6 months: Size 2
  • 6-9 months: Size 2.5 or 3
  • 9-12 months: Size 3.5 or 4
  • 12-18 months: Size 4.5 or 5
  • 18-24 months: Size 5.5 or 6

How to choose baby shoes for toddlers:

The Most Expensive Baby Shoe:

The video below describes the most expensive baby shoe you can find in 2022:

Which is the best baby shoe for fat feet

The best baby shoe for fat feet in 2022 is Stride Rite Kids Soft Motion shoe which is made by the Stride Rite brand described above. The brand has other baby shoe ideal for wide or fat feet and you can compare them on the table above. This Stride Rite Kids Soft Motion shoe has a rubber sole, hook and loop closure and is made of leather and textile.

Which is the best shoe for narrow or small feet

The best shoe for narrow feet is iKiki described in the review above. Read about their competitors also as described in the iKiki review above.

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