9 Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Extra Comfort (Updated 2022)

If you are in a hurry, we’ve compared the best shopping cart cover brands and found Infantino Compact to be the best overall shopping cart cover you can rely on for your toddler or baby in the market. Before we review each of the cart covers in our 2022 list, let’s first answer the common questions below:

Are baby shopping cart covers necessary?

Perhaps these are just other baby stuff you have watched being advertised, and you think you and your baby are just fine without them, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Shopping carts are used by hundreds of people each passing day, and there is no assurance that they are sufficiently cleaned at all. At best, some stores will give you some wipes but not always. You don’t need a study to tell you what nasty germs are crawling on the carts and being generously passed along from dirty hands, previous users who had diapers that were leaking, meats that are bloody, and more.

In short, the carts are ridden with germs that could cause sicknesses and diseases. That’s why you need cart covers to shield your baby against any spills and bacteria.

How to use a Shopping Cart Cover

9 Top Shopping Cart Cover Brands in 2022:

Reviews of our 9 top-rated Covers for Shopping Carts

#1. Infantino Compact Best 2-In-1 Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

Infantino Compact Best 2-In-1 Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover is our overall best shopping car cover you can find in the market in 2020. This Infantino cover by Infantino is the perfect solution for a parent who wants to keep their little one from picking up germs from shopping carts and high chairs every time you carry your baby tags along for shopping or dinner. It is designed to provide complete coverage to all the places your baby would reach.

This cart cover is a complete package for storing your baby stuff as well. It features Velcro straps for your baby’s feeding bottle, two more loops for holding a toy, and the other has a teether attached to it. You protect your baby, feed them, and keep them entertained with this high gear while on the move! It is also budget-friendly.


  • Neutral colored
  • Folds into a compact tote
  • Includes a strap for the baby cup or bottle
  • Consists of a teether and additional loop for the baby’s toy
  • Includes adjustable harness belts to secure the baby comfortably


  • Perfectly fits in all carts
  • The teether keeps your baby from using other germ-ridden cart rails
  • It provides the means of carrying all your baby essentials while moving about
  • The adjustable straps keep your baby secured
  • Roomy hence traps all the food bits that your baby would otherwise drop everywhere.


  • It has a minimal cushion.

#2. Croc N Frog Shopping Cart Covers for Infants

Croc N Frog Shopping Cart Covers is our second best cart cover you can use when shopping in a retail store with your toddler or infant. You will love this Croc and frog cover; it is stylish, made with premium quality polyester fabric with polka dot designs. It is designed to cover medium and standard shopping carts as well as high chairs, keeping your baby safe from these germs-ridden items. You can also purchase the owl-designed covers for larger-sized carts.

These covers have a foldable design into a pouch that is easy to store and portable. You will also love that when you unfold and spread it on a cart, the pouch becomes a handy storage space. It has three loops you can use for keeping your baby’s stuff like toys, feeding bottles, etc. With all these in place, you keep your little one safe and engaged while you do your shopping.

This cart cover is so versatile and would be a great gear to add to your travel system and can pass as a lovely gift for any mum.


  • Cover for shopping cart and high chair
  • Folds into a carrier bag
  • Includes 3 toy loops
  • Includes bottle strap
  • 2 buckles in front & rear- one to secure cover and another one to secure baby
  • Tassels to secure cover sides
  • Back of the cover that can be used as a pouch


  • A lot of customers say it is durable
  • The material is easy to clean and machine washable
  • Cute designs
  • Convenient; with a foldable design making it portable and provides storage for your baby’s toys, diaper, and bottle
  • It has excellent padding even for high chairs

#3. Claro Baby Shopping Cart Covers For Baby

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Covers For Baby came third on this list of best shopping cart covers you can rely on for a reliable-size cover. Most cart covers are designed to fit small and medium carts, but this one from Claro is extra-large and stretchable to fit all cart sizes. This cover provides complete coverage courtesy of its large size, protecting your baby from germs and dirt. It also doubles up as a high seat cover so you can use it when you take your baby to a restaurant or at home when you start feeding your baby on solid food.

It features Velcro bands that will keep your baby securely held and comfortable. You can keep your baby entertained by letting them watch their favorite videos on your smartphone while it is held safely in a transparent pocket right before their face. Also included are two loops for attaching toys and a strap for their feeding bottle. It is also rolled into a compact carry pouch facilitating easy storage and portability.


  • Extra-large sized to fit all cart sizes
  • Includes safety harness for security
  • Velcro closures bands for the baby’s comfort
  • Transparent smartphone pocket and toy loops
  • Adjustable baby bottle strap and toy loops
  • Two additional side pockets and a large back pocket for keeping your baby’s essentials.


  • Made with material that is a soft touch
  • Cute design and lovely color that will be fun for any baby
  • Very versatile
  • It is easily portable and stored
  • Easy to clean, and machine washable
  • It offers many pockets for storing your phone as well as baby essentials while on the move.

#4. Summer Infant Shopping Cart Cover 

If you are used to always adding more padding to keep your infant supported upright when in the shopping cart seat, you need to get this Summer infant cushy cart. The cover has padded positioner props for keeping your infant’s back and sides properly supported and holding the infant securely. When the baby is older, you can remove the props, and because the cover is still well-padded everywhere else, it will always be comfy and will protect your baby from germs too.

It also includes a vinyl pocket where you can keep your smartphone protected as you move about and two loops for attaching toys to keep your toddler entertained.

You can use these covers on most shopping carts as well as high chairs. Once you are done, fold the cover quickly and compactly into a pouch.


  • Infant positioner props for younger babies that are removed when the child gets older.
  • Includes a vinyl pocket to keep your smartphone safe
  • Folds compactly into a pouch
  • Two loops for attaching toys


  • It has adequate cushion for comfort
  • The props keep your infants back supported and hold them securely
  • You get to keep your smartphone safe and entertain your baby at the same time
  • It folds up into a pouch making it convenient to carry and store


  • It doesn’t have a lot of storage pockets in comparison to other covers

#5. Boppy Cart and Chair Cover

The Boppy cover provides 360-degree coverage against dirt and germs your little one might pick from being in the shopping cart seat or on a high chair in a restaurant anywhere.

For your baby’s entertainment needs, the cover has a patented sideline system for attaching toys or other baby items. It also comes with plush, crinkle toys. Your baby’s comfort and safety is also guaranteed with 2-point safety straps for securing your baby, and extra padding for added comfort while your baby is on the move.

The fabric is easy to wipe whenever there are minor spills, and machine washable when you decide to clean it.


  • 2-point safety straps
  • Patented SlideLine system for attaching a toy
  • Includes crinkle toys
  • Machine washable


  • Provides the total coverage in all the areas your baby would reach
  • Material is very easy to clean
  • Very easy to install
  • It is soft, cushy and comfy for the baby
  • It has straps for securing the baby in place


  • Bulky to move around because it’s not foldable into a compact carrier bag
  • It fit poorly on large carts like the ones at Costco
  • A lot of parents wish it had more loops for more toys

#6. Boppy Preferred Shopping Cart and Restaurant High Chair Cover

The Boppy Preferred cover is an extra-large design that provides 360-degree coverage on most shopping carts and restaurant baby high chairs. It is also designed to offer superior comfort with a plush Minky seat boosted with extra padding, and 2-point safety straps that keep the baby secured.

Your active baby will be kept busy and entertained with multiple toys attached to Boppy’s patented slideline system and additionally included plush, crinkle toys, and bright finger ribbons while you shop. A bottle compartment is also available so your baby will not be hungry when out and about.

This Boppy Cover is versatile, too; featuring a large storage pocket for your essentials, carry your keys, phone in one, or other essentials in one place. When you are done using it, just fold compactly into a travel pouch.

You will also love that the fabric is not only soft but also easy-wipe for little messes and machine washable too when the need arises.


  • Plush Minky seat
  • It has 2-point safety straps
  • Patented SlideLine system for attaching baby’s toy
  • Includes attached toys
  • Includes a bottle pocket
  • Large storage pockets that convert into a carrier pouch when folded
  • Easy care, machine washable


  • You get colorful ribbons, and crinkle toys included
  • The Minky fabric is soft and comfortable
  • Large pockets to store your essentials as well
  • It is easy to clean
  • A lot of parents report it folds up effortlessly


  • Some customers experienced some seam ripping

#7. Skip Hop Compact 2-In-1 Cover

The cover fits most shopping carts as well as high chairs and will be a barrier for keeping your baby from those nasty germs.

The whole cover is padded, including the leg holes for extra comfort whenever your little one is out and about. It also has two front loops where you can hang your baby’s favorite toys to keep them engaged while you shop or dine.

Another advantage is that it is machine washable and when not in use, it folds up easily into a pouch making it portable and keeping the messes contained.


  • Has two straps one for the baby and the other for the seat
  • Includes a seat belt with clips for securing the baby in the cart
  • Two loops for hanging baby’s toys
  • Folds compactly into a built-in stretchy pouch
  • Snap-open loop for hanging the pouch from stroller, wrist or bag
  • Machine washable


  • A lot of customers love the cute print design
  • Provides sufficient coverage
  • Not cumbersome to move around
  • Very easy to clean


  • It doesn’t fit well on the large carts like those in Target, and Costco

#8. Kids N Such 4-in-1 cover

The cover is the most versatile so far in this list. It can be used as a shopping cart and high chair cover, car seat canopy, scarf, blanket, nursing cover, changing mat, and more. While it doesn’t have padding, the material is so soft comfortable. It is also very stretchable to be able to cover all those items while protecting your baby.

Unlike other covers, this one doesn’t need any folding or being carried in a bag. With its beautiful floral print, just use it as a scarf when you are headed out, use it as cover when nursing your baby, spread it on the cart seat or high chair to keep your baby safe, and as a changing mat when you baby needs the diaper changed.

If you think it’s just hype, you need to try it. The company guarantees you 100% money back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Soft stretchy and breathable fabric for total protection
  • Multi-use cover


  • Keeps the baby protected while on the move from bad weather, germs, dust, bright lights, and noise.
  • A lot of moms love how soft, stretchy, and airy the fabric is.
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • It doesn’t provide any padding
  • Available only in a floral print, which is girlish

#9. Lakeson & Co. Shopping Cart Cover

The cover is a favorite among mums for being so versatile and beautiful too. It doubles as a nursing cover, shopping cart and high chair cover, infinity scarf, and stroller cover. You can use it in any weather and will fit most nursing mums and car seats too. It makes a perfect gift for any mom to be; it is actually like buying five presents for the price of one. What’s better is that it involves no risk; the company guarantees you a refund if you don’t like the cover.

When you purchase, you will also be participating indirectly in environmental conservation work; every sale Lakeson & Co. makes, they plant a tree, or a give a package of wildflower seeds for bees.


  • Made of high quality, stretchy, rayon blend fabric
  • Multi-purpose cover
  • Available in floral and gender-neutral prints for both girls and boys


  • Cute design and prints
  • It easy to clean and machine washable
  • Favorable for all-weather season use
  • Provides coverage as intended
  • The soft, breathable and stretchable material
  • Refund guaranteed


  • It doesn’t have any safety straps or harness for your baby
  • It doesn’t have any padding

Ultimate Buying Guide to Pick the Best Brand of Shopping Cart Cover

How to use a baby shopping cart cover

The idea behind using cart covers is to protect your baby from germs that are obvious in publicly used carts. The cart cover is a cloth material that you spread on the front part of the cart to cover the baby seat, back, and cart handles. Most of the covers have a buckle or straps that go around the back to keep your little one secure. This ensures every area within your baby’s reach is safe and that even the teething babies will not be using dirty grills or handle. You can also use the cover for the restaurant high chair for babies.

Most of the cover manufactures have gone a step further to provide add-ons like loops for attaching toys, a bottle strap, and pouches for storing you and the baby’s essentials like phone, keys, or diaper.

Some covers also have a foldable design, so once you are done using, you simply fold it into a compact bag for easy storage and travel.

The fact that the cover touches unsanitary surfaces and might have spilled from time to time also means you will need to clean it; most are easy to wash and machine washable.

Baby boy shopping cart cover for a boy

When choosing cart covers for a boy, you can look one with gender-neutral colors and themes or vibrant colors that your baby will love. Floral prints may not be a good choice.

Baby shopping cart cover pattern

Cart covers come in so many patterns; animal prints, floral, dots, and much more. You will find one with a pattern that will appeal to you and work out for your little one.

Baby shopping cart cover for twins

There are covers specially designed for twins; these covers have leg openings that are wider than usual to accommodate both legs of your twins per opening. The safety buckles are also double instead of one.

Guide to purchasing the best shopping trolley covers what to look for.

Cost: look for covers that you can afford; generally, all cart covers will provide the desired protection from dirt and germs. The expensive ones usually have the advantage of having more padding and add-ons and being versatile in a lot more ways.

Color: you can choose a color designed for a girl or boy specifically, but you would also make a great purchase going for a gender-neutral color that would suit any kind now or in the future. Also, if you ever decided to sell, it will be much easier.

Comfort: remember your baby will be sitting in a rigid shopping cart and hard high chairs without any padding some times for hours, which is not really comfy for them. It would be great to have a cover that is cushy and soft.

Straps: babies are always trying to reach for stuff, and it’s guaranteed they will try to move while in the cart; this could lead to imbalance and falling. You can prevent this from happening by buying a cover that has straps to keep your baby secured.

Material: these covers will always be scraping on hard cart surfaces and high chairs as well as carrying all the nasty germs that could otherwise pass to your baby; therefore, they require frequent washing. You want to make sure the material is firm to handle heavy-duty use, easy to clean, but soft for your baby’s comfort.

How to Make Baby Shopping Cart Cover on Your Own

This tutorial will guide you on how you can custom make your baby cart cover, but you need to possess some machine sewing skills.

The items you need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Your preferred Minky fabric 1.5 yards
  • 3 to 4 yards flannel fabric
  • 1.24 yards 1/8 inch elastic
  • ½ yard 5/8 inch satin ribbon
  • Matching sewing thread
  • One package narrow double fold bias binding
  • Hand sewing needle, safety pins, and straight pins
  • Binding clips
  • Marking pencil
  • Measuring tape and ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper

Step by step procedure:

  1. Wash the fabrics and allow them to dry before you use them, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended settings.
  2. Using scissors cut the flannel into a 54-inch long piece and then sew the piece to the remaining flannel to create one large piece for your cover.
  3. Fold the Minky into quarters. Use the measuring tape and marking pencil measure 27 inches from the corners on each side of the Minky. Continue measuring and marking to create a quarter of a circle then cut along the line you have made.
  1. Fold the flannel along the seam you used to join, and then fold it once more. Place the quarter circle of the folded Minky on top of the flannel and ensure the folded edges line up neatly. Cut the flannel to match the Minky.
  2. Unfold the Minky into a circle and lay it on your working table facing up. Lay the flannel circle on top of the Minky facing down. Pin along the edge of the circle, then sew around the edge using a stitch length of 2.5 inches but leave a six-inch space open for turning.
  1. Turn the cover right side out from the opening. Use the binding clips along the edge to keep the two fabrics from shifting. Adjust the machine stitch length to 5 inches and topstitch around the circle, one inch from the edge.
  1. Place the cover with the flannel side up, flat on your table. Locate the center seam and measure down the seam 24 inches from one side towards the center. Mark, with your pencil. 
  2. Cut a piece paper four inches wide by five inches tall and line it up with the mark you made, move it two inches to one side of the seam. Mark along with it with the pencil. Move the paper two inches to the other side of the same and repeat it. Pin both fabrics around both the rectangles you drew, using safety pins.
  1. Cut out the center parts of each rectangle; they will be the leg openings. Measure 10 inches up from each leg opening and make a 1.5-inch slit for the seatbelt. Use binding clips to hold the piece in place and use a 5-inch stitch length to sew along the edge of each opening and slit.
  1. Using binding clips to hold the binding on the edges of the leg opening and along the edges of the seat belt slits, adjust your sewing machine stitch length to 3.5 and topstitch the binding in place.
  1. Cut the satin ribbon in two equal pieces and fold each piece in half. Pin the folded pieces next to the seam and just above the leg openings. Sew both pieces on to the cover; these will be loops for attaching toys.
  1. Place a safety pin on one end of the elastic and thread the elastic through the opening in the edge of the cover all the way around the circle. Sew the ends of the elastic together and hand sew the opening closed using a slip stitch. Your cart cover is finished.