Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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What are the best practical baby shower gifts?

I can’t forget one of the baby shower gifts I got when I had my firstborn. I got…and it was super useful. I actually used it until its end of life – if Uggs have that.

Thinking back, that was a super practical baby shower gift.

The Best and Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Below are 30 practical baby shower gift ideas;

Diapers and Wipes 

Any baby needs diapers and wipes and they are the most practical baby shower gift.

Any new mother will appreciate diapers and wipes as baby shower gifts because not only are they practical, but they help the new mom to save lots of cash. A newborn baby uses 6-8 diapers per day, requiring the same number of wipes to clean the baby during every diaper change.

Even moms who prefer using cloth diapers will appreciate diapers and wipers as baby shower gifts especially when they are healing from giving birth.

Tip. ensure that you buy diapers and wipes that have a minimum risk to a baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Buy water wipes because they have 99.9% pure water and 0.1% fruit extract because they are the purest wipes.
  • Buy diapers made from hypoallergenic and sustainable materials, including Pampers Pure Diaper

The Diaper Pail

A diaper pail makes a practical baby shower gift because it allows a mom to dispose of the dirty diapers (either disposable ones or cloth ones) hygienically. 

As a new mom, I struggled with the diaper garbage nearly five times a day until my elder sister gifted me with a diaper pail. It was a miracle and a reprieve for me. 

Amazon stocks different diaper pails from $28.

Larger Size Baby Clothes

Larger size baby clothes make a practical baby shower gift because they provide the baby with a longer wear-out duration.

Most expectant receives 0-3 months and 0-6 months of baby clothes, which the baby uses for a limited period. My baby had grown out of most clothes I had got as baby shower gifts by their 6-month milestone, prompting me to go baby clothes shopping.

Baby clothes of ages 6-12 months or even 12-18 months make the best baby shower gifts.

Pajamas, footed pants, long-sleeve, and short-sleeved shirts make the best baby shower clothes gifts.

  • Pajamas are a favorite baby shower gift because of the much time babies spend sleeping, especially during their first. Choose zipper pajamas because they are convenient for getting the baby in and out of them.
  • Buy footed pants for newborns because they are convenient to the new parent and the baby. Footed pants eliminates the hustle of removing socks and the pants for footless pants during a diaper change and also minimizes time for dressing your baby.

I came to appreciate footed pants when my baby learned she could yank off socks from her little feet, exposing her to cold temperatures.

  • Buy both long-sleeved and short sleeved shirts for the baby shower gift  to cater for both cold and warm temperatures. Long-sleeved shirts are best for the cold season and short-sleeved shirts are best for warm temperatures.

Large Muslin Blankets

Large muslin blankets are very practical baby shower gifts of their versatility. A new mom will appreciate muslin blankets because they can use them for swaddling, burping, as a nursing cover, a tummy time mat, sleeping blanket, a car seat or stroller cover, and a changing pad cover.

The swaddling blankets are available in small and large sizes and different prints to match your preference and that of the baby’s gender. Buy both small and large muslin baskets to suit a growing baby’s needs.

Muslin Blankets are available on Amazon from as low as $9.99.

Clip-On Toy

Clip-on toys are a practical baby shower gift because the sensory toys are developmental. They have a crinky part, a teether, different textures, and bright colors.

The clip-on-toys are comforting to a baby on the stroller or car seat, especially when they are fussy.

Besides, the clip-on toys are public friendly because thier non-electric features limit their noise.

Make sure that the clip-on toy is big enough and is not removable in small parts to prevent choking.

Clip-on Teethers

Teethers are very practical baby shower gifts because every child must grow teeth, usually from the age of 6 months or earlier. Every mom will appreciate a teether as a gift because they will ease the pain and discomfort of teething that usually occurs suddenly.

 Clip-on teethers make even a more practical baby shower gift because your baby will use it without falling it down on dirty surfaces.

The best clip-on teethers are available on Amazon from $6.

Touch and Feel Books

Touch and feel books are practical baby shower gifts because your baby can use them by themselves by flipping the page and feeling the different textures of the pictures. The touch and feel books are sensory, enhancing your baby’s development.

Besides, the touch and feel books are baby-safe because they cannot chew or tear the pages as easily as other books.

The Touch and Feel baby books are available on Amazon from $5.

Baby Carrier

A Wrap Baby Carrier

A Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a very practical baby shower gift because it equips a new mom to carry a fussy baby around the house and remain hand-free to do other work.

The baby carrier is also useful for a new mom because it facilitates discreet feeding when in open spaces, easy movement when not using a stroller, and enhances bonding between you and your baby.

 You can buy a baby carrier that supports a newborn weight to make it extremely practical for a baby shower gift.

Buy a baby carrier from Amazon from as low as $25.


A new mother can never ever have enough bibs, making them a practical baby shower gift.

 I found bibs extremely useful with my baby because she would spit up when feeding, nursing, and later on when drinking water.

Buy bibs that are super absorbent and 100% organic, have many layers, have a soft backing, are adjustable, and are stylish. The newborn bib should also ahs fasteners on the side because they are easier to fix and remove, protecting their developing neck muscles.

You can get them on Amazon in sets from $7.

 A  Soothing Sound Machine

A soothing sound machine is perfect for new moms who need as much help with their baby because it is like having extra help. 

The soothing sound machine lulls your baby to sleep by imitating the calming shushing sounds caregivers make.

Soothing sound machines are available on Amazon from $18.

 Breast Pump Storage Kit

A breast pump storage kit became one of the best baby shower gifts I received because of how practical I found it after returning to work.

 A breast pump storage kit has all the essentials for breast pumping and storing breast milk. It comes with an insulated cube to keep up to four milk bottles cold, a rectangular case for storing parts of the pump, a drawstring bag, and a carrying case for carrying all the kit’s parts.

 A breastfeeding mom will appreciate a breastfeeding kit as a baby shower gift because they can preserve the liquid gold from anywhere.

Buy a breast pump kit with a cooler from Amazon is as low as $37.

 A Multi-Purpose Synthetic Cover

A multi-purpose cover makes a practical baby shower gift that every mom-to-be will appreciate because of its versatility. 

 A new mom can use it on the baby carrier, car seat, or to cover herself when nursing their little one.

The covers are available on Amazon for $9.

 A Baby Bottle Warmer

A baby bottle warmer makes a most practical baby shower gift.  A baby bottle warmer not only makes it super easy for you to heat the milk bottle but also allows you to get help with the baby easily. It is easy for you to trust your spouse, or any other caregiver to warm a bottle for your child because the risk of overheating is zero.

Bottle Sterilizer

A closely related practical baby shower gifter to the bottle warmer is a bottle sterilizer.

A bottle sterilizer is a must-have for every new, especially those bottle-feeding their babies. A bottle sterilizer cleans your bottles free of germs, reducing the risk of infections to your little one.

 A Newborn Bath Kit

A newborn bath kit is one of the 30 practical baby shower gifts because it makes bath time easy for the mom-to-be because it comes with everything they need during and after a bath.

The kit has a body wash, shampoo, lotion, balm, a comb, and others.

Amazon has a variety of baby bath kits from $10.

Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

A baby healthcare and grooming kit is a  practical baby shower gift because it provides the parent-to-be with the most basic devices to keep your baby well-kept.

A basic grooming kit has shampoo, conditioner, lotion, nail clippers, scissors, nasal aspirators, thermometers, and medicine spoons.

A healthcare and grooming kit makes it easier for a new mom because it is a one-stop shop.

A Baby Monitor

A baby monitor makes a practical baby shower gift because it is a necessity for every parent. New parents will particularly appreciate a baby monitor because it allows them to keep watch of their precious bundle of joy 24/7, even when they are away.

Ensure you buy a wifi-enabled, live camera and audio baby monitor to allow the new parents to see and talk to their child even at a distance.

 Mom Hospital Packing Kit

A mom hospital pack kit is a very practical baby shower gift because it keeps the expectant mom ready for the hospital and ensures their comfort during the hospital stay.

A mom hospital packing kit has socks, a water bottle, cold packs, a comb, a mini mouthwash, flip flops, toothbrush, toothpaste, a mirror, a travel hairbrush, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shower cap, and an assortment of soaps.

Nursing  Bras

A nursing bra is one of the 30 most practical baby shower gifts because it will make breastfeeding for a new mom easier.

Buy a cute bra to make the new mom feel pretty, adding to her confidence in the new motherhood journey.

Nursing Pads

Closely related to nursing bras are nursing pads. Nursing pads are a practical baby shower gift because it prepares the new mom to remain well-groomed during nursing when they are likely to experience leaking breasts.

You can buy either disposable or reusable nursing bras.

Organic Crib Sheets

Organic crib sheets make the top 30 practical baby shower gifts because every baby needs crib sheets, even when using a co-sleeper.

Besides, organic crib sheets have an extended use because a baby can use them for as long they are in a crib.

 A Storage Basket

 A storage basket is a thoughtful, practical baby shower gift, yet often overlooked. 

 The storage basket provides chic space for storing all the baby toys, clothes, or laundry.

 Get a trendy storage basket from Amazon for $16.

 A Baby Photo Album

A baby photo album is one of the 30 most practical baby shower gifts. The photo album allows a new mommy to keep hardcopy photos of their little one from the beginning.

A baby photo is an especially thoughtful and practical baby shower gift because most parents today store their baby’s pictures in digital gadgets that are prone to loss .

A Portable Baby Bed

A Portable baby bed is a practical baby shower gift because it is a need for a new mom. 

A Portable baby bed allows you to sleep whenever and wherever she falls asleep, enabling you to rest by avoiding a fussy baby.

Soothing Aromatic Candles

A mom-to-be will appreciate relaxing candles because they will help her relax in a time that is full of anxiety and tiredness.

Soothing and aromatic candles make a practical gift for expectant moms because they can use them even after giving birth for their self-care sessions.

Buy quality candles to give the expectant mom superb aromatherapy.