11 Best Baby Strollers of 2022 – Updated

At 10BabyGear, we started our research on the best baby strollers and we’ve put a lot of hours to select and rank our top 10 baby strollers you can choose from.

We created a database to collect data on 131 baby strollers on the market including some of the 2022 releases. Our exhaustive list gave us baby strollers with variations in color, prices, design, folds, wheels, and brands, among others. We even analyzed the list of top 100 best-selling baby strollers in January 2022. We did this conclusive research to determine a few things that every parent should consider such as:

  • Which is the best baby stroller to buy in 2022
  • Who makes the best baby strollers (brands) in 2022
  • What are the best baby strollers for different activities such as general traveling, air travel, jogging, and running
  • What are the best baby strollers for places such as city living such as NYC and rural-area living
  • What are the best baby strollers for different weather conditions such as winter, summer, fall, and spring?
  • What are the best baby strollers for different age groups such as newborns, 1-year-olds, 3-years-old, and even twins?
  • What are the best baby strollers for parents of different heights such as short and tall parents?
  • What are the best baby strollers with any of the following; car seat, bassinet, big wheels, and carriers.

In deciding how we would narrow down our list of 131 car seats to find the best one for different situations (weather, functionalities, activities, brands, and locations, among others) we borrowed from several experts who gave us advice on how to choose the best baby stroller. Below is a video by Babylist describing how to choose the best baby stroller in 2022. If you are in a hurry, you can watch this video or jump to the buyer’s guide below the reviews.

We also reached out to about 10 mums in 10BabyGear’s Facebook and Pinterest groups and analyzed over 17,000 verified reviews on several sets of baby strollers and below are the ranking factors that enabled us to narrow down our list and to ultimately find our overall best baby stroller in the market in 2022.

  1. Cost: Among all the baby products we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear, we found baby strollers to be the most expensive. Some are as expensive as $1200 and as you pick your favorite stroller that fits you and your baby’s, consider if the higher price is worth the cost. You can find strollers for as low as $200 but make sure you also weigh the functionalities and durability. Durable strollers with great functionalities and low price scored better than its expensive peers.
  2. Family Size: If you want a baby stroller that can support more than one kid, you can choose from a double stroller or you can pick a single stroller that can easily be converted to a double stroller. Flexible strollers scored better than those that cannot support more than one baby.
  3. Functionalities: All-purpose strollers that fit city-living and suburb dwelling scored better than strollers with limited use in different locations.
  4. Outdoor: If you are an active parent that prefers outdoor jogging or running, we have some great strollers that are perfect for outdoor maneuvers.

Comparison Table of Best baby Strollers 2022

NameWeight LimitColor VarietyProduct WeightRatingsPrice
#1. Baby Jogger city Mini GT265 Pounds6‎21.4 pounds4.7/5 stars in 855+ reviewsCheck on Amazon here
#2. Baby Trend Expedition‎50 Pounds5‎25.5 pounds 4.7/5 stars in 7,389+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#3. Graco Modes Click Connect
‎50 Pounds
3‎22.8 pounds 4.8/5 stars in 2,351+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#4. Summer Infant 3D-Lite
‎50 Pounds
4‎13 pounds 4.7/5 stars in 10,179+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#5. Graco ready2Grow LX‎50 Pounds332 pounds 4.5/5 stars in 5,510+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#6. Chicco Bravo Trio‎50 Pounds7‎46.3 pounds 4.8/5 stars in 3,615+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#7. BOB Revolution Flex 2.0‎75 Pounds5‎28.5 pounds 4.7/5 stars in 641+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#8. Baby Trend Navigator‎55 Pounds543 pounds 4.5/5 stars in 2,002+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#9. Britax Gen2 ‎50 Pounds3‎40.6 pounds 4.8/5 stars in 141+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#10. Foundations quad Sport 4-Passenger‎50 Pounds3‎34 pounds 4.5/5 stars in 92+ reviews Check on Amazon here
#11. Joovy Qool Stroller‎55 Pounds10‎30.6 pounds 4.7/5 stars in 479+ reviews Check on Amazon here

Below are our reviews of our best baby strollers you can find in the markets:

Best Baby Strollers Reviews 2022

1. Overall Best Stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller by Baby Jogger is our overall best baby stroller in 2022 and it was released on January 08, 2022. This highly-rated baby stroller is currently rated 4.4/5 on Amazon is manufactured by a Newell brand company called Baby Jogger that has been in business since 1984.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller made it to the top of our list because of its ability to work for parents located or using its several sets of terrain. In addition to multi-terrain fit, this baby stroller has brakes operated on the handlebars and is great if you live in places like New York City or in poorly paved sidewalks. In the city, this baby stroller easily moves narrow walks and in poorly paved sidewalks, these baby strollers are perfect because of their great wheels.

This newly released model has been dubbed the ‘standing stroller’ as it comes with a self-standing fold. In addition, it has the following cool features that I personally got so excited about as I research the best baby strollers in the market and actually went ahead and bought it. The stroller ranked first in the best baby strollers for newborns. Below are the features that set this baby stroller apart:

This baby stroller is currently ranked number 35 in the baby strollers and joggers category on Amazon. Below is a graph showing sales of this baby stroller on Amazon over the last three months:

baby stroller city mini gt2 stroller

The table below has the dimensions that make this stroller unique and great for jogging:

All-terrain stroller with suspension system
5-point harness
Large storage basket
180-degrees seat recline position
Adjustable handlebar with hand-operated brakes
Compatible with most car seats

Below is a video review of Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller: Best-selling Stroller on Amazon

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is our second-best baby stroller in 2022 and as of this update in June 2022, it ranks best of the top 100 best-selling baby strollers on Amazon.

Baby Trend Expedition currently ships about 3,500 units per month on Amazon according to data from Helium. Below is a chart showing upward trends of this baby stroller sales over the last year.

upward sales chart of Baby Trend expedition

About Baby Trend Expedition:

This baby stroller has large bicycle tires that roll easily and is recommended for up to 50 lbs weight. I personally recommend this as it is very easy to go slow jogging thanks to the front swivel wheel that are very easy to maneuver. This is also our best baby stroller with cup holders, it actually has space for 2 cup holders. It weighs 25 pounds and is recommended for young ones who are below 36 months.

Lockable Front Swivel Wheel
Parent console has 2 cup holders
Extra wide, ergonomically-shaped rubber handle for maneuverability & comfort
Accepts Baby Trend Infant car seats
Trigger release for easy folding
JPMA certified construction

3. Graco Modes Stroller, Click Connect, Grayson

Graco Modes Stroller by Graco is our third best baby stroller which is currently ranked at number 5 of the top 100 best-selling baby strollers on Amazon (as of Aug 2019). In 2018, it received the top award from What to Expect

This 22.75 lbs baby stroller is rated highly (4.5/5) as of this publication and it is significantly cheaper than Baby Jogger Mini, our top baby stroller. This stroller is a 3-in-1stroller with 10 riding options, the only one on this list to have this wide variety of riding options. The infant car seat carrier provides 3 ways, infant stroller 2 ways, and the toddler stroller 5 ways. I love the forward-facing toddler seat that comes with 3-position leg rest and adjusts well for your growing child.

10 riding options
Click Connect technology
Reclining reversible seat
Parent & Child’s tray

Below is a video review showing Graco Modes Stroller in action:

4. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller – Best Lightweight Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is our fourth-best baby stroller that specifically made it to this list because of its lightweight, weighing just 12 pounds.

This weight is less than half of most other top baby strollers in this list that weighs as high as 30 lbs. This baby stroller is perfect for traveling parents that would be bothered by heavy baby strollers. As shown in the snapshot below, the Summer Infant 3D stroller is the best-selling baby stroller in the lightweight category beating other

4-position recline
Parent cup holder & storage pocket
Carry strap
5-point safety harness
Anti-shock front wheels
Lockable rear wheel
Rear storage pocke

Below is a video prepared by Summer Infant introducing this baby stroller:

5. Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller by Graco is our 5th-best baby stroller today and is the second best-selling baby stroller on Amazon in the Standard baby strollers category. See the snippet below as it appeared on August 20, 2019.

snapshot indicating the current sales rank of Graco Read2Grow, number 2 of top 100
Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller -5th best baby stroller -10babygear list

Below is a 30-day sales chart of Graco Ready2Grow LX Double (July 20 to August 20, 2019), Helium Data.

Sales chart of Graco Ready2Grow LX Double baby stroller

As demonstrated by the upward sales trend and the snapshot from Amazon indicating that it is the second best-selling baby stroller on Amazon, let’s review what parents like about this baby stroller. First, below is a picture of Graco Ready2Grow LX Double:

Removable seat for hassle-free conversion
Auto-positioning wheels
Self-standing compact folded position
Car seat included
Adjustable handle & canopy

Below is a video review:

6. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orion

On December 20, 2016, Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, our sixth-best baby stroller was released to the market and as of this publication, it has received star ratings (above 4/5) from over 600 verified users. This baby stroller is manufactured and retailed by Graco, a renowned baby products manufacturer dealing in several products including baby car seats, baby monitors, and baby strollers.

Our of over 2,000 baby strollers, Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System baby stroller is the second best-selling baby stroller on Amazon as of this publication.

See the snapshot below showing its ranking:

snapshot showing chicco bravo trio travel system as the second best-selling baby stroller in 2019

The chart below shows its sales numbers over the last 30 days (Data Source: Helium).

Sales number of chicco bravo trio travel system - sixth-best baby stroller in 2019 - 10BabyGear List
Removable seat for hassle-free conversion
Auto-positioning wheels
Self-standing compact folded position
Car seat included
Adjustable handle & canopy

7. BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

Our 7th best baby stroller is the BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 and this stroller made it to this list specifically because of the features that make it great for parents that are looking for adventure. It has enough space and the mechanical set-up makes it easy to maneuver difficult terrains.

If you like getting out of the house and perhaps being away from home for a while, this is the best stroller for you. With this stroller, you get up to 9 different handlebar positions which makes it an ideal baby stroller for tall parents. I also love the large tires and suspension system makes this stroller very comfortable for your baby. It supports your baby as he/she grows up to a maximum recommended weight of 75 lbs (34 kgs).

XL UPF 50 plus canopy
Locking swivel front wheel
Air filled tires
Mountain bike style suspension system
9 position adjustable handlebar with wrist strap

The brand’s BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller has been well-rated for being the best baby stroller for winter.

8. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Tropic 

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller by Baby Trend is our 8th best baby stroller. This baby stroller made it to this list specifically because of its dual capacity, supporting two kids at a go.

It is currently the 11th best-selling baby stroller in the ‘jogger baby strollers’ category in Amazon. This baby stroller can support up to 55 lbs in weight and is recommended if your twins or babies are below 3 years in age.

5-point harness
Locking front swivel wheels
Pneumatic bicycle tires
Multi-position reclining seats
Highly compatible MP3 speakers plug-in in parent tray
Snapshot showing the number 11 out of 11 sales rank of baby trend navigator

Below is a video review of this best baby stroller for twins:

9. BRITAX Gen2 Travel System

This BRITAX travel system is an excellent product that consists of a B-Lively stroller, B-Safe Gen2 FlexFit infant car seat, a car seat base as well as Click & Go adapters. It is among the best baby stroller with car seat in my list today. The stroller features a lightweight design with 2 layers of side impact protection that surround your baby’s the head, neck & torso for comfort plus a 5-point harness for enhanced safety.

I love the all-wheel suspension that makes the ride smooth, big front basket, and large canopy. This stroller’s car seat dimensions measure 17.9 x 25.85 x 26.6 inches, with the car seat having a weight of 10.9 lbs., while the weight and height limit are 4-35 lbs. and 32 inches. It is good for all car sizes.

Alloy steel material
SafeCell technology
5-point harness
All-wheel suspension

Buy on Amazon here

10. Foundations Quad Sport 4-Passenger Folding Stroller with Canopy

If you are looking for the most ideal baby strollers for multiples, Foundations got your needs covered with this incredible stroller for quadruplets. This stroller comfortably accommodates 4 kids in separate reclining seats so they can have fun simultaneously. Each seat features a 5-point harness for safety and there is a huge canopy for sun protection. I love the collapsible armbar that lets you load your kids and then lock it to keep them snug and secure.

The foot-operated brake at the back helps give you control by stopping the rear wheels and there is a storage bucket under the back seat for storing baby essentials. When done strolling, you will like the foldable design that allows for easy transportation. The Quad Sport 4-Passenger stroller is designed to fit through most doorways.

Foot brake system
5-point harness
Large canopy for sun protection
40 lbs. weight limit per child

Buy on Amazon here

Nuna Demi Grow is also a good candidate for multiple kids. You can check Nuna strollers via this link.

11 Joovy Qool Stroller

I found this Qool Stroller from Joovy to be the best convertible baby stroller due to the high customization ability that can turn it into a double or triple stroller. This stroller comes with 4 configurations, one where the baby faces you for bonding with the seat in either the upper or lower position. I love the reclinable seat for improved comfort, adjustable handlebar, huge storage basket, as well as the swing-open and detachable bumper bag.

Both front (8-inch) and rear wheels (12-inch) are made using real rubber and there is a quick-release feature plus a one-step linked parking brake. The canopy is water repellent and made using stretchy-spandex blend, and features extendible zippered extension, as well as a ventilated mesh peek-a-boo window.

UPF 50 sun protection canopy
Huge storage basket
All rubber wheels
Multiple seating positions

Buy on Amazon here

How do I choose the best baby stroller?

Whether you are shopping for a full-size stroller, travel stroller, jogging stroller, or any other type, you need to consider where you will use it, how often, product weight, portability, user-friendliness, and longevity of use. You should also weigh up the cost go for washable fabric.

With that in mind, ensure that you check the stroller for safety features, high-quality wheels, a sun canopy, and ample storage when picking best stroller for baby girl, boy, for twins, or even triplets and quadruplets. When it comes to safety, the stroller should have a 5-point harness, multi-position reclining seat, brake system, and all accessories required for assembly.

Where to buy

Do you live in Canada, the UK, South Africa, among other regions? You can find baby strollers for sale on Amazon using this link. These baby products are also available in the physical stores near you as well as other online stores such as Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, among others. After making the purchase, remember to register your stroller as it will give you a heads-up in case there is a recall on brand.