Best Baby Swings that Plug in 2022

In this post, we have reviewed the best baby swings that plug in to walls for AC power instead of using batteries.

A baby swing is a true lifesaver in the life of any new parent. Many parents have found this ingenious invention to be the only thing that sometimes helps to calm their fussy baby when all else fails. It gives your tired hands rest from rocking the baby and even provides a relaxing and safe spot for your baby to play and nap as you attend to other stuff around the house.

While there are so many swings in the market, those with a plug-in option are the most convenient to use and economical. And, after hours of research, we have narrowed it down to the ten best and most popular swings so you can have an easier time spotting the one that best suits your needs.

Here are our best baby swings that plug into walls for AC power:

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Reviews of the Best Plug-In Baby Swings in 2022

1. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

$109.97  in stock
2 new from $109.97
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as of September 11, 2023 11:00 pm

The Graco Simple Swing is top on our list of best plug-in baby swings as it has all the features you would desire in a swing, and it’s affordably priced ($74.99). The manufacturer recommended age is between 5 to 30 pounds, so your baby will get some good use out of it.

This sway has a small footprint, making it a suitable choice even for those who live in tight spaces.  It is also light enough to carry between rooms.

The seat is deep and plush with removable head support and will keep your little darling comfortable while a 5 point harness secures them for safety. Regarding the swinging motion, it moves side to side with six varying speeds, so you can choose whichever your child likes. Additionally, it has two vibration speeds and soothing songs and sounds to help settle your baby.

The swing is also versatile, allowing you to use batteries or plug it into the wall depending on your needs. Just in case you are not sure if you should buy it, the swing is a best seller on Amazon with a rating of 4.5 by more than 8k customers, so it is really that great.

2. Graco Soothing System Gliding Baby Swing

The Graco Soothing Sytem Gliding Swing is pricey ($233.35), but it gives excellent value because it’s a multifunctional unit that converts into a gliding swing, gliding, or stationary bassinet, and portable bouncer when detached. For the price, your child gets to enjoy the luxury of six different swinging speeds as they recline in two positions. Other pieces have different weight limits, of course, but the manufacturer recommended age for the swing is between 5.5 to 30 pounds/30 inches.

We love that the swing can be plugged in, which is economical and you don’t have to deal with annoying batteries that run out so fast, compromising functionality.  You can still use batteries if you don’t have access to an outlet or want a wireless connection. Plus, it has a carrying handle to enable you to move it about and a canopy that shields your baby from the sun when using outdoors. We have a separate post on swings with a canopy.

It also has an array of soothing and entertainment features, including two-speed vibration, mobile toys, songs, and nature sounds. 

If you can afford it, this is swing a good deal as you get to keep your baby close, happy, and sleeping comfortably.

3. Graco Duet Glide LX – Graco Plug In Swing

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The Graco Duet Swing doubles up as a rocker and it gives you a wide range of movements to soothe a fussy baby. It can swing, glide, or be a combination of side to side and front to back.  This Graco plug in swing has variable swing speeds, you can set just the right pace that is soothing for your child. It offers three reclining positions so you can have your baby in an upright or sitting position for play or lay it almost flat for a nap. It is also very safe for your child to use because the three-point harness keeps them secure.

As a rocker, your child will have a safe place to play, and carrying handles enables you to move them about in your home to keep a close eye on your baby while finishing up other tasks.

It also has 2- speed vibrations, soothing music, and sounds, and mobile toys to inspire play. It is used when plugged in, but the vibration unit needs a 1D battery to run.

This swing is suitable for babies weighing between 5.5 to 30 pounds/30 inches and 15 pounds for the rocker.

4. Graco DuoGlider, Rascal

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This baby swing transforms into a rocker seat with a one-hand operated lever to give your baby a relaxing spot to play or fall asleep. It has all the features you need to calm your fussy baby, including vibrations with two-speed settings, classical songs, and nature sounds.

It is very cozy with soft fabrics and plush paddings, and three reclining positions to play or nap. And it still glides even in the sleeper position, so you can be sure the baby will enjoy long naps. You can also read our list of best swings for sleeping.

It has a 3-point harness to secure your baby and has both plug-in and battery powering options for convenience.

If you have been struggling to get your little one to fall asleep or they only sleep for short periods, it’s time to get this amazing swing- it is the asleep charm for babies!

5. Fisher-Price Elephant Safari Cradle n Swing

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We absolutely love the cute elephant-themed cushion and mobile toys on this swing. It has two motion options: side to side and front to back. You can choose from six different speeds to find out what works best for your baby. Even more impressive is that, unlike other swings whose speeds are slowed as the baby becomes weightier, this swing has sensed the baby’s weight and can maintain speed, and doesn’t even need a push to start the motions. 

It is super comfortable for infants and babies with soft, plush padding and is safe thanks to a 5-point harness. Additionally, it plays soothing songs and nature sounds to help calm your baby. It has a plug-in option only and is can be described best as a plug in baby swing.

You need to note that it has a weight limit of 25 pounds, which is a bit low compared to some others.

6. Ingenuity Compact Lightweight Portable Baby Swing

In this list of great baby swings that plug in the wall, this lightweight portable baby swing from Ingenuity is a favorite if you want an AC-powered swing that uses USB charging cord and can be switched to 4D batteries. You can save money from having to buy 4D batteries but can also switch from AC to batteries when it is convenient.

The baby swing comes in 7 different colors and is ideal for newborns up to 9 months old with a maximum weight recommendation of 20 lbs. Its minimum weight is 6 lbs.

This foldable mini swing offers the features and benefits of a full-sized baby swing that your baby needs to feel relaxed and amused. The swing plays calming music and nature sounds and has a very quiet function that is good for both moms and kids. Depending on your child’s preferences, you can set a timer to play the music and sounds for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. It shuts automatically after 90 minutes of playing.

And did we mention the two overhead plush toys that stimulate your baby’s vision skills as they enjoy listening to the sweet melodies? A 5-point safety harness and non-slip feet feature are included for your baby’s safety. Our favorite, Ingenuity Abernathy comes with 5-speed settings.

The baby swing comes with a USB cord to plug into the power source. If you are on the go, you will need 4 D batteries. For optimal baby comfort, this baby swing is made of soft materials to make them feel comfortable with a headrest that grows with your kiddo. The headrest and seat pad are machine-washable for easy cleaning.

7. Nova Baby Swing for Infants

The Nova Baby Swing from the Jool Baby Products brand is another decent choice on the best baby swings that plug in. Buyers who bought this baby swing have rated it highly for ease of assembly, solidity, being lightweight, and movability. It is perfect for infants 0 to 8 months old or those that are below 24 lbs. in weight and has a price tag of under $150 on Amazon.

This baby swing comes with 10 preset lullabies that help your little one calm down and lull them to sleep. And did we mention the ability to control the volume level? Before your baby falls asleep, the 3 stuffed toys above the head will keep them amused and ecstatic. We also liked the mosquito net that keeps your kiddo protected. The 5-point harness for optimal safety as they swing gently is a cool feature too. The swing offers options for USB and Bluetooth connectivity so you can play your baby their favorite tunes or sounds.

Other features we loved about this baby swing include an auto-off timer plus the soft and cozy seat with a cover that is machine-washable. The swing meets all ASTM and FCC standards making it safe for your little one. It has 5 different levels of swinging speeds, and the timer can be set to turn off after 8, 15, or 30 minutes.

The Nova baby swing comes in a modern and cool design with an innovative IMD touch at the base and remote control for easy operation. Its robust aluminum base features anti-skid grips that improve its stability and has both AC and battery power options. Jool Baby Products offers a full manufacturer warranty for the Nova baby swing.

8. Graco Soothing System Gliding Baby Swing

Next in our review of the baby swing that plugs in is the Soothing System Gliding Baby Swing from the Graco brand. Graco claims that you can save up to $130 annually that you could have spent on buying batteries. It, however, uses both AC power and batteries.

The swing comes in Abbington color and has 4 modes, including a gliding swing, gliding bassinet, portable bouncer, and portable bassinet. The recommended weight for these modes is 5.5 to 30 lbs., up to 15 lbs., and up to 18 lbs., respectively.

This baby swing keeps your little one entertained with 10 classic melodies, 5 nature sounds, and 2 soft toys attached to the removable, light-shielding canopy. It allows you to control the volume. We liked the 6 gliding speeds as well as the 2 vibration speeds that help match the pace your baby wants depending on their mood. There is a 5-point harness that keeps your kiddo secure during playtime in bouncer and swing modes to give you peace of mind.

The Graco’s Soothing System Glider offers plush body support for your newborn for optimal coziness with a removable seat to accommodate your growing kiddo. And did we mention the 2 recline positions for extra comfort? You will also like the bouncer’s convenient carry handle that makes it easy to transition your swing to a bouncer to keep your little one by your side.

This baby swing’s versatility allows you to use an AC adapter to power it or batteries in case you are on the go or off-the-grid.

9. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Multi-Motion Baby Swing

Are you on the hunt for portable baby swings that plug in? The mamaRoo 4 Multi-Motion Baby Swing from the 4moms brand is an admirable choice. It uses AC power and can plug it anywhere in the nursery on in your home as it works with 100 and 240 VAC (volts alternating current) or between 50 and 60 Hz (hertz) which is the regular output wattage you probably have in your home – if you are based in the US, Canada, Australia or in Europe.

Check out the images of this swing;

This baby swing is designed to bounce up and down as well as sway from side to side like you do as a parent. The product is made for newborns up to 25 lbs. or until your kiddo can sit up unassisted (about 6 months).

This baby swing offers 5 unique motions and speeds and comes with interactive and reversible toy balls that your kid can play with as you work. There are 4 built-in sounds that babies can listen to with the heartbeat sound being our favorite as it lulls our kiddo to sleep very fast. In addition, there is an option for an MP3 plugin using the auxiliary cable it comes with. You can control the volume using the control functions at the base of the swing.

The mamaRoo multi-motion baby swing provides infinite recline positions that enable your little bunny to sit comfortably. There is a 5-point harness to keep them secure regardless of the position or swing speed they are in. We liked the smooth, nest knit fabric that is gentle on your baby’s skin for added comfort. All the materials on this baby swing are removable and machine washable.

This baby swing comes with an AC adapter that powers it to provide the magic your baby needs to feel entertained and calm. It may be expensive, but for the features, customers say it is worth it.

10. Ingenuity InLighten 6-Speed Baby Swing 

Ingenuity has some of the top-rated baby swings that plugs in to AC power and their InLighten 6-speed baby swing tells it all. Similar to Mamaroo above, this swing works with 100-240V or 50 – 60 Hz power outlets and uses a USB cord to charge it. No need for 2 or 3-pronged outlet.

The swing comes in 5 different colors that are perfect for both boys and girls. This baby swing is recommended for newborns up to 9 months or a weight limit of up to 20 lbs. It comes with a USB cord for connecting to the power outlet to save on batteries.

The Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing soothes your little one with 16 melodies, white noise, and 3 nature sounds to keep them relaxed as you work. If you want to play your little one tailored music or videos, you can use the swing’s in-built ConnectMe feature to link your smart device. This music, sounds, melodies, nature sounds, and white noise can be set to a 30, 45, or 60 minutes timer. Another feature we admire is the LightBeams mobile with 2 plush toys attached and projects a bright light show to keep your kiddo entertained. Underneath the mobile is a mirror that promotes your baby’s self-discovery.

This baby swing swings in 3 directions making your kiddo feel like they are in your arms and rotates 180-degrees for easy visibility and interaction with your baby. The materials used to make the seat pad and bolster pillow are soft for your baby’s comfort and are machine washable. This swing offers 2 recline positions for extra comfort and is equipped with TrueSpeed Tech which provides 6 swing speeds that you can change as your baby grows.

11. Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing

This review of a baby swing with an AC adapter and batteries option today concludes with the Braden Power Adapt Portable Swing from Ingenuity. This swing uses AC power and comes with a long 6-feet adapter that works with US and international outlets. It, however, has an option to switch from using AC power to using 4D batteries.

The swing is recommended for newborn babies up to the age of 9 months and has a weight limit of 20 lbs. It offers you the option to switch between batteries for use while on the go and an AC adapter when near an outlet.

The baby swing is the second closest to a parent’s arms as it comes with 5 swing speed settings that you can adjust based on your baby’s age and moods. There are 3 timer settings including 30, 45, and 60 minutes so you can set how long your baby swing and listens to music or nature sounds. We liked how the motor runs quietly so your little one can only listen to soothing sounds.

This swing features a 5-point harness and anti-slip feet that ensure your baby swings securely for peace of mind. The plush seat makes your baby cozy, and the swing is fitted with head and body support pieces for extra comfort that are removable as your baby grows. And did we mention the weight-adapting technology that allows the swing to grow with your baby?

The Power Adapt Portable Swing features a compact frame that makes traveling with it hassle-free and does not take much space during storage.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Swings with AC Adapters:

If you’re considering an AC-powered baby swing, you know that you’ll never have to worry about batteries dying in the middle of a swinging session. But how do you know if an AC-powered baby swing is right for you? In this blog post, I have reviewed, compare AC-powered vs battery-powered baby swings, and provided a detailed guide on how to choose the Best Baby Swing with AC Adapters.

What is a plug-in baby swing?

A plug-in baby swing is a baby swing that uses AC power and plugs into an outlet. These swings are slightly larger and heavier than battery-operated swings, but they offer many advantages. For example, you’ll never have to worry about batteries dying in the middle of a swinging session. Plug-in swings also tend to be more powerful, so they can provide a more intense swinging experience for your baby.

Factors to consider when picking the best baby swings with ac adapter:

  1. Compatibility with AC Outlets at your home or in the baby’s nursery: Many swings that plug-in to AC outlets are designed for standard U.S. outlets, but some require adapters or converters to work with European or other types of outlets. Make sure that the swing you choose is compatible with the outlet type in your home or baby’s nursery. The plug-in outlets in the US and in Canada use the standard voltage (120 V) and in the UK and most other countries, you’ll need to use 240V. Go for swings with the appropriate voltage.
  2. The size of the swing: Be sure to measure the space in your home or baby’s nursery before you choose a plug in swing. These swings are larger and heavier than battery-operated swings, so you’ll need to make sure that you have enough space for the swing and that the swing will fit through any doorways in your home.
  3. The weight limit: Most plug-in swings have a weight limit of around 25 pounds, but some models can accommodate up to 30 or 40 pounds. Be sure to check the weight limit on the swing you’re considering to make sure it will be suitable for your baby. If you have a larger or more active baby, go for an AC-powered baby swing with a higher weight limit. If your baby is chubby get an AC swing with higher max weight recommendation.
  4. The swinging speed: Plug in swings typically offer more power than battery-operated swings, so they can provide a faster, more intense swinging experience for your baby. If you’re looking for a gentle swing for your baby, you may want to consider a battery-operated model. But if you’re looking for a swing that will really get your baby moving, a plug in swing is the way to go.
  5. Bluetooth: Look for a plug-in baby swing with Bluetooth capability so you can control the swinging speed and other functions of the swing from your smartphone.
  6. Canopy and lights: Some plug-in swings come with canopies and lights to create a soothing environment for your baby. If you’re looking for a swing that will help your baby relax, look for one with these features.
  7. An AC adapter is included: Most plug-in swings come with an AC adapter, but it’s always a good idea to check to be sure. If an adapter is not included, you’ll need to purchase one separately.
  8. The price: Plug in swings range in price from around $60 to $200. Be sure to check the features of each swing to find the one that’s right for you and your budget.
  9. Vibration: If your baby likes vibrations or may appreciate a vibrating baby swing, get one with this feature. Vibrations are known to help babies relax and fall asleep.
  10. Portability: Some plug-in swings are designed to be portable, so you can take them with you when you travel. If you plan to use the swing while traveling, look for a portable model.

Battery vs Ac-powered Baby Swings

  • Battery-operated swings are typically smaller and lighter than plug-in swings. This makes them more portable and easier to transport, which can be useful when traveling with a baby or moving the swing between different rooms.
  • On the other hand, battery-operated swings often have lower weight limits than plug-in swings. They also may not offer as powerful of a swinging experience as plug-in swings, which can be beneficial for active or larger babies.
  • Finally, battery-operated swings typically cost less than plug-in swings. If you’re on a budget, a battery-operated swing may be the best option for you.

If you are still contemplating on which one to get, you can start your research by reading this article where we answer the question, are baby swings worth it?

FAQs on Baby Swings with AC Adapters