9 Best Baby Wraps and Slings for Comfy Babywearing 2022

I have reviewed the 9 best baby wraps you can find in the market in 2022. Before the reviews, below are some background on baby wrapping and babywearing.

I wasn’t new to wraps and babywearing when I started this research on the best baby wraps and slings available on the market today. I have been part of a babywearing group in Houston and have taught hundreds of mums the ways to wear their baby.

For my first two kids, I used several baby wraps and as an expert, I have been exposed to over 20 baby wrap brands such as Moby, Solly, and Boba. This gives me a basis to give advice you can rely on when it comes to babywearing and how to pick the best baby carrier in the market.

Before going through the reviews of each of our 10 select wraps you can choose from, let’s go through some essential basics:

What is a baby wrap?

A wrap is a piece of clothing that you can use to create a nest for your baby just like the birds do. I call it the nest as a wrap is created when you tie and knot the long fabric around yourself. The wrap will position itself around your torse and over your shoulders, distributing the baby’s weight across your shoulders and hips.

One big and significant difference that sets apart wraps from other carriers is that it does not have clasps, rings or buckles. You can rely on wraps from when your baby is a newborn to 18 months.

Do you need a wrap?

This question brings up another question, how long can you tolerate holding a baby with both of your hands. A wrap enables you to wear your baby just like you would with clothes enabling you to use your hands freely. You can opt for portable loungers or swings but wraps can give you back the freedom you need as a parent.

Simple answer, Yes. You need a baby wrap.

Now comes our most important questions:

What is the top wrap in 2022?

It’s no secret now in 2022 that Boba Wrap which has been the best-selling wrap on Amazon for 28 months straight is the overall best baby wrap you can find.

Its soft french terry cloth and its size variety make it ideal for almost any baby. For extra comfort, the fabric of Boba wrap stretches a bit but you can count on it not to sag.

boba wrap, best selling child carrier

However, to write this list of best baby wraps and slings, I sought extensive comments, feedback, and reviews from 23 mothers who had used the wraps for at least 3 months. I wanted to make sure that we came up with the best list of wraps you can rely on for your baby from when they are just newborns to at least 2 years.

How We Ranked Our 10 Best Wraps

After a thorough evaluation of 18 brands, we came up with 7 ranking factors below:

  1. Fit
  2. Safety
  3. Stretch
  4. Sagging
  5. Breath-ability
  6. Comfort
  7. Difficulty levels

Our 9 Picks of top Baby Wrap Brands available in 2022

  1. Boba Wrap Classic Baby Wrap.
  2. CuddleBug Baby Wrap
  3. Moby Classic Baby Wrap 
  4. Solly Baby Wrap Classic.
  5. Nuroo Pocket Newborn Carrier Baby Wrap.
  6. Baby K’tan Baby Wrap
  7. Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier.
  8. Cozitot Baby Sling 
  9. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Reviews of Our 9 Top-rated Baby Wraps (4.7+/5)

1.Boba Wrap Classic Baby Wrap.

Boba Wrap Classic is our overall best baby wrap on our 2022 list and it is the best-selling baby wrap on Amazon category of slings and wraps. 3,078 parents have rated this wrap 4.3/5 and several parents have had a lot of great praise for its reliability as it supports babies up to 35lbs weight. Boba wraps measures 20 inches in width and 66 inches in height making it very foldable with enough space to comfortably tie it around yourself and your baby.

It is currently the best-selling child carrier shipping over 14,000 per month on Amazon (Source: Helium10).

Boba Wrap Sales

This baby wrap was released to the market on January 24, 2015, about 5 years ago and parents haven’t found a credible challenger to this wrap.

Some of the great features include:

  • 95% Cotton allows for airflow and easy care and long-term durability
  • 5% Spandex gives your wrap a small amount of stretch.
  • One Size Fits All – creates a custom fit every time you tie
  • French Terry has the perfect amount of give to provide stretch and flexibility. No pressure points, just sweet relief
  • Easy to tie and each time you wrap your child, you’re creating the perfect Ergonomic Seat that will keep your baby in the correct posture for healthy hip development.
  • Comfortably wraps babies from birth to 35 pounds

Below is a video on how to do a Boba Wrap Classic Baby Wrap;

You can also follow these tutorials by Boba, the company behind this wrap.

1. The Boba wrap is designed to fit moms and dads of all shapes and sizes.
2. It’s completely customizable to you and your baby.
3. The material is nice and soft/stretchy so it forms around you and baby nicely.
4. It only takes a couple of practice ties to get it down.
1. Because you have to wrap so many layers (due to the length) it becomes extremely hot since the heat has no way to get out.

2. CuddleBug Baby Wrap

CuddleBug Baby Wrap is our second best baby wrap in 2022 that is considered as part of emerging stretch wraps (as opposed to woven wrap). It is the best-ranked products on Amazon and as of this update in 2022, it is the eight best-selling Child Carrier Slings behind Boba Wrap (#1), Baby K’tan (#2) and Acrabos (#4) among others. See the list here.

CuddbleBug is manufactured by a small private label company and there is a challenge with relying on small brands (sometimes). For example, CuddbleBug is among the few brands that has inconsistent information regarding how to use it.

Some of the incredible features about this wrap include:

  • It has 9 wraps in one hence 9 different ways to comfortably carry your baby HANDS-FREE.
  • It supports your baby in this MACHINE WASHABLE buckle-free, ring-free, a Premium blend of 95% Cotton, 5% spandex
  • Premium Blend of French Terry Cotton and Spandex
  • Minimum weight recommendation is 2 pounds and the Maximum weight recommendation is 35 pounds

Below is a video giving instructions on how to tie the wrap;

1. It helps develop strong emotional bonds and constant stimulation with the flexibility and freedom to go where you want and get things done.
2. It is as gentle as wearing a T-shirt but strong enough to support your baby’s head.
3. It has zero frustration instructions
4. Material is soft and the instructions are easy to follow.
1. Some parents complained that the wrap is too small for them especially dads.
2. Some women noted that the warap is not for the full figured because it was not as breathable as they had hoped for.

3. Moby Classic Baby Wrap 

Moby Classic Baby Wrap is our third best baby wrap in 2022. It has been ranked #41 in the Soft Baby Carriers category on Amazon and close to 1,000 parents have rated it 4.1/5. This wraps comes in 7 colors which you can choose from and we specifically added it to this list because it is relatively longer (measuring 18ft) compared to its peers such as Bobby wraps which measure 16ft.

Some of the features that I love about this wrap include:

  • The Moby Classic Wrap is made of 100% cotton for a soft and breathable fabric
  • The Moby Wrap encourages parent-child bonding with the skin to skin contact, providing the perfect snuggle for newborns, infants, and toddlers.
  • The minimum weight recommendation is 8 pounds and the Maximum weight recommendation is 33 pounds.
  • The Moby Wrap distributes baby’s weight across the hips, shoulder, and back, making it comfortable for both baby and parent on the go.
  • The Moby Wrap comes in multiple colors and patterns, so you can carry your little one functionally and fashionably.
  • Measuring 18ft, this wrap for baby grows with your little one, supporting preemie babies – 35lbs in several carrying styles

Here is a video on how to do a Moby wrap;

1. It is easy to use.
2. This baby carrying wrap is great for parents on the go-a hands free baby carrying experience.
3. It allows you to safely carry little ones, ensuring their happiness and encouraging parent and child bonding.
4. Instantly makes a crying baby go to sleep. Baby was very, very cozy in there.
5. Two side panels of newborn “hug” position allows to secure baby’s head quite well against your chest. Better then the K’Tan can.
1. Multiple fabric panels results in a very warm environment
2. It is quite a long fabric and therefore that does not make this a travel friendly wrap.

4. Solly Baby Wrap Classic.


  • 5% Spandex gives your wrap a small amount of stretch.
  • 95% Cotton allows for airflow and easy care and long-term durability
  • Comfortably wraps babies from birth to 35 pounds
  • No guess tying method! Tie to your body and our intelligent fabric will cling perfectly to the contours of your baby- no guessing how much space to leave
  • French Terry has the perfect amount of give to provide stretch and flexibility. No pressure points, just sweet relief
1. The material is nice and soft/stretchy so it forms around you and baby nicely.
2. It’s completely customizable to you and your baby.
1. It is quite long hence it may become too hot for your baby.

5. Nuroo Pocket Newborn Carrier Baby Wrap.

Nuroo Pocket Newborn Carrier Baby Wrap.


  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Sizing is based on your pre-pregnancy bust and dress size.
  • Designed for pre/full-term babies, this skin to skin shirt for mom and baby can also be worn as a maternity shirt or nursing top.
  • The NüRoo Pocket Babywearing shirt is machine washable and dryer safe.

Here is a video explaining how to do the wrap;

1. With no wrapping, tying or knotting required, you get the closeness of an infant wrap carrier without the hassle.
2. The signature NüRoo fabric is super soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and offers just the right amount of compression to ensure proper position and continued support.
1. Most parents insisted that the sizing is quite off and a solution about the size should be found.

6. Baby K’tan Baby Wrap

Baby K’tan Baby Wrap


  • Sizes ranging from XXS to XL
  • The Baby K’tan wrap can carry up to 35 pounds of weight.
  • 100% natural cotton mesh making it ideal for high-temperature weather.
  • Patented double-loop design for security
  • Five different ways to wear baby
  • Light-weight soft cotton mesh fabric
  • Machine washable, dryer safe
  • (2) pieces included – Baby Carrier + Carry Bag/Sash

Here is a video about how to do the K’tan wrap for your baby;

1. Half jersey knit and half mesh knit, the 100% cotton baby carrier allows improved air circulation when the weather warms up.
2. The infant carrier wrap allows the best position for different ages
3. The K’tan washes very well and folds up small for easy travel
4. It is light and compact and it’s versitle
1. Some parents complained that the sizing is quite off and a solution about the size should be found.

7. Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier.

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier.

The features:

  • The fabric is made from 100% combed cotton, one of the strongest, softest and most breathable cotton.
  • The rings are made from ultra strong, Nylon 6,6 with rounded edges that won’t dig into you, slip or damage the fabric and is washing machine friendly.
  • The Ring Sling has been weight tested to hold 110 lbs over 24 hours with no damage to the fabric or the rings.
  • Mamaway Ring Slings are unique as they use a nylon 6.6 ring. These easy-to-adjust rings are strong and negate the risks of similar rings that are renown for heating up to un-safe temperatures.
  • The M-Position or Jockey Position is recommended with the thighs spread around the wearer’s torso and the hips bent so the knees are slightly higher than the buttocks.
  • Even weight distribution for the wearer, the ring sling fabric is the same thickness all the way, evenly distributing pressure and weight along your shoulder and across your back.
1. Moms have reported fewer tears,with their baby reaching the fast asleep state more easily due to the relaxed nature of the position.
2. Babies spend more time in a quite alert state when carried – the ideal state for learning.
3. Babies are able to debelop a sense of security and trust when they are carries attaches to their care-givers.
4. Carrying your baby in a sling eases the strain on babies spine and your back, evenly distributing pressure and weight along your shoulder&across your back.
5. Facilities and improve baby’s feeding posture while increase the frequency of breastfeeding; more ideal for weight increase.
1. Some parents complained that it is quite hard to adjust the ring at times.

8. Cozitot Baby Sling 

Cozitot Baby Sling 


  • It is 200 inches long, and 22 inches wide
  • It has a pull up in the front of the wrap for breastfeeding nursing cover wrap anytime
  • A single piece of fabric that can be wrapped in multiple different ways
  • Minimum weight recommendation is 7.50 Pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation is 35 Pounds
  • The material is Phthalate Free
  • The optimal blend of cotton and polyester makes it durable and lightweight yet perfectly stretchy
  • The extra length in the tapering ends makes this a small to plus size sling for moms and dads

Below is a video on how to do a cozitot baby wrap;

1. Your newborn will love being close to your soothing heartbeat and familiar voice.
2. Simply pull up the front of the wrap for breastfeeding nursing cover wrap anytime.
3. Dads won’t be nursing but a baby sling for men is officially cool
4. It has a customizable sunshade whenever needed.
1. Some parents noticed the wrap to be quite stiff and unable to stretch as expected.

9. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier


  • 100% Cotton, Hood: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • Carry children from 8-36 lbs / 3.6-16.3 kgs
  • Detachable hood protects baby.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Natural seat is designed to offer a weight balanced carrying experience.
  • Machine washable.Extra-wide padded straps

The video below explains how to do an Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

1. It’s flexible style adjusts to create a comfortable fit for all body types.
2. It supports your child ergonomically with a natural seat in three different carrying positions; facing-in, hip-hugger and backpack.
3. It includes detachable hood for sun protection and sleepy time.
1. Some parents noted that it was not tight enough hence the baby might not be as comfortable as expected.

We will continually update these reviews as we collect and firm up on the individual rankings. Check back soon.

Baby Wraps User Guide

Homemade baby wraps and slings from an old bed sheet

Are you wondering whether you can make a homemade baby wrap and sling from an old bed sheet?

You can. You can make a baby wrap and sling from an old best sheet by following the steps below:

  1. First, you need to fold the old sheet in half. Make sure you are folding the long part of the sheet.
  2. Put the sheet (that you just folded) over your right hand if your right hand is the dominant hand. Place it so that the folds open to the outside of your body.
  3. Tie a slip-knot in the sheet as shown in the video below at 0:49. As you can see the video, tying the slip-knot requires you to

The video below has more details.

Baby Wrap vs Sling (the difference between a baby wrap and sling)

Baby Wrap Baby Sling
 Can be worn in multiple ways Unlike other baby carriers, it is not structured.
It may be quite hard to put on your first time using it and usually takes longer to put on than the sling.Easy to put on even the first time
Wraps max out at about 35 pounds so if you have a chunky infant they may outgrow it with time. They are best for newborns and smaller babies only. As they get older, they get heavier.
It has better support for the baby, so they tend to do better for active babies and works for a longer period of time. They work best with a sleeping baby or one that is not as active.
They have been around for ages, hence it is a proven baby carrying tool.  They are affordable and you can even make your own. And it is can be made of breathable material, therefore it is good for the baby.

Where to buy, Amazon, Walmart and other stores

You can find several baby sling and wrap carriers on Amazon