Best BabyBjörn Baby Carrier

Best BabyBjörn Baby Carrier

In 2018 and 2019, BabyBjörn released a new line of baby carriers that promise to provide parents with more options and better comfort. The new line includes the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One and BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One is suitable for newborns up to three years old, while the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini is a smaller and lighter version meant for infants up to 18 months old.

The main selling point of these carriers is that they provide an ergonomic design that evenly distributes the baby’s weight between the parent’s hips and shoulders. This is meant to reduce back and shoulder pain for the parent, as well as provide a more comfortable ride for the baby. Both carriers also have adjustable straps and waistbands to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.

In 2019, more carrier brands were introduced to the market by BabyBjörn including BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Free. This brand is a more affordable version of the carrier that is made with polyester rather than cotton. It is also machine-washable.

The most popular carriers from BabyBjörn, however, are still the original models which include the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original and Bjorn Carrier One.

Variations of BabyBjorn carriers;

  • 3D Mesh: The 3D mesh is a new material that was introduced in 2019. It is airy and breathable, making it ideal for hot weather. This is available in BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Free
  • Cotton: The cotton carriers are the original models that have been around since the brand’s inception. They are made with 100% organic cotton and are available in a variety of colors. These are available in Carrier 1 mini.
  • 3D Jersey: The 3D jersey material was introduced in 2018 and is made with a soft and stretchy fabric. It is available in a variety of colors and is machine-washable. These are available in BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One
  • Canvas: The canvas carriers are made with a sturdy and durable cotton-canvas material. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. These are available in BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

The main difference between the types of carriers is the materials they are made from. The 3D Mesh is the newest material and is airy and breathable, making it ideal for hot weather. The cotton carrier is the original model and is made with 100% organic cotton. The 3D jersey material is stretchy and machine-washable. The canvas carrier is made with a sturdy and durable cotton-canvas material.

BabyBjörn was founded in  1961 in Sweden. The company has come a long way from its original product, a simple wooden crib. Today they design numerous products for infants and toddlers. One of their most popular is the BabyBjörn carriers and they’ve remained a favorite for a lot of parents.

Features you’ll like about BabyBjörn Carriers

You’ll really like BabyBjörn and I think a few things stood out about most of their brands;

  • Comfort: BabyBjörn carriers are made to be soft yet strong, ergonomic, and with good weight distribution.
  • Style: BabyBjörn carriers have a wide variety of styles so you’ll be sure to find one you’ll like.
  • Adjustability:  You can adjust the BabyBjörn carriers to fit you and your baby as they grow.
  • Ergonomic:  BabyBjörn carriers are ergonomic and put all the pressure on your shoulders, not your back. The soft but strong material spreads the baby weight evenly through your upper body with the use of wide straps giving your baby the ideal M position that is recommended for healthy hips development.
  • Safety Certified: BabyBjörn baby carriers are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 certified, which means they’re made from fabrics that are safe for sensitive skin and taste.
  • -Adjustable straps and waistbands: Both carriers have adjustable straps and waistbands to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.
  • -3D Mesh material: The 3D Mesh material is a new material that was introduced in 2019. It is airy and breathable, making it ideal for hot weather.
  • -Cotton carrier: The cotton carrier is the original model and is made with 100% organic cotton.

After comparing their five brands currently on sale, you’ll find that the best of them all is the one that will fit your needs. They have models for newborns (the Mini model) with a 24 lbs weight limit to toddler carriers with 40 lbs weight limit.

In the next section, I have provided a detailed overview of the features of each describing which one is most suitable in different situations. But before reviewing each, below is a comparison of all models;

Comparison Table

Review of the Best BabyBjörn Baby Carriers in 2022

1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Free, 3D Mesh, Sage Green

Are you looking for the best baby carrier that is ergonomic, user-friendly, and flexible in a soft 3D mesh? BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Free is a great choice. It is currently in the top 100 list of the Baby & Toddler Carriers & Accessories category on Amazon. The Baby Carrier Free allows you to carry your little one in the front orientation, either facing in or facing out.

The Baby Carrier Free is designed to provide optimal comfort for you and your kiddo even with long babywearing sessions. It comes with adjustable head support, leg position, and length which ensures that your baby gets the right support for good development. In addition, it has a wide seat area that allows your baby to sit comfortably. Most parents who bought it said they loved how easy it is to put on and take off on their own. It is a good option for all weathers.

To acclimate to your active lifestyle, the Baby Carrier Free features back support, a waist belt, and padded shoulder straps. This makes babywearing comfy by distributing the weight across your body. It has a weight limit of 26.5 pounds.

  • It holds the baby perfectly & support their weight well
  • Excellent weight distribution for babywearing comfort
  • Stylish & well-made
  • Very easy to put on & remove
  • Some buyers say it does not fit tall people well
  • Design flaw that cause injury to the knees

2. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini, Cotton, Black

If you want the most ideal Baby Björn first carrier for newborns, you will love the Baby Carrier Mini. It is made with 100% cotton and comes with a maximum weight limit of 24 lbs. for both the forward-facing and rear-facing carrying positions. This baby carrier ranks in the top 50 list of Amazon’s Baby & Toddler Carrier & Accessories category.

Most parents who use the Carrier Mini love it for 3 main features, including comfort, support, and weight distribution. Designed for newborns up to approx. 12 months, this baby carrier comes in a small size that fits your newborn perfectly. Unlike the Carrier Free above, the Carrier Mini is specifically designed for short babywearing sessions. However, it is user-friendly with soft 3D fabrics that gently hug your kiddo’s back, legs, and hips. It also provides good support.

The Baby Carrier Mini enables you to carry your little angel high on your chest so they can always feel your heartbeat. And when they sleep, the few adjustable buckles make it easy for you to lift them up and lay them on the crib.

  • Specifically made for newborns
  • Easy to put on & lift up the baby
  • Supportive of small babies & comfy
  • Ideal for short people
  • Good value for money
  • Some parents complain the carrier pull their shoulders
  • Too small for some kiddos that it causes discomfort

3. BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One 2019 Edition

For parents that need a baby Björn baby carrier that offers optimal versatility, you will love the Baby Carrier new edition. This baby carrier comes with 4 ergonomic front and back carrying positions. This includes the newborn position, facing-in, facing-out, as well as back carrying.

Suitable for kids up to 3 years, the Carrier One 2019 version comes with a wide seat area with two different height positions that grow with your baby. This baby carrier is also certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, so it supports the healthy development of your baby’s hips, legs, and spine. Unlike the Baby Carrier One Air which is made with airy 3D mesh, the Baby Carrier One is made from a cotton blend. Both materials, however, are flexible and soft for your kiddo’s sensitive skin.

For your babywearing comfort, the Carrier One features padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that help relieve strain on your back and shoulders. The carrier is user-friendly, holds your kiddo in an upright position, and allows for smooth airflow which promotes comfort. It also provides head and neck support as well as free arm and leg movement.

  • Safe & outstanding quality
  • Easy to use
  • Well-padded for comfort
  • Good value for money

    4. BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition

    The Baby Carrier One Air is one of the best BabyBjörn carriers that makes babywearing more comfortable. Designed for babies up to 36 months, most parents love it for its user-friendliness, and lightweight and it comes with a weight limit of 33 lbs. for rear-facing mode and 26 lbs. for front-facing. It is currently in the top 50 list of Baby & Toddler Carriers & Accessories category on Amazon.

    We liked the wide seat area with two different height positions that make it easy for the baby carrier to grow with your little one. The Baby Carrier Air One 2019 edition offers 4 carrying positions, including newborn, front facing-in, facing-out, and back carrying. You can change between facing in and facing out carrying positions with just a few adjustments. To ensure your baby stays comfy, this carrier features head support that is easily adjustable. It is certified as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

    The shoulder straps are padded for comfort as a parent and there is a sturdy waist belt that helps distribute your baby’s weight evenly. This prevents strain on your back and shoulders. The Baby Carrier One is crafted using air and breathable 3D mesh that promotes airflow and dries quickly.

    • Parents admire the mesh air design for breathability
    • Extremely well-made & convenient
    • Comfier than other versions
    • User-friendly & easy to clean
    • Some parents prefer the original One carrier’s back strap design
    • Complaints about difficulties in putting the baby in
    • Quality control needs improvement

    5. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini, 3D Jersey, Charcoal Gray

    The Baby Carrier Mini comes in a small size that makes it ideal for carrying your newborn until he or she is 12 months old or 24 lbs. weight. Unlike others that are made using mesh or cotton, this baby carrier features a 3D jersey fabric design. It is known for its softness and flexibility.

    Its design, that fits you snugly like your most comfortable t-shirt, hugs your little one close enough that they can hear your heartbeat. This keeps your newborn warm, reduces crying, and helps in regulating the breathing and heart rate. You can clearly feel your newborn baby’s position through the soft and stretchy fabric with your hands.

    This baby carrier is good for short babywearing sessions and is made using soft fabrics that are gentle on your baby’s skin. We liked how it provides good support with a C curve position that supports good back health. Having a few adjustable buckles make the Baby Carrier Mini easy to wear and quick to fasten or unfasten. This makes it hassle-free to lift your sleeping newborn out and place them on their Moses basket or crib.

    • Perfect choice for newborn babies
    • Machine washable
    • Parents love the user-friendly design that is easy to do alone
    • Very cozy for the baby
    • Well-made & lightweight
    • Lumbar support for mom’s back would be great

    6. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini, 3D Mesh, Pearly Pink

    Yet another ideal first baby carrier for newborns, this Baby Carrier Mini in pearly pink is a great buy. It has been highly rated by parents for useful features such as comfort, weight distribution, and support. The difference between the baby carrier above and this one is the material, but it is recommended for newborns up to 12 months and has a weight limit of 24 lbs.

    This baby carrier mini outer is made using 3D mesh material but has a very soft inner layer that feels comfortable against your baby’s gentle skin. The soft fabrics tenderly hug your baby’s back, legs, and hips while providing good support. Unlike the Baby Carrier One that comes in a single piece that you wear like a t-shirt, the Mini comes in two pieces, including straps and body. And while both styles are easy to wear, the Mini version is only for short babywearing sessions while the One version is for long sessions.

    The Baby Carrier Mini in a 3D mesh is easy to use with a few adjustment buckles that make putting it on and off easy. Its front section unfastens quickly and entirely so you can lift out your little one without disturbing their sleep.

    • Very easy to put on & comfy
    • Good value for money
    • Super good quality

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