If you are here for the best bassinets for C Section, read on as we have reviewed and detailed a buying guide to enable you to pick the most ideal. For those who may not know, C-section is a surgery where an incision is made into a mother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. This method is used if doctors find a normal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk and delivery can be for a normal baby or a preemie. We have bassinets for preemies here as well.

If this has been your experience or is going to be your experience, one thing is for sure; you will need lots of rest to allow the wound to heal. In this article, we will help you by recommending several bassinets that will give you a much easier time as you care for your newborn. As you read further, we hope you will identify the perfect bassinet to help you meet your needs.

With a free-standing bassinet or a crib, one would have to get out of bed and bend over to pick the baby every time. For a C-section mom, it would be very strenuous not to mention that your sleep would be severely affected, especially the first month as the baby wakes every few minutes. Here are the best bassinets for C Section in the market:

Reviews of the Best Bassinets for C Section 2022 (Bedside Picks for After C-section)

Halo Bassinet Swivel Bassinet For Post C Section

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The Halo bassinet is the top on our list because it is uniquely designed to meet all the needs of a mom recovering from a C-section. After comparing many bassinets in the market, the Halo offered the most useful features and has superior quality and comfort. Understandably, it is also an expensive option.

Its most prestigious feature is its ability to swivel 360 degrees that allow moms to draw the baby close, or get the bassinet out of the way when getting out of the bed. It’s the only bassinet that has this amazing capability.

In addition to the 360-degree rotating feature, is a lowering side that allows C-section moms to pick up or lay the baby down right from their bed. This is perhaps the most useful feature considering how many times you will need to pick your baby for breastfeeding or soothing them to sleep. And, the wall can be locked in position if you wish.

This bassinet has a sleek base, and the legs tuck under the bed, enabling moms to enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping without actually sharing the bed. Better still; the base is adjustable to fit beds between 24 to 34 inches high. This is a wonderful feature as it allows the mom to be at eye level with the baby promoting bonding and instilling a sense of security.

The other thing we really appreciated is that the designers placed pockets on the side walls so moms can easily access handy items from the bed. Most bassinets have their storage underneath, and one would have to bend, which is uncomfortable for recovering moms.

You will also love that the bassinet includes features to help you settle your baby and lull her to sleep, such as vibrations with two levels to choose from, night light, and soothing sounds. Check out other bassinets with vibration and music


  • 360 degree swivel motion helps bring the baby close
  • Lowering side wall allows co-sleeping and easy access to the baby
  • The base adjusts to fit beds of different heights
  • It has mesh walls for maximum breathability and visibility
  • It has easy-to-access pockets
  • It has a wide range of soothing features
  • Very stable base that can’t tip over
  • Great for tight spaces


  • It is expensive
  • Not portable

Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper for C Section

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If you loved the functionality of the Halo bassinet above but would want a cheaper model, then you should consider our second choice, the Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-sleeper. The first thing we noticed is that this bassinet is spacious and the walls are deep so your baby will have plenty of room to stretch as they grow, and the construction is high quality and comfortable.

Getting to why it is great for C-section moms, is that it functions as a bedside sleeper with telescoping legs that slide under your bed. Telescoping, meaning that you can extend the legs all the way to have the bassinet sitting on your mattress or retract them to transform the bassinet into a free-standing position. The height is also adjustable to fit beds with a height of between 21 to 31 inches. This enables moms to access the baby easily from the bed.

It has mesh panels, so the baby and mom see each other at all times, which promotes bonding, a sense of security, and better breathability for the baby.

It also has two wheels at the front to make it easy to roll and keep it stable as you set it at your bedside or take it around the house.

Another feature parents will love is the music box, which has five melodies, nature sounds, and even a womb sound to help you soothe your little one to sleep. And for playtime, it has some cute hanging toys that will keep your baby engaged.


  • It allows co-sleeping with telescoping legs that raise or lower the bassinet
  • Adjustable to fit different bed heights for mom to easily access the baby
  • Mesh sides allow the baby and mom to see each other
  • Has music and white noise to soothe the baby
  • Great for small spaces
  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble


  • The legs only roll forward making it difficult to push the bassinet back from the bed.

Baby Delight Bedside Me Dreamer Bassinet After C Section

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Baby Delight Bedside Me Dreamer is another great option for moms recovering from C-section. It takes the third position on our list because it can be used as a co-sleeper like our top two products, and it comes at very great pricing, but it lacks soothing features.

This bassinet has 6 levels of height adjustments which means you can set it at a level that feels comfortable for you depending on the height of your bed. Adjusting is very easy because you just need to turn the knob on each side to raise or lower the bassinet. The other thing parents love about this clever design is that you can choose to raise or lower one side, so your baby is sleeping in a gentle incline. Though baby experts do not recommend this sleeping position, parents report that it helps ease breathing when a baby is congested or when having frequent reflux.

To use as a co-sleeper, you just need to unhook and unzip the sidewall. In this position, you can easily reach out your arm to soothe the baby or scoop them and get them to your bed to feed or change their diapers.

It is a very safe and sturdy bassinet as it also comes with straps for attaching it to your bed, just to secure it in place.


  • It grants easy access with lowering sides
  • Six adjustable height levels to fit different bed heights
  • Mesh walls allow visibility and breathability
  • It is lightweight to take to different rooms within your home easily
  • Easy to set up without tools


  • It does not have storage

Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside C Section Bassinet

Lastly on our list is the Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 bedside bassinet from Arm’s Reach. This bassinet makes it on our list because of its functionality as a co-sleeper bassinet which gives moms recovering from C-section an easier time when caring for their little ones. Being a 3-in-1 means it also functions as a free-standing bassinet, and as a player. So, this is a great investment as it will continue serving your child even after they have outgrown the bassinet by providing a safe and comfortable place to play.

This bassinet is great for C-section moms as it has a lowering side for the side that faces your mattress, allowing you to sleep very close to your baby and easy access. Additionally, the pockets are placed on the sidewalls, so as a mom, you will not strain to try to grab the items you need as you care for your baby.

The bassinet has panels with mesh and soft cotton cloths to provide a cozy and well-ventilated sleeping spot for your baby. With a resistant plate and a tethering strap, you can relax knowing it is stable and safe for your baby. It also has two wheels at the front, making it a portable option. We have reviewed portable and foldable bassinets here


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It has mesh sides for better breathability and visibility
  • Pockets are easy to access
  • Allows co-sleeping and has a tethering strap to secure it to bed
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the house


  • The height is not adjustable to different bed heights.

How to Pick the Best Bassinets for C-section

As a C-section mom apart from your baby’s safety and comfort, the convenience of being able to pick, feed, change, soothe and lay your baby down without straining is everything. Use the factors below to help you choose the best bassinet to help with your condition.

Adjustable height: Beds have different heights. You want a bassinet whose height can be adjusted to reach your mattress top so you can pick your baby while keeping lifting to a minimum.

Adjustable side: Consider a bassinet with side panels that can be lowered or locked upright. With a lowered side, you can easily reach for the baby, and you will be sleeping next to your baby, but with your own safe space. When locked upright, it keeps your baby from falling out even when you are not around.

Convenient storage: a good bassinet should have storage for keeping your baby’s essentials such as diapers, burp cloths, wipes, clothes, and the likes. Choose a bassinet whose storage is in a position you can access easily, like on the sides rather than underneath where you will need to bend.

Mesh sides: A good bassinet should have mesh walls to allow airflow reducing the risk of suffocation, and letting you and your baby see each other.

Wheels: As one who is recovering, you should not be lifting anything other than your baby. It is a good idea to pick a bassinet with wheels so you can easily take your baby along any time you need to be in a different room.

Budget: We have different pocket sizes, and bassinets’ prices range from expensive to affordable ones. The expensive ones offer more features and superior quality, but you can choose an affordable option so long as it meets your most important needs. So, buy what is within your budget.

Space: If you are short on space, like if you live in a small apartment, you could choose a bassinet with a small footprint. Some of the bassinets we have listed have legs that slide under your bed, minimizing the space they occupy.

Additional features: Some bassinets come with soothing features such as music, white noise, vibrations, and lights. These features are great at helping you lull your baby to sleep, but they may not be a priority for everyone. Also, they increase the price of the bassinet. If you can afford it, it is one more way to help make things easy for you and the baby will love them.

Why get a Bedside Bassinet for C-section?

Any mom who has had a C-section knows the persistent soreness before the wound heals. Especially the first week or two, postpartum when the wound is fresh, it is almost impossible to care for the baby without assistance as even getting out of bed, picking the baby, and putting the baby down is very painful. It is therefore important for such moms to avoid maneuvering the body in ways (twisting and bending) that put pressure on the wound to facilitate healing and avoid aggravating the pain. That’s where a C-section bassinet comes in.

C-section bassinets are placed next to the bed to allow close monitoring. They have lowering sides and adjustable height to place the baby on the same level as the mom’s bed. This enables a mom to respond to the baby faster and easier. Whenever the baby needs to be nursed, soothed, or have their diapers changed, the mom just needs to reach out her arm and scoop the baby across to her bed. It also translates to better sleep for mom and baby.

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