The 8 Best Bassinets for Preemies 2023 (Safety Considered)

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Did your little one decide to show up early? There is no need to worry. The most important thing is to know is that she/he will spend lots of hours sleeping because that is when babies develop. So you need to take your time when selecting the perfect bassinet for your baby considering, preemies are more fragile and need a little extra care and comfort.

We are going to save you the time you would need to score the internet searching for the best bassinet for your preemie. So, in our review, we have listed the few best bassinets we found to provide just the perfect sleep environment for preemies. Since they offer different features and come at different prices, we have also come up with some guiding factors to help you choose the right bassinet for your family’s needs.

Our Top Picks of Bassinets for Preemies in 2022

ImagesBassinet NamesFeature
No products found.Delta Children Rocking Bassinet Vibration, sounds, music, and nightlight Side to side rocking motionSpacious storage basketRetractable swivel locking wheelsCanopy, JPMA certified
No products found.Delta Children Deluxe Gliding BassinetSide to side rocking motion, electronic arm with music and soft nightlight, Underneath storage spaceAdjustable and removable canopy, Swiveling locking wheels, Canopy, JPMA certified
No products found.Chicco LullaGo Portable BassinetMesh panels, FoldableCarry bag
No products found.Arm’s Reach Concepts 3-in-1Bedside Bassinet Convertible: bedside sleeper/freestanding bassinet/playardSide pockets, Carry Case, Foldable Has wheels 
No products found.Graco Dream Suite BassinetVibration with two settings, Convertible: changing table, Canopy, Locking wheels
No products found.Portable Rocking Baby BassinetAdjustable canopy, Convertible: Rocking CradleDetachable to a travel bed, Toybox/under storage, Has wheels
No products found.Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Lila BassinetSounds, melodies, and vibration, Girly color, Extra-large storage basket, Adjustable canopyFoldableHas wheels
No products found.Elegance Round Wooden BassinetDraping curtains and tall skirtsLarge storage space, Has wheels

How to pick the best bassinets for preemies

Keeping in mind that your baby will be using the bassinet for a short time; select one with features that serve you and your baby the best during that short time. Below are the factors you need to consider:


A multifunctional bassinet is an excellent choice because it will make your life a lot easier. Some bassinets can be converted to a sleeper to have it attached to your bed. That way, you don’t need to leave your bed at night to nurse or check on your baby. Others have pockets, or underneath storage to keep essential items close. And others can even be transformed into a changing table, playard and more.


As expected, your baby will be needing lots of rocking to calm them or soothe them to sleep, and it can really fatigue your arms. A bassinet that converts to a rocking cradle is a lifesaver. Some have different speed settings so you can choose what feels good and safe for your baby. With a preemie, you want to rock them gently.


You will not always be in the bedroom with your baby. Sometimes you will want to get some sunshine, watch TV, and do some house chores while keeping an eye on your little one. Choose a bassinet that has wheels so you can roll the whole unit around. Some bassinets allow you to detach the top part to carry it like a travel bed. And if you plan on traveling with your baby, choose a foldable bassinet. Some even come with a storage travel bag.


A canopy is a nice feature to have because it blocks out light not to disturb your baby when napping or sleeping. Some bassinets have retractable or removable canopies, allowing you to get it out of the way if you want to change the baby in the bassinet for example.

Additional features: sounds, vibrations, lights

Some bassinets have a unit attached to produce soothing melodies and vibrations. These features help to create a cozy environment for your baby to fall asleep easily. It can also produce a soft light to help you check on your baby without disturbing your baby. However, note that most of these units run on batteries and will require frequent replacing depending on your usage.

Ease of cleaning

Most bassinets come with a mattress, fitted sheet, and liner. Some models also have draping skirts that make them look nice. Whatever style you choose, get fabrics that are machine washable.

JMPA certification

If a preemie bassinet has JMPA certification, it means that it is safe after having undergone the highest lab testing, which is reassuring for any parent.

Armed with the knowledge of the important things to consider, let’s get to our list, and hopefully, you will identify the perfect bassinet for your preemie.

Reviews of Best Bassinets for Preemies 2023

1. Delta Children Rocking Bassinet 

This rocking bassinet is our overall best bassinet for preemies because it has superior quality and provides a wide variety of features to meet your baby’s needs. It is small but will provide a very cozy sleeping spot for your baby.

It has a unit with calming sounds and music and multispeed vibrations that will help you lull your baby to sleep. If that does not seem to work, you can activate the rocking motion with a gentle push to rock the baby side to side. At night whenever you need to feed or change your baby, this bassinet has a nightlight with warm light to help you see without waking your baby and a spacious basket underneath to keep all the essentials you may need at hand.

It has locking swivel wheels allowing you to move it easily from one room to another. This is a nice feature that lets you keep an eye on your baby as you get other stuff around the house done.

This bassinet comes with everything you need: a mattress and fitted sheet and is already tested for safety with JMPA certification.


  • Adorable and high quality
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Has soothing features
  • Portable with swivel locking wheels
  • Does not take much space and fits through doors
  • Machine washable


  • The mattress is a bit thin
  • Sides are not mesh, but it still has good circulation because it’s not deep

2. Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Preemie Bassinet, Budget Friendly

The Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Bassinet is very cute, but it doesn’t offer the same quality and comfort as our first choice above hence taking the second spot on this list. Other than that, it has almost similar features and comes at a lower price. If you loved the features in the Delta bassinet above but don’t want to spend as much, this bassinet is a great choice.

It comes with a mattress and a fitted sheet, and there is an electronic arm featuring soft lighting, soothing music, and three cute bears that will catch your baby’s interest. With the swiveling wheels, you can easily draw this bassinet next to your bed so you can tend to your baby without leaving the bed. And you can rock the baby easily with a gentle push.

It has spacious space underneath to keep the baby’s essentials you need whenever you move the bassinet to other rooms or just provide you with more space to keep your baby gear organized.

The canopy design on this bassinet is adjustable. You can leave it on to help reduce the light when your baby is napping or asleep. Or you can open it or remove it entirely if you want.


  • Really cute design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Has plenty of storage space
  • Portable with swiveling wheels
  • Has various soothing features
  • Comes with mattress and sheet
  • Adjustable and removable canopy


  • The mobile sound could be better
  • The mattress is thin

3. Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet, Great Design

The third brand is this bassinet from Chicco, and as expected of this popular brand, it is well made and sleek. It does not have some features that our top two have, but its best features mesh walls and portability.

The bassinet comes with a mattress and fitted sheet. You will also be glad to know that the mattress pad and sheet are removable and can be easily cleaned by a machine. But another impressive feature is that it has mesh walls so you can easily see your baby when lying in your bed and it allows airflow in and around.

If your lifestyle involves traveling or you will be visiting grandpa and friends frequently, this bassinet is convenient to take with you. It is effortless to fold and unfold. The top part is designed to connect to the Snap-on legs. When folded, the whole thing fits into the included carrying bag.


  • Has mesh sides panels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and folds compact for travel
  • Has multiple color option
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Easy to clean


  • Mattress warps in the middle where it folds

4. Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet, Best for Safety

The Arm’s Reach Concept Company has been endorsed by pediatricians and baby experts for making safe sleeping products for children. Their 3-in-1 bassinet is a high-quality product that will grow with your child. It is convertible from a bedside sleeper, stand-alone bassinet, and a playard.

This bassinet also packs all the convenient features that will make your life easier. It has mesh panels for visibility and pockets to put small essential baby items. As a bedside sleeper, the sides can come down, allowing you to access your baby without leaving the bed. And when you are on the move, this set is easier to pack and comes with a carry bag.

Any parent would want to use this as a bedside sleeper, but if your bed is taller than 24 inches, you would need to buy leg extensions at an extra cost, and we think that is really important to keep in mind considering this is already an expensive set retailing from $260.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convertible design
  • Folds compactly
  • Has a 4 inch sleep nest
  • Includes a safety strap
  • Portable with wheels or carrying bag
  • Comes with a mattress and sheet


  • It is pricey

5. Graco Dream Suite Bed for preemie, with Changing Pad

Graco Dream Suite Bed is the fifth on our list of best bassinets for preemies because it converts into a changing pad, an important feature most others don’t have but its quality is not the best to last.

For the short time, your baby will be using this bassinet, it will provide a comfortable sleeping spot. It has a vibration unit with two settings allowing you to set the right speed that will help soothe your baby. The canopy offers a shade to keep bright light out during naps, bedtime, or when outside enjoying some sunshine. The walls have mesh allowing your baby to see you and for breathability.

Your baby can come with you and sleep anyplace indoors or outdoors because of the locking wheels which are very easy to maneuver. And you can keep whatever essentials you need to feed or change your baby in the storage underneath. Speaking of changing, this bassinet makes it very convenient because like we said earlier you could convert it to a changer. Just grab the handle at the foot, squeeze it and flip over the upper part of the bassinet and you have yourself a changing table. No more having to rush to the nursery to change the baby. And, you can keep the charger clean with a simple wipe down and use it until your baby is 30 pounds long after she has outgrown the bassinet.

It also comes with a mattress and fitted sheet, and you can remove the cover and sheet for a quick wash in the machine.


  • Has a changing table
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Has under storage rack


  • It may not last
  • The mattress caves in the middle after sometime

6. Portable Rocking Baby Sleeper for Preemie, Very Portable

The classic design of the Portable Rocking Baby sleeper with the tailored shade cover and skirt is gorgeous, and it will look great in any room. It is highly functional and practical in meeting your baby’s needs, but it does not have great ratings in terms of quality hence taking the sixth position on our list. It is also the best bassinet for premature babies that is portable.

This bassinet is highly versatile and allows you to convert it in various useful ways. It sits on a sturdy base with wheels which also serves as storage for blankets and other essentials. You can also detach the bassinet from the base converting it to a bed you can easily take with you around the house if you don’t want to wheel the whole bulky bassinet. Just don’t detach it with the baby inside. And lastly, when you flip the wheels, it changes into a rocking cradle to soothe your baby.

The other nice feature is that the base also functions as a toy box later once your baby has already outgrown the bassinet. That’s a plus because you won’t need to shop for one.

As with other bassinets, this one also comes with a mattress and fitted sheet, but perhaps you will love even more that the mattress, sheet, and all the fabrics are machine washable so it will be easy to keep your baby’s bed looking fresh. You can also give the mattress pad a simple wipe down to get rid of small messes.


  • Beautiful and classic design
  • Has multiple design options
  • Portable with wheels
  • Converts to a toy box
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to assemble
  • The mattress is thin
  • The fabrics are cheap quality

7. Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Lila Bassinet

On the seventh position is this very cute bassinet which is obviously designed for girls because of the soft pink colors and pretty embroidered flowers. But, it will make a very comfy sleeping spot for your little girl. And just looking at it you can tell it was very thoughtfully done and is high quality. The only reason it ranks lower on our list is that it is very pricey (£320).

The best feature of this bassinet is the audio device which produces very good quality sounds, melodies and vibrations to help lull your baby to sleep. This feature requires 3 AA batteries to operate, but you can extend battery life by setting the timer to switch off the sound.

The canopy can be folded down when needed and on the inside is a padded mattress and a removable sheet for your baby’s superior sleeping comfort.

As you can see, it has wheels so you can easily take your baby with you and a spacious storage basket that attaches into the bassinet underneath to pack all the baby’s essentials you may need. It is also foldable for storage and travel.


  • High quality construction
  • Sturdy
  • Portable, lightweight and has wheels
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Plays soothing melodies, sounds and vibrations


  • It’s the most expensive on this list
  • Has no mesh sides for visibility and breathability
  • The color designs are mostly favorable for baby girls

8. Elegance Round Wooden preemie Bassinet

This bassinet is stylish with its round shape, wide draping canopy and tall skirts, and will add charm to any room. While it lacks convenient features like sounds, vibrations, lights or rocking ability, it deserves a spot on this list because of its comfort. Your preemie will spend most of their time sleeping, and they need the environment to be cozy and comfy, which is what this bassinet provides.

8. Elegance Round Wooden preemie Bassinet
8. Elegance Round Wooden preemie Bassinet

It is made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, creating a soft and comfortable surroundings for your little one. While the bed space may look small, reviewers report that it is really wide, and they also love the quality of the included mattress and sheet, so you know your baby will be sleeping in utmost comfort. Also, all the fabrics are removable, including the mattress pad and sheet, and are easy to wash by machine.

Another impressive feature is its storage. It is large and hidden under tall skirts. And, it has wheels so you can take it around the room easily. It will not fit through standard doors, so consider that before assembling.

You can get this elegant bassinet in two colors: black/ecru like the one above and white.


  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a large discreet storage
  • Great pricing


  • Canopy is smaller than expected

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