7 Best Bassinets for Twins Reviews (Double Bassinet Sleepers) 2022

Are you preparing for your twins and looking for the best bassinets for twins? Congratulations to you! We understand that it might be a stressful time for you trying to decide from long lists of items your twins will need, and some of them double for that matter.

But first things first, do you have a place for your little angels to sleep once you bring them home? If the answer is no, we are here to help. Of course, your twins can’t share your bed because it’s not safe. Cribs are great but too big for your infants and will not make attending to your babies any easy.

Most parents find bassinets a perfect and convenient choice, and in your case, a double bassinet is ideal. They are cute, cozy, safe, and convenient at keeping your babies close. Since there are many options to choose from, we have prepared a handy guide on what you need to consider and a list of our best bassinets for twins after long hours of research. We hope that after reading through, you can find your perfect bassinet for your twins.

Comparison Table of the 7 Best Baby Bassinets for Twins 2022

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
No products found.Simmons Kids by The Bed Twin City SleeperMeasures 30 X 30X 32.5 inches; 5 adjustable heights; JPMA certified; Polyester and mesh sides; Recommended from birth up to 15 pounds each per infant; Includes pocketsNo products found.
No products found.Graco Pack n Play PlayardMeasures 46 x 35 x 34 inches; Combines bassinet and play yard; Wheels and carry bag; Has a canopy; Mesh sides; Quilted mattress pad for a bassinet play yardCheck on Amazon
No products found.Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center PlayardMeasures 49.20 x 46 x 30.30 inches; Recommended from birth up to 12 pounds per infant; Detachable side by side bassinet; Converts to stand-alone rocker; Has wheels with brakes and one-handed locking mechanism; An Electronic music center with volume control, vibrations, and nightlightDiaper Organizer with multiple compartments; Includes a changing tableRecommends cleaning with a simple wipe down with mild soap and waterNo products found.
No products found.Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery CentreMeasures 46 x 30.30 x 49.20 inches; Recommended form birth up to 12 pounds/22inches per child; Bassinets converts to stand-alone rockerCombines bassinet and playardIncludes deluxe parent organizer; A flip away changing table; Has wheels with brake and one-handed locking mechanism; Includes electronic center with music and nature soundRecommends hand washing or wipe down with mild soap and water

No products found.
No products found.Halo BassinestRecommended for babies up to 5 months/20 pounds; Offers 360-degree rotation adjustable height lowering sides; Offers music, sounds, vibration, and nightlightIncludes two waterproof mattresses and fitted sheetsPowered by AA batteriesNo products found.
No products found.Joovy Room 2 Twin Nursery CentreMeasures 16.5 x 3 x 38 inches; Recommended for newborn up to 15 pounds per child; Has a removable divider; Removable covers that are machine washable; Comes with changing table and a mattressNo products found.
No products found.EZ Fold Ultra Compact BassinetMeasures 32.75  x 33.5 x 25.75 inches; Recommended for babies up to 15 pounds per child; Compact fold; Has pockets; Has wheels to rotateComes with mattress and sheet; JPMA certifiedNo products found.

Reviews of the 7 Best Bassinets for Twins 2022

#1. Simmons Kids By the Bed Twin City Sleeper Bassinet

Simmons Kids By the Bed Twin City Sleeper Bassinet

Simmon Kids by the bed Twin city Sleeper is our overall best bassinet for twins. It was released in the market this year 2022 but has already gotten great reviews from hundreds of parents citing high-quality construction and easy assembly as its best features.

It has a sleek modern design in a neutral grey color that looks beautiful in any home design. The walls are made with polyester and mesh fabric allowing maximum airflow in and around the bassinet. It has a unique Z-shaped frame with wheels and is very sturdy. It also has a mesh divider so that as your twins sleep comfortably in their own separate space, they can see each other while awake.

This bassinet is well built and safely accommodates babies up to 15 pounds or 5 months of age. It comes with a 1-inch mattress pad and matching bassinet sheets that are machine washed conveniently. And, it has spacious pockets on all sides to keep your twin’s essentials.

The thing we loved the most was the five adjustable height levels. They enable you to set your twins at eye level and at a comfortable height that won’t strain you as you pick them or put them to sleep. Plus, you can draw the bassinet right next to your bed thanks to the slim base with wheels that easily slide under the bed. That way, you can attend to your babies without leaving your bed.

Simmons bassinet is a beautiful, functional, and practical option when meeting your twins’ needs and comes along with great pricing compared to other brands.

#2. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

Want an affordable double bassinet from a popular brand that gives you excellent value for money? Try the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

It is second on our list because it offers multiple functions at an affordable price. This unit has detachable bassinets and converts into a playard once your twins have outgrown the bassinets.

The bassinet is designed to provide a cozy sleeping spot for your twins. It is used with a quilted mattress and double canopy for each bassinet to block out harsh bright lights from the baby’s eyes. It also has mesh walls to provide maximum airflow to keep the sleeping environment cool and comfortable for your twins. Your babies can sleep in this bassinet until both of them have reached a total weight of 30 pounds.

It is also a great option if you would like a portable bassinet. Though it is a bit heavy at 29 pounds, this bassinet has wheels to move around and comes with a carrying bag for convenient travel.


  • Quilted mattress pads for the bassinet and playard creates a comfortable environment
  • Portable with wheels and a bag for easy transportation
  • Canopies to protect against bright disturbing lights
  • Airy with mesh sides
  • Affordably priced
  • Convertible into playard


  • Some reviewers complained that the sleeping mat tends to sag so that babies slide towards the middle barrier
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Does not come with sheets and uses only Graco sheets, not standard sheets for pack n play

#3. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center by Circle Tech

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center by Circle Tech

Coming third on our list of the best bassinet for twins is the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center. It features side by side bassinet design with canopies, and it converts to a standalone rocker.

The first reason why it is top three on this list other than offering multiple functions is that the bassinets can be removed independently. That way, if one of your twins is disturbing the other, you can move them to a different room. Or if one has a blow out and you need to remove the pad, you won’t have to interfere with the other baby.

This twin center is a whole world for your twins. It comes with a volume-controlled electronic center with music, soothing nature sounds, vibration, a nightlight, and two mobile toys. It also used plush fabric and mesh sides keeping your baby cool and cozy.

It also includes an organizer compartment to store the baby’s essentials within easy reach and a flip-away changing table for quick and convenient diaper changes.

If you are serious about having a travel bassinet, the Twin nursery center is the best option so far. It has large wheels with brakes and a one-handed locking mechanism for easy maneuvering around the house or outdoors. You can also carry by the carry handle on top. And as a bonus, it also includes a travel bag that can be used for storage.

Twins nursery center is an expensive option, but if you love all the perks it comes with, it might be a worthy investment for you.


  • High quality and sturdy construction
  • Converts to stand alone rocker
  • Includes a deluxe parent organizer and a diaper changing table
  • Mesh sides provides a cool environment with excellent airflow
  • Easily portable with wheels, carrying handle, and a tote bag
  • The night light is convenient for night time feeding


  • It is expensive than most double bassinets
  • Lengthy assembly
  • You can’t use the changing table and bassinet at the same time (have to remove one of the bassinets)
  • The mattress liner needs hand washing and to be air dried, which may not be convenient for some people

#4. Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center

Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center
#4. Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center

Following close on number four is another popular bassinet from Baby Trend, the Go Lite Twins Nursery Center. It is very similar in functionality and style to the Nursery Center by Center Tech we saw earlier, but it is lighter and easier to assemble.

The Lite Twin Nursery Center combines two detachable bassinets, a changing table, and playard all in one. The bassinets have canopies to provide a comfortable environment for your babies and a handle for easy carry. The changing table makes it convenient to change your baby’s diapers while the playard keeps your twins safe and comfortable as they play. You don’t have to go fetching your baby’s items far; you can keep everything neatly arranged and within easy reach thanks to the deluxe organizer it comes with.

The bassinets provide a comfortable place for your babies to sleep side by side with soft and padded materials and mesh walls that allow visibility and airflow. The manufacturer recommends using the bassinet from birth until your twins are 12 pounds or 22 inches tall. The playard can be used from birth until 35 inches in height or 30 months of age.

The bassinet has an electric music center proving music, nature sounds, vibrations, and a nightlight. These are useful for lulling your babies to sleep and nighttime feeds and checkups.

This nursery center is very portable between rooms with wheels with a brake and one handed locking mechanism. And when you need to travel, this is still a convenient choice because it comes with a storage tote bag.


  • Integrated system with a bassinet, changing table and playard
  • Comes with a parent organizer compartment for keeping essentials at hand
  • Great for travel
  • Offers music, white noise, and vibrations to soothe the baby
  • Comes with a nightlight for nighttime visibility without waking your twins
  • Provides a safe and comfortable playing ground for your twins
  • Space saving
  • Very sturdy and good quality
  • Easy to assemble


  • Very pricey

$5. Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet – Premiere Series

Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet – Premiere Series

Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet is fifth on the list of our most favorite bassinet for twins. It is a high-end and premium quality bassinet designed to provide a cozy sleeping space for your twins.

This beautiful all-white bassinet is spacious and comes with two waterproof mattresses and two fitted bed sheets. It has mesh sides for airflow and a divide at the center to keep your twins close yet safe in their own separate space.

The Halo bassinet stands out from the rest because it offers 360 degrees rotation in addition to adjustable height options. The sides can also be lowered or locked. These features allow you to tend to each baby without needing to leave your bed or straining yourself.

This double bassinet also includes a nightlight, music module with three lullabies, three nature sounds, and two vibration levels to soothe your little ones (You require buying AA batteries to enjoy the features). Plus, there are two pockets you can use to keep baby essentials within easy reach.


  • 360 degree rotation for easy access to your babies
  • Adjustable height makes it easy to pick the baby or put them down to sleep
  • Includes waterproof mattresses and sheets
  • Many features to soothe the baby
  • Has a nightlight for visibility


  • Very expensive (more than double the price of Simmon Kids and Graco pack n Play)
  • It is very heavy once fully assembled (55 pounds) and not portable at all
  • Some reviewers report that the vibration feature is very weak
  • Batteries run out fast and require frequent replacement

#6. JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center

JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center for twins

JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center is a bit different in design from other bassinets and is the sixth position on our list. It includes two bassinets and a changing table. It is a great option if you don’t feel the need to spend more to get a playard. The center divider is removable and zips in place to give two separate sleeping spots for the twins.

The changing table is used when one baby is lying down below in the nursery center (it will cover half of the other bassinet). After use, you can flip the changing table over the side to keep it out of the way.

If you prefer a safe bassinet that is easy to take to different rooms or travel, the Joovy nursery center is a great option. It is the lightest ever- 9.5 pounds.

This nursery center holds up a total of 30 pounds (15 pounds for each baby) while the changing mat holds up 25 pounds. It also comes with a removable centerpiece that you connect to the playard with clips. The playard is sold separately, but the overall price is a bit cheaper ($200 range) than other options offering the same.

If you are really short on space but want a safe sleeping and playing area for your twins at a good price, the Joovy nursery center is worth considering.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Includes a mattress and fitted sheets
  • Removable divider to allow twins to interact
  • Perfect height makes it easy to pick the baby


  • Parents wish the divider was see-through the mesh for safety reasons, but there is an option to remove the divider altogether.

#7. Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Baby Beds

Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Baby Beds

Lastly, on our list of seven best bassinets for twins is the Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Baby Beds by Delta Children. We love it because of its high quality, adorable, functional, and affordable.

This double bassinet is designed to keep your twins close and give them a comfortable sleeping spot. It has a mesh divider to give each one their own safe place and lets them see each other. That way, after a nap, they can keep each other busy and play before you show up. It is also very comfy with soft fabrics and meshes walls to allow airflow while giving you visibility.

It comes complete with a cozy mattress and removable sheets that can be machine washed. Delta also included convenient storage pockets on each end to keep small baby items like toys, pacifiers, wipes, bibs, etc.

EZ bassinet is also a great choice for a travel bassinet. The frame is sturdy but not too heavy and folds down into a compact package you can take with you easily whenever you want to visit your grandparents. The wheels allow you to rotate the bassinet to have access to either baby and move the bassinet between rooms easily.

Consider EZ foldable Ultra-Compact bassinet if you want a simple bassinet that is affordable, functional, and practical for meeting your twin naptime and sleeping needs.


  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Great pricing
  • High quality construction and durable
  • Compact folding for easy storage and transport
  • Easy care, machine washable
  • Portable with wheels
  • Comes with a mattress and fitted sheets


  • Pockets can hold much.
  • Some reviewers say that it is not easy to fold.

Bassinets for Twins Buying and User Guide

Benefits of bassinets 

If you have a newborn, buying a bassinet has a lot of advantages. The obvious one is that it provides a safe sleeping spot for your baby (in this case, twins). The other benefit is that bassinets are smaller and can be moved between rooms much easier than cribs. This way, you can keep an eye on your baby(s) as they nap while you do other stuff around the house. Some bassinets also have wheels so you can also use them outdoors for walks, shopping, etc.

The other benefit is that bassinets have lower sidewalls, allowing easier access, so you are able to put down your baby or pick them up without straining your back. This is especially helpful for moms still recovering from childbirth and Cesarean Section.

Some bassinets have hoods shielding your baby’s eyes from bright light so they can sleep better.

Two single bassinets or double bassinets? Which one is best

With twins, you either choose two single bassinets or a double bassinet. Two single means each baby has their own separate bed while double bassinet they sleep in the same bed with a divider in the middle. Check out the advantages of both to help you figure out which model is suitable for your family.

Advantage of double bassinets

These bassinets allow your twins to sleep side by side with a divider wall between them. Many parents feel this helps their twins to bond better.

Some models of double bassinets have a removable divider so that when your twins are awake, they can play.

Double bassinet usually takes a lot less space than two singles, making them a suitable option for smaller spaces.

Advantages of Two Single Bassinets

Sometimes twins disturb each other while sleeping. One will be sleeping, and the other one will be crying. Having two singles enables you to shift one of the twins to a different room so the other one can continue sleeping undisturbed.

The other advantage is the cost. Unlike what you may assume, you can find two singles retailing at almost half price of a double. So if you want a budget option, two singles may be cheaper.

7 important factors to consider when picking the best bassinet for twins


A multifunctional bassinet is a huge plus in our books because it gives you more value for money. With twins, you will be having your hands full from carrying double the items your babies need to feed or change. Today most bassinets come with pockets and storage compartments underneath. You can use the pockets and storage space to keep some handy items such as diapers, wipes, towels, bibs, etc. Some bassinets for twins are also powered to play music, white noise or vibrations to soothe the babies.

Not just that, some bassinets are also convertible to changing tables when your baby needs a diaper change. Others are designed to be easily used when traveling so that they can be folded down and or attached to strollers. Some others even have wheels.

Another common feature that is now being added is a playard. Your babies may not need one in the first months, but later on, they will require a safe and comfortable place to play. Some bassinets allow you to transform to playard once your babies outgrow the bassinet.

With so many wonderful innovations, choosing a multifunctional bassinet is a huge investment.


If you are an outdoor person, travel a lot, or just want a bassinet that you can move around the house easily, go for a small, lightweight, foldable bassinet that also comes with wheels. Some bassinets can be transformed into a hand-carry basket, which is easy to move around.


To ensure that a bassinet is safe for your babies, check for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA) certification. Also, ensure that the bassinet is sturdy and the mattress is soft. When fully assembled, the mattress should fit snugly without having any gaps along the edges.

Ease of movement

Some bassinets have special mechanisms that enable them to switch into a rocking cradle to rock your baby gently. At least your arms will not become sore from rocking two babies to sleep daily.

Age and Weight limit

Knowing the weight and age restrictions of a bassinet helps to make sure your babies are safe. For safety, your twins’ total weight should not be more than the bassinet’s indicated maximum weight limit. Your children’s weight or height is more reliable than following the age limit because some babies may be bigger or smaller for their age.


In terms of bassinet walls, look at the structure and breathability. These two are very important factors. The walls should be sturdy and allow good airflow. Most bassinets for twins use stainless steel corners and mesh walls, which ensure your baby’s safety and allow airflow in and around the bassinet. A sturdy frame also ensures that the bassinet is durable.


A canopy keeps bright light and sunlight from your babies’ little eyes so they can sleep easily and comfortably.

Now that you are armed with useful info on what to consider, let’s get to the best bassinets for your twins.

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