10 Best Car Seat Travel Bags For Flying with Baby

After a long period of limited air travel due to COVID 19 restrictions, it will be great to start traveling again and we’ve done extensive research on the best car seat travel bags you can get today to make it easy for you to store and carry your baby’s car seat.

In our research, we found that the best travel bags for car seats are those that are approved by airlines and can easily be checked in when flying. The very best should also be water-resistant, lightweight, and compact for it to fit in small spaces such as diaper bags, and in our review and comparison, we picked J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag as the overall best car seat travel bag that you can get today in 2022.

For $20 to $30, you can get yourself a car seat travel bag that can secure your seat and your baby luggage as your fly. You should note that if your car seat is FAA approved, you can carry the seat to the plane seating area and your baby can get their seat.

If it is not FAA approved, you’ll need to check the bag as luggage. It is free to fly with the car seat as luggage or as a seat for your baby on the plane.

The bigger problem that parents have experienced when flying with a baby and with a car seat is the problem of the car seat getting damaged at the end of the flight.

A travel bag can guarantee you that your $200 to $500 infant car seat or convertible car seat arrives at the other end of your destination intact.

List of our top picks

Here is a list of our best travel bags for car seats:

  1. J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag
  2. Gorilla Grop
  3. V VOLKGO Durable
  4. Yoperek
  5. Reperkid Waterpoof.
  6. Zohzo Tote
  7. ProFaster Karfast
  8. Britax
  9. Angel Baby
  10. Gate Check pro

Comparison Table of the 10 Best Brands of Car Seat Travel Bags in 2022

ravel Bag BrandImageDimensionsColor OptionsItem WeightFabricRating on AmazonPrice
#1. J.L. Childress UltimateNo products found.46 x 21 x 13 inches2‎7.2 ouncesPolyester4.5/5 stars in 8,000+ reviewsCheck here
#2. Gorilla Grip No products found.34 x 18 x 18 inches5‎14.9 ouncesPolyester 4.4/5 stars in 3,000+ reviews Check here
#3. V VOLKGO Durable No products found.34 x 18 x 18 inches3‎1.1 poundsNylon 4.7/5 stars in 2,500+ reviews Check here
#4. YOPEREK No products found.28 x 18 x 18 inches3‎2.05 pounds Polyester Fiber 4.7/5 stars in 1,500+ reviews Check here
#5. REPERKID No products found.‎10.98 x 9.76 x 2.56 inches3‎1.2 pounds600D Nylon 4.6/5 stars in 1,500+ reviews Check here
#6. Zohzo No products found.‎18 x 28 x 18 inches3‎3.5 pounds600D Polyester 4.7/5 stars in 1,200+ reviews Check here
#7. ProFaster KarFast No products found.11.5 x 9.84 x 2.76 inches3‎1.54 poundsOxford Polyester 4.7/5 stars in 1,000+ reviews Check here
#8. Britax No products found.17 x 15.5 x 31.5 inches23.1 Pounds 4.4/5 stars in 800+ reviews Check here
#9. Angel Baby No products found.34 x 18 x 18 inches57 ouncesPolyester 4.2/5 stars in 600+ reviews Check here
#10. Gate Check PRO 45 x 45 x 85 inches3

Reviews of the Top Car Seat Travel Bags

1. J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel

J.L Childress Car Seat Travel Bag is the overall best travel bag you can rely on to carry and store your baby’s car seat while traveling or flying. It is currently the best-selling brand under the car seat carriers category on Amazon and it costs less than $40.

It comes in two colors, black and grey, and parents like this brand because it has backpack straps that allow you to move around without having your hands engaged to carrying your car seat in some airport. It also has padded interior wings to protect your baby car seat headrest.

Its dimensions are; 19.5 x 11 x 7 inches and weigh 2.9 pounds. Over 2,300 parents have rated this product 4.4/5 on Amazon and that goes to tell you that is a favorite for parents that travel a lot.

J.L brand also has another brand of car seat travel bag which costs less than $20. As of this publication in November, it is selling for about $16, and similar to the J.L Ultimate bag, it comes in two colors; red and grey. Unlike J.L Brand ultimate brand that costs almost three times, the J.L Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats (red one shown alongside) is not recommended to be checked in as airline baggage because it is not approved to be handled by luggage-handling machinery. It also weighs 7.2 pounds, heavier than the J.L ultimate brand.

The video below describes the best travel bags for car seats:

2. Gorilla Grip Car Seat Travel Bag

If you are looking for the most durable car seat travel bag in the market today, you can never go wrong with the Gorilla Grip brand. This bag is made with polyester material whose fibers are incredibly strong and do not tear or stretch easily like natural fibers such as cotton. Its resilience is one of the characteristics that make it a popular fabric for outdoor use. The fabric is also machine washable.

This lightweight travel bag is designed to help protect your precious car seat during travel in all seasons. It makes sure that your car seat is away from dirt, moisture, and stains. You will love the several durable handles for carrying convenience and padded straps comfort. In addition, this car seat travel bag comes with a zippered pouch for extra storage.

Even best, this travel bag from Gorilla Grip features a luggage tag that helps you identify it easily in airport gate checks. It is designed to fit standard infant, convertible, and booster car seats which makes it appropriate for growing with your little one.

3. V VOLKGO Durable Car Seat Travel Bag

This product from V VOLKGO stands out as our best infant car seat travel bag and with enough reasons. The travel bag is made using nylon material which is a very sturdy fabric like Gorilla Grip’s polyester. Infant car seats are very heavy, especially due to their base which can be hard for travel. Thanks to nylon’s polymer-based build, carrying your car seat is made easier and safer. It is also water-resistant and is stitched using modern tech for reliability.

I admire the 2 padded backstrap straps design that allows for a hands-free carrying convenience making your check-ups easy. The wide size also makes it easy to fit almost all major car seat brands. So, if you are looking for effectiveness and quality, V VOLGO is your go-to brand.

4. YOREPEK Car Seat Travel Bag

Since its inception in 2016, YOREPEK has dedicated its resources to crafting high-quality bags for laptops and travel. Their car seat travel bag is excellently padded to help protect your car seat during your voyage. It comes with an adjustable backpack strap for extra comfort and features polyester fiber material that is both durable and waterproof. The bag keeps your car seat clean and safe using advanced sewing tech.

This car seat travel backpack has a large capacity that allows it to accommodate nearly all major brands of car seats. You can even carry all your newborn’s essentials using its elastic side pockets located on both sides. In addition, the internal fixing straps and wings will help hold the car seat in an ideal position for safeness.

Like many travel bags for car seats in our reviews, YOREPEK designed their bag to be foldable and offers comprehensive instructions for that. The padding also makes carrying comfy for you.

5. REPERKID Car Seat Travel Bag: Best Travel Bag with Wheels

Like most travel bags for car seat brands in our review, REPERKID is also a renowned brand but very little is available about the company online. That aside, their product stands out among our best car seat travel bags with wheels which makes portability hassle-free. The bag is made using premium 600D nylon material which is lightweight, tear-resistant, and 100% waterproof. This shields your valuable car seat from damage and dirt.

The REPERKID premium gate check bag features a convenient and ergonomic shoulder strap that is easily adjustable. As such, it offers optimal convenience while being very easy on your back. You will love the huge size that fits most boosters and car seats for ease of travel.

6. Zohzo Car Seat Travel Bag: Best for Flying

If you are on the hunt for a car seat for flying, you will find this product from Zohzo a fantastic option. This versatile backpack lets you take your car seat anywhere you want and is made with heavy-duty, water-resistant 600D polyester fabric for durability. I admire the reinforced stitching that enhances handling and resilience as well as the lockable double zipper opening. You can also use the carry using the in-built ergonomic handle.

Even better, this bag features a fully-padded interior (10 mm) and padded wings that help keep your cherished car seat safety. When carrying your car seat using the backpack style, you will admire the comfort these padded straps offer plus an adjustable waist belt for added support. Like Gorilla Grip, Zohzo has included a luggage ID card that allows for easy identification.

Unlike most manufacturers, however, Zohzo gives its clients a 14-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with the backpack for a full refund. There is a 1-year warranty.

7. ProFaster Car Seat Travel Bag: For Flying

Yet another car seat travel bag for planes, this one from ProFaster is an amazing investment you can make for hassle-free travel. This airline-approved bag eases your gate check-in while shielding your car seat from dirt, dust, and damage. It is made using Oxford polyester which is strong and durable and has great elasticity as well as decent breathability and permeability. Its resistance to tearing with heavy-duty stitching makes it a tremendous choice for carrying car seats.

You will love the huge size and the adjustable, ergonomic harness-style padded travel bag straps that make carrying comfier. The universal size also makes this backpack compatible with many car seats available in the market today. It fits your booster seat, toddler car seat, and convertible car seat to help meet all different users’ needs.

In addition, there is one customized luggage tab for ease of identification in the airport as well as a 1-year non-risk full refund policy.

8. Britax Car Seat Travel Bag

Our reviews for the best car seat travel bags would be incomplete without mentioning Britax. A UK brand leader in child safety tech, Britax Child Safety, Inc. was founded in 1996. Its product is featured in our list as an ideal toddler car seat travel bag as it fits most car seat brands. It also fits all Britax car seats. Like REPERKID, this bag comes with in-built wheels and is water-resistant for ease of portability and caring for your kid’s car seat.

You will appreciate the adjustable padded backpack-style shoulder straps that boost carrying convenience. In addition, this car seat travel bag has multiple carrying handles that also make moving easier. Like some products in our review today, this travel bag for car seats comes with a luggage ID holder for ease of identification. There is a wide zipper opening so you can fit your car seat easily as well as a storage pouch.

9. Gate Check PRO Car Seat Travel Bag

Gate Check Pro is yet another great car seat travel bag that is made of ballistic nylon and is compatible with all leading brand car seats. Gate Check Pro measures 17 x 47 x 26 inches which are enough to store most car seats.

Gate check

Parents prefer this Gate check Pro because it almost guarantees that it will not tear up. Thanks to the material are used to make it. For less than $30, you can secure your car seat, and to add, FAA administration officials are aware of this brand. They wouldn’t bother you asking whether it is actually a bag for a car seat.

If you doubt this bag, you can rely on the lifetime guarantee. One parent used this bag to store Britax Marathon convertible car seats on a flight from Ohio to Florida and they couldn’t be happier with this brand.

10. Angel Baby car seat travel bag

Angel baby car seat travel bag is an affordable baby car seat travel bag that’s cheaper than Gate Check Pro above. It costs less than $20 and is made from durable polyester material.

Polyester and Nylon are both great but I like Angel baby because of its dimensions of 34in. x 18in. x 18in. (86.4cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm). Essentially, it is bigger than Gate Check Pro whose dimensions are; 17 x 47 x 26 inches.

Check back soon as we continue to review the other best bags you can use to store or carry your infant car seat in 2019.

Other great options include Chicco Car Seat Travel Bag and J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats.

Where to buy

Do you live here in the US, or Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, and the UK? You can get the best car seat travel bags in the store near you or Amazon using this link. The bags are also available in other online stores like Argos, Bed Bath Beyond, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, and Kohls among others.


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