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Best convertible car seats 2022: Graco 4Ever 4-in-1

If you are looking for a safe convertible car seat that will grow with your baby, Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 is the overall best convertible car seat that you can find in the market today. With 10 years expiration period, this convertible car seat can be used by your infant from when they have 4 pounds to when your toddler attains 120 pounds and has six recline positions.

Aside from our top pick, this post has detailed reviews of the best convertible car seats in the market today. You can rely on the car seats we have reviewed with your growing baby with confidence that your baby will not outgrow it as they get bigger and taller. We are grateful for all the parents who gave insights and for resources such as Consumer Reports that we’ve drawn from as we gathered comparison of our best baby convertible car seats.

What To Consider Before Getting A New Car Seat for your Tall Baby:

  1. Check your vehicle to see if you’ll be using a seat belt or a LATCH(Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) to install and secure your baby. Measure the back seat to see if it has enough legroom and find where LATCH attachments are.
  2. Height and weight limit
  3. Ease of installation
  4. Safety standard

Using the four factors above, we narrowed down our list from 33 to just 10 convertible car seats that are perfect for relatively taller kids.

The Best Convertible Car Seats in 2022

  1. Graco 4ever All-in-One
  2. Evenflo® Tribute LX at Amazon
  3. Clek Fllo Convertible at Amazon
  4. Britax USA Marathon ClickTight at Amazon
  5. Cosco Scenera NEXT at Amazon
  6. Evenflo SureRide DLX at Amazon
  7. Graco Tranzitions 3Booster at Amazon
  8. Disney APT Mouseketeer Mickey at Target
  9. Evenflo EveryStage DLX at Amazon
  10. Graco Extend2Fit Platinum at Amazon

Reviews of the Best Convertible Car Seats 2022

1. Graco 4ever All-in-One: Overall Best Convertible

This convertible car seat gives you 10 years of use and up to 120 pounds of baby use. 4–40 pounds as an infant car seat and 2–65 pounds as a convertible car seat. The convertible car seat is a forward-facing 5-point harness seat. As your baby grows to 30–100 pounds, you can choose to use back belt-positioning, or, as your baby gets to 40–120 pounds, you can get a backless belt-positioning booster.

Below is a video review of Graco 4ever All-in-One review:

It comes with a LATCH system with a one-second guarantee attachment, six-position recline, 10-position headrest, providing a comfortable and safe fit as your child grows

2. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Harvest Moon

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 transitions easily from a rear-facing seat (5-40 pounds) to a forward-facing seat (22-65 pounds), and a high-back belt-positioning booster seat (40-100 pounds).

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 comes in several color choices. It comes in several color choices.

3. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat: Cheapest Convertible Car Seats

While Evenflo is the most budget-friendly convertible car seat in our list, it is very easy to install and can support your baby until they are 40 pounds in weight. Make sure you choose the right harness position.

NameEvenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat
RankingRanked number 5 on convertible car seats (out of 100 on Amazon)
RatingRated 4.3/5 by about 4,003 customers on Amazon
Country of originUSA
Made ofPolyester
SafetyDesigned and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the Federal crash test standard
Min and max recommended weight5 to 40 lbs
Age recommendationUnder 18 months

4. Best Convertible for Small Cars: Clek Fllo Convertible Baby and Toddler Car Seat

Clek Fllo is our best convertible car seat for your small car in 2022. This car seat is 17 inches wide and it has been designed for kids from 14 to 50 pounds which are higher than most rear-facing car seats on our list. For extra safety, Clek Fllo has an anti-rebound bar for extra security making your small car, just more secure.

NameClek Fllo Convertible Baby Car Seat for Small Cars
Ranking on Amazon#66 on Amazon category of top 100 convertible-best selling car seats
Rating3.9/5 as of August 2019
Made ofFoam fabric
Min and Max weight recommendation14 lbs to 65 lbs
Rear-facing weight recommendations14 to 50 lbs
Forward-facing weight recommendations22 to 65 lbs
Car seat weight14 lbs
Warranty and expirationHas one year warranty and has 9-year expiration period

This Canadian-made car seat is best suitable for small cars because of its small size. It is also FAA approved and NCAP tested. It is manufactured by Clek, an award-winning Canadian brand of baby car seats. Here is a user guide of Clek Fllo and full specs.

5. Best for Travel: Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat

Cosco Scenera Nest convertible car seat is our fifth best convertible car seat in 2021. This lightweight convertible car brand is manufactured by Cosco and weighs just 7.6 pounds. With a width just over 17 inches, this car seat is still great for airplane seat and has actually been certified by Air Travel.

For kids that weigh between 5 to 40 pounds, this car seat can be used rear-facing as an infant car seat. For kids weighing between 22-40 pounds, this car seat can be used forward-facing as a convertible car seat.

6. Best for Tall Kids: Evenflo SureRide DLX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo SureRide DLX convertible is our best car seat for tall kids with tall feet. Evenflo has the highest height limits of up to 54 inches in the front-facing position. Despite that, the brand is really cheap compared to other convertible seats similar to it.

So what makes this convertible car seat great for tall babies? It has 6 shoulder positions, a removable body pillow, and a cup holder. It is also regarded as the safest for taller kids as it has two times the federal standard for side-impact protection. It also has innovative energy-absorbing padding to absorb the rebound impact.

Best convertible car seat consumer reports

In 2019, Consumer Reports ranked and rated 29 convertible car seats. While the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has removed the age guidelines of how long baby shoes be on the infant car seat, convertible car seats are recommended as a successor to babies that have outgrown infant car seats:

Best convertible car seat for travel

While convertible car seats are preferred for babies that have outgrown the infant car seats, convertible car seats are not the easiest to travel with as they cannot act like a baby carrier.

Best Convertible Car Seats For Tall Babies

Taller babies have tall legs and perhaps bigger body size and therefore require well-built convertible car seats. See the video below for a pre

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