13 Best Kindle Fire Games for Kids – All Ages in 2022

13 Best Kindle Fire Games for Kids – All Ages in 2022

If you are looking for the best fun games to put in your Kindle Fire, we have done the research for you, and below are the most educational, fun-filled, and crazy games that will keep not just your kids entertained, but some are fun for adults too!

In this 2022 list, we have compiled Amazon Kindle Fire Games for kids of all ages, from ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 years. This guide is part of our guides on baby fun activities and development activities.

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Now, let’s start reviewing the best Amazon Kindle Fire games you can get for your kids;

Reviews of the Best Amazon Fire Kindle Games for Kids

Sweet Dreams! Cute Toddler App Wish Yawning Animals by Ravensburger

Ravensburger digital has created so many great kids apps under their belt. The Sweet Dreams app is a classic bedtime theme. It is all about kids helping tired animals go to sleep.

Once you open the app, a soothing music box background appears which is designed to make your kids relax and catch the drowsy feeling just like the tired animals. Meanwhile, a note is displayed explaining to your kids that the animals are so tired that they feel the need to yawn loudly, and that it is time for bed. Then, with gentle caresses, the animals lie down, close their eyes, and slowly drift off to sleep. It also has several options your kid can use to make the game more interesting. For example, he can wake the animal again, change to the next animal in different scenery, and adjust the number of animals.

This game is fun and suitable for your young toddlers above the age of 18 months. The gentle snoring sounds and soothing music are so contagious that your kids will be drifting to sleep without a fuss hence being the best nighttime game ever. You also have the option of only using the app as a music box by ignoring the animals.


  • Recommended for kids above 18 months
  • Calming and relaxing game suitable for night time
  • Several adorable animal characters
  • Different night sceneries for each animal
  • Soothing and relaxing music box playing in the background

Pigsty- Animals on the Loose/ Crazy Farm App for the Whole Family

Pigsty- Animal on the loose is also another fun app from Ravensburger digital. This game takes your kid on a crazy farm where a tornado has caused all the farm animals to be swirled around, and your kid’s job is to restore order.

This game is played from a bird’s eye view where pigs, chickens, cows, and sheep are running helter-skelter and need to be trapped, and fenced in their appropriate groups. The large fence is adjustable using finger swipes until the animals have been successfully grouped into their proper target zones.

The app has different levels starting with simple levels that become more challenging as the levels increase, and more elements are added, prompting the player to keep changing their tactics and be more watchful.

Pigsty-Animal on the loose can be downloaded for free, and the version has 20 levels with the option of an extra payment to get the full version with 70 levels.


  • Crazy farm scenery that needs order
  • Multiple levels that become increasingly challenging
  • Obstacles for animals to jump over
  • Monster truck tires for animals to bounce off
  • Animals that run off after being poked by another animal
  • Recommended age is kids between 6 to 8 years

Jobi’s Bistro/Fun and Educational Kids Game for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Jobi has several kids’ apps that provide fun and educational games. ‘’Jobi’s Bistro’’ is a new workplace with fun graphics where kids take up the role of a cook and a patissier. It starts on the ground floor, where customers are offered delicious cakes, sandwiches, and cupcakes. Your kid’s assignment is to make the cupcake, receive cash, and give back the correct change at the till. For these tasks, your kid’s numeral skills (subtraction) are challenged.

Kids also engage in cooking lessons under the guidance of two chefs. They also perform activities like chopping vegetables, washing dirty utensils, frying, and even catching a ‘flying’ pan just to showcase their skills. They also have to follow recipes, so they need to memorize the ingredients the chef wants.

As a reward, they get coins for some tasks, which they can use to buy pictures for their album.


  • Kitchen setup for kids to learn culinary skills
  • Memorization and numeral skills are needed
  • Features two chefs and customers to make the game more interesting
  • Recommended age is kids aged between

Coosi Box/ Free Creativity App with Interactive Drawings

This app is by the Korean kid’s app developer, Yellephant. It is meant to stretch and motivate young creative minds. It is free to download. One of its outstanding features is the Coosi Box; it makes your kid’s drawings really come to life. The kids are provided with three different brush sizes and up to 16 different colors to help them express their ideas.

They start by drawing on the Carry-on pictures, which are several templates with drawings to choose from. Each drawing has at least one element missing that kids need to draw to be complete. The best thing is the kid has the freedom to draw any object their imagination will come up with. The other impressive thing is that the drawn object is automatically added to the template and after which, it comes to life with a funny animation. The other amazing thing is that if you are using the app while connected to the internet, the created drawing can be shared automatically with other app users.


  • Animated pictures
  • Free without in-app purchases
  • Has a share function with other users
  • Pleasant music and funny sounds
  • Recommended age is kids between 3 to 7 years

Thinkrolls 2/ Outstanding Logic Game for Kids

Thinkrolls 2 was developed by a Greek app developer, Avokiddo. The app is an entertaining logic puzzle game with over 230 new and tricky levels. The concept is quite simple: kids are to roll funny characters from one maze to another, by a finger swipe on the screen, until the character reaches the exit. The catch is; using various tools to overcome obstacles since the character can only roll sideways on their own.

The over 235 plus levels are divided into 7 chapters, and each level gets more challenging. Each chapter has its unique element, which makes the game even more complex as kids are forced to come up with new ways and solutions to their already developed tactics.

This game is captivating, challenging, and no chance for kids to give up in frustration. Kids improve their logic skills and experiment with the laws of physics at play.


  • Maze setups
  • Over 235 game levels
  • Different elements that make the game challenging
  • Recommended for kids aged between 3 to 9 years

Dr Panda’s Icecream Truck/ Fun & Yummy App for Children

It was developed by the kids’ app developer, TribePlay limited. Here, kids play the role of ice cream vendors from Dr. Panda’s ice cream truck. The idea is for kids to create their own ice cream to sell to customers in their neighborhood.

The first task is for kids to make plenty of ice cream with the help of a mixer. For ingredients, kids can choose between various flavors, fruits, and chocolate bars, which can be combined and mixed any way the kids prefer.

When the ice cream is ready, it is placed on the cooling shelf, from where it can be scooped and piled into the cones. The ice cream can be topped with several delicious toppings e.g., syrups, cookies, candies, and decorations, to make it look even yummier and inviting. The kids decide how many scoops and what flavors will be given to the customers.


  • Making own ice cream creations
  • Many toppings to choose from
  • Simple navigation
  • Recommended for kids aged 3 to 5 plus years

Dr. Panda’s Swimming Pool/ Beautiful Children’s Game for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire

In this app, Dr. Panda invites kids to his swimming pool to play. It is an interactive game with four different swimming pool settings played by various animal figures. This game starts by taking the players into the changing room so they can change into bathing suits. 

There are also many fun objects for the players to enjoy, such as tires, waterslides. Also, Dr. Panda provides plenty of food for his guests, such as soft ice cream at the beach bar, fruits, and drinks. There is also a pirate ship setting where the players get to find a treasure. Even better, this game has the best 3d effects, so it gives the water, animals, and all the graphics such a beautiful realistic effect.

This app does not have many games to play, but kids can use their imagination to create stories for every area.


  • 3d graphic designs
  • Cute animal figures
  • Swimming pool atmosphere
  • Recommended for kids aged 2 to5 years

A Day on a Farm/ New Adventurous Kids App with the Charming Sailor Fiete

This kids’ app was developed by Wolfgang Schmitz / Ahoii. It is about Fiete, who gets to spend a day on a farm, and his experiences.

The game starts very early in the morning, and kids need to wake the three sleepers using a finger touch to poke them until they wake. The three are Fiete and his two friends Hein and Hinnerk. Then, they head out for an adventurous day at the farm.

Kids are presented with nine farm activities with beautifully illustrated scenes in panoramic landscapes. The activities include harvesting, milking, washing pigs, sheering, and more. Another impressive feature is that when kids scroll sideways, the sun’s position also changes, creating a different time of day and new tasks waiting to be completed. By evening, the kids help to load all of the farm products that were gathered to a funny delivery truck, for further processing.

The day finally ends beautifully with Fiete and his friends sitting by a bonfire and enjoying the evening under a starry night.


  • Recommended for kids aged between 2 and 5 years
  • Farm atmosphere with many activities
  • Charming and friendly characters
  • Strong presentation and outstanding illustrations
  • Parallax scrolling effect that changes the time of the day
  • 12 mini games with 9 fun and amusing interactive scenes

Haunted House/ Interactive 3d Pop-Up Storybook App by Story Toys

The Haunted House is a terrifying Halloween game from Story Toys. It has a collection of different Halloween games with scary creatures like Dracula, Frankenstein, and Jack O’lantern. It starts with the kids going to the Haunted House, at the gate, a simple text introduces the terrifying creatures inhabiting the house and kids have to display their courage to proceed.

This app has several mini-games and some of the scary things kids encounter in the house include: Frankenstein being tickled until all his body parts have fallen off, guessing where the scary mummy is by looking for glowing and dancing eyes in the darkness, and witnessing a witch who turns into a giant banana.


  • Halloween horror stories
  • Scary and eerie creatures including Dracula, Frankenstein, and Jack o’ lantern
  • Recommended for kids aged between
  • Extra in-app puzzles and 3D sticker area at an additional cost

Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles/ Free Kids App

Star Wars The New Yoda Chronicles is by the kids’ app developer, Lego. It is a simple action-packed game with stunning 3D graphics. It is about kids going for war missions and starts by choosing the side they want to complete the mission on, between the two terrific Lego Stars, Darth and Yoda.

The app has various missions that include the two playing figures either running through the levels with the help of the blasters and the light-sabers or falling into a bottomless crater, unarmed and having to maneuver your way past obstacles skillfully.


  • Free to download
  • Various war missions

Yipy Costume Party/Awesome Dress up Game For Kids on Kindle

Yipy Costume Party by Alien Toes is the best dress-up app for kids who love this kind of play. It has so many options to choose from and combine that will keep your kid busy for hours.

Kids choose from 6 dolls; 3 male dolls and 3 female dolls. For clothes and costumes, the collection is massive; Yipy Costume Party offers six types of clothes packages, each with 60 pieces of clothing making a total of 360 pieces of clothing for the kids to combine. There are trousers, shirts, skirts, blouses, shoes, belts and other accessories. By design, the clothes packages are sorted by subject to match according to scenery and background, making it easy to access or skip for kids.

The app has a total of 12 very different backgrounds in beautifully done graphics such as the royal castle, circus, ballet room, western town, pirate ship, and sports field. The kids are supposed to dress the dolls appropriately according to their background.

The other aspect you will love about this app is that the dolls are a bit animated, so they are somehow able to respond to the costumes.


  • Dress up games
  • 360 pieces of clothing to choose from
  • 6 dolls (3 male and 3 female)
  • 12 fun background sceneries including Royal Castle, sports field, ballet room and more

Yipy Garden Farm/ Android, iOS And Kindle Fire Farming Kindle App for Little Kids

The Yipi Garden Farm app introduces kids to a big collection of farming games on a big farm. They get to play in the field, greenhouse, and also in the kitchen. On this farm, kids learn farming activities such as seeding, planting, harvesting, and using a harvester, and the role of rain and the use of a greenhouse.

Another aspect to love about this app is that the mini-games are started from an overview map of the large farm, showing the fields and buildings. Secondly, young kids are guided towards the next actions with the help of little stars so that they can play without assistance. Thirdly, there is an additional game where the hungry kids go to the kitchen to fix themselves a meal after a hard day in the field

This fantastic app provides a comprehensive farm-game environment with an emphasis on farming and Garden Cultivation. With it, kids have a lot to discover, do, and learn!


  • Recommended for toddlers and kindergarten kids
  • Farm scenery (cultivation, planting, harvesting, and kitchen)

Pippi Longstocking’s Villa Villekulla/ Outstanding Kids App by Filimudus 

This app is all about kids discovering stuff in the Villa Villekulla. It has over 20 different games for the kids to play. For a start, kids are greeted by Pippi in the lobby of the Villa Villekulla. They are then guided by small red arrows pointing out to the rooms they can enter. Each room has three different games waiting to be discovered and the rooms have so many animated fun things that produce sounds.

By design, once all the games in a certain room have been played, kids discover the next room with more games and secrets to be discovered, over and over. For instance, in the kitchen kids get to bake the strangest stuff their minds could wish by experimenting with the wide variety of ingredients. In another setting, they get to feed Pippi’s horse Lilla Gubben and her monkey Mr. Nilsson with coffee lemonade, and biscuits, which is exceptionally witty and fun! The climax is finding a special key that opens a treasure chest so the kids can discover what is hidden there. Simply put, this app gives kids never-ending secrets to discover and crazy fun!


  • Over 20 mini games
  • Secrets waiting to be discovered in every room within the Villa Villekulla
  • Recommended for kids 4-6 years