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Are you in the hunt for the best Motorola baby monitors? You will find our review today very interesting and helpful. Motorola baby monitors are well-liked for their innovative capabilities with options for Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi baby monitors. The brand’s baby monitors are among those that have transformed parenting dramatically.

These baby monitors have many handy features such as great night vision, remote access, and camera zoom functions among others. Even better, they all offer a choice for multiple cameras to help you watch over more than one kiddo in separate rooms. Some of them like the MBP50-G2 come with split-screen tech that allows you to watch two babies simultaneously.

Motorola has a range of baby monitors with different price points. From inexpensive models that cost $75 to high-end models with a price tag of up to $250, there is a product that fits your budget.

Which is the best Motorola baby monitor?

The Halo+ is our overall best Motorola baby monitor and continues to carry the flag even in 2022. This wi-fi video baby monitor stands out from other models and brands in its category despite being the latest entrant. It is also featured in the best baby monitors with screen and app. Its good reception in the market now positions it at #32 in the Smart Baby Monitors category in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank. You can read more in our review below.

Review of the best Motorola baby monitors in 2022

1. Motorola Halo+

At the top of our list of the best Motorola baby monitors is the Halo Plus which is compatible with remote viewing apps. This video baby monitor boasts a 61% 5-star rating on Amazon in more than 750 reviews. It features a camera with 1080p resolution that provides crystal clear images and a video feed of your little one. The Halo+ camera is mounted on your baby’s crib for a clear view of your baby.

Most smart baby monitors in the market today within the Halo+ class such as Nanit Pro and iBaby M8 only allow you to view your baby via your smartphone. Halo+ infant baby monitor, however, comes with both a 4.3-inch parent unit and a downloadable Hubble app for remote viewing. What gives the Pro and M8 baby monitors the upper hand is that they support both 2.4G and 5G RF bands. Halo+ only works with 2.4G brand with a typical range of 165 ft but can go up to 1000ft.

What differentiates Halo+ from other Motorola video baby monitors is the nightlight feature with 3 levels of adjustable brightness. The soft glow of these 7 different colors illuminates to help calm your little one while lulling them to sleep. When your baby is asleep, you can view them in the dark using Halo plus infrared night vision that illuminates images in the dark.

Halo+ has an in-built playlist of lullabies, children’s audiobooks, and nature sounds to help keep your baby engaged. Also, you can record others via the Hubble app under the lullaby section and play the lullabies for as long as you want. In addition, there is a two-way intercom that allows you and your baby to communicate.

It is not cheap at nearly $300, but we loved its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Vera, and Google Assistant which allows for voice control. Halo+ secures your local and remote streaming via RTSP and RTMP(S) plus proprietary encrypted protocols. Although the terminologies may stun you, we learned that the RTSP protocol is somehow easy to hack. Didn’t mean to scare you though!

  • Very easy to set-up
  • Tons of useful features
  • Crisp clear video & images
  • Nightlight with 7 colors & adjustable
  • Unlimited range
  • Great night vision
  • Fairly pricey
  • Hackable security protocols
  • Several complaints about a buggy app on Android devices
  • Quality control could use some rework

2. Motorola Connect60 by Hubble Connected Video Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a video baby monitor with a large screen, the 2020 model of Connect60 with one camera is a fantastic choice. Unlike Halo+ above, our second-best Motorola baby monitor features a 5-inch screen which offers a better view from the 1080p cam resolution. This baby monitor made it to our review for being #36 in Amazon’s Video Baby Monitors category. It also has a 58% 5-star rating in 650+ reviews and is priced at $180.

The Connect60 video baby monitor has most features found in Halo+ such as a parent unit and remote access via the Hubble app. Both cameras allow you to digitally pan, zoom and tilt the camera from the parent unit for a full view of the room. Connect60 also comes with infrared night vision that allows for crisp images and video at night from your baby’s room.

Unlike Halo+, however, Connect60 most parents complain that it is not compatible with Alexa which is a feature they love. The video monitor has a transmission range of up to 1000 ft, but many parents complain about lost connection. When it comes to security, this baby monitor combines AES 128-bit encryption with P2P tech. This is way better than the Halo+ RTSP protocol.

This baby monitor also comes with a two-way talk feature for talking with your baby. Besides, you can soothe or entertain your kiddo with the 10 pre-loaded nature sounds, audiobooks, and lullabies. It also offers mounting flexibility as you can place it on a flat surface or buy a kit to mount it on the wall. We did, however, find many complaints about warranty, blinking blue light, among others which means quality control needs to upgrade.

  • Excellent images, audio & video quality
  • Good night vision
  • Multiple mounting options
  • User-friendly app
  • Easy installation
  • Better privacy & security protocols
  • Not compatible with Alexa
  • Complaints about battery life & warranty
  • Reports about a flashing blue light
  • Quality control needs improvement

3. Motorola Comfort75 Video Baby Monitor

The Comfort75 made it to our list as the most affordable Motorola baby monitor with one camera in our review today. With a price tag of $120, it has a 69% 5-star rating in 950+ reviews on Amazon. It currently ranks at #35 in Video Baby Monitors.

Like Connect60, the Comfort75 video baby monitor comes with a huge 5-inch LCD screen and a 1080p camera resolution for sharp images. When the lights go out in your baby’s room, the camera’s infrared night vision ensures that you get a clear video feed and picture view. Like the Halo+ and Connect60, Comfort75 offers digital pan scan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. What we loved most about this baby monitor, however, is the 2x digital zoom. It enables you to see every detail that is going on inside your kiddo’s room.

Most parents love the two-way intercom feature and in-built speakers with a high-sensitivity mic that allows them to connect with their kids. There are 5 pre-loaded lullabies to help calm babies. In addition, it also monitors your child’s room temperature to ensure they are comfy which many parents admire. The uninterrupted range of this baby monitor is 1000ft, but most parents we talked to said 165ft is the standard range.

Although the company says that Comfort75 offers you a secure and private connection, there are no details about the encryption. It is a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor, however, so that means it can’t be hacked. This also means that Comfort75 is not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. You also have no access to Hubble’s dedicated parenting support as the wi-fi-enabled models.

  • Secure non-wi-fi connection
  • User-friendly with excellent images & video
  • Most parents say the lullabies are nice
  • Admirable transmission range
  • Affordable pricing
  • Large screen size
  • Sound quality & audio clarity are great
  • Many complaints about picture quality at night
  • Focus on quality control can make it better

4. Motorola Connect40

If you love the record and playback function, Connect40 is your go-to baby monitor. Priced at $140, it is cheaper than the Conect60 and Halo+ which are also wi-fi-enabled baby monitors. Its parent unit has a 5-inch screen like Connect60’s but is larger than Halo plus’s 4.3-inch. Also, Connect40 boasts a 65% 5-star rating in over 1,500 reviews on Amazon and stands at #41 in its Video Baby Monitors category.

Like other wi-fi baby monitors in this list, the Connect40 video baby monitor comes with a parent unit and Hubble app for connecting your smartphone. It also only works with the 2.4G frequency. The parent unit has 8 speaker volume levels that let you control lullabies and white noise. There are also 8 brightness levels that you use to control the nightlight LEDs, a feature that is located right under the camera lens.

This baby monitor allows you to zoom in or pan remotely. Unlike Connect60, however, Connect40 has a 720p camera resolution which is significantly lower than Connect60’s 1080p. This differentiates the clarity of images between the two models. However, you have access to audio even with the smartphone screen or parent unit screen off. One of the major drawbacks of the Connect40 is that it has no in-built battery. In case of a power outage, you know the drill.

This baby unit has high-intensity infrared LEDs that allow you to see clear images in the night vision mode. It features light sensors that automatically detect a low-light environment in your baby’s room and turn on a black and white display. Connect40 compares closely with VTech VM901 and Babytime video baby monitors. However, the two offer better images compared to Connect40.

Connect40 also comes with a two-way talk function and in-built speakers with high-sensitivity mics for seamless communication. We loved that Connect40 works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that allows you to use voice commands for a hands-free experience. And did I tell you about the temperature, sound, and sound alerts?

  • Parent unit & app viewing options
  • Good picture quality
  • Remote pan & zoom
  • Admirable range on parent unit
  • Audio alerts when the screen is off
  • Nightlight controllable from app or monitor
  • Reports about an irritating blinking blue light
  • Temperature sensor & Hubble app need rework
  • Subscription on video record & playback access
  • Camera has no battery

You can read our comparison review between the Motorola Connect40 and others here.

5. Motorola MPB85connect

The MPB85connect from Motorola works as an accessory cam for the MBP853connect and MBP854connect dual-mode baby monitors. Even better, this wi-fi baby monitor camera allows you to view your little one’s room using the free Hubble app on your smartphone. So, it is a monitor for your baby’s nursery on its own without a parent unit.

It allows for remote zoom, pan, and tilt that allows for a full and clear view of your baby’s room. The camera has a 720p resolution and features a room temperature display that helps you keep your baby comfy. Notifications are available for temperature, sound, and motion from the room.

We also liked the free in-app in the MPB85connect that allows you to record videos and image snapshots. This camera has a 54% 5-stars rating in 2,000+ reviews on Amazon. It is, however, priced at $100 which can buy you a complete baby monitor with a few extra bucks.

  • Good resolution
  • Works with Hubble app for use with smartphones
  • Useful notifications
  • Great features
  • Costly compared to a complete set baby monitor

Best Motorola Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

6. Motorola MBP50-G2

Are you looking for the best Motorola baby monitors with split-screen? The MBP50-G2 makes an excellent option. This video baby monitor made it to our list due to the 5-inch large screen with split-screen tech that allows you to view both babies simultaneously. Currently, MBP50-G2 boasts a 64% 5-stars rating in over 3,000 Amazon reviews with a price tag of $200.

The MBP50-G2 uses wireless tech that is secured with 2.4GHz FHSS to keep the transmission and data safe. Being a non-Wi-Fi model, however, means that you can’t review your baby’s room without using a handheld. This might be inconvenient for some and good news for others.

Its two wide-angle cameras have 420p resolution each, not great but good. The MBP50-G2 compares closely to BabySense V43 and MoonBaby Split 55 baby monitors. The main difference is that the two have a 4.3-inch split-screen compared to G2’s 5-inch. All these baby monitors have a 2-way talk feature and offer the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom remotely from the parent unit. The range is also similar at 1,000ft when uninterrupted. There is also infrared night vision but the two offer better visual than MPB50-G2 because it does not have a nightlight feature.

  • Split-screen tech
  • Timed screening of cameras with full video view & audio
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent value for money
  • Admirable picture quality
  • Good range
  • High-sensitive mic
  • Audio only available from one room in spit-screen mode
  • Picture quality could be better
  • Mounting hooks are bought separately

7. Motorola Comfort75-2

One of the best non-Wi-Fi baby monitors in the market today from Motorola, the Comfort75-2 is a great choice for monitoring your two babies. This baby monitor ranks at #46 in Amazon’s Video Baby Monitors category with a 69% 5-star rating in 950+ reviews.

Like the Comfort50-G2, this one features a 5-inch large LCD screen but with better cameras. The resolution for the Comfort75-2 is 720p which makes the picture quality much better and clearer compared to 420p. In addition, this baby monitor also offers 2x digital zoom that allows you to view your baby’s room clearly, and you can pan or tilt remotely. Since it does not use wi-fi, the cameras allow for local viewing only from the one monitor it is paired with. As such and can’t be accessed using a mobile device or tablet via the Hubble app.

The infrared night vision activates automatically after detecting that your baby’s room has dimmed lighting. As such, you have a better view of your baby while in their room sleeping. We admired the 2-way talk feature that allows you to stay connected to your baby by talking through the parent unit. Even better, Comfort75-2 is equipped with mics that are very sensitive for sound clarity when your baby cries or when the two of you are communicating.

Although the range is marketed as 1000ft, we found 165ft to be the typical range which is also the case with many parents. It is excellent. Most users, however, complain about the parent unit’s battery life. The cameras, like most baby monitors here, have no in-built batteries.

  • Most users say it is user-friendly
  • Better camera resolution
  • Auto night vision
  • Large screen
  • Good video & image quality
  • Complaints about battery life
  • Quality control needs improvement

8. Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras

Do you need the best Motorola baby monitor for twins? You will love the Peekaboo Twin Cams. This baby monitor made it to our list for being the only dual-camera baby monitor from Motorola that uses wi-fi without a parent unit. It ranks at #54 in the Smart Baby Monitors category on Amazon with a 51% 5-stars rating in 400+ reviews.

The cameras on this smart video baby monitor have a 1080p resolution, unlike the others that have 720p and 420p. This means clear and crisp images and video feeds that are recorded in real-time and streamed in HD. When nighttime kicks in, Motorola Peekaboo activates its infrared night vision mode automatically for a clear view in the dark.

Even better, there is a night light feature that comes in 7 different colors to help lull your little one to sleep. And if you fear that the light will disturb your kiddo, you can use the in-built soothing sounds, lullabies, or bedtime stories. You will love the 2-way talk function that features a high-sensitivity mic that detects the slightest sound or noise in the room to record and play. Nooie smart baby monitor, which is a close and great competitor has all these features with a difference in the number of colors. Nooie night light feature has 6 different colors.

Being a wi-fi video baby monitor, its range is unlimited and is also compatible with virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, you can control it with your voice. Another feature that Motorola claims its Peekaboo to offer is the ability to view two rooms simultaneously via your smartphone or tablet via the Hubble app. Sounds nice as this is only available via split-screen monitors in most cases. All that at $125? Great!

  • Adjustable night light colors
  • In-built soothing sounds, lullabies & bedtime stories
  • Wide view angle
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Excellent night vision
  • Most people complain that it is hard to set-up
  • Many reports about defective products

9. Motorola Comfort 50-2

Yet another video baby monitor without wi-fi from the Motorola brand, you will love the Comfort50-2 model. Like the Comfort50-G2, this baby camera comes with a 5-inch screen that provides digital zoom. It has a 59% 5-star rating on Amazon in 700+ reviews and a price tag of $130.

The two cameras have a good resolution that many parents say provides clear images. In addition, it comes with an in-built high-sensitivity mic that detects noise and sound from your baby’s room pretty fast. We liked the 2-way talk function in the Comfort50-2 that allows you and your kiddo to communicate easily. When the battery gets low, you will receive alerts and it will also notify you when you are out of the 1000ft range.

Like other baby monitors here, the Comfort50-2 features an automatic infrared night vision that provides good images in the dark. And did I tell you about the 5 pre-loaded lullabies that help calm your baby when you cannot talk to them?

There is a blue light that blinks on the camera which some parents say is disturbing but others like it. All in all, it is good value for your money given the features.

  • Good video & image quality
  • Sound clarity is awesome
  • Tons of extra but useful features
  • Good value for money
  • Large screen
  • Many complaints about a small range
  • Reports about excessive battery consumption
  • Quality control needs upgrade

You can also try the brand’s Motorola MBP853Connect-2 baby monitor that features a 3.5-inch screen display. However, it is currently unavailable on Amazon.