6 Best Nursery Blackout Curtains 2022 Reviews

Are you on the hunt for the best nursery blackout curtains in 2022? You have come to the right place!

I have spent more than 30+ hours researching top brands of blackout curtains in the market and I have picked and reviewed the 6 best blackout curtains for nurseries that will get your baby’s nursery very dark even during the day for longer sleep-time.

We also have other guides on nursery gear including white noise machines that induce sleep for your baby.

Nursery blackout curtains are the only way out to help your kids have that deep and soporific sleep you are craving for yourself by blocking those sun rays from sneaking into the room. They come in a range of draperies and colors, and you know how sensitive girls are with colors. Some boys also are, but in my experience that is rare. Depending on your budget, there are high-priced and affordable options but as long as you choose well, all will still play the trick.

Curtains are the focal point of your baby’s nursery and it serves both the purpose of home and playground for your child; it is a place of wonder where they are free to explore their imagination. Knowing that the decor of your baby’s nursery can impact your child’s early imaginations as the brain develops, it is essential that you take time to read on designing your baby’s nursery and most importantly, picking the very best blackout curtains for a good night or day-time sleeping of your baby. You can read more on designing a baby’s nursery here

Reviews of the best nursery blackout curtains in 2022

DIY Nursery Blackout Curtains: Blackout Pleated Paper Shade

Does your baby’s nursery room have one or multiple small windows and you wonder what the best blackout curtain is? The blackout pleated paper shade from Redi Shade is a fantastic choice. What I like most about this blackout curtain is that it works as a stand-alone solution to blocking light and can also be layered easily behind the existing window treatments.

You can trim this blackout curtain to fit the size of your window frame and installation does not require drilling holes or using any other tools. For child safety and perfect appearance, it does not include cords, just clips for ease of raising and lowering the curtain to block 99% of light.

 in stock
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as of September 25, 2023 8:12 am
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Gray
  • Item Weight: 1.75 pounds

This newborn nursery blackout curtains with paper shade style are made with durable paper that does not fade or crack from UV light exposure.


  • Easily adaptable with existing window treatments
  • Easy installation
  • Good value for money


  • Do not work well in warmer temperatures
  • Limited color choices

Baby Blackout Curtains for Travel: Amazon Basics Portable Baby Curtains

$26.97  in stock
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as of September 25, 2023 8:12 am

Colors Available: Moon and Stars

Item Weight: 1.4 pounds

Price: $ 28.30

If you are like me, you understand the anxiety that comes when you think about traveling with your babies. It even gets harder when they are used to having forty winks in a dark bedroom which is where baby blackout curtains travel options come in to save the day. Worry again not for I have a solution for you with great colors especially if it is a boy.

This portable blackout curtain from Amazon Basics should be on the list of your travel kit whenever you are joining your folks for family thanksgiving and more. It helps block sunlight, reduce outside noises, and safeguard the complete privacy your little angel needs.  I love its ability to create energy-saving wadding barriers against cold and heat and the Velcro edges for customization of size for adaptability.

To install, you just need to use the suction cups when dry on a clean window. It is made with durable polyester material that is easy to wash.


  • Easy to install & clean (machine-wash)
  • Portable making it good for travel
  • Affordable pricing
  • Intuitive design

Nursery Curtains with Blackout Lining: NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains

$46.95  in stock
as of September 25, 2023 8:12 am

Colors Available: White, Grey, Biscotti Beige, Black, Brown, Burgundy Red, Cappuccino, Coral, Hunter Green, Lavender Pink, Navy, Navy Blue, Royal Purple, Sea Teal, & Yellow

Item Weight: 7.08 pounds

Price: $ 49.95

Are you looking for highly-rated kids’ blackout curtains? You will love this particular product from NICETOWN that comes with 2 panel’s package design and is available in a large variety of colors. I’m not showing off but this is what we have installed in Jasmine’s bedroom (our daughter). I chose the Lavender Pink color curtains with a black lining that blocks light and helps her sleep even during the day.

What I loved most about this blackout curtain is that the heavy-duty black lining helps block noises from the busy streets where we currently live. The weaving also helps regulate temperatures by insulating heat and cold to keep our lovely angel comfortable. The color variety and quality make them a good option that I would recommend you to buy.

These blackout curtains are made with 100% polyester material that is easy to care for. When installing, make sure the rods are strong enough to carry the weight of these curtains.


  • Made with quality material
  • Block the light effectively
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Great value for money


  • See-through around hanging rings

Unisex Option: MIUCO Room Darkening Solid Grommet Blackout Curtains

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as of September 25, 2023 8:12 am

Colors Available: Aubergine, Beige, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Grey, Blue, Pink, Purple, Rust, Sage, Silver, Taupe, Teal, and Turquoise 

Item Weight: 3.96 pounds

Price: $ 34.99

Do you want blackout curtains safe for nurseries with a particular color of choice? MIUCO gives you a variety of colors and shades that will complement your specific needs even for blackout baby girl curtains. Unlike the one above, this one features a similar color in the front and back with a very beautiful design and comes with two matching tie-backs.

These blackout curtains feature an innovative triple-weave construction to help block sunlight and give your kid a perfect napping moment and privacy. They are also energy efficient and help control the bedroom’s temperature and many reviews have these testimonies. I also love the hems at the bottom of the curtains that allow them to hang better on the window.

These blackout curtains are fitted with ring-holes for easy hanging and are easy to care for.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable, quality material
  • Helps control room temperatures
  • Creative design with bonus matching tie backs (2)


  • Material not specified
  • Some colors are not completely dark under light

Cheap/Affordable Baby Nursery Blackout Curtains: Blackout Window Film

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as of September 25, 2023 8:12 am

Colors Available: Black

Item Weight: 14.7 ounces

Price: $ 14.99

If you need to blackout your kid’s bedroom but cannot afford the price of blackout curtains, the blackout window film from Blue Top is a fantastic choice. It helps make the room dark like the night even during the day allowing your child to sleep peacefully and for longer without creeping sunlight. Even better, Amazon offers a free refund without the need to return the product.

What else I like about this blackout window film is its easy and quick installation as it comes with super static cling ability for quick application. You do not have to worry about removing it as it comes out without a trace of residue, especially on smooth surfaces. It is made with vinyl material.


  • Darkens the room than traditional curtains
  • Easy to install with static cling
  • Full money-back guarantee


  • Smells like burning plastic on sunny day
  • Does not block noises

Cute Nursery Blackout Curtains: Double Layer Blackout Curtains

$41.99  in stock
as of September 25, 2023 8:12 am

Colors Available: Brown, Grey, Khaki, Navy, Pure White, Wheat, and White

Item Weight: 3.97 pounds

Price: $ 36.99

Are you interested in nursery blackout curtains with cute basic colors? These blackout curtains are made with state-of-the-art tech using a real blackout feature that turns your child’s room into the night during the daytime. It features a double layer with a silky front and woven fabric back which enables it to control temperatures inside the room for optimal comfort.

I love the thermal insulation and functional soundproof abilities that allow your blackout curtain to filter any noises that can disturb your sleeping angel. When I was reading customer reviews on the product, I found lots of positive comments on the blackout curtains’ ability to block light completely. That indeed makes them a good choice to have at home.

These nursery blackout curtains from Flamingo P are made with easy-to-care-for material.


  • Block light completely
  • A very beautiful design
  • Made with quality, durable material
  • Thermal insulation to regulate temperatures


  • Some curtains show the black back color
  • Limited to basic colors only

Nursery Blackout Curtains Buying Guide

Are blackout curtains necessary for the nursery?

Most new parents will ask whether they need blackout curtains for their kid’s nursery. The answer to this question is yes, children need darkness to fall asleep which is better than using any kind of treatment offered. Blackout curtains are essential as they make the nursery favorable for sleeping as they sleep better and for longer. These user-friendly draperies motivate your kid to drop off and remain asleep for forty winks and bedtime.

Blackout curtains can also help block the noise coming from outside and help regulate the infant’s room temperature when it’s too cold or hot to prevent kids from overheating easily. In addition, many draperies feature a UV protectant material that can help protect the décor of your house from fading.

Nursery blackout curtains for a girl

Do you want to improve your daughter’s sleeping with nursery blackout curtains? The best thing about these draperies is that they also improve her bedroom’s glam-quotient as well. Unlike most boys, all girls are fashion and style-sensitive which means you have to watch carefully when buying.

Here are my tips on what to consider when choosing nursery blackout curtains for a girl:

  • Color creativity – Girls love pink, yes, but there are more colors that have grown to be feminine favorites that make a great design. Nursery blackout curtains yellow, purple, and light green are excellent choices.
  • You can also add a feel and feminine touch to your girl’s room by adding a layer of soft sheer alongside the blackout curtain. Another good choice is adding a blackout lining to the curtains that will help filter sunlight.

Got ideas now?

Nursery blackout curtains for a boy

Are you wondering what to consider when choosing children’s nursery blackout curtains for a boy? Most people say that men are color-blind, and to some extent what they say is true. This code, however, does not apply unanimously for all boys. So, color also matters for boys’ blackout curtains and their favorite is blue, followed by red.

In addition to color, boys tend to have an inborn love for cosmos, safari, toys, and nature which is why jungle nursery blackout curtains can make a good impression for most boys. A layer of soft sheer and blackout lining would also work for them as long as it is in sync with their favorite colors and designs.

Colors to Choose from

The light-blocking capabilities of blackout curtains bring to mind dark colors and heavy fabric textures. And while you might be right, that is not a magical thing that works for every room décor, especially for nurseries. Nursery blackout curtains colors have an impact on the look and feel of the room and colors also have their limitations when looking for perfection.

Given the range of colors available from white to blue and yellow among others, it might be overwhelming. So, I have compiled a list of what to consider with colors to pick for nursery blackout curtains. Check it out!

  1. Color of window curtains
  2. Room décor 

Nursery blackout curtains are a must-have in your home if you want to help your baby sleep better and for longer. Whether you have a baby girl or baby boy, there is a range of choices available on Amazon from reputable brands that cater for the specific needs you have. I also like the availability of multiple options for high-end, medium, and low-end income earners. All the best as you pick the most favorable one for your needs.