The 7 Best Playpens for Crawling Babies in 2022 (Updated)

As your baby starts getting mobile and active by crawling, keeping them in a confined playpen space can be difficult. They want to explore, and you want to protect them from hazards. That’s why finding the best playpen for crawling is essential for both of you so they can enjoy being in the playpen saving you time and energy.

As per recent cases of playpens causing major injuries, let’s observe some of the common risks associated with crawling playpens to give you an idea of how you can make an informed decision on the safest playpen for your crawling baby.

Features to look for when picking the best crawling playpen

  • -Portability: A crawling baby needs a safe space to play and explore, but you also need a way to keep them confined when you need to leave the room or get things done. Look for a playpen that is easy to set up and take down so you can take it with you on trips or move it from room to room as needed.
  • -Size: Make sure the playpen is big enough for your baby to move around in, but not so large that they could get lost or hurt themselves if they fell.
  • -Durability: Crawling babies are tough on everything, including playpens. Look for a model that is made from durable materials and can withstand some wear and tear.
  • Panels on the side: Consider those with safe non-toxic mesh panels on the sides for safety and airflow. Mesh panels will prevent children from crawling out of them.
  • Visibility: Choose those with a clear top design so parents can see what their child is doing inside the playpen.
  • Adjustable heights: Pick those playpens that give you the flexibility to adjust their heights. For example, you can adjust the height in order to keep your baby away from stairs or keep him on a lower level while you are cooking in the kitchen.
  • Floor padding: Go for playpens with floor padding inside the playpen for comfort.
  • Lowering sides: Consider those with one side that is lower than the other if you need your child to be on a lower level while cooking or watching TV.
  • Folding: Consider those that can easily fold and take it along when visiting friends or relatives etc.

You can also check out our overall top-ranked baby playpens in the market today.

Comparison Table of top playpen brands for crawling infants

Reviews of the 7 Best Playpens for Crawling Babies

1. Evenflo Versatile Play Space

At the top of our list of the best playpen for crawling babies is this 6-panel play space from Evenflo. This playpen has a versatile design that allows your little ones to use it both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for babies 6 to 24 months old and comes with a weight limit of 16.9 lbs. The smooth edges and molded handle design make it safe for both kids and babies.

What we liked most about this playpen are the dual-purpose legs. The play space panels are made using interlocking UV weather-resistant material for easy installation and durability. The outdoor stakes make it stable and immobile when your kids are using it on the lawn. If they are using it indoors, the non-scratch floor pads will protect your interior floor spaces.

This playpen for kids is super spacious with more than 18.5 sq. ft. play space. To help keep your baby safe, it stands 28 inches tall so your little one cannot climb out. Connecting the six panels together is hassle-free and requires no tools. Each of these panels can be door access and features a unique hinge design that makes it simple to fold for storage.

It comes in 3 colors including cool grey, cream, and multi-color.

2. Uanlauo Baby Playpen

Our second-best playpen for crawling baby from Uanlauo is yet another great choice, especially for your curious baby. The playpen is made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material that is liked for its durability and ease of cleaning. It is ASTM certified as well as convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

This playpen comes with 14 panels that can be adjusted into any shape when making play space for your little one. The panels are easy to assemble and feature an anti-trap design at the joints. This helps prevent the risk of your kids being stuck in the middle of the panels when having fun. To promote stability, the feet of the panels are made with rubber underneath which prevents them from sliding when installed.

The Uanlauo baby playpen provides 2.25 sq. meters of play area which makes it an ideal activity center for kids. It also has a height that most young kids cannot climb out. This way, you can do your daily chores knowing your little one is engaged and safe. It also folds easily for storage convenience.

3. Summer Pop ‘n Play SE Hex Playard

This playard from Summer Infant is a superb choice if you need a playpen for 7 month old. It is designed for kids 6 to 24 months old or babies that are under 35 inches tall. So, whether you want some indoor or outdoor playtime, this playpen suits your baby’s needs perfectly.

The frame metal of this playpen weighs 12 lbs. Therefore, the Summer Pop ‘n Play SE Hex Playard is ultra-lightweight making it easily portable during travel with your baby and toddler. You get a travel bag with shoulder straps for on-the-go convenience with this purchase. This playard offers 14 sq. ft. of contained playing space where your little one can have all the fun they desire safely.

Even better, the floor is made of water-resistant canvas that helps keep your baby dry and comfy everywhere even on damp grass. The SE Hex Playard stands 26 inches tall which contains babies within the recommended age bracket inside the play area. Its sides are made with mesh material for easy visibility and excellent airflow for breathability.

4. Bugaboo Stardust Playard

Are you looking for the most ideal playpen for small spaces? You would not go wrong with the Bugaboo Stardust Playard. This playard is specifically designed for kids from birth until they are 2 years old. The Stardust Playard is made with polyester material that is considered baby safe and comes with a weight limit of 33 lbs.

We loved the ingenious and versatile design of this playard that allows you to use it as a bassinet and playpen. In the bassinet mode, the Stardust Playard features a zip-in bed height that makes it hassle-free to lift and place your baby inside. It has an adjustable mattress height and mesh sides for perfect airflow and comfort.

When it comes to playtime, the bassinet is removable within seconds so your little one can have a space to play. It is a perfect choice for parents with tight spaces, is easy to clean, and comes with a premium carry bag.

5. Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard

Our fifth-best in the review, My Play Portable Play Yard from Regalo, made it to our list for versatility. Like our fourth-best above, your baby can use this playpen for a fun time or a nap. It is recommended for newborns and babies with a weight of up to 15 lbs. and only weighs 5 lbs.

The My Play Baby features an all-steel frame for solidity thus making a safe space for lounging and naptime. There is a UPF+ canopy that protects your little one when outdoors and a softly padded bottom for baby comfort in case you place it on hard surfaces. We liked the reinforced stitching along the edges and the safety lock feature that protects your kiddo while inside.

This play yard measures 29 inches wide with a height of 14 inches and mesh walls that provide optimal airflow and visibility. It is easy to clean, sets up and folds in seconds, and has toys overhead that improve your baby’s sensory skills. If you are looking for optimal comfort in a playpen for your crawling kiddo, you would not go wrong with this.

6. SASRL Kids Large Playard with 50PCS Pit Balls

This playard from SASRL is another outstanding choice for parents that need a playpen for crawling. The playpen is well-designed with a huge play space that measures 79 by 63 inches. As such, there is plenty of room for everything your little one needs to play. It comes in a rectangular shape and stands 26 inches high.

We loved the soft mesh on the panel sides that improves your child’s view so you can interact with them as they play. In addition, it allows sufficient airflow that boosts your child’s comfort. The purchase comes with 50 ocean balls that your kiddo can play with plus 4 ball handlers. At the bottom of the playard’s panels are non-slip suction cups on each corner that increase stability. So, your baby can play safely without a high risk of the panel tipping over.

This playpen’s frame is made using an alloy steel frame and encryption 210D oxford cloth for the longevity of use. The edges are wrapped with an Oxford Buga sponge for optimal safety. It comes in a range of colors including black, blue, gray, and pink. Looking for a perfect gift for your infant? This is it!

7. Joovy Room 2 Play Yard

Are you on the hunt for a playpen that allows your twins or two kids to play together happily? Joovy got your needs covered with their Room2 Playard. It comes in two beautiful colors black and charcoal and is ideal for babies from birth and up. The weight limit is 29.6 lbs.

This play yard is built to last with heavy-duty fabric and sturdy mesh to support newborns and kids up to 35 inches tall. With 10 sq. ft. play space, there is plenty of room for your two kiddos to play simultaneously on the waterproof cotton mattress sheet. We liked the sleek and modern design with two front wheels, the all-around view windows, and mesh for breathability and view.

The Joovy Room2 Play Yard is slightly raised from the ground which keeps your baby safe and the play space comfy. Compared to the previous Room Play Yard, it is bulkier but folds in a traditional playard way into a compact size. There is a travel bag for carrying it with shoulder straps.

Top Crawling Playpens Buying and user Guide

What are some Playpen Risks for Crawlers?

As you look for a playpen that your baby can crawl on, remember the key risk associated with playpens which include;

  1. Collapsing of Playpens: Side rails can collapse or detach allowing your baby to fall. Make sure to get a playpen with sturdy side rails that have no openings between them and the floor or mat on which it sits. Cases of babies dying because of collapsing playpens are common. Check out this story by CBS Canada on the death of an 11-month-old which was caused by a playpen that collapsed. The playpen brand reported in the article was recalled after the incident.
  2. Entrapment and Strangulation: Playpens can have openings or sides that your baby’s head or body can get stuck in. Look for a playpen with no gaps larger than the width of two fingers between the rails.
  3. Choking and Ingestion Hazards: Playpens often come with toys, pillows, or other objects that can detach and become choking hazards for your baby. Make sure that any toys or objects in the playpen are age-appropriate and securely attached.

According to CPSC, the risk of baby deaths in playpens is often overlooked while data show hundreds of deaths annually.

Minimum safety standards you shouldn’t compromise:

In the reviews below, I have selected playpens that meet the minimum safety standards. For example, I have not included playpens that;

  • Have gaps between the railings that are larger than 3 fingers or pose a choking hazard
  • Are easy to collapse and feature-poor construction materials or toys that could detach and cause injury

Whether you settle on any of our top picks below or opt for other brands, make sure to make safety a top priority when choosing a playpen for your crawling baby.

Who are crawlers? When can they use Playpen for Crawling?

Crawlers are usually babies who are around 6 to 10 months old. But, some might start earlier and some might start a little later. Crawling babies that can start using a playpen should pull themselves up and sit without help, and have enough strength to move around the playpen.

According to international guidance on playpen use and safety, children who have reached 34 inches or 30 pounds can start using a playpen to crawl.

Some kids at 10 months of age may be able to crawl and pull themselves up even though they may not have attained the recommended 34 inches or 30 pounds. If your baby meets the development targets, they are most likely ready to use a playpen from 6 months.

When should I start using a playpen for my baby?

If your baby is already crawling, then you might want to consider getting a playpen. If you are not sure if your baby is ready to start using a playpen, then you can try putting them in the playpen on their stomach to see if they can get up and move around. If they can, then they are probably ready to start using the playpen.

How to set up the best playpen for crawlers;

To make sure your baby will like the playpen you’ve gotten, you need to set it up well so that it can be safe. The best brands should be easy to assemble and with a few additional tips, your baby can be engaged and happy in the playpen.

  1. Set up the playpen in a safe area away from stairs, sharp objects, or anything else that could hurt your baby.
  2. Line the playpen with a soft mat or blanket to make it more comfortable for your baby.
  3. Place age-appropriate toys and objects inside the playpen for your baby to play with.
  4. Make sure the playpen is big enough for your baby to move around in, but not so large that they could get lost or hurt themselves if they fell.
  5. Crawling babies are tough on everything, including playpens. Look for a model that is made from durable materials and can withstand some wear and tear.

What can a baby do in a playpen for crawlers?

Babies at this age are full of energy and love to explore. A playpen gives them a safe space to do just that. They can:

-Crawl around

-Pull up on the rails

-Stand up

-Play with toys

-Sit down

As your baby grows, they will be able to use the playpen in different ways. For example, older babies can use it to practice standing up or walking. And, when they are ready, they can even use it to play catch!