Best Portable High Chairs for Babies

Do you have a little one and want a high chair that you can use when traveling? Portable hair chairs come in handy as they are lightweight and some are foldable. In this blog post, we will help you decide whether or not a portable baby high chair is right for you and your family. These chairs are perfect for taking with you on the go, and they are easy to set up and use.

Let’s start with some background info.

What is a portable high chair for babies?

A baby high chair is a portable one that you can use at home or when traveling and have features including the ability to fold and are quite lightweight.

What are the benefits of owning a portable high chair for babies?

If you have an infant, it can be difficult to find time to go out. You may spend most of your days at home with your baby, and the only time you get to go out is when you are bringing your little one to their doctor or daycare.

The last thing that you want is to leave them at daycare for an hour or two while you work. These portable high chairs can come in handy as they allow parents to feed and entertain their babies while they are at work or even when they want to go out. They come with toys that your baby is sure to love, and the straps will keep them secure during feeding time.

Do all portable baby high chairs recline?

No. There are some that don’t have a reclining feature, but the majority do recline for added comfort.

What is the difference between a baby high chair and a booster seat?

A baby high chair has three or five points of contact with the unit, and it will have features such as toys and reclining options. A booster seat does not offer any of these features, but it can strap your child into place using either their car seat or the seat belt.

What are the things that you should consider before purchasing one?

If you want to buy a portable baby high chair, consider the following;

You need to know if it reclines or not. If you want a portable high chair that reclines, make sure it has a 5-point harness to avoid potential injuries when your baby leans forward or falls from the chair.
The weight limit
If you have an infant, it is best to choose a model with a lower weight limit. This way, you can use the chair until your child grows a bit bigger.
Some models have wheels attached to them while others don’t. If you want a chair that is easy to move around in, choose one with wheels.
Seat size
The best portable baby high chairs come with a seat area that is slightly wider than most of their counterparts. This is important if you want your little one to be able to sit comfortably in the seat for a few hours at a time.

What is the weight of portable high chairs?

If you want a portable high chair that is lightweight, we recommend the Joovy Spoon. It weighs less than 5 lbs and it has a reclining feature for added comfort. Some of our top recommendations are below weight as low as 5 pounds (2.2 kgs).

Reviews of the best portable high chairs for babies

1. Ciao Baby Portable Highchair

Our best overall portable high chair for babies on the list is from Ciao! Baby, a US-based brand that provides on-the-go solutions for families. At the time of this review, this highchair ranked at #16 in the Amazon’s Baby Highchairs category with a 76% 5-star rating in over 4,500 reviews. It comes in 10 different colors with a price tag of under $100. Most parents rate it highly in terms of versatility and durability.

This highchair is recommended for children up to 3 years old which means that it grows with your kiddo from an infant to a toddler. We loved the lightweight (7.13 lbs.) and flexible design that allows the highchair to fold and unfold easily and fast for travel convenience. In addition, it locks into place and has a 5-point harness to keep your child safe. It comes with a weight limit of 35 lbs. When your kiddo sits, it acts as a support on the bottom which makes it very comfy.

For durability purposes, this folding high chair is made of sturdy nylon material that is ideal even for outdoor use. The tray is covered in clear vinyl so it can be easy to clean your baby’s mess after eating. And did we tell you that it comes with a carry bag? Oh, that and a cupholder to keep your baby’s fluids stable and is close enough to reach easily.

2. Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair

Are you on the hunt for the best hook-on highchair for your baby? The Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair is a fantastic option. At 5.75 lbs., this highchair is lightweight for ease of travel, and it is available in 6 different vibrant colors that you will love. At the time of our review, this product ranked at #22 in the Hook-On & Booster Seats category on Amazon. The high chair boasts an 81% 5-star rating in 800+ parent reviews.

This Chicco portable high chair made it to our list for having decent value for money with a price tag of under $50. We loved this highchair for its hassle-free assembly. It features a twist-to-tighten design that locks it to the tabletop so your baby can enjoy family mealtimes. The highchair arms are rubberized to make grip firmly to the table without scratching it. It has been designed for children with a weight limit of 37 lbs. and has a 3-point harness for baby safety.

You will like how this Chicco highchair folds into a compact size that fits in your car’s trunk easily. As your little one sits, the high-back cushioned support will offer added comfort. The fabric seat cover is also removable to maintain proper baby hygiene.

3. Summer Pop ‘N Sit Portable Highchair

Our third-best portable high chair for babies is from Summer Infant, a well-known brand in the baby products industry. The Pop ‘N Sit portable high chair is in the top #50 Baby Highchairs category on Amazon. It prides a 71% 5-star rating in more than 3,000 reviews with portability, assembly, and foldability being the most-liked features.

Designed for kids 6 months old, this portable high chair weighs just 5 lbs. which makes it very easy to travel with. It also comes with a carry bag just in case you want to go camping you’re your kiddo. Your kiddo can use this highchair for both indoor and outdoor dining fun as it folds easily into a compact size that you can stack in your car’s trunk. We liked the easy to clean hard plastic tray that is sturdy enough to keep food plates in place and closer to your baby.

When it comes to hygiene, this summer infant portable high chair seat is made with removable, machine-washable fabric. As such, you will not have to worry about cleaning the mess your kiddo makes. We admired the rear storage pocket for keeping your child’s essentials, 3-point safety harness, and the 45 lbs. weight limit of this highchair. Many parents love the locking buckle feature, but they say it becomes inefficient when the baby grows.

4. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Are you looking for the best portable high chair for use in restaurants? Inglesina got your needs covered! The brand has made its name in the baby products industry since its inception in 1963 by providing quality high chairs, table chairs, and strollers. This Inglesina Fast Table Chair currently ranks at #3 in Baby Highchairs on Amazon. It has an 87% 5-star rating in 5,000+ reviews. The highchair is inspired by an Italian design and is currently priced below $100.

This highchair is the award-winning convenient baby highchair in the industry today and comes in 9 different stunning colors that you will love. At 4.2 pounds, this highchair is very ultra-light and is designed to fit tables that are up to 3.3-inches thick. The easy twist-tight coupling is quick and safe and gives your kid a seat at the table. We love the 6 to 36 months age limit and the 37 lbs. weight limit plus a durable construction for longevity.

The Fast Table Chair features a collapsible design and comes with a carry bag that makes it very portable. We liked the convenient storage pocket at the back, a lifted backrest and a 3-point harness for comfort, as well as washable seat material.

5. Bumbo Multi Seat

If you are looking for optimal versatility in a baby highchair, the Bumbo Multi Seat is a terrific choice! At the time of our review, this highchair ranked at #18 in Hook-on Booster Seats on Amazon with an 84% 5-star rating in more than 6,000 parent reviews. This 3-in-1 multi-seat from Bumbo made it to our list because it functions as a feeder seat, booster seat, and highchair.

We love the 4.17 pounds ultra-weight design of this easy seat portable high chair excellent for travel. This highchair features an adjustable base that accommodates kids 6 months to 3 years old plus a removable tray that attaches easily for feeding convenience. To make this multi-seat adapt to your kiddo’s growing age, it comes with a detachable foam insert and adjustable height. Most parents who bought this highchair liked it because it is a bit wider and bigger in the legs.

You can select from the 12 beautiful colors available, and it comes with straps to keep your kiddo comfy and snug. The maximum weight of this highchair is 35 pounds and is priced under $100.

6. Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

Graco is among the most reputable brands in the baby products world that is known for quality. Its Slim Snacker holds the #1 spot in Baby Highchairs with an 85% 5-star rating in more than 19,000 parent reviews. This highchair excels in every feature that parents look for in a perfect product, but it made it to our list for being reclinable.

This high chair from Graco folds fast and easy into a compact size that makes it hassle-free to store in small spaces. Recommended for kids up to the age of 3 years, this high chair comes with a weight limit of 40 lbs. which is very decent. We loved how it reclines into 3 positions so your little one can be comfy during feedings. Even better, it features a 3-point and 5-point harness that helps keep your baby secure. Although the height of the tray is fixed, it can be adjusted closer to or further from your baby, and it is removable for ease of cleaning.

If you have an infant, there is a footrest that makes him or her comfortable during feeding time and we did like the cupholder feature too. And did we mention the large mesh basket that provides storage for your baby’s essentials? It is available in Gala and Whisk colors with a price tag of between $70 and $120.

7. Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

If you are looking for the best high chair from the Evenflo brand, the Eat & Grow convertible high chair is a perfect buy. Available in 3 beautiful colors, it ranks as #2 in Baby Highchairs with an 83% 5-star rating in over 5,000 parent reviews. And although it outshines in every feature, we admired it most for its versatility and a price tag of under $60.

This high chair is designed for babies aged 4 months up to 5 years, it has a 50 lbs. weight limit. The 4-in-1 design offers 4 stages that grow with your baby your child. It adjusts to your growing baby’s needs and helps you get through mealtime smoothly and easily. We loved the 5-point harness that keeps your little one safe as he or she dines. The tray is removable and washable to help maintain appropriate hygiene. Its seat pad is also washable.

We loved the sturdy legs that ensure the highchair’s optimal stability for your baby’s safety. This highchair is about 9-inches from the ground which is very safe.