Best Remote Control Airplanes for Kids 2022

Flying radio-controlled aircraft is one of the most fun activities your kids can do and in this post, I have reviewed the best remote-controlled airplanes for kids in 2022.

In our research, we found the best RC planes for kids are those that are powered by a large-capacity battery that will last long and a multi-channel control panel to allow for total flying freedom for your kid. From a list of over 20, we settled on the HobbyZone RC plane as the best remote control airplane you can get for your kid today.

Remote control airplanes are perhaps the most exciting toys for kids and toddlers. No matter the age, it is still fascinating to purchase a radio control plane for your kid. Knowing this, it is no surprise to see the massive variety of remote control planes in the market. While it offers a chance to choose an easy-to-use and affordable remote control airplane for your kids.

The aim of this article is to provide you with the essential factors to consider when buying a remote control airplane and how to use them without a hassle. 

Reviews of the Best Remote Control Airplanes for Kids 2022

HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC (Overall Best)

Top on our list is this tiny beauty. Though not as flashy as a handful of its more pricey counterparts, it is nonetheless a great RC plane. It tops the list because it is more self-contained, easily controllable in the air, durable, and easy to set up. You only need to remove the HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC plane from its box, click a few buttons on and you are ready for takeoff.

With a LiPo battery, this RTF RC plane boasts endless hours of fun in the blue yonder. Moreover, it features Spektrum DSMX control technology, which enables it to admirably respond to commands even under difficult conditions to fly typical RC planes. With its extreme maneuverability, you will quickly be able to guide the RTF plane through climbs, turns, and aggressive hoops. If you are a novice, it is advisable to get the controls right before putting the plane through risky twists and turns. 

Quick, sturdy, and nimble, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC is the ideal RC plane for people looking to make a hobby out of radio control airplanes. Confidently taking long strides in the sky, it is an excellent value toy to add to your kids’ gallery for years.


  • The four-channel control system offers total flying freedom
  • Durable LiPo battery offers long flights
  • Its innovative SAFE technology allows beginners to learn without crashing the plane
  • Excellent ground control with steerable tail wheel
  • Easy to pull the trigger for panic recovery mode


  • The battery life might be short

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FlyZone Seawind Electric Powered Remote Control Plane

The amphibious FlyZone Seawind Seaplane is every kid’s dream RC plane. It is also a joy even for serious RC planes enthusiasts to operate. With the ability to take off and land on virtually any surface, it is truly adaptable and durable. Its retractable water rudder enables you to stay upright when on the surface of the water. 

What’s more, this RC plane features a generous wingspan and brushless power; endowing the airplane with inconceivable maneuverability and control. Its flower flaps help improve the already flawless aerobatics, allowing the plane to be even more stable in the air. To top it all off, this RC plane features navigation lights imprinting a sense of realism while allowing you to track the plane easily even in difficult conditions.

Featuring a fully retractable landing gear, this RC plane allows the user to seamlessly shift between water takeoff and a concrete landing. Its design and make are very convincing and its motion features excellent stability. Hence the FlyZone Seawind Electric Powered Remote Control Plane is ideal for novice RC plane pilots as well as enthusiasts. While it might take you a while to get acquainted with the controls, a little practice will allow you to enjoy this incredible RC plane. It is worth every penny and second, you invest in it.


  • Built out of durable and lightweight material for a long lifespan
  • Features advanced balancing technology for smoother flights
  • Great wing design allows easy maneuverability and control
  • Flawless aerobatics allow it to be even more stable in the air


  • It requires quite a bit of assembly

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ParkZone Night Vapor RTF Vehicle Remote Control

Featuring a simplistic and lightweight design, the ParkZone Night Vapor RTF RC plane is slow enough to actually fly indoors. Of course, you will need a sizable safe space in your house to fly the plane. However, you will also want to take this beautiful piece of joy where it shines most: outside. One of the most apparent of the hordes of features on this RC plane is the multi-colored LED lights that enable you to keep track of the plane even in the dark. 

Another impressive feature of the ParkZone Night Vapor RTF plane is its modular design, which allows much easier and faster repairs (if needed) and easy replacement of broken or worn-out parts. It is hard even for ardent RC plane pilots to find a downside on a plane that can fly outdoors as well as indoors. With its simple and fun flying design, it is a joy for all aviators to pilot this RC plane.

Whether you prefer flying your RC plane in the night, indoors, or the typical outdoor daytime flying, the ParkZone Night Vapor is bound to impress you. In many ways, Night Vapor is the ideal RC plane for kids as well as adults. Moreover, it comes at half the price of most models in this list, making it a steal as well. This one is the perfect entry ticket for anyone who would love to get a feel of RC flying, being quite straightforward to get acquainted with the controls, and super lightweight.


  • Features a simplistic and lightweight design allowing it to be operated indoors as well as outdoors
  • It is more affordable
  • Its modular design allows easier repairs and parts replacements
  • Easy to learn how to fly


  • Can easily be carried off by winds

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GoolRC F949 Cessna 182

This one will have any ardent RC plane pilot aching to give it a try. The Gool F949 Cessna features a straightforward design for novice pilots yet powerful and highly maneuverable controls for experienced RC aviators. The F949 offers excellent value with its prices comfortably below your budget for a dinner for two at a nice hotel. With a sturdy build and readily available spare parts, the GoolRC F949 is a great choice to keep you, your kids, and perhaps your grandkids engaged in a quality piece of engineering.

The F949 is versatile, highly responsive, and able to retain stability even under difficult conditions. It offers an impressive 200-meter range for remote control, offering you close to half a kilometer for flying. This range is more than enough for most of the exhibitions you will need to put on. 

While it is small and seemingly cheap to set up, the GoolRC F949 is bound to raise a few questions on whether you should ever spend a dollar more on an RC plane. While most of the features it boasts are featured in most top-of-the-line models, there are plenty of factors on this tiny powerhouse that you simply cannot get enough of. If you are still testing the waters in RC aviation, the GoolRC F949 is the perfect choice for you. 


  • Features a powerful motor that offers excellent agility and speed
  • The three-channel control system offers sufficient control
  • Offers longer flying time (20 to 25 minutes on a full charge) S
  • Its lightweight design offers a smooth flight and prevents damage on the plane
  • Durable EPP composite materials


  • Problem with landing gear
  • Cannot efficiently handle windy conditions

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HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF

Sturdy in almost every aspect of a high-performance RC plane, the HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF RC is incredibly fast, sleek, sturdy, and amazingly dependable. It features twin contra-rotating propellers to eliminate motor torque and offer you the most reliable combination of safety and strength. What’s more, this outstanding RTF RC plane boasts built-in beginner and intermediate modes to prevent unnecessary crashes from inexperience. This makes it the most ideal choice for people who are looking to get a feel of C plane aviation.  However, if you have already had hours of training, pull up your sleeves and set the controls to “experienced mode” and get ready to rumble. 

While it’s Delta wing design and control limitation modes make it a first-class trainer RC plane, the HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF has tons more to offer. To better acknowledge these sentiments, set it to “experienced mode” and pilot it on a windy day. Then you will be able to get a better idea of what this little badass can do.

It is quite apparent that the Delta Ray is comfortably among the best RC trainers on the market. However, once you have properly mastered its basics, there won’t be any need to spend any more money on a full feature RC plane. This one will train you, and offer you a real high-end experience with only a switch of modes. To top it all off, you have everything included in the purchase (including the transmitter). You just need to unpack it and get to take it for a swirl. 


  • Features SAFE mode that is great for beginners to learn flying RC planes
  • The panic button is convenient to get the plane back instability
  • Durable Z-foam construction material
  • The four-channel control system offers the pilot great control
  • Features AS3X gyro stabilization technology for smoother flights


  • Short flying span

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PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled

The PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone controlled RC airplane does what none other on this list can: take commands from any smartphone. Its innovative Bluetooth technology easily transforms any smartphone into a remote control device. That way, you always and efficiently hold the power to start the PowerUp 3.0 and take it out for a spin. It also boasts a slew of features that make it worth its value including a compact and extremely lightweight design and durable build materials. 

Though this one will not be standing against premium RC planes on the market, it is designed to do just that. Providing the user with ultra-easy and dependable access to the controls of the plane, it is comfortably among the RC planes I would consider getting for my fun time. What’s more, the PowerUp RC plane provides beginners and novice aviators with a safe way to learn the ropes. Featuring both “beginner” and “advanced operation” modes, the PowerUp may very well be setting the new standard in entry-level RC planes. 

The PuwerUp 3.0 is your best bet to getting airborne in no time, irrespective of your level of expertise or budget. It is the perfect gift for kids with an interest in RC aviation and adults who need to take a few test rides before graduating to the top-of-the-line models with a 5-foot wingspan. The PowerUp 3.0 will offer you at least 10 minutes of flight after every full charge, which is sufficient for most kids and toddlers. Moreover, the PowerUp 3.0 features Flight Assist Technology with compatibility for both iOS and Android. The PowerUp is the true definition of the 21st-century entry-level RC plane. 


  • Very affordable
  • Easy and fun to assemble and fly
  • Easy to fly for beginners
  • Powerful motor


  • Poor transmission range
  • Prone to damage since it is a paper airplane

FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver

This FlyZone Beaver Seaplane is by far the easiest to assemble. Other than this convenient feature, it features a very impressive design, with a generous wingspan which makes it one of the most stable planes when operating it in the air. Moreover, this seaplane features a magnetic battery hatch, which makes it easy and convenient when changing the battery.

With rather generous pontoons, its engine will never come into contact with water during your exciting takeoffs and landings.

Since the FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver RC plane is a Tx-R airplane, it can be controlled using a 2.4 GHz SLT remote control system. The good thing about that is there are plenty of varying manufacturers of those in the market so you won’t have a hard time replacing a broken controller. What’s more, you can attach a Tactic AnyLink2 to your transmitter (if you already have one) and transform it into a 24 Gz controller for your DH-2 Beaver. How great is that?

There is nothing really not to love about the DH-2 Beaver. It is beautifully designed, large enough for the ardent RC aviators, well-engineered, and stunningly brought to life. Built to last from AeroCell Foam, the bird also features a brushless 850 kV motor that proves strong enough to impress event the hardcore RC aviators. With a few slight modifications, you can fly this one with nearly any transmitter. Plus the whole plane is warrantied against defects. No matter how you look at it, the FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver is truly an outstanding RC plane. 


  • Easy landing and takeoff with choice for wheels or floaters
  • Beautiful design with tinted windows
  • The durable Aero Cell foam body withstands breaks outstandingly
  • Has a magnetic bottom hatch for storing the battery


  • Short flying span

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Remote Controlled Airplanes Buying and User Guide for Kids and Parents

How to Pick the Best Remote Control Airplanes

It is not wise to go through with the purchase of a remote control airplane without a clue of which features to look out for. To make your selection of the right RC airplane for your kid, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Design

You will want your RC plane to have a forgiving configuration. That means an aircraft that lends itself with ease so that you will not have to work hard to keep it stable. If you are looking for your first remote control airplane, make sure you get one with high wing configuration. A high wing design helps the plane attain greater stability in the air, ensuring your first attempts to fly your plane do not end up in a crash. 

It is also wise to consider generous dihedral on the RC plane’s wings. Dihedral is the angle of the wings elevation when looked at from the front of the plane. Wings with greater dihedral achieve stable flight with more ease. 

  • Power Type

With a lot of RC planes using internal combustion engines in the market, it is essential I advise you to get electric RC planes, especially if it is your first plane. They are cleaner, cheaper, and quieter. Furthermore, they are safer for flying in public areas. IC powered planes, on the other hand, are limited to the private ground or a club field. 

  • Number of Channels

There is really no need to load up on channels if this is your first RC aircraft. Typically, you will only need three channels to effectively pilot your RC plane and get a good idea of safely operating it. Ideally, it is best to buy a plane that gives you control of the rudder, elevator, and motor. 

  • Kit, RTF, or ARF?

By far, most beginners will prefer to purchase a Ready to Fly (RTF) plane. With RTF planes, more than 90% of the assembly has been done for you. All you will need to do is purchase a motor, battery pack, and transmitter then set them up and you are ready to go. It is much easier than it sounds.

People who love to set up their own planes will choose the kit. You will have to assemble the RC from scratch. If you love to roll up your sleeves, this is the best choice for you.

  • Make and Spare Parts

Everyone crashes, especially when they are novices. You will want to make sure that the RC plane brand you buy has sufficient spare parts and that they are easily available through online stores or at your local hobby center. RTF spare parts are generally cheap and straightforward to swap out if any damages happen. So when your RC plane crashes and bends or breaks something, just replace it and get on with flying. 

How to Buy Remote Control Airplanes

As you may have realized by now, the remote-controlled device market is currently highly competitive so it’s always great to support the independent local hobby shops around you whenever possible. In recent years, too many local hobby shops have been taken out of business by the large stores. Luckily, many retailers sell on Amazon these days. With the customer reviews section always available for each product, you can easily get a feel of the quality you are looking for in an RC plane. 

By following the links provided below all the products on our list, you will be redirected to Amazon’s page for the specific product. From there, you can add it to your cart and have it delivered to your address. That’s the 21st century for you; swift and convenient. You can begin your flight lessons with just a few clicks. 

How to Fly Remote Control Airplanes

If you have purchased a remote control plane before, you have likely wondered if RC stands for “remote control” or “remote control”. Well, it does not really matter since both are correct. This is because RC planes essentially require radio control to fly.

Your kids will send signals when operating the plane from the transmitter (often referred to as “the radio”). The transmitter features a number of controls to operate the plane in your hands from takeoff to landing. The receiver picks up signals from the transmitter and relays them as commands to the different components on the plane. 

Some parents and kids prefer learning to fly remote control planes using trainers. No, not the trainer you are thinking of; a remote control aircraft with built-in mechanisms that makes the planes easy to control. RC airplanes can be quite expensive, and to avoid destroying them while learning how to fly them, RC “Trainers” are a perfect choice. 

Here are the basic steps you should follow when flying an RC airplane:

  • Check the plane transmitter: Use the transmitter to check whether the rudder and elevator controls are functional.
  • Check weather conditions: If you are going to be flying your RC plane outside, it is always wise to check the weather since the planes are made out of light material and can easily be carried away by strong winds.
  • Charge the batteries: Most RC planes use batteries to fly. Make sure to fully charge your RC plane’s batteries before taking them out for a spin for the best functionality. A full charge will offer you an average of 30-60 minutes of fun in the skies.
  • Check range: While the information on the range is readily available in the operator’s manual of your RC plane box, it is always wise to take the test your plane at different ranges. You will discover that the information is often overstated or understated. 
  • Check Sensitivity: Beginners are often sensitive to controls. Learning to use the controls lightly will help you better understand the controls and avoid crashes. Try to keep the plane parallel to the ground when flying it. Reduce the throttle when landing and your plane will gently glide on the ground with ease.