Cool Strollers for Dads 2022 (Best Picks)

More and more men today have endeavored to spend time and get involved in raising their kids than ever before. It’s wonderful for both the child and the parent and in this post, I have reviewed the best strollers for dads in the market today.

Going out with your child to explore sights, and explaining things to them is a great way to create long-lasting bonds and memories. A stroller helps you achieve this. It also helps you keep a close eye on your child even as you run errands or travel. 

Whether you are a dad looking to buy a stroller, or it’s a gift for your buddy or son, we have found some great choices that will appeal to any dad. 

Below is the list of the best strollers for dads available in the market:

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Read on to find out the best strollers for dads. We also have a handy guide at the end of the review to help you choose.

Reviews of the Best Baby Strollers for Dads 2022


For a dad who is always keen on every detail before purchasing a product, the Uppababy Minu will check all your boxes. 

First, it is super stylish and has high-quality fabrics, including leather handlebars for a comfortable grip. It has a one-handed fold, allowing you to fold the stroller while holding your baby or other luggage on the other.  It also weighs just 15 pounds,  can stand on its own when folded down, and even comes with a carry strap. It easily passes through narrow doorways and crowded spaces. It also easily fits on overhead storage bins on airplanes and trains. This makes the stroller a convenient option for everyday use and travel. 

When going on your adventures, you want your kids to be comfy and relaxed. With a multi-position seat recline and a large canopy, Minu provides a cozy spot for your child to relax and even nap. It also has a five-point safety harness for safety.

This stroller also provides you with a pocket and an easily accessible basket underneath to allow you to carry the essentials you will need on your journey. It is recommended for kids from three months up to 55 pounds.


  • Perfect for quick trips and everyday use
  • Quick and easy one handed fold mechanism
  • Multiple recline to keep your baby relaxed and comfortable during naps
  • Ultra lightweight, easy to push and carry
  • Wheels with suspension offer a bump free ride
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Air travel friendly
  • Self-standing when folded and easy to store


  • Expensive 
  • Doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar
  • No cup holders

Larktale’s Chit Chat

For the dad who cares about the looks and wants a unique, sleek umbrella stroller at affordable pricing, you might want to consider the Larktale. This stroller is sleek and has many designs to choose from. It is a great stroller for travel and everyday use.

It’s small, lightweight, and easy to push. It has suspensions enabling it and glides smoothly on different surfaces. It features a quick collapsing mechanism into a compact package. The built-in carry handle makes it easy to load and unload from your car and even transport.

The stroller has plenty of places to stash your essentials and luggage. There is an easily accessible pocket behind the seat, a large basket underneath, and a cup holder.

It has a reclining seat with a five-point harness to keep your child safe and secure. It also has a wrist strap to prevent the stroller from rolling away on an incline for extra safety. UPF canopy sunshade keeps your passenger cozy and protected from the sun. 

Larktale’s Chit Chat stroller is recommended for kids weighing 16 to 55 pounds.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy maneuverability 
  • Safe with a five point harness and a wrist strap for the parent
  • Folds compactly, doesn’t take much space
  • Decent sized storage basket


  • Hard to open when folded, requires both hands
  • Doesn’t have a near flat recline

Gb Pockit

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Gb Pockit is most famous for having the tiniest fold in the world! Its small size makes it very easy to navigate through tight and crowded places, narrow aisles, and between restaurant tables. Additionally, it weighs a mere 9.5 pounds, which is just incredible. It easily collapses and is stored in overhead luggage bins on the airplane.  So if you want a convenient stroller to run errands and frequent travel, Gb Pockit is perfect. 

The Pockit has a regular toddler seat, accommodating kids from 6 months up to a maximum of 55 pounds. The seat’s back is not cushy or supportive, so it’s only suitable for a child who can sit up unassisted. However, the backrest is pretty tall (about 24 inches) so it is also suitable for tall toddlers and bigger kids.

It has a five-point harness that adjusts as your child grows. The shoulder straps are nicely padded for comfort. It also has a canopy (very small and flimsy) and underneath storage, a basket to carry 11 pounds of luggage.

The stroller has a two-step folding process, which might need a bit of practice, but it’s effortless once you get used. It also has a lockable front swivel wheel which makes the stroller roll smoothly and for stability. It also has a foot-operated rear parking brake for safety.

One thing to note is that the Pockit does not recline, and it also doesn’t sit upright either, so if you are looking for a stroller that allows napping or for a curious explorer who loves to sit upright, you may want to skip the Pockit.


  • Durable construction
  • Ultra lightweight, easy to carry
  • Ultra compact fold, perfect for travel
  • Ideal for tall kids
  • Narrow width hence easy to maneuver tight corners and crowded places


  • The canopy is really small and flimsy; it’s easily blown back
  • No wheel suspension, hence not suitable for uneven surfaces

Maxi-Cosi Lara

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Maxi-Cosi is for the dad looking for convenience and comfort features to ensure an easy and enjoyable time on the move. Weighing just 14 pounds, and a compact one-handed folding design, this is a great travel stroller. Reviewers have mentioned that it easily fits on the overhead bins on airplanes when the leg extenders are folded down. It also includes a built-in carry strap enabling you to transport with ease.

Maxi-Cosi is truly luxurious. It has superior fabrics that are super soft to the touch and breathable. The seat is very generously padded so your child can enjoy sitting for long hours. Moreover, the new model has a multi reclining seat position that allows napping and an upright position to enable your child to look around without straining. It also has an extendable UPF 50 canopy for maximum protection against the sun. You will also love that the canopy has a peek-a-boo window allowing you to see your baby at all times.

The stroller has a double-decker storage area with two baskets.  The top basket is great for your phone keys and other small essentials, while the underneath basket can be used for your child’s diapers, snacks, clothes, and the likes. There is also a cup holder to keep your beverage on hand. 

Maxi Cosi rolls smoothly and is easy to maneuver through tight spaces. It is designed for kids who can hold their heads and sit unassisted up to a maximum of 50 pounds.


  • Soft, breathable, and padded for comfort
  • One handed flash fold
  • Compact fold suitable for small storage space
  • Multi reclining position (on the new model) 
  • Built-in carrying strap
  • Ample storage space
  • Wheels with suspension for bump free rides
  • Extendable canopy with peekaboo window


  • The seat is a bit shallow for bigger kids to recline
  • Seatbelts are a pain to fasten with a wiggly child

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black

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As a stroller designed by a dad from mountainous New Zealand, Mountain Buggy Nano is an all-in-one stroller to bring dads and (moms) excellent functionality, style, comfort, and convenience at very reasonable pricing.  

One of the unique benefits of the Nano is that it serves you right from day one with additional attachments such as the Newborn Cocoon or infant car seat.  Later, you then switch to a toddler seat with a capacity of up to 44 pounds. The Newborn Cocoon is a cozy carrycot that has a completely flat position for your newborn.

The second benefit is that the Nano easily converts into a travel system, so you don’t have to buy any other stroller. Even better, it comes already equipped with adapters that are compatible with almost all major infant car seats. This means you don’t need to wake up your sleeping baby when transferring them from infant car seat to stroller- You simply need to install the car seat into the stroller using the belt adapters. This is very convenient if you run on errands all day or often drive with your child.

The Nano has multi reclining seat positions and adjustable leg rests, allowing your child to be most relaxed during rides. The seat is also padded and has a three-panel extendable canopy for maximum sun protection. It also has a generous storage basket underneath for all your essentials. When the seat is reclined, the seatback allows airflow to prevent sweaty backs, and the canopy visor extension is overlaid with a flap to keep out the chill during winter.

The Nano folds in two easy stages. It folds compactly into a tiny package measuring 21 x 12 x 20 and weighs just 13 pounds. It also comes with a storage travel bag for convenience. It fits luggage bins for trains and airplanes and on car trunks, making traveling with your baby hassle free!

If you don’t like this black model, the Nano has several stylish designs you can choose from.


  • Great for travel, takes little storage space, and is lightweight
  • Easy one handed maneuverability
  • Converts to travel system, compatible with many car seats and comes with adapters
  • Multi positional recline allows napping and upright position 
  • Compact folding
  • Includes a storage carry bag
  • Ample storage capacity


  • The wheels are not suitable for uneven terrain
  • Not the easiest folding mechanism, requires a bit of practice 
  • Doesn’t have cup holders

Summer Infant 3Dlite

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Summer Infant 3D Lite is a favorite for thousands of parents, and with good reason. Its lightweight, easily foldable, reclines, and portable and retails at less than $100. With all the bills that need to be taken care of in the family, the Summer Infant is a budget friend option without sacrificing your child’s comfort.

Despite the cheap pricing, the stroller is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum frame. The tires are made of Eva foam, making the stroller only ideal for flat surfaces. The front-wheel swivels 360 degrees and can also be locked into place when traversing bumpy grounds. For extra cushioning, the front wheel has an anti-shock suspension.  It also has two brake pedals for each of the rear wheels. 

3D lite is small, so it maneuvers through crowded places easily.  While the handles’ height cannot be adjusted, they are padded and rise high enough for average and tall people to push comfortably. The stroller folds compactly and weighs just 13 pounds. It locks automatically, enabling you to carry it on your shoulder on one hand and the baby on the other hand. This makes the stroller ideal for running everyday errands. 

The stroller offers four recline positions, but the lowest is not entirely flat, so we would not recommend it for newborns as it doesn’t provide the spine support they need. The most upright position is not 90 degrees, so it may not be comfortable if you have a curious toddler who likes to sit upright as they scan the surroundings. It doesn’t have leg rests, but there is a small non-adjustable footrest.

It has a decent storage basket underneath, a removable cup holder, and an additional pocket on the seat to keep your essentials safe and easily accessible. The only thing we didn’t like is that the canopy is really short, so it doesn’t provide much protection, especially for small babies. 


  • Lightweight and portable with included carry strap
  • Easy maneuverability through narrow and crowded places
  • Compact fold
  • Plenty of storage space and a back pocket
  • Has a removable cup holder
  • Affordable pricing 


  • Not comfortable for tall kids as the seat is shallow with non adjustable footrests
  • Small canopy; doesn’t provide much protection against the sun

 Best Jogging Stroller for Dads Reviews

Thule Urban Glide 2.0

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as of August 23, 2023 2:24 am

This is one of the best-rated jogger strollers in the market. It has a front swivel wheel that locks and unlocks to enable you to run or turn corners as needed. A powerful suspension system gives your child a bump-free ride. Although it’s long, the narrow profile enables it to maneuver tight spaces easily. 

It features an ergonomic handlebar that’s adjustable for comfort.  Integrated twist handbrake gives you better control when going downhill or tackling rough terrains. 

Your child can enjoy the hours riding thanks to the well-padded and reclining seat. The large canopy ensures they have a cool shaded spot to relax in. For safety, it has a five-point harness and a wrist strap to ensure your child is safe even if you accidentally lost control of the stroller.

This jogger also provides you with convenient features like a one-handed fold and a large underneath basket to carry some essentials.

For a jogger that will serve you until your child is whooping 75 pounds, Thule Urban Glide 2.0 provides excellent value for money.

Keep in mind that the seat is slightly reclined even at the most upright position.

Baby Trend Expedition

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as of August 23, 2023 2:24 am

As the top-ranking jogger on Amazon, the Baby Trend Expedition is an incredibly affordable option that offers you great functionality. 

It has large all-terrain bicycle tires and a lockable front swivel wheel for jogging, running, and even maneuvering.

It has a padded reclining seat which your child will love riding in. It’s really nice that the jogger provides two trays for you and your child to keep refreshments on hand, making your adventures enjoyable. It also has an extendable sun visor that is highly adjustable for maximum protection against the sun. There is a generously sized storage basket underneath, but it doesn’t have a hard bottom, so your luggage will touch the ground.

The jogger has a five-point harness and the tether strap for your wrist, ensuring your child is safe and secure.

Once you are back from your adventure, the Expenditure has a simple fold mechanism enabling you to store it away conveniently. It’s also self-standing.

The jogger is compatible with infant car seats allowing you to use it from birth up to and up to 50 pounds.

Keep in mind that even though the handlebar is ergonomic and padded, it cannot be adjusted. 

Also, it takes a bit of space when folded.

Best Strollers for Tall Dads

Strollers vary widely in terms of sizing. When you are tall 5’8″ and above, you will need to consider other factors aside from comfort or safety features.

A stroller handlebar height will determine how comfortable you will be pushing the stroller. Pushing on handlebars that are too low causes you to hunch your back and shoulders and result in a painful back with time.

These are some great strollers for tall people

UPPAbaby Cruz

$699.99  in stock
as of August 23, 2023 2:24 am

The Cruz is the close sister model of the Vista we saw at the beginning of this review, so you can easily understand our love for UPPA strollers. 

It comes with a telescoping extending handlebar with a range of 40.5 up to 43 inches, making it suitable for tall dads.

The Cruz provides smooth one-handed rides on all terrains with its shock-absorbing, all-wheel suspension. It comes with a toddler seat for kids from 6 months up to 50 pounds. But, you can use it with small babies by buying the additional bassinet. 

As you would expect from UPPA, the Cruz is luxurious with premium fabrics with leather accents, padding, multi-positional recline seat with upright and near flat position, and leg rests for utmost comfort. The seat is reversible so that it can face forward or rear.

It also has the usual features such as a one-step compact fold, UPF 50+ canopy, and an extra-large storage basket.

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0

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as of August 23, 2023 2:24 am

With an adjustable handlebar up to nine positions, BOB Flex 2.0 is our highly recommended jogger for tall dads. The handlebar extends to a maximum height of 48 inches which is comfortable for people over 6’5”.  Not only that, but you will also find that the way the handlebars are angled, you get more legroom allowing you to make longer strides.

This top-of-the-class jogger ensures smooth rides on all terrains, from paved surfaces to off-road terrains with large air-filled tires and its powerful mountain bike suspension. The locking front swivel wheel provides stability when running or jogging.

The jogger is compatible with infant car seats, so you can use it right from birth as a travel system. But, keep in mind that you should not run with a child below six months. You can use the jogger until your child is 75 pounds, which is a really long time.

The other reason why BOB shines above the other joggers is that it allows both an upright seating position that enables your child to see the surrounding without straining and a near-flat recline for napping. Most joggers and strollers have a semi-incline that is not comfortable for some kids.

The stroller also has some great features like a no-rethread five-point harness, wrist strap, integrated pockets, and large storage basket, and an extra-large UPF 50 canopy. 

It weighs 28.5 pounds which is typical for jogger strollers.

How to choose the best baby strollers for dads

As everyone’s lifestyle is different, just like strollers, you have a lot to consider before buying a stroller. Below are the important aspects you need to consider:

1. Type of stroller you need

There are different types of strollers in the market for different needs/lifestyles. Below are some of the strollers you will find:

Umbrella strollers– these are usually lightweight (under 15 pounds) mainly designed for portability. They come with several features such as a canopy, partially reclinable seat, cup holders, and storage basket. They are the most convenient for everyday use as they are easily foldable and can maneuver tight spaces. Most of them can only be used with kids from 6 months and do not have a convertible option.

Jogging stroller-these strollers are for those who want to go jogging or running with the baby. Usually, they navigate all-terrain, so they are good for hiking and exploring, off-road and forest trails. They should have a front wheel that can swivel for flexibility and be locked in place for stability when running. Depending on the model, they can be compatible with infant car seats, have full reclining seats, adjustable handlebars, extendable canopy, and large storage baskets. For safety, you want to make sure it has a five-point harness, a wrist strap, and a handbrake. The challenge with jogger strollers is that they are bulky and heavy. 

Keep in mind that it’s not safe or recommended to go running with a baby who doesn’t have head control or can sit up unassisted.

Double stroller- these are for those with twins or multiple toddlers. You can choose a tandem design (where one child sits in front of the other) or side by side seating design. You would of course expect these to be bigger and heavier. Consider the width and see if they will easily fit through standard doorways. Also check, depending on your kid’s age, if they accept car seats.

Full-sized strollers- these are the more suitable for most families as they come loaded with features and can be passed down to several kids. They are normally convertible with a car seat or bassinet, allowing you to use them from birth. Apart from the usual convenient features, they also have sturdy tires with shock absorption, reversible seating option, generously padded seat, deep seat recline, adjustable handlebars, etc.

2. Your desired features

Strollers have a lot of features. Narrow down your choice by considering what is really important to you/ best meets your needs. Here are the features to consider:

Safety– Your child’s safety comes before everything else, so make sure the stroller is JMPA certified.

Weight-the lighter the stroller, the easy it is to push, carry up and down the stairs, load and unload, travel with, and so forth. And remember, just because a stroller feels lightweight doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. Most are made from a sturdy but lightweight frame.

Foldability-maybe you never need to fold your stroller, but if you have to travel frequently or get them into your car, and easily foldable stroller is life-saving. You don’t want to spend all your time and strength wrestling to fold the stroller or lock it down. There are some good one-handed and compact folding strollers. 

Wheel quality– Choose a stroller with sturdy tires that will give you a smooth experience even on rough terrain. Large, air-filled wheels do not get stuck when navigating grassy or and dirt roads.

Handlebar height- Most strollers and joggers have a fixed handle height and are usually comfortable for the average person. If you are short or tall, you might find yourself uncomfortable pushing certain strollers. Test out a few strollers and see how they fit your height and gait. Even better, choose a stroller with adjustable handlebars.

Storage-as you take along your baby on your adventures, you will need to carry things like diapers, a coat, toys, your keys, and phone, or even groceries on your way back. Choose a stroller with a large basket and several pockets where you can stash some essentials. 

Cup holders– these are nice to have. You can have your beverages, pacifiers, snacks, and the likes within easy reach.

Canopy-choose a stroller with an extendable canopy to keep your child protected from the sun, rain, and winds. Some models even come with ventilated panels to provide additional airflow and allow you to keep a close eye on your child. 

Compatibility with car seats– if you have a small baby, you need a stroller that accepts a car seat, so your child has proper head and neck support. Another advantage is that you will easily transfer your sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without waking them up. And, it gives better value for your money.

Washable fabric– babies are messy, and the stroller will definitely take a hard beating. Choose a stroller with removable covers or easy-to-wash fabrics to increase your stroller’s longevity.

3. Your budget

Prices range from as high as $1000 plus for the high-end strollers to as low as $100 or even less. Of course, the pricey models are more versatile and come loaded with convenience features that you may not need. So, let your budget guide your choice.