Best Trampolines for Gymnastics 2022 (All Designs – Rectangles/Rounded..)

In this post, I review the best trampolines for gymnastics that come in all sizes (small and long) and all designs (rectangles and rounded).

Trampoline’s history has remarkably taken shape following its admission as one of the Olympics sports that competitors across the world can train for. If you want to prepare your toddler or teen for a potential career in gymnastics, we’ve spent more than 50 hours comparing the features of the trampolines we shortlisted for our 2022 list of best trampolines for gymnasts practice.

Rectangular vs Oval trampoline for gymnastics? Which one to pick?

Rectangular trampolines are the type most often used in gyms. They are longer and narrower than round trampolines and have more springs to provide more bounce. Rectangular trampolines are also usually more expensive than round trampolines.

Round trampolines are the type most often found in homes. They are less expensive than rectangular trampolines but don’t provide as much bounce. Some people find that round trampolines are more difficult to control than rectangular trampolines.

What makes a trampoline good for gymnastics:

Gymnastic trampolines should provide strong bounce and should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand repeated use. I recommend rectangular types with at least 72 springs made from galvanized steel and pads/mats that are at least 1-inch thick.

Factors to consider when choosing the best trampoline for gymnastics:

  1. Height of the rebounder: A good height for a beginner is around 2.5 feet (30 inches). Go for trampolines that are high enough for your gymnast to practice all their skills but not so high that it becomes dangerous.
  2. Weight limit: Most commercial-grade trampolines can accommodate up to 250 pounds. However, if your teenager is on the heavier side, you may want to look for a trampoline that has a higher weight limit.
  3. The number of springs: The more springs, the better the bounce. A minimum of 72 springs is recommended.
  4. Material: High-quality materials such as galvanized steel and thick pads/mats will make the trampoline last longer and provide a better experience for your gymnast.
  5. Trampoline type: Go for rectangular trampolines as they are most often used in gyms. They provide more bounce than round trampolines and are easier to control.
  6. Bounce: Look for a trampoline with good bounce. This will help your gymnast practice their skills and make the most of their training.
  7. Brand: Go for known brands with high safety ratings such as Zupapa or Skywalker. Don’t get a new brand with limited data on its durability and its safety.
  8. Enclosure: An enclosure is not a must-have, but it’s a good safety feature to have. It will keep your gymnast safe while they are practicing their skills. Trampolines without enclosures are suited for experienced gymnasts who can control their movements.
  9. Warranty: Choose a trampoline with a good warranty. This will ensure that you can get any problems fixed quickly and easily.

Best Trampoline for Gymnastics: Happy Trampoline-Galactic

If you are in a hurry, Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme is our overall best trampoline for gymnastics practice. It is the safest trampoline with commercial-grade galvanized steel We have a more detailed review below.

What size trampoline for gymnastics

You can use trampolines from 8-feet to 17-feet models to train or practice gymnastics.

Reviews of the Best Trampolines for Gymnastics 2022

#1. Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme 8x 14-feet

Our top choice of trampolines for gymnastics is the Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme. This trampoline is made by Happy trampolines, an American company based in California since 1996. Their only specialty all these years is trampolines, so you can be sure they are very good at what they do. Besides rectangular trampolines like the one we recommend, they also make round and octagon shapes of all sizes. This brand, Xtreme is ideal for beginners and pro gymnasts.

The Galactic Xtreme 8 x14 is their smallest rectangular model, which is also available in larger sizes. It is also strong, amazingly bouncy, and very durable; three qualities that make it perfect for gymnastics.

In terms of strength (sturdiness), the trampoline has an extremely thick frame and legs featuring steel tubing with a thickness of 3mm and a diameter of over 2.4 inches, the thickest in the industry. With the frame so thick, you can be sure it won’t bend or warp under the pressure of jumpers. The company guarantees that it can support up to 550 pounds jumping weight capacity. Additionally, the frame and legs have been galvanized inside and out to prevent rust and corrosion, enhancing durability.

For the bounce, the trampoline combines the power of 96 springs measuring 9 inches long and the USA-made Permatron mat to give an exceptionally high bounce for gymnastics.

Safety is also guaranteed using the tough high-grade polyester mesh for restraining the jumpers inside the mat, and a shock-absorbing steel frame padded cushion for maximum safety.

In terms of durability, the Galactic Xtreme trampoline comes with the longest warranty you have ever heard – a lifetime warranty for the frame, legs, and springs with the other parts getting two years.


  • Very durable
  • Best warranty deal ever!
  • High weight limit (550pounds)
  • Amazing bounce
  • High-quality construction overall
  • Easy assembly with instructional videos


  • Expensive

#2. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD

Our second best trampoline for gymnastics is the Acon air 16 sport HD. As you can tell, it is specially designed for sports so you can expect it has the best features to give gymnastics outstanding bounce moves. Acon trampolines are from Acon, a small business start-up that developed from a passion for trampolines. They made their first model Acon Air in 2003, and today they have grown internationally with a market from Finland to the United States, Canada, and Russia with their trampolines in major online stores.

First, the Acon Air 16 measures 10 x 17 feet, providing 120 square feet of jumping surface for the gymnastics to perform all their maneuvers.

Second, the trampoline features construction targeted for a great bounce. In particular, the enclosure net measures 126 inches high (to cater for those high flying flip moves), the mat is made from polypropylene and cross-sewn 10 times making it very flexible, and 140 high-quality steel springs to produce the best bounce ever.

The frame and legs are made using steel tubes measuring 2.4 in diameter and 0.1 inches in thickness. This makes the trampoline so sturdy enough that it can sustain an unlimited single-user weight limit.

A word of caution, though, is that the frame rises 40 inches from the ground, so it is safer to use the trampoline with the enclosure net although you can use it without if you are highly experienced.


  • Unlimited weight limit
  • Excellent bounce
  • Very high enclosure net (126 inches)
  • Great construction


  • Pricey
  • Very cumbersome to move around

#3. Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme 14x 16-Feet

By now, you know just how great Happy trampolines are from our earlier review on Happy Galactic Xtreme 8 x 14 ft trampoline. Well, this next review is for one of their larger models and our third recommendation for gymnastic trampolines by Happy Trampoline. It measures 14 x16 feet with a polyester net enclosure measuring 9.5 feet high. You bet it is spacious enough to have several gymnastics doing their thing without crashing on each other. 

Aside from having a large bouncing surface, it has a sturdy construction that the company boasts will last you a lifetime! The frames and legs are the thickest and strongest in the industry. They are made using commercial-grade quality 3 mm steel tubing that is also double galvanized in and out to prevent rusting and corrosion. Additionally, the frame is fitted with Happy Trampoline’s patented Rails Supports instead of wielded joints commonly used in other trampolines, to further enhance stability and durability.

This 16′ gymnastic trampoline has 124 fully galvanized springs that are 9 inches long to withstand extremely high weights and remain rust-free as well.

The mat uses the USA made per matron polypropylene material that is super flexible for the perfect bounce. It also boasts a high quality 10 row of stitching to withstand up to 550 pounds of user weight.

And as with all Happy Trampolines, you get an incredible lifetime warranty for the frame, legs and springs and 2 years for the mat and net.


  • Large jumping surface
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Very durable
  • Lifetime warranty on springs and frame is unbeatable


  • Very pricey
  • Extremely heavy to move around
  • Lengthy assembly

#4. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline: The Best Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

Skywalker trampolines are among the most popular brand names, mainly because their quality and pricing are great and we featured them on our overall best trampolines in the market. Skywalker Holdings have been around since 2004 and is committed to making trampolines with enclosures because they are convinced they are safest. They have a vast collection of trampolines in all shapes and sizes to choose from.

As you are well aware, rectangular trampolines offer the best bounce by design. Well, Skywalker has a beautiful 15 x 9 x 9 feet trampoline with a jumping surface of 92 square feet, enough for the gymnast to perform their tricks. The other thing we love about this model is it comes at a relatively affordable price ($1695.95) in comparison to others in its category, without compromising quality. These two are the reason it is our fourth best choice of trampolines for gymnastics.

The 15 feet trampoline has many impressive features. First, the frame and legs are sturdily built using galvanized steel for protection against rust as well. The springs are a mix of 80- 7 inches and 4- 5.5 inches that are 25mm thick. This helps the trampoline to support up to 250 pounds of user weight without crumbling. Also, the frame is further reinforced using T-sockets to prevent twisting over time.

Second, the enclosure net is patented to the jumping surface, closing any gaps that could cause injuries.

Also, this trampoline (and others from Skywalker) comes with a basket hoop so your young gymnast can have a variety of things to do for fun.

As you can tell, the Skywalker model is not for heavy-duty use because of the low weight limit, but it is ideal for a family setup where you are building your young gymnastic enthusiast.


  • Affordable pricing
  • A basket hoop is a great addition
  • High-quality construction


  • Mostly suitable for kids because of the low weight limit
  • The net and mat may not be durable

#5. JumpSport Alley

We all agree that rectangular trampolines are the go-to choice when you think about trampolines for gymnastics. By design, they have more space for gymnastics maneuvers, great bounce, and a much higher weight limit than their round counterparts. Our next review is a round trampoline from JumpSport and the father of trampoline safety. Mark Publicover CEO of JumpSport is the founder of enclosure nets, and he has convinced us that around the model can work for gymnastics with the right innovations in place.

JumpSport AlleyOOP features fantastic innovations that have earned it a position on this list. For starters, it offers the best safety features a gymnast would need for their risky maneuvers. Unlike other trampolines, Alley OOP uses two mats, one placed on top of the other to create a giant air pillow. This creates a shock absorption area that offers a more forgiving landing by reducing the amount of stress placed on the body by half compared to ordinary trampolines. It also reduces the energy transferred between the body and jumping surface, reducing risks when there are multiple jumpers.

For a trampoline to qualify as a gymnastic trampoline, it must give an amazing bounce. The AlleyOPP uses a total of 192 springs, 128 springs on the primary mat, and 62 on the secondary mat. The spring power is complemented by the permeation mat with 10 rows of stitching, and all these features combined produce incredibly smooth and high return bounce.

Regarding warranty, JumpSport offers you the best deal ever! A lifetime warranty for the steel frame and poles, 10 years for the jumping mat and enclosure net, 5 years for springs, 2years for the trampoline pad, and 1year for the other components. As you can tell, it might be pricey, but it is a worthy investment.

The Alley OOP has a 250-pound weight limit. While this weight capacity is considerably low compared to what other gymnastic trampolines offer, it is still a decent option for most adults and teens.


  • Great safety features
  • Impressive bounce
  • Unbeatable warranty deal
  • Great construction


  • Pricey
  • Assembly takes time, but Youtube instructional video helps

#6. Skywalker 10 Feet Round

Although gymnastics require trampolines with large spaces, the 10 ft Skywalker Trampoline can be used as a mini gymnastic trampoline. It offers a jumping surface of 59 square feet, which in most cases, will suffice for gymnastic kids who are still too small to play on the big trampolines. Also, considering the size, it is ideal for family backyards to provide family fun time, which is never a loss in any case.

Like all SkyBound trampolines, this 10ft tramp is very sturdy thanks to the thick steel tubing used for its frame and w-shaped legs. And just like the bigger sister model we had reviewed earlier, it also features T-sockets to increase structural stability and prevent twisting.

For safety, the trampoline keeps its 64- 5.5 inches long springs outside the enclosure so that there is no chance the gymnast would ever land on the springs. Also, every area, including the poles, is properly padded, and the mat and enclosure net are patented with no gaps that would cause injuries.

As we have mentioned, this trampoline is most suitable for your enthusiastic gymnastic kids, so it is not surprising that it has a maximum weight capacity of 175 pounds.

Regarding warranty, you get three years for the frame and one year for all the other parts and accessories.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Great safety features
  • Affordable pricing


  • Low weight capacity which means kids outgrow it fast
  • The pad and netting might not last