The Best UPPAbaby Stroller

This past year, UPPAbaby won the 2021 Cribsie Award for its Vista V2 model. Other models have also won awards including Family Choice Awards and with more models getting released, you can be asking yourself which is the best UPPAbaby stroller?

I wrote this article to answer that questions by reviewing and comparing all the 6 brands by UPPAbaby available in the market as of May 2022.

If you are getting started on stroller research, you should know that UPPAbaby is a high-end brand known for its “high-tech and stylish” strollers. Their products are usually on the pricey side, but worth every penny!

Being a high-end stroller, you are probably keen to check out the features of different UPPAbaby strollers and you should be. UPPAbaby strollers cost upwards of $1000 and you want to be sure that you are getting the best features for your money.

Types of UPPAbaby strollers and the best model for each type:

  1. UPPAbaby modular stroller: Modular strollers are models that have removable seat designs and can be converted into a travel system. The advantage of a travel system is that it can be used from birth to toddler years without the need to buy a separate car seat. The best UPPAbaby modular stroller is the Vista V2. It has a stylish design and comes with a bassinet, making it suitable for newborns. The Vista V2 also has a second seat which can be added on, making it a great option for families with two children.
  2. UPPAbaby jogging stroller: Jogging strollers are designed for active parents who want to take their child out for a run or a walk in the park. The best UPPAbaby jogging stroller is the G-LUXE. It has a lightweight design and is easy to maneuver, making it perfect for taking on the go. The G-LUXE also has a reclining seat, making it comfortable for your child to take a nap in.
  3. UPPAbaby lightweight stroller: Lightweight strollers are perfect for parents who want a stroller that is easy to carry and maneuver. The best UPPAbaby lightweight stroller is the MINU. It weighs only 13 pounds and can be easily folded up, making it perfect for taking on the go. The MINU also has a spacious seat, making it comfortable for your child to ride in.
  4. UPPAbaby affordable stroller: Affordable strollers are a great option for parents who want a high-quality stroller without breaking the bank. The best UPPAbaby affordable stroller is the G-Luxe as it goes for less than $100, almost 10 times the cost of V2. It has a sleek design and is loaded with features, making it a great value for the price.

Uppababy currently has 6 different stroller models that you can pick from. If you are getting started on stroller research, you should know that UPPAbaby is a high-end brand known for its “high-tech and stylish” strollers. Their products are usually on the pricey side and a bit similar to Bugaboo, but worth every penny!

Let’s start with some basic history;

UPPAbaby was founded in 2002 by two parents who were tired of having to buy a new stroller whenever their child outgrew it. They created UPPAbaby with the main goal of creating strollers that will grow along with your family, so you can truly use them for an entire childhood.

Over 10 years later, they are one of the most reputable brands in the industry. It was named Best Travel System (2014) by Baby Gizmo, and received over 13 awards in total!

Review of the best UPPAbaby Strollers in 2022

1. UPPAbaby Vista v2 – Best Modular brand

The best UPPAbaby stroller is the UPPAbaby Vista V2. This baby stroller is available in 7 different styles and colors made from leather material and mesh fabric. The frame is made with aluminum material which makes the stroller sturdy and durable. It currently ranks in the top 10 of the Standard Baby Strollers category on Amazon. The Vista V2 also featured in our review on the best bassinet stroller. It has a high price tag of over $1,000 but parents say it is good value for money.

The Vista V2 baby stroller can be used from birth as it comes with a bassinet for carrying your newborn. As your little one grows, you can ride with them either facing forward or facing you using the toddler seat that offers 6 recline positions for optimal comfort. We also loved the higher back and deeper footrest that makes your kiddo comfier as he or she grows. The maximum recommended weight for the Vista v2 stroller is 50 lbs. This stroller allows you carry up to 3 kids.

To ensure a smooth ride over any terrain, both the front and rear wheels of the Vista V2 are equipped with shock absorption. The 5-point harness keeps your little one safe and can be adjusted easily for a perfect fit and there is an extendable canopy. This baby stroller works with the MESA infant car seat, and you can expand carrying capacity by adding a RumbleSeat or PiggyBack.

2. UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller: Most affordable UPPAbaby Stroller

If you are looking for a lightweight, high-performance umbrella stroller, then the UPPAbaby G-Luxe, our second-best baby stroller, is just what you need! It has a very sleek and modern design that makes it look more like a little carry-on luggage rather than an actual stroller. This stroller comes in 3 styles and colors. This new 2018 model is designed for babies that are 3 months old with a weight limit of 55 lbs. and is in the top 50 in Amazon’s Lightweight Baby Strollers category. It is one of UPPAbaby’s affordable stroller with a price tag of around $200.

However, it may be one of the most expensive umbrella strollers you can find out there. The good thing about this is that your money will not go to waste because you are guaranteed high quality with UPPAbaby’s products. This G-Luxe lightweight umbrella stroller offers the flexibility for you as a parent so you can run your errands with peace of mind. We loved the one-hand actuated seat recline that adjusts to 3 positions plus the adjustable footrest that help your kiddo ride comfortably.

The pop out sunshade of this stroller extends to protect your baby from harmful UV rays to enjoy the sunniest of days together. Like the Vista V2, this stroller has a high back seat that is ideal for taller kids to ride comfortably. However, it only allows you to carry 1 kid compared to Vista V2 whose capacity is 3 kids. The G-Luxe stroller uses high-performance shock-absorbing wheels that gives you and your little one a smooth ride. To ensure optimal safety and additional comfort, your kiddo is secured with a 5-point harness and there is a one-step brake system to facilitate a safe stop.

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is only 11 pounds which makes it one of the lightest strollers you can find in the market today. It also includes a bonus matching shoulder bag that allows parents to conveniently bring this umbrella stroller along without taking too much space. And although the handles of the new g luxe stroller are not movable, they have foam grips. This ensures a comfy and easy pushing. You will also like the one hand-level trigger for ease of folding and there is a carry strap for convenient carrying on your shoulders.

3. UPPAbaby Minu Stroller – Best UPPAbaby lightweight stroller

Our third-best UPPAbaby brand is also our most lightweight brand and is the MINU stroller. This lightweight portable stroller comes with all the features that urban-living parents look for. It is suitable for babies aged 3 months up to a weight of 50 lbs. but can be used from birth with a birth kit that is purchased separately. The MINU stroller is #21 in the Lightweight Baby Strollers category on Amazon. It comes in 4 striking styles and colors, with a price tag of approx. $400.

This lightweight baby stroller is equipped with a spacious seat that reclines to multiple positions your baby’s comfort and has a 5-point harness that keeps them snug and safe. The spring-action all-wheel suspension is another feature that we loved as it gives your little one a cozy ride all terrains. The full-grain leather handlebars provide an extra grip that help you steer the stroller at ease and ride smoothly. We also loved the full coverage canopy with an extendable sunshade.

The MINU stroller folds easily into a compact size using the one-hand action fold mechanism and has shoulder carrying straps that make portability hassle-free. Other features that come in handy during the ride include a roomy storage basket for carrying baby essentials and a pocket.

4. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller

The Cruz V2 is our fourth-best stroller from UPPAbaby that is suitable for kids aged 3 months up to 50 lbs. but can be used for newborns with a birth kit that is sold separately. It comes in 7 unique styles and colors and ranks in the top 15 list on Amazon’s Standard Baby Strollers category. This baby stroller is a pricey at around $700 but the handy features make it worthy.

We admired the streamlined design of the CRUZ V2 baby stroller that gives you everything you need without weighing you down. Unlike the MINU stroller that allows for a single child, the Cruz can carry up to 2 kids. This offers a superior level of riding performance and comfort with larger front and rear wheels and a dual action rear suspension. The suspension has two varying springs that ensures a smooth and comfy ride over any terrain with a user-friendly wheel lock. Your comfort when riding is paramount which is why this stroller offers multi-position recline one-button telescoping handlebar. It can be adjusted to fit different parent heights.

The Cruz V2 stroller reclines to 5 positions and has an increased high back, and a deep footrest that boosts your little one’s comfort as well as a 5-point harness to keep them secure. It offers a one-step fold with or without toddler seat attached and stands independently when folded. Other useful features include a canopy, a belly bar, and a large storage basket.

5. UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller

Our fifth-best UPPAbaby stroller is the upgraded 2018 G-Lite model which is also a lightweight and portable option that is great for traveling. Unlike others in the list, this baby stroller comes in two styles and colors but has an affordable and the lowest price tag under $160. It is in the top 50 in Standard Baby Strollers on Amazon.

The G-Lite Stroller is unique compared to the rest in our review of the best UPPAbaby strollers. Unlike the first four above that are suitable for babies from 3 months old, this baby stroller is designed for kids aged 6 months up to 55 lbs. Parents who bought this stroller loved it mostly for being ultra-lightweight and gentle on their shoulders when carried using the carry strap. Like the rest, the G-Lite has all-wheel suspension, a 5-point harness, and offers 2 recline positions. That, plus, tall ergonomic handles, ensure that you and your little one enjoy the ride comfortably. The mesh sling on the seat allows for maximum breathability.

Other features that we loved include hand-level triggers for quick folding, a canopy with an extendable sunshade, a cup holder, and an extra-large storage basket.

If you are looking for a lightweight side-by-side UPPAbaby double stroller for twins or siblings, the G-Link 2 stroller is an ideal choice. It has two seats that seats can be adjusted separately and hold a weight limit of 50 lbs. each. This double stroller weighs 22 lbs. and has a canopy for each seat with extra storage pockets on the back. There is a storage basket that is easily accessible and a cup holder for kids. It is recommended for kids from 3 months old.

Where to buy

Do you live in Canada, India, NZ, the UK, USA among other regions, and are looking for the best UPPAbaby stroller? You can check their price on Amazon using the links we provided above. There are also other UPPAbaby stroller on sale on online stores such as eBay and Buy Buy Baby.

Comparison chart for the best UPPAbaby Strollers in 2022