Best Wet Bag for Cloth Diapers 2022

Best Wet Bag for Cloth Diapers 2022

Are you looking for wet bags to help you manage your cloth diapers? We are here to help you.

Wet bags come in different shapes and sizes to meet every need besides storing your cloth diapers.

In this article, you will find the best-wet bags to use at home and when you are away traveling for diapering needs. Not just that, we also guide you on the right way to use your cloth diaper wet bags and how to choose the best.

What is a cloth diaper wet bag?

A cloth diaper wet bag is a pouch you use to store dirty cloth diapers at home or when traveling. These bags are usually waterproof and leak-resistant in order to keep foul odors and moisture from escaping to your diaper bag. In addition, they help to keep your diaper bag organized. 

Some bags are designed with separate dry and wet compartments so that you can put all the items you need to change the baby from wipes, a changing pad, rash ointment, a change of clean clothes on one section, and the soiled clothes separately.

Diaper wet bags can hold 3 to 15 cloth diapers, depending on the size. They are also reusable.

What is cloth diaper wet bag material – what is it made of?

Good quality cloth diaper wet bags are made of Polyurethane laminated (PUL) knit fabric. The fabric, which can be polyester, cotton, or poly blend, is laminated on one side to a layer of polyurethane film using heated adhesive to make it waterproof.

How to pick the best wet bag for cloth diapers

When you go shopping for your cloth diaper wet bags, here are the important factors to consider:

Waterproof lining

The basic purpose of a cloth diaper wet bag is to keep the contents of a dirty diaper from leaking and soiling the rest of your diaper bag. So first make sure that the bag has a waterproof lining to prevent anything leaking. Also, remember some bags are labeled water-resistant while others are labeled waterproof. If you are seriously worried about leaks, waterproof bags are your best bet. Water-resistant liners might allow some seeping if the cloth or diaper is very wet.


Wet bags come in different sizes, from one that can hold several days’ worth of diapers to those that can hold a day’s worth, and still, others can contain only a few diapers like when you go on an outing for a few hours. Also, remember that wet bags have many uses outside of just holding soiled cloth diapers. Even if you initially bought it specifically for this purpose, in the future, you might use the bag for wet towels and clothes when you go to the gym or at the beach. So choose the right size for your needs factoring in these things also.


Some cloth diaper wet bags have pockets to separate clean and dirty items. Others have only one pocket for the soiled diapers. You may prefer either, depending on your needs, but we like the one with separate compartments better because you can stash other essentials like wipes, diaper ointments, and a change of clothes all in one place. In addition, it is faster to access these items when they are all in one place rather than searching inside an overloaded diaper bag.

Straps or handles

If you are purchasing a cloth diaper wet bag for use on the go, it is a good idea to choose one with straps to make it easy to carry or hang onto your other bags.

And even for a larger diaper wet bag where you will store all your diapers at home awaiting wash day, a sturdy hanging strap is necessary. You can hang the bag from a bathroom towel bar, doorknob, or any other place to save on space and, more importantly, to keep it from curious kids and pets.

Ease of care

Since wet bags are essentially stores for dirty clothes and diapers, you want to choose a bag that can be easily wiped clean or machine washable. However, most of these bags require being air-dried to maintain the integrity of the waterproof lining.


As with any baby product, cloth diaper wet bags come in numerous fun prints to choose from. If you want a bag that you can use past the baby stage, solid colors, floral prints, and geometrics are better choices than babyish designs.

Reviews of the Best Wet Bag for Cloth Diapers 2022

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag

The Planet Wise wet/dry bags are considered one of the most durable options in the market today. This particular option is a medium-sized bag that can hold about 5 to 8 cloth diapers, but they also have a smaller and larger size depending on your needs. In addition, the bag has two compartments to separate the wet and dirty clothes and the dry items.

However, this bag is set above its competitors because it has a thicker, more durable fabric with polyurethane laminate lining that keeps odors and moisture from escaping. It is an excellent choice if you want a reliable bag that will last repeated washings.

  • Sturdy construction with a thicker waterproof PUL lining keeps moisture and odors from seeping out.
  • Comes with a separate zippered pocket to keep clean, dry items
  • Medium size is perfect for use on the move and can hold a day’s worth of diapers
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Wide range of nice prints to choose from
  • Takes longer to dry because of the double-layer construction

Itzy Ritzy Travel Sealed Wet Bag

If you just need a basic wet bag for your dirty diapers, swim clothes, etc., and don’t necessarily need a dry compartment, the Itzy Ritzy Travel Wet Bag is the best option. Although it is a little pricey, the bag has better quality than cheaper ones and will do a great job at keeping the wetness and odors contained. You can choose either medium or large size, although we have to say the medium is a bit small (11 x 14 inches) and may not hold as many diapers as some competitors.

These wet bags come in stylish prints that don’t necessarily scream that they are for baby use. And also, they have an adjustable snap handle to attach to other bags or strollers.

  • High-quality waterproof PUL lining keeps moisture and odors contained
  • Adjustable snap handle for easy attachment to other bags and strollers
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Perfect size for a day out
  • Some colors might fade with washing
  • The thick lining takes longer to air dry

ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Wet/Dry Bags,2 pc

ALVA baby gives you the best bang for your money with two wet bags at very low pricing. Having two bags is highly convenient for moms to rotate on wash day. Or, you can use one for your everyday use and the other in your car as an emergency bag when you are on a day out.

The colorful print bags have two zippered compartments with a dry section and a wet section designed with waterproof polyester lining for your soiled diapers or wet clothes. These medium-sized bags can hold about 5 to 7 cloth diapers each.

  • Excellent value for your money
  • Two compartments to separate dry items and wet items
  • Perfect size to pack and carry
  • Designed with a side handle for easy carrying or hanging in your bathroom
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup
  • Beautiful prints designs
  • Heavily wet diapers may cause leakage
  • Zippers are a flimsy

Kanga Care Wet Bag

Kanga Care Wet Bag is a great option if you have several kids in diaper clothes or are looking for a large wet bag that can hold a few days’ worth of dirty diapers. The bag accommodates up to 15 diapers.

This wet bag is designed with polyester fabric that has been laminated with thermoplastic polyurethane to seal in moisture and odors. It also has a sturdy strap with a snap to attach the bag to your rack or doorknob. It comes in numerous solid colors and beautifully printed options. It is also machine washable.

  • Water-resistant TPU laminated fabric prevents leaks
  • Single-layer construction dries fast
  • 3D shape to hold more diapers and makes it easier to drop in the dirty diapers
  • Sturdy zipper and hanging strap holds up well underweight
  • It is not as large as you would expect
  • Complaints of sealant strips along the seam coming off after washing

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag

This one is a best seller on Amazon, and it is easy to see why. The bags are a good portable size and spacious enough to carry a day’s worth of diapers. They also come in stylish prints, and most importantly, despite having just a single layer of waterproof construction, the bags effectively keep odors and moisture locked in.

It is our best choice for travel.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof lining and sealed seams keep wetness and odors from leaking out
  • Single-layer is fast drying and doesn’t trap bad smells
  • Has a snap handle to attach the bag to wherever you need it
  • Machine washable
  • Attractive print designs
  • Not as sturdy as dual-layered wet bags
  • The zipper is small and flimsy

Thirsties wet bag

Thirsties wet bag is a fantastic option to store your soiled diapers. It is compact yet roomy enough to accommodate up to eight cloth diapers and inserts. The wet bag is constructed with waterproof PUL and taped waterproof seams to lock in moisture and odors. On one end, there is a snap handle to carry or hang the bag.

  • Perfect size for traveling yet spacious
  • Fully waterproofed interior with sealed seams to prevent leakage
  • Single-layer dries fast after washing
  • Snap handle for carrying and hanging
  • The tape might peel with washing
  • Expensive

Skip Hop Grab & Go waterproof wet/dry bag

Skip Hop wet dry bag is a great option with two compartments to separate your clean items from soiled diapers. It is also spacious with enough room to hold up to 10 diapers, making it an excellent choice for a day out with your baby. The only reason it ranks lower on our list is that it uses PEVA lining, which is not as sturdy as the PUL, causing the lining to rip with repeated washings.

  • Mesh front pocket to keep dry items
  • Keeps moisture and odors from escaping
  • Good portable size with ample room to carry enough diapers for a day
  • Snap strap to carry or hang
  • Nice print patterns
  • Overpriced for is quality
  • The inner lining is stiff and prone to ripping during a wash
  • The zipper is not sturdy

Damero wet/dry bags, 2 pc

The Damero two-piece set gives you great value and comes at a budget-friendly price. In addition, the set includes a large and small bag for convenience usage. Most people have found that the large bag is spacious enough to hold a day’s worth of diapers, while the small one is perfect for keeping in your diaper bag for travel, and it can also hold quite a bit.

Although these bags are not 100% waterproof, they will work just fine to contain damp (not soaking wet diapers) diapers and odors. And we appreciate the manufacturer’s honesty about the level of water resistance that we can expect with this bag. Other than that, the bags have durable quality and are easy to clean.

  • Each bag has a dry pocket
  • Effective at keeping damp diapers and odors contained
  • Sturdy strap for hanging or carrying
  • Great value with two different sized bags at budget-friendly pricing
  • Available in cute prints and fun colors
  • Must ensure diapers are not sopping wet before storing to prevent leaking

Babygoal wet/dry bag, 3 pc

We love baby products that come in sets because when the baby is small, you go through so many items fast, so having anything extra is always a plus. And besides, having an extra wet bag in your car or diaper bag is very convenient.

Babygoal wet bags are not only lovely to look at, but they also have thick fabric and high-quality stitching that will last through the years. Each of these bags is medium-sized and can hold up to seven cloth diapers. In addition, they have a zippered dry compartment and a water-resistant compartment to keep the soiled diapers. There is also a looped handle that makes carrying these bags conveniently. You can get them in solid colors or in eye-catching prints.


  • Extremely lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry
  • Water-resistant interior contains damp diapers and odors
  • Separate dry pockets keep your items clean and organized
  • Machine washable
  • Affordable pricing


  • Soaking wet clothes will cause leakage
  • The snap button may come undone if contents are too heavy

Parker Baby Cloth Diaper Wet Dry Bag

This wet bag is super stylish with gender-neutral colors and can be used long after your baby years as a beach bag, gym bag, etc. It is a medium-sized bag with two zippered pockets to separate the dirty and wet items from the clean and dry ones. Plus, the mesh pocket makes it easy for you to fish anything you need.


  • Portable with enough room to hold up to seven cloth diapers
  • PEVA lining keeps moisture and odors from escaping
  • Has a mesh pocket for dry items and is easy to see what you need
  • Convenient handle with snap button to carry or hang
  • Machine wash friendly


  • Pricey but durable
  • Limited color options

How to use a wet bag for cloth diapers

Wet bags are used basically to store dirty diapers or clothes awaiting washing. However, you don’t just toss all cloth diapers in there-you must check how dirty the diaper is first.

If it’s just wetness, you can proceed to throw the cloth diaper into the bag. But if it has poop, you need to dump the solids into the toilet, give the diaper a rinse then throw it into the wet bag. Diapers of smaller babies may not require rinsing as the washing machine will clean everything up.

When it is time to wash, toss the bag into the washing machine along with the diapers. Dry the wet bag as recommended by the manufacturer and repeat. And, remember you should not keep dirty diapers for more than 2 to 3 days.