Blink Baby Monitor (+ Blink Mini as Baby Monitor) 2023 Updated

Blink Mini and Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras can be used as video baby monitors to make a Blink baby monitor but you should note that they do not stream continuously like traditional baby monitors. They use motion-activated recording and you can relay the video of your baby from your Blink camera to your phone app or to Echo Show 8 making it possible to have two viewing options – the handheld Echo Show unit and the smartphone phone app.

While Blink security camera as a baby monitor may not offer some functionalities offered by traditional baby monitors such as lullabies and nightlight features, its video quality is 1080p HD and has incredible sound quality.

Both Blink Indoor and Outdoor have an extended battery life of up to 24 months and no other camera or baby monitor challenges these Blink cameras ideal for parents who regularly travel. Blink Mini needs to be plugged in. In addition, Blink baby monitors allow you to eliminate cords in your baby’s nursery, making your nursery safer for your baby.

Blink is a home automation company that is now owned by Amazon which produced battery-powered home security cameras. Blink camera baby monitor can be turned into a reality as Blink is designed as indoor security cameras and its night vision was manufactured with invisible infrared LED lights that are not too bright to keep your baby up at night such as Ring Cam Stick Up camera.

You can turn the Blink XT and Blink XT2 into a baby monitor and below is a 13-seconds video clip of Blink baby monitor in action. The Blink XT has since been phased out and it took quite some time for the XT2 to be released. Desing-wise, Blink XT and XT2 are quite similar. In XT2 camera, you can save the live-view footage, an option that was not available in the original Blink XT. Additionally, the XT2 has 2-way audio, unlike the original Blink XT.

Below are the advantages of Blink XT and XT2 as baby monitors:

  1. Blink XT and XT2 are compatible with Alexa
  2. You can connect up to 10 cameras in the module.

Blink’s latest brand, the Blink Mini has barely been on the market for long but is currently the best-selling camera in the ‘Surveillance and Security Cameras’ category on Amazon. Here is a list of the top 100. This Blink camera can be turned into a baby monitor and you can get great features such as 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and motion detection in case you want it to double as a security camera to check if anyone is getting close to your baby. Read more details about Blink subscription below this post here.

Blink Mini is designed as a security camera but can be turned into an excellent baby monitor, thanks to its accurate motion and noise-detection features.

In addition, its invisible IR LEDs provide excellent night-vision making it ideal for a baby nursery compared to other bright LED security cameras.

Here are some of the features of Blink Mini:

  • It uses AC power
  • It has a reliable 1080p HD live video feed
  • It has responsive video alerts
  • Two-way talk feature
  •  It has motion-detection zones
  • It works with Alexa-enabled smart speakers
  • Up to 30 frames per second
  • It has a one-year limited warranty.

Below are some reviews by parents that have used and liked Blink Mini as a baby monitor;

Another parent gave feedback that he did not like it as a baby monitor because it constantly switches off and that the LED light at night is very disruptive to the baby’s sleep:

$34.99  in stock
as of September 7, 2023 8:07 pm


  1. Very inexpensive security camera that can be turned into a baby monitor, similar to Wyze Cam
  2. It has invisible night vision LED lights that makes it suitable as a baby nursery gadget. In addition, it gives you an option to customize the intensity of the infrared LEDs for night vision
  3. You can rely on it for full 1080p HD video feeds
  4. It has motion detection
  5. It works with Alexa-enabled smart speakers and displays, making it an Echo Show Baby monitor.


  1. It does not offer free cloud storage like its predecessors, Blink XT and XT2
  2.  doesn’t support Google Assistant or Siri via Apple’s HomeKit

To use Blink as a baby monitor, mount the Blink camera on the wall or on the crib where it is positioned to face the baby. Unlike a traditional baby monitor, Blink will not stream continuously to the app and you only receive recordings to the Blink app when the Blink camera records your baby moving around. It will let you watch the video feed from your baby live for about 20 seconds before it asks if you want to continue.

Blink camera is not sound-activated and but when your baby is making a lot of noise, they may be moving around in the crib and the motion-detection feature will notify you. Unfortunately, the motion-detection feature may not be as reliable as your baby may not make significant movements. tobe detected.

Blink XT baby monitor can be turned into a baby monitor as it has a night vision camera that is very friendly with your baby nursery. It is, however, important to note that this original Blink XT camera uses illuminated night vision.

Blink XT was released in 2016 and below are some of the features of Blink XT baby monitor:

  1. 720p HD video quality
  2. 2-years battery life
  3. One-way audio
  4. It comes with low-light illumination for night vision and not infrared night vision which is not the best for a baby monitor in your baby’s nursery.
  5. Rated 3.9/5 by over 7000 users on Amazon
  6. Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  7. They are currently unavailable on Amazon as of this publication on September 2019.

Blink XT2 was officially released to the market on July 1, 2019, but has been available on Amazon since May 2019. The actual XT2 camera which weighs 86 grams comes in a box that weighs a little over 1 Kg and is currently prime eligible which means you can order on Amazon and get it delivered within 24 hours.

So, why do we like Blink XT2 as a baby monitor?

Blink XT2 is a motion-activated baby monitor, similar to Arlo and Nest cameras as it records 60-seconds clips. While some Arlo and Nest cameras can record continuously, I personally think you don’t really need 24/7 recording and live-streaming of your baby. Below is an image of Blink XT2 camera as a baby monitor in the crib:

Blink xt2 as baby monitor
Blink XT2 as a baby monitor

Blink XT2 records the 60-seconds clips when motion is detected but pauses for 10 seconds to wait for movement again. If some motion is detected again, it will start another 60-second recording. When we started doing research on Blink, we spoke to one parent based in Boston who was very disappointed that Blink XT2 could not offer continuous 24/7 live-streaming service.

I personally recommended the parent with some Arlo and Nest cameras that could offer him 24/7 live-streaming with a caution that cameras that stream live are known to emit more EMF radiation that may not be healthy to the baby.

Below are some of the features we really like Blink XT2 as a baby monitor:

  1. 1080p HD video quality which is significantly better than the 720p HD which the original Blink camera had.
  2. 2-way audio
  3. 110 degrees field of view
  4. It has infrared night vision which is better than the low-light illuminated night vision of the older Blink XT cameras.
  5. The battery life of up 2 years.
  6. water-resistant (IP65 rated)
  7. It is compatible with Alexa Home and works with Alexa voice commands and you can get a live-feed of your Blink baby monitor on Amazon Echo Spot, Echo Show and on Fire TV by saying the Alexa command, “Alexa, show me the [Blink camera in baby nursery].”

Blink for Home Baby Monitor is an excellent wireless baby monitor.

In January 2021, Blink introduced a monthly subscription. Prior to 2021, Blink did not have subscription fees.

Blink subscription plans

If you created a Blink account after April 15, 2020, or have purchased the new cameras – Blink Mini and Blink Outdoor, you’ll need to have the subscription to access the paid features indicated on the table above. When you buy a Blink camera, you get a Blink Module 2 which is a USB flash drive and a thumb drive that you can use to locally store footage. The video below has more details on Blink local storage.

More details on Blink subscription fees are here.

The table below shows some of the differences between the original Blink XT and the new Blink XT2.

Blink XTBlink XT2
720p HD1080p HD
one-way audio2-way audio enabled by 15 small holes on the bottom of the camera
No XT logo on the back of the camera XT2 logo on the camera’s back battery cover.
Rated 3.9/5 by 7,520 users on AmazonRated 3.6/5 by over 2,900 users on Amazon
Uses low-light illuminator for night visionUses infrared LED light for night vision
Released to the market in 2016Released to the market in 2019
Not available on Amazon but can check its available today here.It will cost you $99 on Amazon (on Sept 2019) but can check its price today here

Blink XT and Blink XT2 are two brands of security cameras by Blink, a company that is currently owned by Amazon. On the other hand, Nest Cam is a brand of Nest which is now owned by Amazon.

Overall, I personally like Blink because of zero cloud subscription fees and many users ignore the fact that the monthly fees add up slowly. Nest Cam costs about $200 but every month, you’d need to pay up to $30 to access video footage of your baby’s videos. On the other hand, you pay only $99 to get the Blink camera and zero monthly fees.

The table below shows more differences between the Nest Cam and the Blink cameras (Blink vs Nest table).

Blink XT2 has 1080p HD video and XT has 720p HD videoNest cam Indoor has 1080p Hd videos
Motion detection and alerts Motion detection and alerts
It has cloud storage fees$30/month cloud storage fees
Record 60-seconds clips Allows live-video streaming
110 degrees field of view130 degrees field of view
Does not have facial recognition Has facial recognition
Blink XT2 has 2-way audio while XT has one-way audioHas 2-way audio
No custom activity zones Has custom activity zones
Compatible with Alexa Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Hub
Does not stream 24/7Can stream live-feed 24/7
XT2 is rated 3.6/5 by over 2,900 customers and XT is rated 3.9/5 by over 7,920 customers on AmazonRated 4/5 by over 7,000 customers on Amazon
Blink iOS app is rated 3.4/5 by over 1,000 users and 3.9/5 by over 5,800 Android usersNest App is rated 3.3/5 by 21,450 Android users and 1.7/5 by iOS users
Check Price of XT and XT2Check Price

Motorola Blink1 Baby Monitor

Blink partnered with Motorola brand, which is owned by Binatone Global, to design Motorola Blink baby monitors with Blink cameras and Motorola design.

Motorola Blink 83 Connect HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is currently available on Amazon as of this update in 20201. You can check its available today here though. In its 28 reviews on Amazon, the users have given it an average rating of 2.8/5 which is below average for the baby monitors we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear.

Motorola Baby Monitor Blink1-S

Motorola Blink1 Baby Monitor is a 3/5 rated baby monitor that will cost you around $170, more than the cost of Nest Cam Indoor and Arlo baby monitor.

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