Looking for a safe booster car seat by Britax? Confused about which one to choose? Wonder no more! In this post, we’ll compare the Britax Skyline, Highpoint, and Midpoint car seats. We’ll look at each seat’s features, safety rating, and benefits, so you can decide which one is best for your family.

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Let’s get started with the comparisons;

Britax Skyline vs Highpoint vs. Midpoint

  • Carrying handle: The skyline model has no carry handle while other two (Midpoint and Highpoint) have the carry handle for easier transportation and relocation
  • Installation: Midpoint and Highpoint come with LATCH installation and Skyline comes with the vehicle belt. However, all three models come with easy to use connectors and lower anchors for a secure fit
  • Layers of side impact protection: The Highpoint and the Midpoint have 2 layers of side impact protection while the Skyline has only one layer
  • Seat weight: The Skyline model is heavier than Highpoint and Midpoint models.
  • Seat width: The Highpoint and the Midpoint are wider than the Skyline model. This model is narrower by almost 1 inch while the other two have more than 1.5 inches on both sides of the seat
  • Continuous belt guides: Only the Skyline model has intermittent belt guides which mean that there are no belt guides on the seat
  • Foam padding: The Highpoint and the Midpoint have more foam pads than the Skyline model. It has only 4 layers of foam while the other two have 5 layers of padding
  • SecureGuard clip: The Skyline model lacks a SecureGuard clip which is a feature that keeps a child harness tether from getting between a car seat and the vehicle seat. The other two models have SecureGuard clips for extra protection
  • -Seat depth: All models are about the same depth in this category but Midpoint is only 1 inch deeper than the Skyline model
  • No headrest on this model, while Highpoint has removable head support and Midpoint, has a non-removable head support
  • Adjustable head support: The Highpoint and the Midpoint have adjustable head supports that can be moved up or down to properly position a child’s head. Skyline does not have this feature
  • Harness slot heights: All models are about the same when it comes to harnessing height but Skyline has no harness retainer clip while the other two have a harness retainer clip for the shoulder pads
  • Harness release button: The Skyline model has a push button that is located in the front section of the car seat while Highpoint and Midpoint have their buttons on the sides

Comparison Table: Britax Skyline vs Highpoint vs. Midpoint

Britax SkylineBritax HighpointBritax Midpoint
Britax Skyline...Britax Highpoint...Britax Midpoint...
Does not have SecureGuard clipIt has a SecureGuard clipIt has a SecureGuard clip
2 layers of impact protection3 layers of impact protection2 layers of impact protection
Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Which one is better? Skyline or Highpoint

Britax Highpoint and Midpoint are better models than the Skyline model because they come with advanced features. However, the difference in price is about $50 or more. So, you can decide whether to spend the extra money on the Highpoint and Midpoint models or to go for the cheaper one which will still do its purpose well

Britax Skyline has good side impact protection and is easy to install in almost any car. It does not have some of the advanced features found on Highpoint and Midpoint like adjustable head support, harnessing height adjustment, and also the SecureGuard clip that keeps a child’s harness from getting between a car seat and the vehicle seat. However, it is a good model for the price you pay and can do its job well.

Skyline vs Skyline 2

  • Securing straps: Skyline model has two different strap types while the Skyline 2 model has one strap type only. Skyline has no adjustable head support while this feature is available on the Skyline 2 model
  • Harness release button: Skyline has a push button that is located on the side of the seat and Skyline 2 has a button on the front section
  • Buckle and belt guides: The buckle and belt guides on this model (Skyline) are different from those on the Skyline 2 model. For example, the now harness release buttons at both sides of the car seat is now located at the front section for easier access
  • Harness height limits: The Skyline model harness height limit is 19 inches while the skyline 2 model has a harness height of 20.5 inches
  • Seat weight: The Skyline weighs 12 pounds while the Skyline 2 only weighs 11 pounds

Britax Skyline vs Chicco Kidfit vs Sunshine Kids Radian 65

  • Carrying handle: The Chicco Kidfit has a carry handle while the other two models do not have this feature
  • Installation: All three models come with lower anchors and easy to use connectors for secure installations. We like the tether connectors on these products; they are simple to use and enhance vehicle security
  • Colors: Chicco Kidfit is available in four colors including orange/grey, green/grey, pink/grey, and red/black. Sunshine Kids Radian 65 has multiple color options to choose from but they are not as bright as those of Skyline. Sunshine Kids Radian 65 is available in black, blue, green, pink/yellow and purple/grey colors
  • Midpoint have their buttons on the sides

Skyline vs Diono vs Clek

  • Carry handle: Skyline has no carry handle while Diono and Clek both have one
  • Layers of side impact protection: Clek has 2 layers, the Diono has 3 layers and the skyline model has 1 layer
  • Foam padding: The Diono is thicker than Clek with 5 layers of padding while the skyline only has 4 layers of padding
  • Seat width: Clek is narrower than Skyline and Diono, but it’s also deeper than Skyline. The Skyline model is better for slim cars while other two are best for middle to wider car seats
  • Height with headrest removed: All models have the same height when the headrest is removed
  • All three models are about the same width but Clek is shallower than both Skyline and Diono
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