About Clek brand of car seats – history

Clek is a child passenger safety seat manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. The idea of making infant car seats came about when the Clek founders, who are veterans in the automotive industry, were searching for car seats for their children. They couldn’t find a car seat that came without compromise. So they set out to make car seats that are stylish, convenient, and just as safe as your car seat with European standard safety features. That’s how the Clek brand of children infant, convertible, and booster seats came about. So far, they have seven car seat models, including Foonf, Fllo, Liingo, Oobr, Olli, Ozzi, and their most recent, the Liing.

Their high-end car seats are known to have premium materials, best-in-class safety features, compatibility with top stroller brands, and elegance.

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Liing car seat weight limit and dimensions

Clek Liing car seat is an infant car seat measuring 27.75 D x 16.9 W x 27 H inches. The weight limit is from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.

Clek Liing car seat safety ratings – is it safe and FAA approved?

Clek Liing is one of the highest-rated infant car seats in terms of safety. It has been found to meet and exceed the federal safety standards. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it a 4-star rating for ease of use.

It has also been tested for safety by independent organizations with impressive performance. It is the no.1 best infant car seat of choice by Consumer Reports, and they also rated it “best” in crash protection.

The car seat has FAA approval to be used on an airplane. Better still, the Liing uses a European belt for installation, so you won’t need to use the base. You can find the approval label on the underside of the shell.


Newborn body support- provides head and neck support while keeping your infant snug and comfortable.

Narrow design- the seat is 17 inches wide, allowing 3 across seating possible in most cars.

Air travel-ready- the car seat is FAA approved and is designed with a European belt path to secure without the base.

Side Impact Protection- designed with a two-piece energy-absorbing shell lined with EPP foam for head and body protection while allowing airflow between the seat layers.

Energy Absorbing Metal Load Leg- the adjustable metal load increases stability and reduces impact force during a car accident.

One-handed quick release- the carrier easily detaches from base or stroller, making it convenient for travel.

Simple and secure installation- Liing’s unique Rigid-LATCH is simple to use, eliminating guesswork and minimizing incorrect installation chances.

Multiple installation options- you can use seat belt installation using the very simple belt-tensioning system or LATCH.

Multi recline ability- Liing offers up to 7 recline positions when the seat is locked into the base, allowing you to get the perfect angle for your baby’s safety regardless of the slope in your car seat.

Stroller compatible-the Liing is compatible with select stroller brands using the recommended adapters, enabling you to go for walks or errands with your baby.

3 position Adjustable canopy- the car seat comes with 3-panel, SPF 100+ adjustable canopy that provides almost full coverage against the sun and has a mesh peek-a-boo window for airflow and to allow you to keep an eye on your baby.

9-year expiration the Liing is built to serve your baby and to be passed to future siblings.

  • Lightweight without the base (9 lbs)
  • Available in three fabric choices: soft jersey, stain moisture, and odor resistant Crypton, and temperature regulating Merino.
  • One-handed quick release makes it easy to remove from the base or stroller
  • Adjustable latch connectors for a tighter install
  • Bubble indicators to ensure the correct installation angle
  • Generous size canopy provides more sun protection than most car seats
  • Narrow design; easily fits three across the back seat
  • Long user life compared to other car seats- 9 years
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Very pricey
  • Harness requires rethreading for adjustments or reassembly
  • Doesn’t have car seat adapters for any strollers

Liing car seat installation

Clek Liing has two installation options: with base and with a seat belt.

Clek Liing with base

Installation with base has many advantages: it’s easier, faster and offers additional safety features that protect your little one.

The base has rigid LATCH connectors that easily slide into the lower anchors in your car. It comes with a load leg (a metal base extending from the base to the car’s floor) that stabilizes the base and the metal latch connectors, making the connection more secure.

To ensure correct installation, you adjust the length of the load leg until the indicator turns green.

Liing without base

The Liing comes with a European belt path, where the seatbelt is threaded through the front and back of the car seat for a secure fit. Most other car seats use the American belt path, where the seat belt is threaded only through the front of the base. So as you can see, the Liing has a more secure installation even using the seatbelt than other car seats.

Seat belt installation is the most practical if you frequently use taxis, air travel, or installing in the middle car seat.

Liing car seat manual

You can get The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat manufacturers manual here

Liing car seat adapter 

Liing shares a design with Maxi-Cos, Nuna, and Cybex car seats so you can use adapters for these brands to connect to the recommended strollers it works with.

Strollers compatible with the Clek Liing car seat

The Liing car seat connects effortlessly with top stroller brands like Thule, UPPAbaby, Agio, Bugaboo, Stokke, Baby Jogger, Cybex, Peg Perego, Baby Zen, Bumbleride, and Silver Cross.

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Vs Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa is one of the most popular high-end infant car seats and, for good reason- premium quality, great safety ratings, exceptional functionality, ultra-lightweight, and stylish. Unlike the Liing, it has five versions-three Lite models known to be the lightest in the market and two others that come with a more adjustable base.

Dimensions and weight

Both car seats are among the lightest in the market, but the Nuna Pipa is even lighter. Clek Liing weighs 9 pounds while Pipa weighs 8 pounds. Pipa Lite versions weigh as little as 5.3 pounds.

Weight and height capacity

Liing accommodates children from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall

Pipa accommodates children from 4 to 32 pounds and up to 32 inches tall


Both car seats have industry-leading safety features: rigid LATCH connectors that provide a solid and secure connection and a load leg that prevents seat rotation and reduces impact forces in the event of an accident. This reduces the risk of injury to your child by more than 40%.

While many other car seats use plastic Latch connectors, the Liing and Nuna Pipa connectors are metal, making for a stronger and more secure connection.


Both Liing and Nuna Pipa can be installed using the base or European seat belt system. The bases come with rigid LATCH connectors and a metal load leg.

One of the differences is that the LATCH connectors on the Liing base have adjustable length, but those in the Nuna Pipa base have the same length. So, the Liing base fits more tightly against your car seat and makes it easier to install when the latch anchors are hard to reach.

The second difference is that Liing’s base can recline in 7 positions while Pipa offers only 4 positions. More recline options allow safe installation in various vehicles with seats that are flat or sloped differently to provide a safe and comfortable position for your child. Both Liing and Pipa bases have bubble indicators to ensure correct installation.

Stroller compatibility

In addition to car seats, Nuna has its own line of strollers. Clek majors only in car seats. But, both car seat brands have similarities in design which makes them compatible with the same strollers from top brands. You will find that with Maxi-Cosi adapters, for example, both Clek Liing and Nuna Pipa car seats will click into your strollers easily.


Liing comes with an oversized SPF100+ canopy, while Pipa has a magnetic Dream Drape cover which provides maximum protection against the sun.


Clek Liing is a bit more expensive than the Nuna, with pricing ranging from $349.99 to $449.99 depending on the choice of material used for the Clek car seat. Nuna prices range from $319.95 to $399.59.

Which is better?

Both have top safety features, a wide range of stroller compatibility, and elegance. Nuna Pipa is only slightly lighter than the Liing, but it has lighter versions if weight is a deciding factor for you. The Liing, on the other hand, has the advantages of having an array of fabric choices, a highly adjustable base, and more prolonged use life by two years. So, even though the Liing is more expensive, it provides more value.

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Vs Peg Perego

Model variations

Peg Perego is an Italian car seat brand with five versions that differ in price, bases, and functionality. The Clek Liing has only one model with three fabric choices (Soft Jersey, Crypton C-Zero, and Merino Wool).

Weight and Dimensions

At 9 pounds, Liing is lighter as Peg Perego models weigh from 9.5 pounds to 12 pounds.

Liing is also smaller in size than the smallest Peg Perego model, Primo Viaggio. Liing measures 27.75 L x 16.9 W x 27 H, while Viaggio measures 29 L x 17.25 W x 25.25 H inches. 

Weight and height capacity

Both infant car seats accept children weighing from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches tall.


Both car seats are engineered with advanced safety features for utmost protection. The Liing has metal LATCH connectors that ensure a secure connection and a load leg that stabilizes the base, prevents seat rotation, and absorbs impact force in a car accident.

On the other hand, Peg Perego is equipped with an anti-rebound bar to stabilize the base and prevent the seat from moving in a collision. Agio Nido and Agio Lounge versions of the Peg Perego include both anti-rebound bar and load leg as extra safety measure.

Both Peg Peregoand Clek Liing car seats have Side Impact Protection for head and body protection.


Both Liing and Peg Perego can be installed with a base or vehicle seatbelt. Liing base has a metal latch that slips into your car latch anchors, and bubble indicators to let you know if the installation is secure. Peg Perego uses the Right Tight System, where you use the dial in the base to lock it in place when using either LATCH or vehicle seat belt.

Harness adjustment

Adjusting the harness with Peg Perego is super easy as no rethreading is needed. But with Clek Liing, you have to disassemble the seat and rethread to adjust the harness.

Seat Recline 

It’s not safe to recline a car seat while driving, but in a stroller, it gives a comfortable and safe position for the baby to lie and nap while on the move. In this regard, Peg Perego Lounge versions are among the very few seats with a reclining capability to three positions. The Liing car seat doesn’t recline.

Stroller compatibility

Both Peg Perego and Clek Liing work only with top stroller brands such as Thule, UPPAbaby, Bumbleride, Baby Jogger, etc. But, unlike Clek, Peg Perego has their own strollers, so they include adapters with the car seats.

To connect both car seats to other stroller brands you need to purchase adapters separately.


Both car seats have a decent sized canopy with a peek-a-boo window for airflow and visibility. Peg Perego Nido and Lounge versions have extendable canopies that provide full coverage.


Price Peg-Perego infant car seats prices range from $299.99 to $449.99. In comparison, Clek Liing car seats cost from $349.99 to $449.99.

Which is better?

Both car seat models are made with the finest materials, highest safety ratings, and secure hassle free installation. But, you get more options and better functionality with some Peg Perego like Nido and Lounge-think recline, no-rethread harness, and extendable canopy with full coverage. And for the same price range as the Clek Liing.

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