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Cocoon Cam is a wifi video baby monitor that made it to the list of best baby monitors/cameras with wifi in 2019 and in 2020. I personally like this smart baby monitor most because of its low cost. Cocoon Cam, the company behind this brand of baby monitors first released the first version on March 9th, 2018 and in 2019, a renewed version called the Cocoon Cam Plus hit the market.

Similar to Nanit Plus, Miku baby monitor and Motorola Halo +, Cocoon Cam uses AI to track the baby’s pulmonary movements without having come in contact with the baby. Cocoon’s cam camera uses AI technology to obtain crucial data relating to your baby’s breathing.

How it works and Features:

  • Cocoon Cam has a real-time breathing rate and BPM display similar to Miku and Nanit.
  • Night vision HD videos
  • It has a hit map that shows exactly where your Cocoon Camera is detecting your baby’s movement.
  • Instant alerts if your baby’s breathing changes such as when your baby cries
  • No wearables needed as you would with Owlet or with Baby Vida.
  • FSA and HSA approved
  • See the video and the breathing of your baby using a smartphone app which is rated 3.8/5 by about 100 users
  • It uses only 2.4 GHz wifi and is not a dual-band monitor.

Breathing monitor

When functioning normally, Cocoon Cam would not show the breathing rate per minute when your baby is not still or asleep. You should note that the breathing per minute(bpm) may not show

Cocoon cam activity log

Cocoon Cam activity logs show you the summary of your baby’s rest. You’ll see when the baby when to bed and your baby woke up.

Cocoon cam Video and night vision

Cocoon Cam Plus camera has automatic night vision mode. The low-light sensor built into the camera detects low-light environment and turns on the night vision LEDs which illuminate on your baby for camera to take pictures at night.

Video Review of Cocoon Cam

(when it gets blurry)


  • Cheaper
  • Non-wearable technology


  1. Keeps losing connection or going offline
  2. Does not come off as a sturdy camera that can be durable as other video baby monitors such as Nanit and Nest
  3. Delay in-app and app sometimes do not work
  4. At times, breathing graph not working
  5. Like other baby monitors, it is easy to see a black screen and night vision failing

Cocoon Cam Plus Vs Nanit Plus

Cocoon Cam Plus is almost half the price of Nanit Plus but uses a similar non-wearable technology to track your baby’s sleep and vitals. The table below has more differences between Nanit Plus and Cocoon Cam Plus.

Cocoon Cam Plus Nanit Plus
It uses only one band, the 2.4 GHz frequency bandIt uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands – dual bands
128-bit encryption 256-bit encryption
720p HD resolution960p HD resolution
No subscription fee to access sleep analytics Subscription fee to access sleep insights
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020Rated 4.4/5 by almost 500 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020.
One year warrantyOne-year warranty
Not compatible with Alexa, Google or Apple Homekit smarthomes. It is compatible with Alexa
Check Price Check price

Cocoon cam vs ibaby

Cocoon Cam Plus and iBaby series (M7, M6 and M7 Lite) are wifi video baby monitors that can relay videos of your baby to your smartphone. While both uses Wifi, Cocoon Cam has advanced technology – computer vision technology. This enables Cocoon Cam to do more than just relay HD videos of your baby.

The table below shows more details that show why Cocoon Cam Plus is better than iBaby M7.

Cocoon Cam PlusiBaby M7
720p HD resolution1080p HD resolution
Single band – 2.4 GHzDual band – 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
FSA/HSA eligibleNot FSA/HSA eligible
Has movement detections – heatmapNo movement detection
No moonlight projections and nosmell sensors Moonlight projections and smell sensors
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020Rated 4.2/5 by over 250 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020
Uses computer vision to detect breaths per minuteDoes not use any tech to read your baby’s vitals
Check PriceCheck Price

Cocoon Cam Plus vs Lollipop

Cocoon Cam and Lollipop are both wifi-enabled baby monitors with 720p HD resolution cameras but Cocoon Cam is considered a breathing baby monitor as it tracks your baby’s breathing while Lollipop just gives you a camera view.

The table below shows further details of what differentiates Cocoon Cam from Lollipop

Cocoon CamLollipop
720p HD video quality 720p HD video quality
No temperature sensors Has temperature sensors
No cry detection It has a cry detection feature that is very reliable with limited false alarms
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020 Rated 4.1/5 by over 890 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020
Automatic night vision modeAutomatic night vision mode
Supports multiple camerasSupports 2 cameras
Check PriceCheck Price

Cocoon Cam Plus vs Owlet Smart Sock

Cocoon Cam Plus and Owlet are both breathing baby monitors. Cocoon Cam Plus relies on computer vision technology, a non-wearable tech while Owlet uses wearable pulse-oximetry technology.

The table below shows more details of Cocoon Cam Plus vs Owlet.

Cocoon Cam PlusOwlet
Uses computer vision technologyUses pulse oximetry technology
Tracks breaths per minuteTracks oxygen concentration in your baby’s blood and your baby’s heart rate per minute
Uses a non-wearable technologyUses wearable technology
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020 Rated 4.2/5 by over 1,800 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020
FSA/HSA eligible FSA/HSA eligible
Relatively cheaper, almost half the price of Owlet Smart Sock 2More expensive
No subscription to access historical videosNo subscription to access historical videos
Relay alerts to your smartphoneRelay alerts to a base station and to your smartphone.
Check price Check Price

Cocoon Cam Vs Cocoon Cam Plus

Cocoon Cam Plus was released as an upgrade of the original Cocoon Cam released originally in March 2018.

Currently not available for saleAvailable for sale on Cocoon Cam website and on Amazon
Released to the market on March 9, 2018Released to the market in 2019

Cocoon Cam Plus Video Review

Cocoon cam black Friday / discount code

Cocoon Cam is the cheapest baby monitor that utilizes the most sophisticated AI technology to detect pulmonary movements without having the baby to wear anything.

You can check if there is a sale on Amazon here.

Cocoon Cam app

Rating of the app on Appstore and how many reviewers?

Rating of the app on Google Playstore and how many reviewers?

Price of the app

Prons of the app (read the positive reviews on App store and Google Playstore and come up with at least 3 positive points)

Cons of the app (read the negative reviews on App Store and Google Playstore and come up with at least 3 negative points)

Cocoon cam alexa/Echo Show

Cocoon Cam Plus is not compatible with Alexa.

Cocoon cam vs arlo baby

Cocoon CamArlo Baby

Cocoon cam crib mount/installation/set up

Steps to install involve putting the Cocoon Cam camera at a well positioned location in the baby nursery to cover the entire nursery. Read the instructions and have step 1 to Step x on how to install Cocoon Cam

Also, attach the manual as a download.

Cocoon cam company, CEO and Careers

(founders, funders, funding,

Cocoon cam apple tv, apple watch,iPad, iPhone)

Search the following

  • Cocoon Cam with Apple TV
  • Cocoon Cam with APple Watch
  • Cocoon Cam with iPad and iPhone

Cocoon cam google home

Cocoon Cam is not compatible with Google Home Hub

Cocoon Cam EMF

this H2 is asking for the electromagnetic radiation Cocoon Cam emits. To answer this, we look at the report they submitted to FCC.

EMF radiation Cocoon Cam emits was tested by …………….

The results of EMF radiation was submitted on this Frequency Range: 2.412 GHz to 2.462 GHz which Cocoon Cam works at:

It meets the FCC requirements as per FCC Part 15C regulation as it is below the emission level prescribed by FCC.

Can you find that level on the documents online (search FCCIO website for this)

Cocoon cam extra camera

How much does an additional camera cost?

How many cameras does Cocoon Cam support?

Does it have split-screen viewing?

Cocoon cam breathing graph

-what does the graph try to tell you?


Cocoon cam instructions/manual/support

You can read or even download Cocoon Cam instructions or manuals here.

cocoon cam sd card

cocoon cam subscription


Cocoon cam help/phone number/customer care

If you have any issue troubleshooting your Cocoon Cam, you can reach Cocoon Cam customer service/support using the following contacts:

Cocoon Cam Phone Number:

Cocoon Cam Email:

Cocoon Cam support site:

cocoon cam breathing graph not working

cocoon cam keeps going offline

Cocoon Cam not showing breathing

cocoon cam power cord

cocoon cam already registered

cocoon cam reset button

cocoon cam replacement parts

cocoon cam cord cover kit

does cocoon cam work with alexa

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cocoon cam clarity release date

cocoon cam distance/range

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is cocoon cam safe

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